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Comment by Jenny on 02083369539
Wednesday, 11.20.2019 @ 07:37am
This is a legitimate number used by II to get in touch with their members
Comment by OX44 7SL on 02034092498
Wednesday, 11.20.2019 @ 04:35am
spam caller no one there
Comment by Joseph on 18003157010
Tuesday, 11.19.2019 @ 23:07pm
one lady asking for help like call this number 18003157010 and we need to provide unique number from and we will get salary and this is for sales purpos of HUL product red label tea, the moment she got unique she gone from us
Comment by Susan on 0734408411
Tuesday, 11.19.2019 @ 20:48pm
The KITCHEN group
Comment by Jordan on 08001700636
Tuesday, 11.19.2019 @ 01:19am
11 second call, creepy laugh and hung up. Very menacing at 9 am
Comment by Rsi on 556785
Monday, 11.18.2019 @ 19:52pm
Daily i get miss call
Comment by Urvish on 18003157010
Monday, 11.18.2019 @ 03:14am
I want to detail this number
Comment by James Mark on 9083334162
Monday, 11.18.2019 @ 03:07am
Nope is not a scammer is a real number
Comment by Raju on 8297001039
Sunday, 11.17.2019 @ 21:02pm
Whose number is this
Comment by Ali G on 07786942214
Sunday, 11.17.2019 @ 18:46pm
Comment by Bradley T on 8665487160
Sunday, 11.17.2019 @ 16:44pm
BB&T fraud department
Comment by Innocent member of public on 08008838918
Sunday, 11.17.2019 @ 13:59pm
Comment by Yoda on 7786080381
Sunday, 11.17.2019 @ 05:21am
CL scammer by text. Do not reply
Comment by bonjour on 9494401911
Friday, 11.15.2019 @ 15:51pm
short ring no message left calls daily
Comment by Swilliams on 8322866282
Thursday, 11.14.2019 @ 16:48pm
This number sent me a text with no actual message--- a pharmacy card of sorts saying your updated pharmacy information at the top and below that member # etc. Have no idea why I got this, didn't request a drug discount card, etc. I blocked the phone number
Comment by Dr Who on 7776824676
Thursday, 11.14.2019 @ 09:31am
Indian Jugdish pretending to be a local dude!
100% SCAM!
Comment by P on 18003157010
Thursday, 11.14.2019 @ 03:00am
Why you collect our OTP number
Comment by AL SMITH on 8662357822
Wednesday, 11.13.2019 @ 09:22am
Bogus phone number
Not in service
Comment by Jamie George on 07881816598
Wednesday, 11.13.2019 @ 08:13am
I was called from this number it turned out to be my life insurance broker Simon.
Comment by Zoe on 08456023069
Wednesday, 11.13.2019 @ 08:05am
This is Age UK alarm service. My elderly mother keeps setting this off (even though she swears she doesn't, but I've been there when it's happened. She insists on wearing it on her wrist instead of round her neck where it's not so easily accidentally pressed!). She has called it 33 times in the last phone bill quarter, which cost £6.45 plus VAT. It's probably a small price to pay to know their 24 hour on call service works! I believe it's possible for the alarm service to look at it to see if they can stop it going off so easily. Hope this helps everyone with elderly parents!
Comment by Michele kinder on 08450405866
Wednesday, 11.13.2019 @ 07:27am
Looks like they are a scam! Great. I'm £200 down. After a call from so called practice I had a visit! Brilliant! Beware!
Comment by Omar Hussain on 02073360335
Wednesday, 11.13.2019 @ 04:57am
BT Local Business Team for the city of london. You can reach them back on 02073361466
Comment by daffy duck on 6084661640
Tuesday, 11.12.2019 @ 11:44am
To all you telemarketing people ::: F*CK YOU
Comment by Radio Listener on 02073161481
Tuesday, 11.12.2019 @ 10:22am
Caller was from Premier Christian Radio
Comment by Ayan on 1921681017
Tuesday, 11.12.2019 @ 08:03am
Comment by Conny Nhlane on 0872852347
Tuesday, 11.12.2019 @ 04:33am
Hey. I just want to know who was calling me cause i tried to answer but the person just kept quite until i dropped the call. You can call again it might be network.
Comment by Anonymouse Tom on 02086167909
Tuesday, 11.12.2019 @ 02:49am
Number currently belongs to Optometrix Ltd - a company based in Wembly, north west of London. They were unable to tell me how they got my number although they did answer. I suspect either poor record keeping with customer phone numbers or they're using a list of numbers for telemarketing purposes.
Comment by Mauricio on 03445560216
Monday, 11.11.2019 @ 08:32am
I also note that the debt owner appears to be Cabot Financial (UK) Ltd which is not currently authorised by the FCA. In fact their authorisation lapsed in 2015 prior to your settlement, so that begs the question as to whether they should have been carrying out credit business.

Maybe you should make the FCA aware of this recent incident? Consumers can report concerns here >
Comment by ABDUR REHMAN on 0512330
Monday, 11.11.2019 @ 07:42am
yar ye kaisa number hai.
why they are missed calls me three times.
Comment by Shasta the AfroQueen on 8102179118
Sunday, 11.10.2019 @ 07:15am
Damn, fine you is not.
Comment by Steve Young. on 2527224364
Saturday, 11.9.2019 @ 16:53pm
Lady named Marybelle. Wanted money for mission trip? Has called 5 times.
Comment by Saqee Zayn on 12024558888
Saturday, 11.9.2019 @ 00:23am
These two numbers called me and it was a woman she gave me a code
Comment by judy on 7204038395
Friday, 11.8.2019 @ 22:20pm
Scammers RX Solutions scammers be careful calls all days all times
Comment by Sue on 8448440252
Friday, 11.8.2019 @ 12:50pm
This company sells supplies for CPAP machines by Aerocare, which is a legitimate brand name. My husband has an Aerocare CPAP machine. He told them to stop calling - if we need something, we will call them. They call every day -more than once. I have called the local business which provided the CPAP machine - they appeared not to know about this. Hmmm
Comment by Akash on 18003157010
Thursday, 11.7.2019 @ 17:36pm
When I came out of my house at 1:27 to meet my neighbour Two girl stopped me and ask for the urgent phone call . I didn't deny but asked for the purpose of call. They told me that they have to inform their company so I gave my cell to them. They dialed 18001211563 toll free number at 1:29 from my cell through which a message recieved from VM-HULWIN " Thank you for contacting HUL. Your Unique code Is 5********" in my phone. They noted down that code in their cell that shocked me and I took back my phone and asked them for what they have done. I was completely shocked and perplexed . Fhir kya karna tha unhe Roku ya pakdu decide nhi kar paya. Sir. I don't know whether they are fruad or not but I want to register this issue.
I want to details number
Comment by Anon on 08009522025
Thursday, 11.7.2019 @ 12:43pm
Virgin scam. Don't answer.
Comment by Rima K on 07403066242
Thursday, 11.7.2019 @ 07:19am
I got called from here and went to do a photoshoot. It was so much fun
Comment by Lynn on 410200505
Wednesday, 11.6.2019 @ 12:07pm
Received a text stating my Netflix payment had been declined.There was a link to commute to solve the problem. Checked my bank and it had gone through three days ago. Obviously a scam.
Comment by Faith on 1410200505
Wednesday, 11.6.2019 @ 08:38am
Saying I have issues with my Facebook account regarding my register with Facebook, even though I don't have facebook.... Scam!
Comment by Stacy on 9523678510
Wednesday, 11.6.2019 @ 07:49am
Called stating they were United Healthcare looking for a parent of "my daughter's name". When I said this is her mother, the line disconnected. When I called the number back, I got an automated "number has been disconnected" message.
Comment by Bluespicker on 8449341370
Wednesday, 11.6.2019 @ 07:13am

THIS IS 100% a SPAM CALL NUMBER. They have been trolling for healthcare and list this number to be taken off their call list. They list this number in other scams as well. This site is a farce. All the spammer has to do is upvote and others are screwed...
Comment by Robert WILLIAMS on 5196687932
Wednesday, 11.6.2019 @ 06:53am

Have had business dealings with this firm for the past number of years and so far I have
no problems with them. They have supplied the services and followed up with yearly inspections.



This is not a SPAM
Comment by mm on 231332241398
Wednesday, 11.6.2019 @ 04:41am
ping call
Comment by lioi on 9043630579
Wednesday, 11.6.2019 @ 04:38am
Comment by mm on 7053286262
Wednesday, 11.6.2019 @ 04:37am
ping call
Comment by Annoyed on 0872850023
Wednesday, 11.6.2019 @ 01:53am
I got a call from this number I tried calling it back it just ends they called me again and I answered then it started ringing very weird and annoying
Comment by chia chee guan on 0133023109
Tuesday, 11.5.2019 @ 22:46pm
no ini cll saya banyak kali 0133023109
tolong cek bagi saya terimakasi
Comment by becky on 9045418247
Tuesday, 11.5.2019 @ 13:03pm
called old employer saying i owed for something- said payday loan, I think and they were processing litigation if I didn't pay. I never had a loan period. Payday or otherwise. Scammers
Comment by blueberryhill on 8449576767
Tuesday, 11.5.2019 @ 12:27pm
Voicemail: "Hello, this is Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina calling for ABC. We're trying to reach you again with an important health message and to make sure we're doing everything we can to help you protect your health. Please call us back anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Toll free call 1-844-957-6767.

The callerid showed 978-783-1100.
Comment by Julie on 08443387415
Tuesday, 11.5.2019 @ 03:39am
Don't call this number back from a mobile phone. You get billed HUGE access charges.