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Comment by Rebfwoxia on 01213785926
Monday, 05.10.2021 @ 11:33am
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Comment by Matthew on 2183370132
Friday, 05.7.2021 @ 14:55pm
Debt recovery scam. They called without providing any information or even knowing my name, said they are trying to recover a debt then went to ask my my name and information. I made up bogus information and they claimed to find a debt that I needed to pay now over the phone. I guess they didn't recognize who Homer Simpson of Evergreen Terrace was.
Comment by David Mclaughlin on 01615327437
Friday, 05.7.2021 @ 03:21am
Prepaid fun. Long explanation. And then cash deposit MUST BE PAID to get written details. Lady sales got extremely uptighgt when i sIdno deposit. Avoud
Comment by Egometto on 0013124937690
Friday, 05.7.2021 @ 02:49am
Silent call
Comment by Emily on 0203764000
Wednesday, 05.5.2021 @ 01:43am
It's a life insurance company
Comment by Richard Slawsky on 4101000008
Tuesday, 05.4.2021 @ 08:52am
Claims to be from Chase Bank.
Comment by Delia John on 01615119420
Monday, 05.3.2021 @ 04:09am
They say i took cover out 2 years.but can cancel and pay 2months...
Comment by Tony on 08448710148
Sunday, 05.2.2021 @ 02:53am
It continually dials from my land line (every minute) total £65 on bill!!!!
Comment by Dan Sterling on 8605251212
Saturday, 05.1.2021 @ 16:59pm
I'm from
Comment by Nell Charlebois on 018006427676
Friday, 04.30.2021 @ 07:06am
These are thieves!! Dont answer this #!!!
Comment by Mohamed on 5145690000
Wednesday, 04.28.2021 @ 08:25am
Please remove my number from this website.

Comment by B Wilson on 9567049958
Wednesday, 04.28.2021 @ 07:07am
No message. Unknown caller
Comment by Deborah on 02033552719
Monday, 04.26.2021 @ 07:54am
I work on the switchboard of a large company, a caller from an Indian call centre mumbled the name of a company he was calling from (couldn't ell what this was) then started asking me for contact details for two members of our staff, when I said I didn't have them he asked if I could give him the contact details for someone who could, I reminded him about the Data Protection Act (UK) twice and asked him where he was calling from, he put the phone doen. Scammer obviously.
Comment by Keith on 01157866116
Monday, 04.19.2021 @ 03:05am
Kirby servicing/hard selling agent. Have asked on numerous occasions to be removed from their calling list and not be contacted again but they just keep trying despite being blocked....
Comment by Rebecca G on 4382880234
Saturday, 04.17.2021 @ 11:11am
The number (438)288-0234 is a Private Investigator that i have used. He provides a great service.

Excellent to do surveillance for you if your having marital infidelity problems.
Comment by Alan kenny on 0818724724
Friday, 04.16.2021 @ 09:51am
This number rang my phone looking for my bank details .
Scam .I'm from ireland
Comment by NotGotfucht on 4075455982
Wednesday, 04.14.2021 @ 11:45am
Scumbag bill collection agency! Hang up!
Comment by E on 5032070673
Tuesday, 04.13.2021 @ 10:07am
calls and calls - leaves a message with no content only because the number has been blocked. apparently whatever they want isn't important - they are just trying to fill a quata
Comment by Dave on 9802539038
Monday, 04.12.2021 @ 14:26pm
Keeps showing up in notifications as "Voicemail - Dial +1-980-253-9038". Added number to the Block List and it still comes back.
Comment by Simon Ronny on 0130650961
Monday, 04.12.2021 @ 02:21am
This number is nuisance
Comment by Caren on 1410200516
Sunday, 04.11.2021 @ 05:35am
Text messages said make 450 weekly from O'REILLY AUTO PARTS by putting a small logo sticker on my car. Reply YES
Comment by Someone on 468311
Friday, 04.9.2021 @ 12:24pm
"Indiana Department of Health invites any Indiana resident age 16 and older to receive the COVID-19 vaccine!"
Comment by CW on 00821193302488
Thursday, 04.8.2021 @ 06:58am
Got a recorded scam call on landline here in the UK, supposedly from amazon about 'a recent suspicious order for an iPhone using your card'.

Yeah, right.

Gave me two options. 1 to confirm order, 2 to speak to somebody.

Didn't bother with either.

Immediately looked up the caller by dialling 1471, and was surprised to find it wasn't blocked. The reported number was:

Comment by Ed on 9713069137
Tuesday, 04.6.2021 @ 14:59pm
Robo caller about student loan relief.
Comment by No Name on 03453511695
Monday, 04.5.2021 @ 11:34am
Bank scam call allegedly from TSB 0345 351 1695.... they leave a voicemail with a tag number to quote when you return the call. I suspect this is so they can identify who they are talking too.... I've already spoken with TSB Fraud in the past, they do not contact you this way .... 'Do Not Engage' ..... it's a Bank Scam with a similar number to that of TSB
Comment by Axel on 8667037913
Monday, 04.5.2021 @ 09:36am
I been charged 3 times with 39.99 and 49.99
Comment by Kate on 0014156550002
Monday, 04.5.2021 @ 09:23am
This number appeared on my mobile bill and I was charged for the call but I never made a call to this number?
Comment by James on 9046335294
Monday, 04.5.2021 @ 06:41am
It's the Jacksonville jaguars ticket phone lines or one of them anyway
Comment by Sneha on 9713188260
Sunday, 04.4.2021 @ 07:30am
this number is connected my device
Comment by iriate on 4695577972
Friday, 04.2.2021 @ 19:01pm
This is a scam call claiming to be a debt collector. Never mentioned who are they looking for just fishing for info.
Comment by TerryD on 03448712300
Thursday, 04.1.2021 @ 07:45am
Appeared on Statement as HALIFAX GB I don't bank or deal with HALIFAX.
Comment by sjain on 9782964855
Wednesday, 03.31.2021 @ 07:55am
Caller posed as if doing a research paper and a student. FIrst question was not like a student would have asked.
Defenitely a scam.
Comment by Putin on 01223750306
Monday, 03.29.2021 @ 04:54am
Scam phone caller from Apple Android allegedly.
Very well spoken female but speaking slowly so English is not her first language.
I made up a fictitious low rate for 100gig of data and even then she asked if i was interested in an upgrade
Comment by Tamilselvan.T on 9843000810
Saturday, 03.27.2021 @ 23:45pm
my phone calls forwarded thisnumber .
please stop.
Comment by JD on 2046743395
Saturday, 03.27.2021 @ 14:13pm
I'm not a robot

Many calls. we have blocked the number as no messages are left.
Comment by wanhu on 8442004035
Saturday, 03.27.2021 @ 14:04pm
is it apple support phone or is a scam party? my experience isa that it is a scam number, the person then hang up and use another number#8049998442 to phone me -discover my issue of malware, and then want to sharwe my iphone plateform to resolve the issue, more than one hour spending with him without resolve the issue and then try to con me to place order for AppleCare-want my credit card info?
Comment by Ali on 001912
Friday, 03.26.2021 @ 02:35am
This number is calling again and again i am tired of it
Comment by Cheryl on 01709357348
Thursday, 03.25.2021 @ 17:43pm
Received a call from this number Thursday 25th March 2021, when call number it just cuts you off. Do not call it back probably a scam number, seems to be a lot about.

Cheryl S.
Comment by Amanullah on 8447317214
Thursday, 03.25.2021 @ 01:14am
Comment by NVBIGBEE on 7755579464
Wednesday, 03.24.2021 @ 17:18pm
auto warranty spammer
Comment by CT on 2146974323
Wednesday, 03.24.2021 @ 06:33am
This is a robo caller who claim to be with law enforcement and there is fraudulent activity on my checking account and there is an arrest warrant issued for me....

Don't even bother answering...
Comment by hector on 8889980914
Tuesday, 03.23.2021 @ 19:56pm
claims to be Bank Of America, we have no accounts with them. This is a catfish scam.
Comment by anne on 6473542063
Tuesday, 03.23.2021 @ 13:38pm
Another rip-off shop that installs TONS of illegal software. Offering installs of software that is sold to the customer as if they actually paid for them. The amount the cost would be in the thousands alone. This place is a scam, no one is certified in any way, and is basically looking to take advantage of those who are ignorant. Buyer BEWARE!
Comment by anne on 6046748757
Tuesday, 03.23.2021 @ 13:37pm
2815 Another rip-off shop that installs TONS of illegal software. Offering installs of software that is sold to the customer as if they actually paid for them. The amount the cost would be in the thousands alone. This place is a scam, no one is certified in any way, and is basically looking to take advantage of those who are ignorant. Buyer BEWARE!
Comment by Y cooke on 08448500132
Tuesday, 03.23.2021 @ 03:18am
Checking my outgoing calls, I've notice that this no belongs to Halifax. I don't remember calling them but obviously I did, my point is this, i would only have rung Customer service so why are customers having to pay a premium fee to have their query resolved.
These day the normal waiting time to get a reply from any big organisation is anything over an hour which is absolutely awful.
All incompetence are blamed on Covid these days.