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Comment by Zami on 02138696030
Thursday, 03.21.2019 @ 22:31pm
who,s there?
Comment by Auditor on 8135171056
Thursday, 03.21.2019 @ 22:08pm
Ocwen fraud
Comment by Wisconsin resident on 6789193657
Thursday, 03.21.2019 @ 16:35pm
Health Insurance scam!!   ROBOCALLER!!!
This is a new number being used for this purpose. search activity statistics:
"Last 14 Days ~ 308 user searches completed.   Last 1 Day ~ 308 user searches completed."
Comment by Dr Harry on 3475844585
Thursday, 03.21.2019 @ 16:30pm
Scam number
Comment by Wisconsin resident on 6789194019
Thursday, 03.21.2019 @ 15:49pm
Health Insurance scam!!   ROBOCALLER!!!
This is a new number being used for this purpose. search activity statistics:
"Last 14 Days ~ 399 user searches completed.   Last 1 Day ~ 399 user searches completed."
Comment by Joe on 5705068330
Thursday, 03.21.2019 @ 11:50am
Calls and hangs up. Spammer robo caller.
Comment by Lewis on 8608991254
Thursday, 03.21.2019 @ 11:11am
No message left this time in the past this number has called about getting your chimney cleaned I believe they are scammers
Comment by Pat on 8009840935
Thursday, 03.21.2019 @ 11:06am
Social security scam
Comment by JK on 4253668090
Thursday, 03.21.2019 @ 10:58am
Mill Creek WA Gentle Dental location
Comment by DLC on 3213966911
Thursday, 03.21.2019 @ 10:26am
I received a text from this number on my personal mobile phone stating "Your stay at OPUS Hotel Vancouver from Sunday, May 12, 2019 to Monday, May 13, 2019 is confirmed!" I have no reservations at this hotel and no intentions of being anywhere near Vancouver on those dates. Why would a "legitimate" phone number from Maitland, FL be contacting me about a stay in Vancouver? Don't trust this number!
Comment by veronica Padovani on 5615373175
Thursday, 03.21.2019 @ 10:08am
They keep calling and harassing saying what time and day we're gonna be home to send a package he calls every day 2 and 3times A-day being harassed by this number.
Big guy even start is saying curse words not professional at all
Comment by Walt on 5034792678
Thursday, 03.21.2019 @ 09:42am
I have had numerous calls from this number. Never anyone on line and very irritating. Do not waste time answering this call
Comment by paul on 01213773070
Thursday, 03.21.2019 @ 05:16am
Its from Trust Ford Erdington.
Comment by P on 07594394105
Thursday, 03.21.2019 @ 03:37am
Crack whore, prostitution out of her council house, shared with crackheads. Will rob you and accuse you of attempted rape.
Comment by Hulda Kreis on 8006819891
Wednesday, 03.20.2019 @ 18:19pm
Received call telling me someone was fraudulently making a claim against my social security number. When I called back they were looking for another person. When I told them I was not that person, she said "I will turn this over to the police"
Comment by Wisconsin resident on 6789193466
Wednesday, 03.20.2019 @ 16:41pm
Health Insurance scam!!   ROBOCALLER!!!
This is a new number being used for this purpose. search activity statistics:
"Last 14 Days ~ 325 user searches completed.   Last 1 Day ~ 325 user searches completed."
Comment by eddie lynn on 3163044114
Wednesday, 03.20.2019 @ 15:52pm
Annette Wallace Valley Center KS- sick whore- uses her work phone @ Texton 316-517-3796 to make personal calls to her ex- so her fiance Eddy Lynn doesn't find up- keepin' it classy, go get some more plastic surgery 60 is creepin' up, disgusting
Comment by Wisconsin resident on 6789193412
Wednesday, 03.20.2019 @ 14:52pm
Health Insurance scam!!   ROBOCALLER!!!
This is a new number being used for this purpose. search activity statistics:
"Last 14 Days ~ 183 user searches completed.   Last 1 Day ~ 182 user searches completed."
Comment by Doig on 8286004815
Wednesday, 03.20.2019 @ 12:22pm
Comment by Princess on 4438053730
Wednesday, 03.20.2019 @ 12:14pm
Met him on OkCupid. His picture was vague and then he sent me fake pictures of himself. Met him in person and nothing but lies. Don't know what his real name is.

Comment by John on 02075616309
Wednesday, 03.20.2019 @ 09:41am
Recrutment scam
Comment by JUSTIN on 9193238614
Wednesday, 03.20.2019 @ 09:23am
someone called from 919-323-8614 not explaining who they are but needed me to provide my current, previous address and SS#. Provided everything except the SS# - asking who they are and tried to provide a phone # so I can research and call back. I don't have time to research & call someone back. Just tell me who you are. If you were a debt collector, usually they say that upfront. This guy refused to provide information / so I refused.
Comment by S on 84285
Wednesday, 03.20.2019 @ 09:19am
I just got a text form this number with Uhaul content about damaged to a rated van.
I have never rented a Van from Uhaul.
Comment by Luke on 19005244195
Wednesday, 03.20.2019 @ 08:04am
Comment by DBD on 1686451384
Wednesday, 03.20.2019 @ 05:27am
They have called twice at 3am my time. very annoying! Have to check to see if someone I know is in need of help.
Comment by JMD on 8774367161
Wednesday, 03.20.2019 @ 05:12am
Called and did not leave message. Because I'm a business and deal with insurance companies all the time, I called them back. Clearly Middle Eastern woman's voice on a recording stated that I'd reached, "Intelligence to Communicate - (something else unintelligible) - an authorized sales channel." The message goes on to state that a, "repre-SEN-NATE-ive" will be with me shortly. This played on a loop for a minute or two before she stated I could leave my name and number and reason for MY call. Yeah... okay. Sure.
Comment by no on 8664681019
Tuesday, 03.19.2019 @ 16:47pm
I received a yellow post card with a stamp on it in the Mail. It states that it is a final notice, and I ha e 3 days to call 866-468-1019. They wanted to make an appointment to come test my tap water and give me a $100 gift card. They cancelled the appointment when they found out I am not the homeowner, just a renter.
Comment by ste on 07922033505
Tuesday, 03.19.2019 @ 16:08pm
if you know who,s number it is put a message on this site stop the scammer
Comment by Annonymous on 9544176347
Tuesday, 03.19.2019 @ 14:01pm
Caller would not tell me why they were calling. Knew my First name and Address. I hung up when they read it back to me and it was correct. I don't trust calls that just give out my address over the phone so willingly without verifying who i am. I did more research and found out this number is registered through which is a site that lets you call using any number.
Comment by Diana on 4084449286
Tuesday, 03.19.2019 @ 13:44pm
Call from "Mike" at Debt Consolidation. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM
Comment by Mike Freeman on 02476689372
Tuesday, 03.19.2019 @ 11:45am
This is the number of Coventry Building Society - Foleshill Branch. Nice people, very helpful.
Comment by gom on 02080682021
Tuesday, 03.19.2019 @ 08:32am
spammer hassling selling crap web based tosh,same old, go get a job.
Comment by Derrick Quinn on 7312596233
Tuesday, 03.19.2019 @ 07:53am
Someone keeps calling from the number a robo call. Please block number
Comment by Don't Call Us Again on 01182074589
Tuesday, 03.19.2019 @ 06:29am
Rude agent trying to get to our MD. We will report him!
Comment by CJ on 01212727254
Tuesday, 03.19.2019 @ 03:37am
Midshire, calling to discuss business options. Legit caller but a telemarketer.
Comment by dillon on 8338580555
Monday, 03.18.2019 @ 18:24pm
scammer// asking for gift cards
Comment by Lawrence on 8453023010
Monday, 03.18.2019 @ 17:51pm
Comment by Wishvas Marwaha on 03002003821
Monday, 03.18.2019 @ 17:20pm
I had two calls from similar numbers .Both with same messages as the previous contributors . I never pressed the digit 1 . You should know that this kind of message can never be delivered by H.M.R.C. SO I HAVE BLOCKED BOTH THE NUMBERS

Comment by Phx mad as hell on 6238888202
Monday, 03.18.2019 @ 17:01pm
623 888 8202 called me 3 times sounds like a voice recorder of a lil girl saying are you fkn scared hello i just said do t call my fkn phone and hung up .....sofar no call backs
Comment by Bill on 8883450518
Monday, 03.18.2019 @ 13:45pm
Synchrony bank
Comment by Jason E on 447507319811
Monday, 03.18.2019 @ 09:54am
Potentially dodgy text with link so have informed the bank
Comment by n.a on 4158520049
Monday, 03.18.2019 @ 09:49am
scam call pretending to be Chinese consulate/embassy
Comment by Poolica Franaru on 1178476603
Monday, 03.18.2019 @ 09:09am
My caller ID showed 911117-847-6603, they didn't leave a message but it sounded like a vendor or a scammer.
Comment by Chelle on 03002003821
Monday, 03.18.2019 @ 08:19am
Threatening call supposedly HMRC. If you don't press 1 now you will be arrested. Totla rubbish HMRC would never make contact this way
Comment by Nay on 03002003821
Monday, 03.18.2019 @ 08:11am
Phoned back it said H M Revenue and customs
Comment by yo on 8002458000
Monday, 03.18.2019 @ 06:31am
Comment by Lily on 01216476323
Monday, 03.18.2019 @ 04:29am
Reported to Ofcom via online form
Comment by Ma Elizabeth Talastas on 8008523320
Sunday, 03.17.2019 @ 21:38pm
hi im trying to call this no but cant reach u... pls im cancelling my order regarding on dermavix anti aging cream. ty.
Comment by tim on 8322907479
Sunday, 03.17.2019 @ 21:09pm
this is scammer try to get my boat send to some place
Comment by n / A on 8602007612
Sunday, 03.17.2019 @ 07:27am
Scammer had the audacity to call on a Sunday morning .