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Comment by Uhc hmo member on 4144366654
Friday, 11.16.2018 @ 07:43am
Claims to be United healthcare community plan but sounded like a scammer trying to get my personal information. My guess is it’s not a legit call and just a scammer spoofing caller ID trying to get members personal info
Comment by Craig on 07566206548
Friday, 11.16.2018 @ 03:50am
this is a legit number as it’s my number
Comment by Cheri on 01612986677
Friday, 11.16.2018 @ 02:51am
Started asking for a manager, when refused asked my managers age. Then asked if she'd like to fuck and her boob size. On loud speaker said a few more filthy things until call was terminated and recorded.
Comment by Pete on 2027384424
Thursday, 11.15.2018 @ 20:50pm
They are sending the cops for me
Comment by Anonimo on 0041433784874
Thursday, 11.15.2018 @ 17:27pm
CUIDADO, Eles trabalham com bolsa de valor, me chamaram para investir, e disseram que alguém trabalharia pra mim e que recuperaria meu valor em uma semana. eu acredito porque é bolsa de valor e tem muitos que vendem sinais, mas neste caso, eles investem seu dinheiro, dão algumas vitorias e em poucas operações afundam você até o zero. Depositei no cartão e agora vou pegar de volta meu dinheiro solicitando estorno. mas não entrem nessa é fria mesmo, usam uma corretora chamada PBNTRADE.COM para colocar seu dinheiro, eles tem outra empresa que não me lembro, não caiam nessa furada... VÃO PERDER SEU DINHEIRO!
Comment by Luciffer on 6047579657
Thursday, 11.15.2018 @ 14:19pm
Those rat slime keep calling and hangig up the parasite vermin
Comment by Chris on 9802338150
Thursday, 11.15.2018 @ 13:03pm
This #@#$@!! has called my cell EVERY SINGLE DAY since Florence hit. Since they are unwilling to leave a message or identify themselves, I am assuming that they are part of the many scammers who are trying to take advantage of folks who are already suffering. There's a special place in Hell for you people!!! Has anyone tried reporting this to T-Mobile?
Comment by Richard Bernal on 8889646703
Thursday, 11.15.2018 @ 12:03pm
Possibly associated with Social Security Disability.
Comment by Iris on 3473291318
Thursday, 11.15.2018 @ 11:59am
I believe this is a scam. They told me I was approved by federal government for 9,400 dollars and they would western union it to me. 1st off, western union doesn't do any type of that amount, and the fact that they had my info is freaking me out.
Comment by Ed on 7162157689
Thursday, 11.15.2018 @ 11:18am
It called and no answer from the caller please do not spam
Comment by l on 9092241130
Thursday, 11.15.2018 @ 11:01am
nonstop harassing from this number, texting and calls etc.
Comment by Tom C on 8442067853
Thursday, 11.15.2018 @ 10:42am
I got the call (and could hear many other people in the background making the same intro that was given to me) from what has to be a boiler room wanting me to confirm who I was so they could talk about important business with me. I handled it like I do with every other telemarketer ... I ask them what they are wearing and I bet you look hot I want to see, then ask them out in a date and a weekend in a sleepy no tell motel. And they leave lmao
Comment by euell neverno on 8884016381
Thursday, 11.15.2018 @ 10:06am
Comment by Surendra on 7552527330
Thursday, 11.15.2018 @ 09:05am
What's number
Comment by Linda on 5097397013
Thursday, 11.15.2018 @ 09:03am
Thanks to everyone for these posts. Andrew also contacted me to buy my car & pay through PayPal. Wanted to put the money in my account & have the car picked up without seeing it or talking to me. I might have been the next victim.
Comment by SSSSS on 6235554831
Thursday, 11.15.2018 @ 05:45am
Comment by Borat on 0370011418
Thursday, 11.15.2018 @ 03:03am
There dirty fucking black Indian cunt scammers
Comment by Felix on 792273
Wednesday, 11.14.2018 @ 20:56pm
I got a text from this number 792273 and yes it was from Delia Davis I told her all ready to leave me alone I'm happily married with my wife and love my family she needs to get a life of her own soon
Comment by bdrty on 3145822124
Wednesday, 11.14.2018 @ 18:39pm
314-582-2124.prank my phone 6 times a day.
Comment by bob on 4026510079
Wednesday, 11.14.2018 @ 15:18pm
scammers, phony phone number
Comment by Stacey on 2032670593
Wednesday, 11.14.2018 @ 14:13pm
Scam about vehicle warranty, calls a few times a month. I blocked them on my phone, they still call but the phone only rings once.
Comment by Kendall on 7755730364
Wednesday, 11.14.2018 @ 13:00pm
House rental scammer! Do not trust!
Comment by NOMBRE on 3126327823
Wednesday, 11.14.2018 @ 11:52am
Comment by Karen on 6075244113
Wednesday, 11.14.2018 @ 10:06am
Its an IRS scam number
Comment by T Gord on 792273
Wednesday, 11.14.2018 @ 08:33am
Suspicious text in spanish claiming to be from facebook with an unrequested reset code. Appears completely untrustworthy. Do not utilize anything from this number.
Comment by Anonymous on 965925210
Wednesday, 11.14.2018 @ 07:37am
This number +351 965 925 210 belongs to Interpass Portugal (Scam artists)
The prefix 96 Belongs to the Operator Meo in Portugal.
Comment by me on 8455791142
Wednesday, 11.14.2018 @ 07:27am
Scam from India
Comment by Mary on 8283485629
Wednesday, 11.14.2018 @ 07:17am
They are trying to get infor to send out W-2, I asked my company if it came from them and they said no. The description below says it is a land line but they text me. When I tired to call the number from a different line, I just got a busy signal.
Comment by 7636 on 5085615887
Wednesday, 11.14.2018 @ 05:04am
Received a text saying “you don’t want me walking in that comfortable ;) let me finish myself”
Comment by david roulston on 0190883001
Wednesday, 11.14.2018 @ 04:47am
Sorry to say but i couldent understand a word the guy / girl / corss was saying
Comment by Sam on 5038044284
Tuesday, 11.13.2018 @ 23:06pm
Met on Chappy, first time date with Phillis/Phillip.Confused if he should be a woman or gay man.
Comment by rather not say on 5037847768
Tuesday, 11.13.2018 @ 22:51pm
Sandy legit escort. good time, no hassle
Comment by 🏆Top Agency (Shipper) on 3126327823
Tuesday, 11.13.2018 @ 22:16pm
✅Verified: 1 of 13 Independent Dispatch Lines. These lines are text equipped only and do not receive incoming phone calls.
📞DIRECT: +1 312- 632- 7823
📞CORPORATE: +1 815-617-9000 📧
Comment by Tom Webb on 9518230204
Tuesday, 11.13.2018 @ 13:39pm
Possible scam call as I missed the call and attempted to return it three times. Each call immediately went silent (no ringing or answer each time, probably a spoofed number). From what I know about these types of scam calls, it is more than likely the "yes" scam. With this type of call the scammer will (if you answer) ask a question that requires a simple yes or no answer hoping the victim will say yes (they will ask something do you like comedies or ice cream).
If the victim says yes, the answer is recorded and the scammer will use your yes answer to authorize nefarious purchases and the victim gets the bill and possible credit damage.
Hope this helps / Tom
Comment by K on 8135256225
Tuesday, 11.13.2018 @ 12:20pm
Some caller with a bad dialect, not English, asking about my back and said they were Medicaid. I haven't been with a back problem since 1991 and I told him if I had problem I would speak with my doctor about it. SCAMMER as he hung up on me.
Comment by Kelly on 02033250199
Tuesday, 11.13.2018 @ 09:36am
It was the University of East London. x
Comment by L on 01782558305
Tuesday, 11.13.2018 @ 09:18am
HR/Recruitment team for financial company - generally replying to job applications.
Comment by Abysmal Samai on 8001445524
Tuesday, 11.13.2018 @ 08:42am
Comment by Greg on 3175274143
Tuesday, 11.13.2018 @ 07:44am
Called my cell a short time ago. Did not leave a message.
Comment by Scott on 9512063268
Tuesday, 11.13.2018 @ 07:30am
Received a recording from a company selling extended vehicle warranties. Did not respond.
Comment by Kevin on 01606550355
Tuesday, 11.13.2018 @ 07:22am
This number keep asking for someone who dose not live here we ask them so many time to stop they then ask to speak to the home owner when you say your going to report them the hang up
Comment by X on 01163490205
Tuesday, 11.13.2018 @ 02:55am
Accident claim wankers
Comment by Sana on 01214509231
Tuesday, 11.13.2018 @ 02:33am
Harassing estate agents trying to force you to sell your home
Comment by Adeel Ahsan on 8044959712
Tuesday, 11.13.2018 @ 01:56am
This number's owner is Adeel Ahsan. Met him on Tinder. He says that he's in a fellowship program in neurology in Edison, NJ and going to graduate next year, then will move to VA (most likely Richmond). He seriously flirted with me for a long while, vdo called a lot, and asked me to go to his place 3 times until I formally told him that it wasn't going to happen easily. In the end, I found that he's married with a daughter of 4 years old but do not live together... which makes me so speechless.
Comment by Dave on 2234753518
Tuesday, 11.13.2018 @ 00:18am
Dc Gardening Services based in Lichfield safe number 07426998999
Comment by Ken on 85230697067
Monday, 11.12.2018 @ 22:05pm
Got called from this number and informed me that I have won a second prize of Merc Benz. Asked me to pick up the car the hong kong or can send me the cash if I provided bank account info. Lucky me today. :)
Comment by Jessi on 004917630568699
Monday, 11.12.2018 @ 19:59pm
Wo ist die Nummer im Internet registriert ? Hey
Comment by Frank Russo on 4086761200
Monday, 11.12.2018 @ 16:34pm
These people should be thrown in a jail cell for as many days as the number of phone calls they maid with a phone that only accept incoming phone calls.
Comment by Santiago on 5037847768
Monday, 11.12.2018 @ 15:32pm
Sandy she ok and legit on EROS.Pay 400 it good
Comment by Peter on 8443242801
Monday, 11.12.2018 @ 10:14am
Call regarding complaint; wants me to call this number. Sounds like a scam.