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Comment by Pokhara on 0427251296
Sunday, 02.23.2020 @ 02:22am
Indian money scammers
Comment by Anonymous on 02039845202
Sunday, 02.23.2020 @ 01:34am
Fake travel agents. DO NOT USE. scam money off you and do not provide tickets. Very genuine ATOL certificate provided but no booking confirmed when rang the airline. Might go by other names but called themselves First Choice Ltd and use the genuine companies address and ATOL number and their logo.
Comment by abdrgele flat5 marine rpad on 09040129225
Saturday, 02.22.2020 @ 18:07pm
Hi I just want to FaceTime whenever you’re ready
Comment by Steve Lewis on 01588640149
Saturday, 02.22.2020 @ 17:53pm
Private landline in Clun, Shropshire
Comment by Juan jose tome fernandez on 608411425
Saturday, 02.22.2020 @ 15:24pm
Cuidado pederasta suelto
Comment by Hum6 on 00966590001718
Saturday, 02.22.2020 @ 11:49am
Why this md .i hate it
Comment by DT on 8583915000
Saturday, 02.22.2020 @ 10:59am
Mitchell is a software database program for auto repair - I know they do collision repair as that's our industry. We are a very small business and can't afford their rates. Even if we could, their program is a general outline, you can't completely rely on them. And like everybody else who's complaint online about them, they will NOT stop calling us. If they were smart (which obviously they aren't) they'd figure out they're only p***ing people off and will never get an account with their incessant harassment. When a company hounds us like they do, I will NEVER do business with them. We've had 12 calls from 858-391-5000 and 12 calls from 888-264-2580. I've blocked them by name and number so they get disconnected, but it annoys me that they will not stop,
Comment by karen on 2037642326
Saturday, 02.22.2020 @ 06:40am
they keep calling everyday i am able to block but they keep calling. they need TOO STOP!!!!
Comment by Elizabeth on 07585938077
Saturday, 02.22.2020 @ 05:06am
I have received many calls from this number the past few days. A message is never left.
Comment by eric on 8665728360
Friday, 02.21.2020 @ 22:20pm
1-866-572-8360 is a social security office in state of Ky.
Comment by Matt on 8665243104
Friday, 02.21.2020 @ 15:22pm
Robocall - merchant service pci fees scam
Comment by Obedient on 3015204148
Friday, 02.21.2020 @ 13:57pm
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Comment by Louise on 07716369007
Friday, 02.21.2020 @ 13:03pm
I think it's a scam as several people have had the same text saying your phone number has been selected and you have won £2 ,000,000. There's a dodgy email number asking you to. Email them for claims info😡😡
Comment by BerylWats on 09040129225
Friday, 02.21.2020 @ 10:08am
Have. This number 09040129225 on my bill no recelectionof making a call to this number nor my husband charged £27.20 what can I do this is crazy Would be bad expense enough IF we had used the number. BUT not having phoned it is ludicrous!!
Comment by Leo on 01132258680
Friday, 02.21.2020 @ 07:36am
A female under the name of Rachel contacted me stating that she was from the Yorkshire Bank in Moortown, Leeds, and that this telephone number belongs to the bank at the branch. She wanted to try get me into conversation however, I did not allow her to and she said I could ring the number back and speak with any member of staff is she didn't pick up the call herself.

As I found the call suspicious I went to the branch in Moortown. The employee informed me that the number did not belong to the bank nor they had any Rachel working there.
Comment by Jack on 7814743554
Friday, 02.21.2020 @ 06:21am
Made plans for tomorrow, so we will see what happens. But yeah I don't expect it to be a "her".
Comment by Annoyed on 2482510176
Friday, 02.21.2020 @ 05:55am
This is national recovery
Comment by April Badwa on 2898391755
Friday, 02.21.2020 @ 02:11am
“Still working as a prostitute to earn money to feed her children in even her two siblings” April Badwa
Comment by Paulina Cranwell on 9998268275
Friday, 02.21.2020 @ 00:39am
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Comment by Any on 1300720314
Thursday, 02.20.2020 @ 23:11pm
SCAM SCAM SCAM received following sms pretending to be westpac. Its a scam block these two numbers and report to your bank immediately.



The Westpac Group has sent you a letter today, Ref 7445673342216. Please note you have 14 days to provide the information. Visit your branch, or call 1300720314 (Opt4) or +61288616400 (Opt4) for international callers. Do not reply to SMS
Comment by Nadir ahmad on 02138798988
Thursday, 02.20.2020 @ 20:24pm
Please call me
Comment by Tod on 7068044629
Thursday, 02.20.2020 @ 18:46pm
PatEvans19 the scammer need your credit card info to renew your tld
Comment by A User on 642767638
Thursday, 02.20.2020 @ 10:37am
It is used by Microsoft to send confirmation codes for your account
Comment by Terry on 08430143200
Thursday, 02.20.2020 @ 09:43am
Beware 0843 014 3200 they advertise 1p per minute plus the service charge of 5p to connect you, what they don’t tell you is that 5p connection is 5p per minute, thus the 1p per minute becomes 6p per minute plus whatever your phone provider makes out of you to connect to their services. I paid £1.84 for a 14 minute call. I thought I would have paid about 20p plus whatever my provider charge for an 0843 number and I’m with Virgin on the call anytime phone package and thought 0843 numbers were free but obviously not. Suffice to say, read the small print or search online for reviews before using these services and check your own phone providers charges beforehand too. Lesson learned, luckily it hasn’t cost me a fortune.
Comment by Nancy on 3217666855
Thursday, 02.20.2020 @ 08:18am
This number keeps calling on my cell asking for tonya they keep calling
Comment by trish on 08000282623
Thursday, 02.20.2020 @ 07:37am
I have had a cash payment taken from my credit card account FP.COM 0800 028 2623 for £10 plus £00.30 charge.
I did not make a call?
Comment by Boitumelo on 0865255500
Thursday, 02.20.2020 @ 05:23am
I received an email requesting for my cv, full length picture, cover letter and some supporting documents.
Comment by Abdul Kareem on 97147039999
Thursday, 02.20.2020 @ 02:24am
Pls.. chk who called
Comment by leloire on 8778018113
Wednesday, 02.19.2020 @ 22:15pm
je cherche a joindre se numero depuis la france
Comment by don’t matter on 9317711835
Wednesday, 02.19.2020 @ 18:12pm
Received call from this number asking for someone never heard of I asked how they got my number and only response was that the person they are asking about has a bad debt and is in trouble.
Comment by Marina on 7863536075
Wednesday, 02.19.2020 @ 16:07pm
Comment by Mar mo o on 0951000434
Wednesday, 02.19.2020 @ 12:46pm
Comment by Daniel fraher on 0000024273
Wednesday, 02.19.2020 @ 12:41pm
I would like to know what this number is the keeps showing up on my 000 gas 00 to - 4273 if someone could explain it to me
Comment by Jose on 5108371637
Wednesday, 02.19.2020 @ 10:37am
Spammer and recycler scam
Comment by Calgary gal on 4033513162
Wednesday, 02.19.2020 @ 10:19am
Its a credit card company. My guess is a telemarket part because I'm not behind or anything. I said wrong number when I answered it then called it back. Its not a bill collector or anything. Its all good. I think they should have a caller ID come up if they want to talk to me. Otherwise email me your 'specials'
Comment by Shane on 03303331251
Wednesday, 02.19.2020 @ 06:05am
Sky Insurance
Comment by Kieran on 09066350377
Wednesday, 02.19.2020 @ 01:13am
Had a 18.50 charge or this number I've been told by ee it a fraud number any payment made on a contract will be credited back so I've you have had this number ring you on a contract you can get your money back.
Comment by BS on 2075187016
Tuesday, 02.18.2020 @ 15:47pm
Comment by Ty on 7025771940
Tuesday, 02.18.2020 @ 15:00pm
I got a text from these dirtbags today 702 577 1940 "Hello. I need a contractor for residential work. Please call me if you have room in your schedule!" I text back asking where they were located as it's a NV number and I'm in MA. A few minutes later I get a call from 702 675 8199 and a female tried to sell me some " referral " service for $105.00 per month, when I stared asking questions she started getting loud and when I compared them to every other predatory lead service out there she got nasty and insulting so I told her to F### #FF and hung up. A few minutes later she starts texting and says she found a BBB report that I had scammed some people out of money for work that wasn't completed. It turns out it was somebody with the same last name as me and this b#### is now threatening me in texts. I've already started internet blogs about these numbers so if you get TEXT or CALLS from either DON'T RESPOND.
Comment by Jorge on 4079071018
Tuesday, 02.18.2020 @ 07:57am
Jorge the catfisher from facebook dating. Verified not a real person.
Comment by brenda mahaffey on 8779067315
Tuesday, 02.18.2020 @ 06:58am
Calling about unclaimed sweepstakes cash.
Comment by Sid Snot on 02042006476
Tuesday, 02.18.2020 @ 05:46am
HMRC Tax scammers with an automated system
Comment by SidSnot on 02042006590
Tuesday, 02.18.2020 @ 05:46am
HMRC Tax scammers with an automated system
Comment by Egometto on 01704524877
Tuesday, 02.18.2020 @ 05:03am
Polite man trying to sell some security system. Southport number. I'm not convinced that it isn't a scam.
Comment by Anonymous on 0852312118
Monday, 02.17.2020 @ 23:23pm
The caller which I cant identify whether a male or a female, suddenly called and after I said 'hello' suddenly hang up.
Comment by Connie Dung on 8102179118
Monday, 02.17.2020 @ 11:35am
Why u keep callin me? I know like u
Comment by not to be published on 02081248455
Monday, 02.17.2020 @ 10:29am
This Telephone number appears to be related to a Scam in the name of Goldman Sachs when it IS NOT Goldman Sachs.
Comment by psychodrum on 4132719364
Monday, 02.17.2020 @ 09:42am
DO NOT ANSWER THIS NUMBER! BOTTOM FEEDER, SCAM ARTISTS. You'll see a charge on your phone bill saying you authorized it!!!
Comment by Cesar-Gabriel Dominguez-Cortes on 02476213455
Monday, 02.17.2020 @ 09:12am
This number is supposed to belong to a logistics company called GLS but when dialled you are told to contact a new number which surprise surprise, has absolutely nothing to do with logistics and no connection whatsoever. Sounds like another scam! Be aware!
Comment by norman Hope on 02002003300
Monday, 02.17.2020 @ 02:49am
ITS A SCAM ... claiming to be HRMC tax officer & warrant has been made for your arrest.. immediately want your name & post code .. I told them a pack of lies to see what would happen then after a minute told them I was recording the call & I was from MI5 & we are at your door & they would be arrested..