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Comment by Obedient on 3018699015
Saturday, 12.7.2019 @ 13:09pm
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Comment by MADHAMMAL on 983119064
Saturday, 12.7.2019 @ 01:04am
Comment by Craig Unsworth on 07881816598
Friday, 12.6.2019 @ 06:28am
Just saw it was Ross and Richardson who did my Life insurance thanks for commenting Jamie.
Comment by Adielol on 12024558888
Friday, 12.6.2019 @ 05:30am
What is this number.. it sacred me to death...And I think someone is trying to hack my Gmail account and so there are calling me I should pick now....
Comment by noyb on 5142450693
Friday, 12.6.2019 @ 05:24am
Between October 9 2019 and November 27 2019, and unbeknownst to me, this number (514-245-0693) called my Rogers wireless 12 times. From my call logs it says they left me a voicemail message every time (yet, i never received a voicemail message). But they DID CHARGE ME .30 cents for at least 3 of those fake 'voicemails'. The number is listed in my call log as a 'local number'. But, i checked online and the number is listed with the location of Montreal, Canada. I'm in a whole different province. So NO...NOT LOCAL.

I haven't viewed past call logs, so i have no idea how long they have been doing this, but i am not impressed. Who are these scammers???
Comment by Tarzon on 5147984501
Friday, 12.6.2019 @ 05:00am
Called my cell in eastern cda, don't know him; sounds like east indian teleworker for filthy lucre.
Comment by Annoyed on 2132327900
Thursday, 12.5.2019 @ 21:12pm
This 213 phone number called me left a message said it was an investigator with the case number and they needed to call them back. They also called a family member of mine live in the same message. I have been scammed severely in the past and I'm very leery of calls like this. If a real person is calling you they're going to tell you the company and the reason for the car.
Comment by Mike Kushner Sr. on 7327539585
Thursday, 12.5.2019 @ 03:14am
iPhone and iPad Repair Store on RT 9 in Sayreville Plaza.
Comment by Johanna Simmons on 7327539585
Thursday, 12.5.2019 @ 03:11am

This is the Best Electronics Repair shop in New Jersey! You can get more info about them at or

Address is: 960 U.S. 9 #116, South Amboy, NJ 08879,

Comment by mr.henry on 6506768022
Wednesday, 12.4.2019 @ 09:55am
who every try to report this number 650 676 8022 is just trying to blackmale the person ..this number is safe 650 676 8022 n its a very good number thanks
Comment by mr.helry on 6506768022
Wednesday, 12.4.2019 @ 09:54am
hello this # is safe 650 676 8022
Comment by danny fanson on 9179204092
Wednesday, 12.4.2019 @ 05:30am
917-920-4092 contacted me about an amp i am selling,,email said they would pay by check,,And I refused ,,,SCAM
Comment by Zzzzz on 1312261
Tuesday, 12.3.2019 @ 18:42pm
Comment by Brendan on 0766205222
Tuesday, 12.3.2019 @ 17:02pm
Apache Pizza rathmines
Comment by Doug on 8552351405
Tuesday, 12.3.2019 @ 17:00pm
This number was left in a voicemail by someone pretending to be from Optum Rx - Medicare Division. They were NOT from Optum - they tried to get personal information from me. AVOID!!!
Comment by Michael on 3308046970
Tuesday, 12.3.2019 @ 16:48pm
A person named Chris wanted to make a cash offer on my mother's property after she died. No response when texted back. Apparently have done this several times before.
Comment by cell phone on 8009354096
Tuesday, 12.3.2019 @ 13:37pm
This number called my cell phone while I was on the phone with my drug plan. I came here and learned that this number is another drug plan. Is this a coincidence? Either way, I did not answer it, or return it. I will block it.
Comment by Matt on 4433663181
Tuesday, 12.3.2019 @ 13:25pm
Hookers phone number. says kyle thompson on reverse search... unsure if this is a cop
Comment by Anonymous on 08465021111
Tuesday, 12.3.2019 @ 07:07am
Harassment they've called 30+ times over 2 days
Comment by Greg on 08001974947
Tuesday, 12.3.2019 @ 06:46am
I was left an answerphone message to phone MoreThan about my car insurance and told to return the call on this number. The message was suspicious and after googling it there seemed to be no connection to MoreThan so I contacted MoreThan on email and confirmed that they have made no attempt to contact me. So it's probably a scam number.
Comment by Steve on 442080049094
Monday, 12.2.2019 @ 16:29pm
A fellow called claiming to be a salesman for Magix Software. He knew that I had bought photo editing software in the past and said that his company had just released a new software package and that he would sell it at a discount. After talking to him a bit and checking out the software on YouTube, I decided to give it a try, so I gave him the info that he asked for he said that he would email me the confirmation of my purchase in a couple of days. After watching for it in my email, the conformation never showed up! So I checked my bank account but no purchase was made. Then I went to my bank and closed that account! Buyer beware of this fraudulent phone number/company representative!
Comment by Val on 58988
Monday, 12.2.2019 @ 16:15pm
This number in and of itself is not a scam, this number is a service for seemingly quite a few apps and services, including scam ones, I wouldn't say block the number just in case an app you use also uses that number for 2FA
Comment by xander on 5026538354
Monday, 12.2.2019 @ 15:22pm
Comment by IdoNotKnow on 8886061092
Monday, 12.2.2019 @ 13:20pm
I am n the Do NOT Call List. They keep calling after I tell them not to. LOOK up the name of the owner & business name. Repair your credit.
Comment by Ann on 58988
Monday, 12.2.2019 @ 08:32am
Glad I Googled the text # and found this site. The message came from same #as Sick of ScAms and others got. I used to get voicemail from the real SS but knew SS doesn't make tel. calls.
Comment by Yolanda on 8778056054
Monday, 12.2.2019 @ 04:16am
Can anyone tell me if they have received a phone call from Pacific Investments? They claim to have taken over for Western Sky Loans. Please advice on what I can do. They are calling my work now.
Comment by rardvex on 5702062446
Sunday, 12.1.2019 @ 20:15pm
i am from Italy hello. Can you help me translate? /rardor
Comment by Tejas bodhankar on 18003157010
Sunday, 12.1.2019 @ 12:23pm
This thing has been also happened with me
Comment by Sick of Scams on 58988
Sunday, 12.1.2019 @ 06:20am
Just got a message from this number claiming a message is waiting for me at mySocialSecurity. Log in link looks legit. Glad I Googled the number to find all the "agencies" who use the same one. Will spread the word to ignore.
Comment by Scotty on 58988
Saturday, 11.30.2019 @ 13:46pm
Here is the text I received.

A message is waiting for you at mySocialSecurity. Log in at to read it. You can change your preferences about messages after you log in.
Comment by Carolyn on 2026008914
Saturday, 11.30.2019 @ 09:26am
Comment by Michael butler j.r. on 4023181759
Saturday, 11.30.2019 @ 05:03am
Hattassment to my fiancee
Comment by D.L. on 4695072998
Friday, 11.29.2019 @ 11:55am
This is the Car Dealership where I bought my car. Super nice follow up with a Manager.
Comment by Gary on 8005373303
Friday, 11.29.2019 @ 06:38am
Calling 3 times daily, every day (4 days so far) starting around 8:30. Leaves no messages, so is NOT a legitimate call. Evidentally being on the Federal Do-Not-Call list is useless.
Comment by MFE on 58988
Thursday, 11.28.2019 @ 18:14pm
Ditto comment by KLS!
Comment by Sue on 0401753327
Thursday, 11.28.2019 @ 18:14pm
Get A Life Loser!
Comment by Kelly on 6159757985
Thursday, 11.28.2019 @ 17:36pm
Comment by Teresa on 8007935722
Thursday, 11.28.2019 @ 15:55pm
This number appears on a motor vehicle service notification card that I got in the mail.My truck is only 2 months old,so I'm betting this is some sort of scam.
Comment by Autumn on 6048732551
Thursday, 11.28.2019 @ 13:22pm
A scam woman asking for money
Comment by Simon Challiner on 07881816598
Thursday, 11.28.2019 @ 10:37am
If you see this number you were called by Ross and Richardson for your annual life insurance review. It is most likely that you are an existing customer of ours. You can either call me back or i will try and call you another time.

Many thanks,

Comment by Sindiswa on 0313119000
Thursday, 11.28.2019 @ 08:20am
Guys please be careful of 0313111000/0313119000 it a scam with no doubt
Comment by Deb on 58988
Thursday, 11.28.2019 @ 06:50am
I just got one stating they from social security, yea like I'm going to fall for that one. I texted back and said get a job ahole, got another text stating the were from Amazon does anyone know how report this number? I blocked on my phone
Comment by KLS on 58988
Wednesday, 11.27.2019 @ 16:14pm
I just got the same text message from 589-88 stating this is from the Social Security administration, and a messages waiting for me. This is a huge scam. Don't log into anything. The Social Security administration will never send you a text, they will always send a letter.
Comment by Shevey on 4073620037
Wednesday, 11.27.2019 @ 15:09pm
Comment by Gloria on 8762843592
Wednesday, 11.27.2019 @ 14:38pm
Person states they have a package for me that I won the Mega Millions
Comment by Big Unns on 8636089846
Wednesday, 11.27.2019 @ 09:42am
Was to buy item off my CL ad. Gave up the ghost,lol.
Comment by it don't matter on 6282225548
Wednesday, 11.27.2019 @ 09:09am
i'm selling a car on offer up and he wanted to buy it so i said hey let me get your phone number and he said ok i'll text you in 5-10 minutes and he said he can mail the check and i can meet him for the car
Comment by john on 0239268700
Wednesday, 11.27.2019 @ 07:21am
Spammers claim to be Portsmouth Council
Comment by Gara on 7753917633
Wednesday, 11.27.2019 @ 07:04am
Call at 1 am. recorded voice. "Let me sing to you."
Comment by Stephanie on 2109875568
Tuesday, 11.26.2019 @ 12:52pm
I received a call from them 3-2 day axim to stop calling me because I do not want to go with this company and then I made Li hung up they immediately turn around and called me back within a 15 minute. I specifically told the gentleman on the fowl whose name was Alex do not call me again or else I will be contacting my attorney he then say it when I asked for a supervisor you're not getting a supervisor because there is not know supervisors here