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Comment by merytle on 02077563600
Monday, 09.28.2020 @ 06:05am
scammers pretending to be the inland revenue with a case against you
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Monday, 09.28.2020 @ 04:31am
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Comment by Jackerlean Goodwill on 8667037913
Sunday, 09.27.2020 @ 05:37am
I am sick of being charged at least$63-71 for something, I know nothing about or gave authority to remove this amount from my account.
Comment by Nicky on 36367236368
Friday, 09.25.2020 @ 02:36am
I received the same message from the same number as above
Comment by Jake on 6132949190
Friday, 09.25.2020 @ 00:11am
Old creepy dude Who looks like Freddy Krueger
Comment by Steven Noonan on 03452660281
Thursday, 09.24.2020 @ 05:21am
Tried to put google pay on my wife's phone this tel nyumber came up with the message call your bank. African guy answered no introduction and wanted card details, that was enough just hung up !
Comment by NOYB on 6165145891
Wednesday, 09.23.2020 @ 13:06pm
Self-proclaimed to be a USPS officer.
Comment by DC on 08009882832
Wednesday, 09.23.2020 @ 08:54am
No call. Letter sent from "Negotiations Dept" to settle my account. No company name or address on letter. No company name or return address on envelope. Smells like "spam" to me.
Comment by Phyl on 00311
Monday, 09.21.2020 @ 05:36am
We have had five calls today 21.9.20 from numbers that begin with 00311 - no one at other end, they were different numbers but all started with 00311.
Comment by Jk on 01413415005
Friday, 09.18.2020 @ 06:26am
Claiming to be Halifax, not sure if genuine, asking if they could help me financially with anything I said no thanks if I do I would contact them myself and just hung up. Seems a bit suspicious for them to phone me, don't trust them.
Comment by John Roper on 08446820844
Thursday, 09.17.2020 @ 08:19am
CSCS Test centre in London bridge, legit number.
Comment by Linda on 8558020198
Thursday, 09.17.2020 @ 08:13am
These spam callers are totally unethical. They originate with company Re Image. If you let them remotely get to your computer, DON'T! One place they call from is the Phil[ipines
Comment by Gwen on 8645469404
Wednesday, 09.16.2020 @ 06:29am
Sales guy using spoof call app.
Comment by Abdul on 400330111
Tuesday, 09.15.2020 @ 06:52am
+1 400-330-111

Received a call from this number.

Pl provide the details on this.

Comment by gary on 8663119878
Monday, 09.14.2020 @ 17:12pm
I received a post card claiming it was about medicare benefits, but it looks iffy. Seeing that this number is associated with previous scams, makes me feel good that my spidey-senses still work. They obviously will scam many different ways.
Comment by Kim on 8645469404
Sunday, 09.13.2020 @ 21:02pm
Stalker guy will not leave me alone.
Comment by Carol on 8645469404
Sunday, 09.13.2020 @ 16:49pm
Intoxicated sales guy keeps calling non stop.
Comment by Sandy on 8645469404
Sunday, 09.13.2020 @ 16:48pm
Man keeps calling and complaining that his new neighbor wont listen to his drunk talk. No one wants to listen to his drunk talk.
Comment by Ann on 9173871148
Friday, 09.11.2020 @ 07:35am
Comment by chuck on 8558020198
Thursday, 09.10.2020 @ 12:26pm
Comment by kemiso patrick khaile on 0872851111
Thursday, 09.10.2020 @ 04:28am
i receive a missed call on this number 0872851111 please can you call me back my number 0785323004
Comment by Sidra Ashfaq on 0518490140
Thursday, 09.10.2020 @ 01:49am
Call me and got details about me survey for five minutes
Comment by Lindsey is awake on 3602924561
Wednesday, 09.9.2020 @ 17:18pm
No bueno
Comment by Annoyed on 8775218212
Wednesday, 09.9.2020 @ 10:22am
Survey on an apparent recent experience. With whom, is unknown. I blocked the number.
Comment by JOHANA on 5146637828
Tuesday, 09.8.2020 @ 11:27am
514-663-7828514-663-7828 -BERNARD major scammer from montreal , pirated software seller
Comment by Farid on 8667037913
Tuesday, 09.8.2020 @ 11:13am
I have charged 48 us dollars in my account by this number without my permision whats this means dude
Comment by Chris on 8645469404
Monday, 09.7.2020 @ 22:06pm
This guy keeps calling and texting drunk. I've asked him to leave me alone, but he won't.
Comment by roger on 410200508
Sunday, 09.6.2020 @ 08:53am
Comment by john on 5146637828
Saturday, 09.5.2020 @ 23:35pm
514-663-7828514-663-7828 -BERNARD major scammer from montreal , pirated software seller
Caller Type: Scam
Comment by Jandy on 09481100097
Saturday, 09.5.2020 @ 15:45pm
This number always calling me but he didnt answer
Comment by molly on 5146637828
Wednesday, 09.2.2020 @ 19:22pm
514-663-7828 -BERNARD major scammer from montreal , pirated software seller
Caller Type: Scam
Comment by Harry on 08000086999
Wednesday, 09.2.2020 @ 05:21am
phoned the number and says mail box full? I see no web page either or address and email
Comment by Jake on 8669389219
Tuesday, 09.1.2020 @ 16:11pm
This lady has been calling every couple of months for years. Always asking to call her back at work or at her home number. I tried calling both numbers out of curiosity and it just goes to a voicemail box where she asks you to leave a number and she'll call you back. Bizarre
Comment by Veronica on 4245701058
Tuesday, 09.1.2020 @ 14:26pm
John Latimer from (424) 570-1058 called on April 08, 2020 at 1:19 pm Pacific saying he is with Virgin Atlantic (an airline) who has travelers (doctors, nurses, vacation goers) and wanted to inquire about renting our vacation rental for Aug Sept & Oct 2020. I did not see he left a voicemail until 09/01/2020 so I called back got voicemail and I left a message. He called me back and left me a voicemail claiming he still was looking for a rental for the nurses doctors etc who are working at New Orleans Hospital East so I decided to Google his number and fond the above comment dated April 07, 2020 (01) day before his initial call to me on April 08, 2020. Best, Veronica PROPERTY SITE:
Comment by Abdulislam on 00919560345888
Friday, 08.28.2020 @ 14:54pm

Please tell me anyone?

My Balance automatically finish because automatically SMS send on this number
I dont agree with this nambar
Comment by Abdulislam on 00919560345888
Friday, 08.28.2020 @ 14:50pm

Please cal an msg me

My Balance automatically finish because automatically SMS send on this number
Comment by Zweli Simon Nkosi on 0124022000
Friday, 08.28.2020 @ 09:50am
I have received a missed call from 011 402 2000 yesterday at 15h57. Kindly call me back on 066 561 0179/ 076186283.

Thanking you in anticipation of your favorable response.

Comment by DCS on 4436959343
Wednesday, 08.26.2020 @ 12:44pm
Robodialed scam
Comment by Business on 8887790246
Wednesday, 08.26.2020 @ 11:45am
Fax tones calling one of our business lines, transferred to our fax machine. Fax from Chip Seal Specialist. Asphalt, chip seal, & seal coating. Will be in our area for the next two weeks. Call for 20% off! All work guaranteed - free estimates. To be removed from distribution list, please call 1-855-223-4459.
Comment by Vanessa on 0284643600
Tuesday, 08.25.2020 @ 23:11pm
Who's number is this?
Comment by Traci on 8644215314
Tuesday, 08.25.2020 @ 17:54pm
Guy is drinking fire ball shots and complaining about women that he is dating. Negative guy wont leave me alone
Comment by Scam on 18442640535
Tuesday, 08.25.2020 @ 16:49pm
18442640535 scam they call you for a bill you didn't pay for Bell. I don't have Bell and I never will!

Block this number since they continue to call!!!


Comment by Owner on 4156394055
Tuesday, 08.25.2020 @ 09:20am
Ed called to try to sell me a quickbooks webinar seat. Pushy and did not want to say he was a solicitor even when direct questioned. A total tool.
Comment by Duck on 84285
Monday, 08.24.2020 @ 04:36am
Got a text from 84286 saying thank you for my UHaul reservation. I certainly did not make a UHaul reservation. Message had a link to UHaul's web site.
Comment by john on 6473542063
Saturday, 08.22.2020 @ 21:49pm
Comment by Ed on 6502674373
Saturday, 08.22.2020 @ 12:56pm
call numbers were said so fast it was difficult to decipher. still don't know who to call.
Comment by Richard on 8764532886
Saturday, 08.22.2020 @ 12:01pm
Comment by Kathie on 8437799503
Friday, 08.21.2020 @ 15:50pm
It's a call from a realtor named John. This was an unsolicited call.
Comment by Chris on 01618941990
Friday, 08.21.2020 @ 03:39am
I received a call from this number and the operating voice attached to it claimed it was HMRC and to press 1 to talk to agent at the revenue department....this is a scam as HMRC would never call. Be very careful.... this is a dangerous telephone.
Comment by Gordon on 08456004632
Friday, 08.21.2020 @ 01:10am
This number appears to be a service number for Argos and you'll be charged 75p minimum for connection