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Comment by kates on 3148195328
Sunday, 08.19.2018 @ 18:57pm
red bluff ca mt lassen charter office five daughter not wanted in red bluff ca just get out of business
Comment by jp on 08000851848
Sunday, 08.19.2018 @ 11:00am
just received a letter saying i owed £3,500 from santander . never banked with them and experian has no record of me opening said account . its a scam !
Comment by sr on 646612354
Sunday, 08.19.2018 @ 10:23am
Called on a SUNDAY, guy with a very thick & heavy India accent said his name was "Jack" and it was time for my free computer scan. Wanted me to immediately go to my computer. (If I'm not busy at the moment I like to play the Maggot Scam Game with them, find out what they want, then report their asses to the Federal Trade Commission - I have a file with them and report these numbers to them.)Asked "Jack" what would happen if I didn't go IMMEDIATELY to my computer. "Jack" said that if he didn't do my "free" service scam my computer would not work properly and they would also have to disable my email account. I asked "Jack" exactly how he was going to do that since I paid my bill, pay my bill every month. If I pay my bill and he disables my email account anyway after taking my money, it's called fraud. It's called scamming. And hell yes, my computer would not work properly anymore if I let him in past my firewall. Called him a scamming maggot and hung up on him. BTW, last number in his phone # doesn't appear for a a reason - hard to track "Jack", hard to block if you don't have the entire number. They think we aren't smart enough to see through their lies. Or, we are greedy enough to take them up on a "free" service or a refund on something we never ever had.
Comment by Jez on 07785234643
Saturday, 08.18.2018 @ 15:20pm
There's no quim who like to party, like the quim do down in Darty!
Comment by Sick of em on 2818158027
Friday, 08.17.2018 @ 22:05pm
They don't leave a message, but you can hear typing. Dont know who they are.
Comment by maria on 99288469
Wednesday, 08.15.2018 @ 23:49pm
Comment by Frank white on 2397193322
Wednesday, 08.15.2018 @ 15:54pm
Shes a carpet muncher. Only likes girls.
Comment by N.Barrey on 1888472222
Wednesday, 08.15.2018 @ 14:07pm

excellent service
Comment by North Idaho on 8584286050
Friday, 08.10.2018 @ 08:41am
Been called repeatedly by Best Dish

Called The Real Dish Network and was told they hadn't heard of this since around 2015?

I told Best Dish where to go after they called twice in one day.

Yesterday they called and left a threatening message in a hushed voice on the answering machine from # (858-428-6050)

paraphrased message

they were going to fornicate with my mother and would be here soon...

Comment by Al from Toronto on 18006226232
Thursday, 08.9.2018 @ 18:55pm
They said they are calling from Service Canada and said that my sin number was stolen, and used in Mexico by drug trafficking, it was an indian accent english, and tried to get info and personal id info from me. They also said that they are calling from Alberta, Calgary and that my sin card will be cancelled within 24 hours. Thats how they start, they also have imaginary names and badges. Dont fall on it, be careful.
Comment by bob on 8448288574
Thursday, 08.9.2018 @ 08:12am
This number popped up on my iPad as Apple support. It is some scam that has locked up the unit. Beware!
Comment by Sharon on 02037584123
Thursday, 08.9.2018 @ 01:07am
This number called me on my mobile which I couldn't get to in time, and then on my home phone one minute later. My home phone has a call monitoring system on it and it politely asks the caller to announce themselves so I can know who is calling me. This is to weed out nuisance calls. In this case the caller declined to leave their name. From another site I have found out that this is a NHS number. That being the case it could be an important call, so why didn't or wouldn't they announce who that are? Stupid.

Comment by james on 2136086930
Wednesday, 08.8.2018 @ 17:39pm
great product so lucky I met you thank god I never had product grown this well
Comment by Al on 4084627952
Monday, 08.6.2018 @ 15:43pm
Scam from PG&E.
Comment by William Godsey on 3235034218
Saturday, 08.4.2018 @ 12:13pm
I received a call, no one there when I called back a man answered and hung up when I wanted to know the reason for the call
Comment by zeke on 8562128199
Friday, 08.3.2018 @ 09:31am
call concerning extended warranty on my vehicle.
Comment by John on 7803280945
Thursday, 08.2.2018 @ 17:21pm
Claim to be fixing virus that is on my computer. SCAM don't fall for it!
Comment by Bubba Robinson on 7722425693
Thursday, 08.2.2018 @ 14:40pm
Called me twice today and I had phone answer by sending a text to them stating that I could not answer to please text me. They did not text me either time. I was in my doctor's office the first time they called and the second time I chose to screen the call.
Comment by Henry J, on 9042040938
Thursday, 08.2.2018 @ 14:35pm
Didn't know the number, didn't answer. Left no message. Suspect spam.
Comment by STOR-A-WAY SELF STORAGE on 8557641273
Thursday, 08.2.2018 @ 08:08am
Comment by Linda Guley on 12122449392
Wednesday, 08.1.2018 @ 10:58am
They keep calling and when you answer its a recording about chinese consult.They have no reason for
to call me
Comment by Brittany on 952290786
Tuesday, 07.31.2018 @ 11:04am
I have received multiple calls over the last several days from this number. I never answer. I am putting a block on it immediately.
Comment by Chongito on 410200505
Tuesday, 07.31.2018 @ 00:40am
This is someone using email to send a text to your 10-digit number over ATT.
eg: TO: "".

1-410-200-505 is the "return" number you see when you receive such a SMS text.

The FRM:"GMAIL sender" will be the person's email server & their informal account name - as far as I can tell from my own experiments...

MSG:"blah blah" is the message body...
Comment by Denise on 8009690632
Monday, 07.30.2018 @ 18:25pm
Hi, It's Josh. Please call me immediately regarding your tax issue. It's very urgent. 800-969-0632. Reply STOP to opt out..
I recieved these every day
Comment by gabor on 5615136571
Saturday, 07.28.2018 @ 14:17pm
idiots call now and then recording always in spanish of course i never answer shows how stupid they are
Comment by suzette boston on 2022350661
Friday, 07.27.2018 @ 11:52am
This number called my home pretending to be the IRS. I was told that there was an arrest warrant for me for tax fraud, laughable. I was also informed that the local police would be on the way as well (federal crime and local police?) My response was, this is a fraudulent call and I will report this to the FBI. If you'd like to pick me up come on I've done nothing.
Comment by Scammed by them on 9286085445
Friday, 07.27.2018 @ 01:18am
They got into our computer remotely to put on software from Microsoft - scammed us out of money from out bank account. Had to shut down bank account. They had our computer remotely for 3 days and would not give it back. Very stressful, horrible people and they use both 928-608-5445 and 832-706-4040
Comment by Scammed by them on 9286085445
Friday, 07.27.2018 @ 01:17am
They got into our computer remotely to put on software from Microsoft - scammed us out of money from out bank account. Had to shut down bank account. They had our computer remotely for 3 days and would not give it back. Very stressful, horrible people and they use both 928-608-5445 and 832-706-4040
Comment by Steve on 8884068715
Thursday, 07.26.2018 @ 13:43pm
Scam call - claims to be Microsoft and wants to give you a refund then to get your refund they want you to give access to your computer. They call me two to three times a week for the last eight months.
Comment by joe on 8884068715
Thursday, 07.26.2018 @ 10:03am
anyone who calls and does not leave a message is up to no good these clowns have called here in the past
Comment by Barry on 8003460516
Wednesday, 07.25.2018 @ 11:20am
This phone call was what appeared to be a automatic call, call name of person was Melesia ?? as a debt collector attempting to collect a debt
Comment by Thandeka on 0319401271
Wednesday, 07.25.2018 @ 02:13am
a women by the name of nokulunga dube called me.She told me about the discount card that worth R295 to activate the card and monthly fee will be R95 and she confirmed all my details i,d,address,account no ,she said from v bank she will send card with money. I haven't received the card but now they have debited my account
Comment by Dogman on 6477159391
Monday, 07.23.2018 @ 09:49am
This is a spam number crooks do not answer. Fraud Report
Comment by Meathead on 5704019821
Sunday, 07.22.2018 @ 06:26am
Comment by phil on 7068310425
Friday, 07.20.2018 @ 08:52am
Calling to confirm if Sharon Freeman has this number.
Comment by Phelisa on 0126655750
Friday, 07.20.2018 @ 07:23am
i am Gatfol of these Debit orders, and why would these people debit my account without my concernt. i have incurred charges as a result. please refund my R99.00. you think people are stupid and would not know the monies that come of their account. just so you know, there is an option that allowes one to get notifications even if its just a one cent coming off their account. so you are dom if you think you will keep on scamming people and win.

please pay my bank charges back!!!

Comment by Egometto on 02312651870
Friday, 07.20.2018 @ 03:28am
Call from 'Jacob' at the technical department of BT. If you believe that, you'll believe anything!
Comment by teri on 2398961211
Thursday, 07.19.2018 @ 16:51pm
Absolutely a scam, they started asking questions posing as the Helath Drpartment and then asked if I have a land line, told them that has. Nothing to do with health and to take me off their call list and then blocked them
Comment by Jack Stone on 9142421350
Thursday, 07.19.2018 @ 15:53pm
This number is a legitimate number calling for Caremount Medical around the Poughkeepsie, NY area. It's simply a survey about your most recent experience there. They verify you through the physical number they called that is in their files.
Comment by Lisbeth Helderle on 2293378726
Thursday, 07.19.2018 @ 07:43am
I get calls daily from this company! I continue to block their calls only to be called from another line. This is the newest number now calling my phone and disrupting my business. This is unlawful harassment and I will be contacting the Attorney General.
Comment by Darlene Mingus on 01191678416521
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 15:22pm

This person keeps calling and I want them blocked from my Magic Jack phone at #208-345-3429

I am reporting them.
Comment by Jennie on 7029405123
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 15:21pm
Clark County Collections Agency for medical bills
Comment by Rowena Taguiwalo on 09177140528
Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 04:59am
I want to report this number. This number texted me and says malicious words about me. If you have any information on this number kindly approach me by leaving a message on my email many thanks in advance.
Comment by Sbobe on 0126655750
Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 02:49am
Why would the banks allow this? unauthorized debits!!! Even worse, they reference my ID number to it!. I never authorized these debit order.
Comment by jackie on 8585135468
Thursday, 07.12.2018 @ 19:47pm
this is geico insurance for accident claims
Comment by annoyed on 58988
Thursday, 07.12.2018 @ 12:05pm
Got text that said it was sent from a MapQuest user and included a link. Blocked the number and deleted. Never use a link from unknown users.
Comment by unkown on 8665895295
Wednesday, 07.11.2018 @ 13:38pm
I received a letter to give this number a call that they wanted to settle a 19,000 debt for 6732.00 funny cause my house, car, credit card is payed off. checked my credit reports never anything of me owing 19,000 to anyone ever. which I knew but wanted to make sure someone else did not use my identy. SCAM all over it. do not reply or call
Comment by Evelyn on 00385916305800
Wednesday, 07.11.2018 @ 05:02am
This number called me and wanted money from me. Dont send any money to caller from this number.
Comment by Kathy on 2398961211
Tuesday, 07.10.2018 @ 16:53pm
Please Do Not Spam
Comment by george on 952290786
Tuesday, 07.10.2018 @ 11:30am
got call from this number 952-290-786 and when I answer )lasted 6 sec} no one answer and I wonder if this caller could access my phone as I have answer it. I had it block on my iPhone. could some answer about this call. will lifelock able to block them if they query about me and my account.