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Comment by AJN on 02036035754
Sunday, 02.25.2018 @ 04:27am
It is an investment scam company who are holding themselves out to be UBS London( 5 Broadgate)trying to promote fraudulently pre-IPO shares.
They also use 02037731574.
Comment by foss on 075090757477
Saturday, 02.24.2018 @ 17:49pm
SMS left with six digit code.
Comment by Anonymous on 8883101423
Saturday, 02.24.2018 @ 13:24pm
This is a number from a company called "Dial Your Leads" it auto dials sales leads for companies that purchase it.
Comment by Mary on 8778543538
Saturday, 02.24.2018 @ 12:00pm
Quit calling this number. I costs me every time a call comes into my cell phone.
Comment by N Huntley on 18004143484
Saturday, 02.24.2018 @ 09:26am
This is a legitimate caller from the Kidney Clothing donation program. They call to ask if you have anything to donate.
Comment by Rashedul on 01711567890
Saturday, 02.24.2018 @ 03:57am
I have received missed call from this number multiple times but when I return call answer comes that this number is unused. so now I am saving this number with the name "Hacker"
Comment by Mchael on 0661867119
Saturday, 02.24.2018 @ 00:17am
Spammer who tries to extort money by threatening to take to social media
Comment by J on 3478535811
Friday, 02.23.2018 @ 20:36pm
She texts me at least once a week looking for escort work
Comment by Kayla on 8552257140
Friday, 02.23.2018 @ 18:57pm
This is SOS children village (canada) If you have sponsor child or have called them to ask questions this is who belongs to this number. Not harmful caller. We have a sponsor child here and also needed to ask headquarters a question. Got call back from this number and returned their call playing phone tag. ;-)
Comment by Annonymous on 5154908471
Friday, 02.23.2018 @ 18:28pm
The caller of this phone number wanted the equipment seller to give him $499.00 up front.
Comment by Rose on 2155876784
Friday, 02.23.2018 @ 16:46pm
Phila. Federation of Teachers for an event in center city.
Comment by Mr. Oliver on 2348150432
Friday, 02.23.2018 @ 13:41pm
Total scam artist with bogus police charity
Comment by Liza on 8555009643
Friday, 02.23.2018 @ 10:18am
They contacted my father on his personal cell phone saying I needed to contact them regarding a court date that is setup for me. Researched the number and saw similiar stories and that the number had been reported as unsafe.
Comment by Beth on 8002155213
Friday, 02.23.2018 @ 10:04am
This is a phone number for Viking Client Services. They are the insurance company for Avis Rent a Car. Chances are if you get a call from this number you were in an accident with a rental.
Comment by Peter Gozinya on 8888337965
Friday, 02.23.2018 @ 07:13am
Got a call from the same number. I let the guy go all the way through and had him thinking I was ready to buy then told him to take me off the list and to have a great day. Called Time Warner and this is not associated with them.

P.S.--I tried calling back and kept getting busy signals
Comment by Angelika Le Gaspe on 8454789925
Friday, 02.23.2018 @ 06:50am
Aooarently another scam call saying my computer will be compromised if I don't call back.
Comment by Iain Hamilton on 02033442121
Friday, 02.23.2018 @ 06:21am
Just had a call from the "Windows Computer Centre", a lady called Sofia, am I speaking to etc, etc, then introduced herself, I repeated "the windows computer center, oh, good" I've been in high level IT for 25+ years so thought I'd have a bit of fun. She then said "do you mind, I'm trying to talk", I said "I'm so sorry, for a minute there I thought it was my phone" The answer, "I don't need this, you can go to hell" then she hung up. Couldn't understand it. Number 0203 344 2121
Comment by Burt on 8003550501
Friday, 02.23.2018 @ 05:24am
I received a call at 10:30 PM claiming to be AT&T that I needed to validate my passcode by entering it into the recording. Needless to say I hung up and block them from future calls because this is obviously a complete scam.
Comment by Cloudy on 6024603601
Thursday, 02.22.2018 @ 18:23pm
Stop calling me!!! I will never buy anything from Wisconsin!
Comment by Scam! on 8668767294
Thursday, 02.22.2018 @ 17:55pm
866-876-7294. 8668767294. Received a call from a man identifying himself as Andrew Fesik from the CRA. Tried to obtain personal information (the information he provided to me about myself was incorrect). He was pushy and tried to intimidate claiming taxes were not filed. Totally inaccurate. After calling the CRA myself, it was determined this is a scam. Police report has been filed.
Comment by jerrico on 607410818
Thursday, 02.22.2018 @ 15:29pm
so annoying. calling at random hours. no method to the madness
Comment by BL on 9098765096
Thursday, 02.22.2018 @ 14:12pm
Called and no message left on VM, likely scam, or telemarketer call. This number is blocked.
Comment by Spero Craunakis on 5596339558
Thursday, 02.22.2018 @ 13:21pm
Between 10:24 AM and 3:07 PM Premiere Cash Loans telephoned me eleven times telling me that I was approved for a loan. When I refused to accept the loan they wanted to know why and became Abusive.
Comment by Luliana Darvasan on 9092711519
Thursday, 02.22.2018 @ 10:54am
I don't answer calls from numbers I don't recognize and they didn't leave messages.
Comment by PAM on 6073765011
Thursday, 02.22.2018 @ 10:05am
Comment by Bessie Cofield on 8775892406
Thursday, 02.22.2018 @ 09:58am
They left a message talking about fraud and I need to call them back ASAP for a voluntary statement.
Comment by MK on 7204601372
Thursday, 02.22.2018 @ 09:19am
Message from local politician inviting us to a town hall meeting.
Comment by Farid on 0103604334
Thursday, 02.22.2018 @ 08:15am
Comment by Ralph Schaefer on 3107824539
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 21:17pm
getting repeated calls. Never any messages left.
Comment by Joseph Grantham on 9097871871
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 21:15pm
getting repeated calls. Never any messages left.
Comment by Joseph Grantham on 8189653636
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 21:13pm
Tele-panhandling morons expecting instant, unsolicited business.
Comment by George Zema on 9092711519
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 21:10pm
No message left. Scum-sucking scammers for sure. Now blocked.
Comment by Albert Vazquez on 2133499459
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 21:06pm
Besides it is a spoofed number, believe the scammer using another spoof number as 213-349-9457 (already many comments about this number). Keep your wallet tight !
Comment by Lani B on 9712360861
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 15:56pm
Scammer with no registered business or phone number. Not a legit company, just a way to get your personal information. Came up on Caller ID as "Applly Me" Called twice so I'd block them right now. No message left. Same caller also using 541-209-5918 with Caller ID "Freshe Funding" They are blocked now. I recommend that you do the same. Even if the phone number is out of service, block them and your phone will not ring
Comment by Fed Up Woman on 8886113038
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 14:35pm
Person claims to be from Microsoft. Says they have been ordered to refund money I paid for service. Total scam. Like many others, the Do Not Call list is a joke!!
Comment by Quick Brown Fox on 9492692884
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 12:48pm
An unwanted call from this Los Angeles VOIP number arrived today. When the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence - a sure sign of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who shamelessly prey on the public.

The perpetrator has been unmasked as a credit card scammer. The website has flagged this number as "scam or fraud." Case closed!
Comment by JC on 3156364234
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 12:26pm
Another unsolicited call demanding my mortgage info. I enjoy making up stuff until they eventually realized the spammer is being spammed.
Comment by Mule on 8133200315
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 09:44am
Scamming telemarketer targeting seniors with a hearing aid scam. Don't answer, then block and pray they suffer painful deaths.
Comment by ducky on 4017737825
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 09:42am
recd call at 1054 am on 2/821/18 no message number not known to me who is this?
Comment by Vile on 2817845112
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 17:21pm
number called just about 10 mins. ago. Left a 2 second message but only of them hanging up.
Comment by Abdul on 02080893229
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 17:05pm
Can't make their mind up whether they are from Fonehouse or Carphonewarehouse. The main companies do not recognise the deals they offer.Fraud!
Comment by Rav on 6262640381
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 17:01pm
I'm sorry how helpful is this website, voting for a phone number, this is just stupid!  Your no help at all!
Comment by Sye on 3105497136
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 17:00pm

I think this number is being used related to a phishing scam. I don't think it's actually apple sending the email about this number being used to recover accounts, as I checked and apple doesn't send emails from the email address that this message came from. This number is being used to make their phishing scam look legitimate, and get you to click on their links in the email they send. I went to apple directly, NOT through the links in the messages sent to me, to be sure and secure my account, just in case, and the messages the real Apple sends don't look like the one that is being sent with the number 310-549-7136 attached to it. I would not click on any links in any of those emails. If you're concerned go directly to your apple account to login.
Comment by Kristi on 9064646249
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 16:31pm
They call many times a day and when I've asked them who they are calling for or ask them to stop calling they hang up! Spam!!
Comment by Jessie on 6193292352
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 16:23pm
Woman asking for my husband by name in Spanish. Asked the woman if she spoke English and she kept asking for my husband in Spanish. Told woman "I guess you don't understand English because you keep speaking Spanish and she replied in Spanish you have a Mexican last name so you should speak Spanish, I replied just because my husband was born with a Hispanic last name does not mean we speak Spanish, I thought we were in America not Mexico, and she hung up.
Comment by navyman on 236985236
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 16:22pm
Cell phone Indian CSer from British Columbia SCAM!!!
Comment by brian on 8442485938
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 15:58pm
i am a cpap user but the caller did not speak no message left . no way yo do bussiness
Comment by Cindy on 8776952120
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 15:23pm
It's spam. Fake collection agency taking advantage of people becuase they know its the season of tax refunds. DO NOT CALL BACK
Comment by Jim Davis on 9753215878
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 15:12pm
Caller said to me that I had inquired about joining the Apiary Fund (a Forex trading business). Which I am a part of and has been for more than a year.
Comment by Vickie on 8008138002
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 15:08pm
This is 'customer service' for Tempthings.  I placed an order and was charged for it and something else.  I emailed th company and was told my order was deliver ... to Minnesota!  I live in Florida. Upon finding this number I have made multiple attempts to get someone on the phone.  It is a computer that says, 'if you want to place an order press 1'. 'If this is regarding an existing order press 2'. Neither of these options get you anywhere!!  It just keeps repeating the options!  I think I have a fight on my hands!