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Comment by anny on 6473542063
Saturday, 03.6.2021 @ 17:36pm
647-354-2063, ----289-624-5766 beware, the same fraudsters based in Toronto use several false profiles on facebook at MarketPlace and on kijiji, Richmond Ebanks , Tommy McCormack , Shannon McCarthy , Deanna Vargas , Lauren Malatakis , Diana Prince, Todd London
, they have several numbers ..-- 647-354-2063- ----289-624-5766
Their goals is to scam the maximum number of people, please share, they will make less victims if their profiles or their numbers will be known by all, I fell into their traps, we must protect the weak people especially in this period

Comment by Shirley on 006476673759
Saturday, 03.6.2021 @ 06:02am
I think the NHS do a fantastic job but I find it disgusting to be charged an international call to New Zealand for a local doctors call. Is that how they make up for the shortfall in their funds. Bloody rip off!!!
Comment by Henry on 3156320059
Friday, 03.5.2021 @ 13:02pm
Facebook SPAM
Comment by SOPHIE on 2896245766
Friday, 03.5.2021 @ 12:10pm
289-624-5766 This -sexual pedophile & Scammer of free SOFTWARE off THEPIRATEBAY his fake company is Terabyte Computer Services L1X 0A3
loves to rape & eat the rear ends of 5 year old little church boys. and rapes little girls..Further more this guy sexual abuses his own daughter and posted and sold pictures of her on the internet. This ugly man can not get a proper job so he cons his customers by selling them free downloadable software from (The Pirate bay), by first using (BITTorrent )Come summertime his search and thirst for little 5 year old German boys is a full time job, as for his part time job he transitions into transsexual MIME in the evenings for the JUST FOR LAUGHS comedy festival in TORONTO.. Oh by the way, his Terabyte Computer ServicesL1X 0A3address is here’s a clip from a TORONTO Newspaper article . PLEASE READ- !!!!!*x-offender-registry-1.4716343.

Comment by SOPHIE on 6046748757
Friday, 03.5.2021 @ 12:04pm
Comment by User on 0137375664
Thursday, 03.4.2021 @ 23:20pm
This number is a scammer
Comment by MD A GAFFAR PK on 1312261
Thursday, 03.4.2021 @ 23:02pm
I get call many time from this number. I really feel boring so please sir stop calling from this number. Thanks
Comment by CHARLES on 6046748757
Wednesday, 03.3.2021 @ 11:33am
Comment by J q on 9541719986
Monday, 03.1.2021 @ 14:52pm
Someone using this number has stolen money from my bank account
Comment by James Andrews on 08081646196
Friday, 02.26.2021 @ 04:49am
I had a voicemail from this number and it's the Citizens Advice Bureau in Glasgow.
Comment by Jamie on 8645469404
Thursday, 02.25.2021 @ 18:01pm
Crazy drunk guy keeps calling and asking us to buy a pool, but at 3am. He continues to call and harass us.
Comment by Jimmy on 8642345123
Thursday, 02.25.2021 @ 12:37pm
Aletha called after Jules begging us to buy girlscout cookies at $40 a box.
Comment by Jimmy on 8642345123
Thursday, 02.25.2021 @ 12:36pm
Jules called 20 times asking us to buy girlscout cookies.not interested.
Comment by Jill on 18642345123
Thursday, 02.25.2021 @ 12:33pm
Aletha called us 20 times, and wants us to buy girlscout cookies. Make her stop
Comment by Karen on 8649828012
Thursday, 02.25.2021 @ 12:31pm
Aletha calls too much and keeps nodding us around to buy her girlscout cookies. We called the number back and it was a Tailored Brand store.
Comment by Traci on 8649828012
Thursday, 02.25.2021 @ 12:31pm
Aletha has called us 20 times and ask us to buy her girlscout cookies. Pleas make her stop.
Comment by Karen on 8649828012
Thursday, 02.25.2021 @ 12:29pm
Aletha calls too much and keeps nodding us around to buy her girlscout cookies. We called the number back and it was a Tailored Brand store.
Comment by Leona on 8642687508
Thursday, 02.25.2021 @ 11:11am
Drunk guy named Dennis called at 3 am and asked us if we needed a pool.
Comment by James on 8642687508
Thursday, 02.25.2021 @ 11:10am
Drunk man sounding very loud called this number 20 times late at night. Kept saying he was single.
Comment by amandine on 2896245766
Thursday, 02.25.2021 @ 10:18am
Thank you Google , I almost got scammed, from 289-624-5766 ..I was about to call this person for a list of software programs that I wanted for my home and new business office and I noticed that this seller was in Toronto, Yes !, So I was happy about what he had to sell because I wanted these programs,and my 14 year daughter, said she had a bad feeling about this software guy. However, my daughter kept begging me and bugging me to Google search this number 289-624-5766 ,before I committed to buying anything or meeting anyone on line... Oh my god!, to my surprise, I found that I was about to do business with a sick old man that sells pirated software!!! Now I have to buy dinner for my daughter tomorrow because she and GOOGLE saved the day.. Thank you once again.. I will never do business with this convict and I will tell many others about this dangerous predator on my Instagram..
Comment by Traci on 18642345127
Thursday, 02.25.2021 @ 07:23am
Man named Jules prank called us and told us that he wasn't a shrink. We don't know who he is but he keeps calling .
Comment by Jean on 18642345127
Thursday, 02.25.2021 @ 07:06am
Aletha keeps calling and harassing us after we asked her to stop. She is selling girl scout cookies from a men's suit place.
Comment by ALEJANDRO on 18558240656
Wednesday, 02.24.2021 @ 21:40pm
they call me every day idont know what i do
Comment by Joe on 8022440800
Wednesday, 02.24.2021 @ 05:58am
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Comment by write papers for me on 8448663730
Wednesday, 02.24.2021 @ 04:52am
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Comment by randy on 7089438738
Tuesday, 02.23.2021 @ 05:32am
Received text saying my account was locked at Fifth Third Bank. Don't even have an account there. THIS IS A SCAM NUMBER!!!
Comment by merlin on 3089405119
Monday, 02.22.2021 @ 10:13am
unsolicited call
Comment by Susan on 3146255200
Monday, 02.22.2021 @ 07:15am
Hello? Hello? Is that you Grandma? Hi it's your grandson. I have NO grandson soooo scam big time!
Comment by Dave on 01323884368
Monday, 02.22.2021 @ 02:10am
Scam of some description, they would not say who they were.
Comment by Jef on 8643158820
Sunday, 02.21.2021 @ 20:05pm
Weirdo goofy freak. Annoying calls from this freak show
Comment by Jef on 8643158820
Sunday, 02.21.2021 @ 20:04pm
Weirdo goofy freak. Annoying calls from this freak show
Comment by Shah Iran Khan Tarak on 0018325643290
Sunday, 02.21.2021 @ 07:05am
Please call me back my contact number
Comment by Shah Iran Khan Tarak on 0018325643290
Sunday, 02.21.2021 @ 07:03am
Plzzzz call me back
Comment by Joanna on 07930961980
Saturday, 02.20.2021 @ 12:51pm

Do not answer any calls received, nor respond to any sms received.
Please refer to numerous warnings already posted on the web about
this specific number, +447930961980.

Warnings specifically address the reasons of why the caller attempts

Comment by Adel on 7025004858
Saturday, 02.20.2021 @ 09:39am
Might be pristol pharmaceuticals as per their website
Comment by Joe on 8882475428
Thursday, 02.18.2021 @ 09:02am
No message left on answering machine
Comment by T bell on 2165519334
Wednesday, 02.17.2021 @ 02:52am
Don't send him $!!! Scam artist. Uses different numbers. Trying to rent out property that's not his.
Comment by Pete on 01164120025
Tuesday, 02.16.2021 @ 13:23pm
Comment by SAMIA on 996771110672
Tuesday, 02.16.2021 @ 09:21am
9967-711-10672 SCAMMER
Comment by Vh on 03445439118
Monday, 02.15.2021 @ 03:00am
Scams only postal mailing official all same fraudster
Comment by Leona on 8643158820
Sunday, 02.14.2021 @ 04:58am
Jules guy called and complained that Lori his wife was so vain that she wouldn't leave the house because she was fat and afraid of everything.
Comment by Peg on 8643158820
Saturday, 02.13.2021 @ 19:53pm
Jules Bouy called and was worried about being fired from his jacket because he's a lazy back stabber
Comment by Lamont on 8643158820
Friday, 02.12.2021 @ 21:23pm
Old predjudice guy named Jules called my number and called me the 'N' word.
Comment by Kim on 8643158820
Friday, 02.12.2021 @ 21:03pm
Crazy uneducated sounding guy called asked us if our fridge was running, and then said for us to go catch it .then he said wokka wokka wokka. He's called us many
Comment by Nic on 01162631108
Wednesday, 02.10.2021 @ 21:11pm
Leicestershire police but can't ring number back. You can only ring them on 101.
Comment by Salmah on 0143398113
Wednesday, 02.10.2021 @ 18:42pm
Its Afiqah, Debt Collector From BANK ISLAM. Very Rude act gangster
Comment by Perry Lusk on 8886652986
Wednesday, 02.10.2021 @ 17:57pm
Same here. Automatically deducting from my checking account for $17.35 for several months.
Comment by Reed on 6468291729
Wednesday, 02.10.2021 @ 09:35am
I have received multiple calls from this number harrassing me as a contact for an individual.
Comment by Gwen on 8643158820
Tuesday, 02.9.2021 @ 20:33pm
This man called and acted like Fozzie Bear. What a loser. His name is Jules.
Comment by Karen on 8643158820
Tuesday, 02.9.2021 @ 08:40am
Guy named Jules pretending to be Fozzy Bear keeps calling.