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Comment by sam on 4804001561
Tuesday, 10.22.2019 @ 19:00pm
4804001561 jerk scammer fraud, demanding money, harassing caller,
Comment by FedEx representative on 8778752274
Tuesday, 10.22.2019 @ 15:53pm
I work as a sales rep with Fedex and 8778752274 is a legitimate number. The collar ID shows 1800 Go Fedex because that is our general number and that typically goes to a customer service representative. The reason why we tell customers to call 8778752274 is because that is a specific number that will reach out to us, the sales rep, not customer service.
Comment by Polly on 2603445216
Tuesday, 10.22.2019 @ 15:44pm
This number is scamming property rentals. He finds houses for seeker using opendoor and pretends to rent the property. If you are coming across this number if verify with the realtor seeking the house that's for rent.
Comment by Debbie on 8454789754
Tuesday, 10.22.2019 @ 14:30pm
Received a call from this number and another number which is 877-464-2773 continually for the last month claiming to be from Amazon and that my bank account has been charged for over 1,000.00. I do not answer or reply . Scam?????
Comment by Til on 7046465501
Tuesday, 10.22.2019 @ 14:20pm
Comment by mm on 8778602020
Tuesday, 10.22.2019 @ 10:03am
Obvious scam. I misdialed one of my utility companies because of typo in phone address book, and got an offer of a "free" $100 gift card for Walmart, which I at first believed was an actual promotion by the utility company.

Unable to understand rep well, but it required a $1.95 "activation fee" for the gift card, so I asked for info in writing. I finally hung up while going round and round with the rep and called back, still thinking I was calling my utility company, and when another rep answered and I asked her what company this was, she hung up on me.
Comment by Linda on 2146700726
Tuesday, 10.22.2019 @ 09:57am
it says it's from my local library with $1.30 due in overdue charges. When I called back- number kept ringing.
Comment by User on 8552236718
Tuesday, 10.22.2019 @ 07:14am
Scam call, pushing naive people to call 8552236718 with a fake case number.
Comment by Soozyq on 7325614218
Tuesday, 10.22.2019 @ 05:47am
#(732) 561-4218 calls at least twice a day every other day. I use Nomorobo to block it on my land line. Very, very annoying😠
Comment by Fara on 0327867160
Monday, 10.21.2019 @ 22:23pm
Please help to check on this number 0327867017...0327867160...0327867049..0327867173..been calling my phone number..when i call back it will mentioned that this number is not in service.
Comment by Joey on 9499290159
Monday, 10.21.2019 @ 21:55pm
Cindy fuck you cheater ass bitch stay out other motel rooms with other men
Comment by on 899212118
Monday, 10.21.2019 @ 18:40pm
Vorrei conoscerti
Comment by Seth on 6312957303
Monday, 10.21.2019 @ 14:57pm
It's my psycho ex mentally disabled and smart. Spammer
Comment by cat on 8086703112
Monday, 10.21.2019 @ 14:42pm
keeps calling, I ignore
Comment by Joey on 0110850060
Monday, 10.21.2019 @ 12:36pm
I'm tired I'm giving up on you and me hopefully you will see I really loved u and appreciated you
Comment by Joseph on 0110850060
Monday, 10.21.2019 @ 10:56am
Fuck u cindy bitch ass cheater i cant trust u
Comment by Jamie on 7542090071
Monday, 10.21.2019 @ 09:43am
This number called me today and said their working on behalf of 02 and have been asked to call their pay as you go customers. I said “ I’m sure they have and fuck off im not falling for your scams” I’m sick of these nobheads calling at daft o clock
Comment by ramonda on 0000044779
Monday, 10.21.2019 @ 08:19am
who is this
Comment by Anonymous on 0488863214
Monday, 10.21.2019 @ 02:49am
You have registered with Focus People as you were interested in taking part in PAID Market Research. It has come to our attention that our email servers are having issues with getting emails out to anyone with a Bigpond email address. We were wondering if you had another email address that we could email you on. We are trying to get this Bigpond issue resolved but don't want you to miss out on any PAID Market Research opportunities. Please reply with another email address or if you don't want to be on our database please respond with OPT OUT.
Comment by Madame M on 08000096122
Monday, 10.21.2019 @ 02:44am
Scammed my elderly disabled aunt, dispicable cons who will go to no end to obtain bank details. Shocking !
Comment by Roger Barrett on 01415306189
Sunday, 10.20.2019 @ 23:08pm
Nobody's calling me. A girl I met on Facebook gave me the phone number (954) 580-5957 and the email address I already know the phone number she gave me is a landline number with FDN Communications. I'm just trying to learn who owns that email address, along with more information on that girl I just met. She says her name is Annie Garcia, but I'm starting to have more doubts. Like I don't have enough doubts about her already! I've wasted so much time and money trying to find out who she really is. I've tried BeenVerified, Spokeo, MyLife, InfoTracer, InstantCheckmate, everything. Nothing seems to work!
Comment by Jim on 8649828012
Sunday, 10.20.2019 @ 18:37pm
Guy keeps creeping on my girlfriend.
Comment by Lebanese man on 0410857975
Saturday, 10.19.2019 @ 20:37pm
Received ongoing harassment text from this number, Silly man! My number is tapped to the cops and We know who you are! Isn't it creepy and scary to know your neighbours have mental bipolar issues! I'll let the police deal with you.
Comment by RC on 8774530599
Saturday, 10.19.2019 @ 13:43pm
There is a both Federal and Provincial election in 2 days. A volunteer for one of the local party candidates called me from this number today. I think it may be a "number for hire".
Comment by Vee on 8663998641
Saturday, 10.19.2019 @ 04:28am
They took 40 from my account for NO reason , i havent recall subscribing to any of those membership . I dont even know that website . This is frustrating
Comment by Jack on 6415123590
Friday, 10.18.2019 @ 15:44pm
This number belongs to a young woman named Carrie from Austin, Texas.
Comment by Angry on 8443570171
Friday, 10.18.2019 @ 12:15pm
Scam dont call this number
Comment by Cath on 03002005513
Friday, 10.18.2019 @ 09:30am
Automated voice claiming to be from HMRC, telling me that a fraud case was in my name, and if i did not press 1 then i will be arrested.
Comment by Vinod Sonawane on 18003157010
Friday, 10.18.2019 @ 07:26am
if the miss called to use for voting of Hul product then why unknown person aking for miss call and why they copy unique code without asking us. if your company believes this type of missed call voting so it means your company also forud. if it does not belong to your comapny then you should take action for the same.
Comment by George on 03303530243
Friday, 10.18.2019 @ 05:12am
Scam the UK the safecall way, they have your cash moneys
Comment by John on 6415123590
Thursday, 10.17.2019 @ 21:19pm
To the contrary of the hateful comments, this number belongs to Carrie, a very real, smart, kind and talented young woman currently living in Austin, TX.
Comment by Not happy on 0411341597
Thursday, 10.17.2019 @ 17:14pm
Lady called sounded Nigerian - said she is calling from google ebay with special offer and asked for my email address, which I didn't give her - started asking more questions - sounded dodgy so I hung up - I then tried to call the number several times but it was diverted to recorded message which said can't leave a message
Comment by Prefer not on 6192131915
Thursday, 10.17.2019 @ 14:32pm
These guys started calling me three months ago twice a week asking if i was some random dude who owned the number before me saying they were from some govt agency and they have either a real person or a good robot answering and asking questions yet there number doesn't exist and cant be called back and there is no govt agency associated with the number so it must be a scam.
Comment by Raizamey on 12024558888
Thursday, 10.17.2019 @ 04:38am

Comment by Karthik on 8667037913
Thursday, 10.17.2019 @ 04:10am
I've been charged 68$ aud
Comment by Rachael on 01917318200
Thursday, 10.17.2019 @ 04:03am
This is a legitimate number they are claim handlers for go skipping Debenhams etc you will have to call back through number online for your car insurance provider
Comment by Mthokozisi on 0811711326
Thursday, 10.17.2019 @ 02:08am
This number is calling me every day I don't now what want my number 0768743376
Comment by Max on 01933393973
Wednesday, 10.16.2019 @ 18:44pm
Ptetending to be Platinum supermarket they ask if they can ask 3_questions for telemarketing purposes then ask if they can pass on your number to there energy switch company then calls end.I agreed to my number being passed on ! Hour later they call saying they were U Benefit an energy switch comparison site this time asking about who pays for gas electricity ect they then asked how we the bills card,cash ect I got impression they were fishing for ways to scam but have u once I said i am happy with the company's I'm with. Not very skilled scammers .Ringing them back now I traced the numbers
Comment by SB on 18007692516
Wednesday, 10.16.2019 @ 17:46pm
The numbers from RBC's FAQ website do not match this number.
I've blocked the number but it still shows when they tried to call.
DO NOT talk to these people
DO NOT give them information

If you have any questions regarding this number, do what I did and go into your RBC branch and talk to a real person about the number. Your laziness to do so is your own fault if you get scammed.
Comment by Joe Dirt on 7202593362
Wednesday, 10.16.2019 @ 16:34pm
Portfolio Recovery...a bottom feeding, Zombie, Junk Debt Collector
Comment by Joe on 1300558428
Wednesday, 10.16.2019 @ 16:10pm
Debt Collector
Comment by NC on 2042027899
Wednesday, 10.16.2019 @ 14:38pm
the Canadian Diabetes Donation Line
Comment by Paula on 5092458008
Wednesday, 10.16.2019 @ 09:29am

This number calls everyday sometimes 2 times a day claiming to be with Home Owners Association then hangs up. They call every day, sometimes tow or more times a day. I am getting really tired of it. They are in Spangle,WA a very tiny farming community that looks like Children of the Corn and is about a forty minute drive from where i live. Very spooky place, very creepy. rthere are no businesses there .
Comment by brad on 03002004439
Wednesday, 10.16.2019 @ 07:51am
Just Scam, Ignore it
Comment by Rachel on 8335092748
Wednesday, 10.16.2019 @ 05:14am
Xaller stated his name was Frank with a local courier service with sealed documents I needed to sign. I need a 2 forms of ID and a witness ready become tomorrow between the hours of noon and 3. If he cannot find me at home he will go to my place of work and talk to my supervisor. If no answer there he will go to a family member's home to get help finding me. Gave a bunch of legal jargon about refusal to sign blah blah blah. Gave a fake case number as our courthouse does not use that format. Blocks his number so if you set your phone to block a unknown callers or hidden phone numbers he should not be able to get through. Didn't show last week when he called so I don't expect he will tomorrow.
Comment by John on 08443570171
Wednesday, 10.16.2019 @ 04:45am
This recorded message pretends to be from HMRC.
Threatens legal action immediately.
Comment by mike on 02074267805
Wednesday, 10.16.2019 @ 04:41am
Comment by Jeevitha on 18003157010
Tuesday, 10.15.2019 @ 22:56pm
One lady rang from my mobile and used my OTP number. I'm very much worried. Please stop making her to use this.
Comment by Jeff 510 on 8663235426
Tuesday, 10.15.2019 @ 14:58pm
Spam crooks. Enough said.
Comment by Mother Martin on 8889028202
Tuesday, 10.15.2019 @ 14:20pm
Waiting to know if I want a complementary website. Even though I have asked many times to stop calling me. I block the number and they call from a different one. Ughhhh