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Comment by WiRag on 9202675446
Friday, 08.7.2020 @ 21:14pm
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Comment by Obedient Christian Believer on 3015339312
Friday, 08.7.2020 @ 11:19am
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Comment by Eghardt Kammies on 0871389956
Friday, 08.7.2020 @ 01:43am
This number phone me, but I was too late to pick up.
Comment by Anonymous on 7814727400
Thursday, 08.6.2020 @ 17:24pm
Voice mail sounded like a heart monitor. No identification.
Comment by kristijo143 on 01738506668
Thursday, 08.6.2020 @ 08:53am
rang my mobile and house and left no message - number will not take calls back! frustrating
Comment by asllan on 038707000
Thursday, 08.6.2020 @ 06:07am
kuj eshte ky numer
Comment by Fraudspotter on 08000851848
Wednesday, 08.5.2020 @ 09:24am
Comment by Me on 3146498626
Tuesday, 08.4.2020 @ 10:11am
Just called my dad and told him my son needed $10,000 bail and was in jail after an auto accident. The original caller said he was my son, then gave my dad this number for his "attorney". Called my dad grandpa and said several times, "I love you".
When my dad told the attorney he was going to call me, the attorney asked him not to because "my son" was embarrassed and didn't want me to know. When my dad insisted the "attorney" hung up on him.
Comment by Jason on 8004400351
Tuesday, 08.4.2020 @ 09:13am
It's a Chinese robocaller and I don't speak Chinese. I have no clue why they are calling me.
Comment by Shirley on 0284643600
Monday, 08.3.2020 @ 20:57pm
I dont know where this call come from
Comment by Kelisha on 0313119000
Monday, 08.3.2020 @ 09:51am
Guy evening guys I am had my phone off and when i put it on i received 3 miss calls at 13:52 from number 031 311 1000 and at 13:57 from number 031 311 9000 , once more at 16:01 from same number 031 311 1000 and I tried calling and search the number on trace and its says this numbers are not from a bad rating and has good ratings but I am not sure and if anyone know which companies this number are from or is it a scam numbers
Comment by Anonymous on 0018607242443
Sunday, 08.2.2020 @ 17:34pm
Comment by Steven on 4128379192
Friday, 07.31.2020 @ 22:40pm
His actually my friend and was impersonated by a scammer online and took away a lot of his money , it was so hard on him back then but all good now happy he survived
Comment by I on 6503415287
Friday, 07.31.2020 @ 21:56pm
This number is associated with a fraudulent charge on my credit card for GoFundMe "Hello everyone, Redwood City, CA" Charity/Community Org. Reading all the reports for this number, this is not the first time. They use different GoFundMe names.
Comment by nvbigbee on 7022289213
Thursday, 07.30.2020 @ 09:40am
Vehicle Warranty Scam
Comment by michael boeck on 8006407055
Thursday, 07.30.2020 @ 06:36am
fake phishing for account details company, pretending to be Paypal
Comment by Tamzin cross on 6163234057
Thursday, 07.30.2020 @ 04:36am
Stop calling me jess
Comment by Bradley Cooper on 07588257805
Thursday, 07.30.2020 @ 04:34am
A person named Nancy called me after hours Wednesday at around 6pm. She said that I had benefits that I didn't know about and she wanted to tell me over the phone.
Comment by Daniel on 01691663592
Wednesday, 07.29.2020 @ 10:09am
Company wanted to get me in to working with schools,but I just sold my company a shame as a very professional girl on the phone and excellent customer service would use if I had still had my business
Comment by Mick Blakesley on 03332344433
Tuesday, 07.28.2020 @ 01:22am
Caller claims that my ticket has won on the US lottery. Since I do not play the US lottery, its a scam.
Comment by king on 082268521
Monday, 07.27.2020 @ 22:21pm
spam call and I need to know who
Comment by H on 8573175095
Monday, 07.27.2020 @ 12:39pm
8573175095 is spam
Comment by Tony on 01792721594
Monday, 07.27.2020 @ 10:03am
Receiving around two to three different calls a day during this past week, which i don't know, when this one came in i rang back and found it to be Peoples Energy, which as i have recently changed my duel fuel provider, i am sure is part of Look After My bills.
Comment by Cheater on 9052466864
Sunday, 07.26.2020 @ 09:25am
Comment by Beth on 5172054835
Saturday, 07.25.2020 @ 16:20pm
This number is safe. 517-205-4835, is from the Henry Ford Hospital in Jackson, Michigan.

Comment by Mary on 8102071055
Saturday, 07.25.2020 @ 11:34am
Caller ID shows Blue Care Netwo. They called on a Sat. Blue Cross is closed on Saturday. I didn't answer.
Comment by anonymous on 0555678171
Saturday, 07.25.2020 @ 04:26am
My bill was extensively high, when i checked my detailed bill i see this number continuously dialed. This number is no way related to me. I called DU to complain assuming its a scam or technical glitch, DU did not have an answer and their service is extremely bad. my first complain was lodged in the beginning of the month and no one had the courtesy to address my concern,it's always the customer who has to call back despite of getting an assurance from them for a call back. Just be careful in choosing your service provider.
Comment by MX Bizzar on 07473160497
Saturday, 07.25.2020 @ 01:39am
Hello for this Nomber responsibility please.
Comment by Derek on 4032403702
Friday, 07.24.2020 @ 21:32pm
Called on a Friday night. No message. No answer when I called back. Probably spam.
Comment by brian on 6025187000
Friday, 07.24.2020 @ 14:18pm
Comment by KK on 8159224708
Friday, 07.24.2020 @ 09:18am
Comment by Denise on 6077627200
Friday, 07.24.2020 @ 08:13am
It was a recording that stated they were NYSEG and our account would be disconnected in the next 30 minutes for non payment. I then selected 1 to speak with a representative and was disconnected. When I tried the number back, it was a recording saying that the switchboard was busy at this time. Hmmm.....scam????
Comment by Fred on 4157872922
Thursday, 07.23.2020 @ 20:24pm
Hangup phonecall.
Comment by Cornelius Neufeld on 2042897274
Thursday, 07.23.2020 @ 18:50pm
I no longer need your assistance so could you stop calling please.
Comment by Fred on 8556073385
Thursday, 07.23.2020 @ 13:46pm
They answered as First National Bank and asked for my credit card number. In calling the bank I was told they would NOT ask for a credit card number over the phone.
Comment by Beth E. on 31996
Thursday, 07.23.2020 @ 11:06am
Got a text from this number. It said help us to get to 30,000! Demand Gov DeSantis take steps to slow infection rates before kids return to brick and mortar school. Sign our petition slkt.oi//7C2P. I did not click on the link in case it was a scam.
Comment by Jerri on 8662115062
Thursday, 07.23.2020 @ 09:56am
This number calls multiple times a day, every day. I have answered a couple of times and there is no one there.
Comment by ABC on 8028726199
Thursday, 07.23.2020 @ 08:16am
Acted as a representative from department of homeland security. He was very rude and strict. In between he spoke with Indian accent English. I caught him there. Don't share any personal information on such calls. It's a spam.
Comment by Sara on 04232534444
Thursday, 07.23.2020 @ 00:56am
Continuously calling
Comment by You don't need this. on 2056230602
Wednesday, 07.22.2020 @ 08:17am
Recorded (American) voice says (twice): "Please hold while we connect you to a representative." Then (I'm sorry, but we cannot connect you. Please call 205-623-0602." I never call. I assume that a legitimate party would ask for me by name and also identify itself. ("This is ABC Company calling for John Jones.") Also, I know no one in Alabama. And why would a representative NEVER be available? Clearly a scam. I get this call on my landline only, never on my cell. I have registered for the "do not call" list, so either they are breaking the law (duh) or they are overseas. Since I never call back, I've never spoken to a live person, so I don't know if they are overseas or not.
Comment by Mikko on 09481100011
Wednesday, 07.22.2020 @ 07:01am
Fraud call from this number +63 9481100011
Comment by Sunny on 98801233
Wednesday, 07.22.2020 @ 02:34am
Who or what is this #
Comment by Zulk on 02132312966
Tuesday, 07.21.2020 @ 18:06pm
Comment by Paul Booker on 08448911140
Tuesday, 07.21.2020 @ 03:27am
Nearly a £1 a minute to ring this number!!!
Comment by Lottering on 0183881000
Monday, 07.20.2020 @ 11:03am
I received a call of this numbers on Saturday.
I have tried to call the number back but it seems the numbers are not working.
Please help me to trace the number.
Comment by Heiddyn on 3106012101
Saturday, 07.18.2020 @ 07:24am
I am trying to talk to Rowan Blanchard
on phone call but it's not letting me call her.The twerp. Can you at least try to help me with my problem i just really want to call Rowan Blanchard for real and finish this. Do you understand what I'm saying.Oh and I need one password no email address and no phone number just name and birthday. THANK YOU!
Comment by Sanjay Kumar on 9709881700
Thursday, 07.16.2020 @ 20:45pm
Comment by Sanjay Kumar on 9709881700
Thursday, 07.16.2020 @ 20:45pm
Comment by Misfit on 8664190058
Thursday, 07.16.2020 @ 15:08pm
VERY INTRUSIVE POLITICAL BS. Pretending to call on behalf of your labor union.
Comment by Igor on 9092450598
Thursday, 07.16.2020 @ 09:59am
My spam filter intercepted these scammers. They have tried to call in the past. Glad to see these types of people being identified for the nuisance that they are.