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Comment by Bob on 02084162670
Monday, 09.24.2018 @ 04:23am
Rang and said nothing, next time I will tell them to f...… off!!!!!!! PLEASE DO NOT SPAM.
Comment by Amy on 7068739382
Saturday, 09.22.2018 @ 08:32am
This number 706.873.9382 us a SCAM.. She says her name is Sara from AMAZONCASH(DOT)ORG, a nonprofit recruiting firm. She says she saw my resume online and said I could work from home and earn $17 - $32/hr at Amazon listing products and writing reviews in your spare time. First of all, I do not have a resume online and I googled the website incognito on my VPN and there are too many BAD REVIEWS TOO COUNT stating they hit the same phone call I received in my voicemail. I actually was hoping it was a legit website and company. I'm disabled and working from home would be pretty cool. Maybe next time. BEWARE!!
Comment by Rickey on 8448288574
Friday, 09.21.2018 @ 23:09pm
This number Popped up on my IPad as aApple Support and after calling the #guy asked for $99us to fox the
Comment by Gary on 02038269530
Friday, 09.21.2018 @ 19:54pm
Just Eat Delivery
Comment by Gary on 02038269530
Friday, 09.21.2018 @ 19:54pm
Just Eat Delivery
Comment by Beth on 5102410650
Friday, 09.21.2018 @ 13:03pm
510-241-0650 - SCAM - Recorded message played stating it's an IRS call and to call them back at the same number.
Comment by Edward on 5102410650
Friday, 09.21.2018 @ 12:52pm
Keep getting calls from 510-241-0650 saying they are from the IRS and threatening with arrest.... didn't listen to the rest of their recorded message. Please investigate perpetrator of these calls. Thank you

Comment by ANDREW MEDINA - FLORIDA on 2034669799
Friday, 09.21.2018 @ 10:58am
ANDREW "DRU" MEDINA // 10673 NW 46 Street - Coral Springs, Florida 33065
Comment by Amie sez on 5612002889
Friday, 09.21.2018 @ 09:47am
I'm pretty sure it was Angel 9 or 7. Both are auspicious numbers. But don't bet on their help unless your crabby today.
Comment by Angry Pixie on 0648481535
Friday, 09.21.2018 @ 05:50am
Airtime SCAM!
Comment by Brian on 01273931005
Thursday, 09.20.2018 @ 23:37pm
Threatening law suit. Very frightening for someone older.
Comment by John on 0861743441
Thursday, 09.20.2018 @ 22:36pm
This number is Noel Martin from CARRICKMACROSS. He’s a serious scammer. DO NOT DEAL WITH HIM. 086-1743441
Comment by Not a Republican on 5754797114
Thursday, 09.20.2018 @ 19:26pm
Yvette Herrell (Republican for Congress) randomly calls people who aren't Republican to further her Christian, conservative agenda. Makes me want to hurl.
Comment by Rick on 6477187667
Thursday, 09.20.2018 @ 13:13pm
If anyone has any info on this low life and hopefully an address could they please email me the information at
Comment by Buce on 8883750019
Thursday, 09.20.2018 @ 11:46am
Call from this number told me they were "Missouri Services". I asked to be taken off call list 2 times and he persisted in talking to me. I asked where he was located and he said Springfield, Missouri but would not give me address or even street name that they were located on.
Told him I would pass on his number to the attorney general and he said to tell him Ricky said hi that they had just played golf together. I then hung up....
Comment by Disciple of Christ on 8888685253
Thursday, 09.20.2018 @ 11:35am
„Visit"","","","ebiblefellowship org" call 701-801-9989“The
Comment by Chris Blick on 3652283270
Thursday, 09.20.2018 @ 09:20am
It is a CRA scam!
Comment by Harry Guy on 2057780214
Wednesday, 09.19.2018 @ 15:46pm
keeps calling my cell. call coming from Alabama.
Comment by Roy on 6824227285
Wednesday, 09.19.2018 @ 10:07am
A woman i met on a dating site with this number asked me to get her a Amazon $25 card is this a scam
Comment by Anne Whitburn on 08002001212
Wednesday, 09.19.2018 @ 06:49am
A caller from this number phoned my mobile which I answered but the call was terminated. I tried to call back but was told that this number is incorrect!?
Comment by Rana on 0147303300
Wednesday, 09.19.2018 @ 05:10am
Abusive calls do not answer
Comment by Chantelle on 0415718179
Wednesday, 09.19.2018 @ 02:48am
He’s a scammer and a thief beware of Chris Dew
Comment by Andy on 01414169419
Wednesday, 09.19.2018 @ 01:45am
Indian sounding chap who claimed to be be Nigel from BT, calling from London!?! Lousy line which I said was ironic as he was from BT (no, I know he wasn't, but this all added to my fun of playing him along). Played him along for 25mins, but was forced to take a loo break and insisted I'd call him back. Understandably, very resistive to this as he knew he had lost at this point.
Their method is to describe that your router has been compromised, then take you to some unrelated admin screens (ie: Run, "eventvwr", Custom Views, Administrative Events, then 'shock horror', all those quite normal warnings and errors!) to convince you that you have problems (they react with "crikey, I don't know how your PC is still running". Then comes the attempted download to a remote PC controlling software (like Team Viewer', or 'Supremo'). DON'T EVER complete that process, or better still pretend to have problems in downloading the software and say that this must be as a result of all the problems that the (ficticious) router compromise is having. Anyway, have fun if you have time. They leave you alone when they think you are totally keyboard/PC incompetent!
Comment by Keshia on 686451384
Tuesday, 09.18.2018 @ 20:39pm
This number called me at 3:30am the other night. I tried to call back and was u able to. They just called me at 8:35pm on 9-18-18 asked for me by name and hung up. I tried again to call it back and it wouldn’t allow me to. I have since blocked the number from calling me. I can almost guarantee this is some sort of scam saying I owe an enormous amount of money to to the IRS and if I don’t pay I will be arrested. This has happened on two other occasions.
Comment by Melissa on 7867660447
Tuesday, 09.18.2018 @ 13:48pm
Do NOT TRUST THIS PHONE number Kim Layland scammer
Comment by Phil Austin on 01617111477
Tuesday, 09.18.2018 @ 09:10am
It is a con PPI, law suits. Threaten them with plastering their company all over the internet, it works sometimes.
Comment by DP on 0061293658974
Tuesday, 09.18.2018 @ 07:32am
Fishing for Bank details
Comment by DP on 0061293658974
Tuesday, 09.18.2018 @ 07:31am
Fishing for Bank details
Comment by Constance on 8008838599
Monday, 09.17.2018 @ 18:59pm
Hes still up to his real estate scam, except he changed his name..AGAIN

Ed Reed scam.
Edward Reed scam.
Comment by JW on 6167458927
Monday, 09.17.2018 @ 18:02pm
Comment by HH on 6043601912
Monday, 09.17.2018 @ 17:51pm
I received a TEXT MESSAGE stating that THEY RECEIVED of 276.50 $ CAD
Comment by nutmeg on 2078354078
Monday, 09.17.2018 @ 16:39pm
207 835 4078 is a scam spoofing number.
Comment by Kathy on 952290786
Monday, 09.17.2018 @ 10:39am
I received 6 calls between 11:40 to 1:20. Some were back to back. I do not answer calls from numbers I don't recognize. Blocked it after reading other posts.
Comment by Gary on 8709120023
Monday, 09.17.2018 @ 08:21am
Telemarketer wanting to sell an emergency device in case of falls for older citizens
Comment by PEte on 008080000133
Monday, 09.17.2018 @ 05:20am
Someone claiming to be vodafone requesting personal information.
Comment by Caroline on 02476684391
Monday, 09.17.2018 @ 05:18am
Asian guy. Said he was from the computer IT dept and wanted the main computer person. Told him we were with TPS and he he started laughing and saying oooohh tps. Insert expletive from me and I hung up.
Comment by Meg Crane on 00572172198
Monday, 09.17.2018 @ 03:48am
Someone with very limited English rang me from this number. After several silences and false starts he began to tell me that he was from some firm (couldn't make out the name) and that my computer was compromised. The risk of cutting him off seemed less than the risk of letting him go on! Deeply suspicious, I think..
Comment by Michael on 0126655750
Sunday, 09.16.2018 @ 23:19pm
I dont know how they do access my money and i want it to be reversed. I mean each and every sent sent to them.

Comment by Becki on 4025414295
Sunday, 09.16.2018 @ 16:38pm
Married , still a liar and still manipulating men and women
Comment by Not fooled on 9292658311
Sunday, 09.16.2018 @ 13:11pm
Romance scammer Gavin Paul alias
Comment by Cheryl on 58988
Sunday, 09.16.2018 @ 10:35am
Got a text that said "Geoff Eiten added you to Pop. It's a walkie-talkie messenger."

I've never heard of this person and have not "tap[ped] to Load Preview." Nor am I planning to.
Comment by unknown on 0000786411
Saturday, 09.15.2018 @ 20:16pm
wish this number would stop texting my son
Comment by jiji on 7273169320
Saturday, 09.15.2018 @ 14:59pm
hangups are harassment
Comment by Scott on 5052264171
Saturday, 09.15.2018 @ 11:21am
I was suspicious when I got two separate scams at same time tried on me. SMe sort of language in both. Unfortunately both checks got held up or lost in mail. Both came from Texas even though the numbers and language implied Canadian or New York students. Dumb scammers. Then when they purportedly had the parcel sent with new tracking number the check had a date after the post date. Then they stupidly put the scam cell number 5052264171 on a note which I back tracked to here.

I destroyed check obviously and told them I knew it wAs crap.
Comment by Dick on 4014415921
Saturday, 09.15.2018 @ 08:50am
We kave received over 15 calls from this number asking for Robert we tell them there is no Robert here. All they is I will call back.
Comment by Jack Jones on 0190800600
Saturday, 09.15.2018 @ 02:47am
Scam BT call blocker renewal
Comment by Linda on 3122573296
Friday, 09.14.2018 @ 16:15pm
Call showed from Department of Defense. A survey about my stay at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington DC.
Comment by Dennis on 6087316666
Friday, 09.14.2018 @ 13:15pm
Comment by Jose on 3232650083
Friday, 09.14.2018 @ 11:40am
Scam artist speaking spanish. Do Not Answer this call. They will offer you jewelry.
Comment by Barbara on 3232875597
Friday, 09.14.2018 @ 11:13am
Recording said my social security card has been suspended. OKaaay...