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Comment by VERONIKA on 4389310046
Wednesday, 01.20.2021 @ 16:07pm
Comment by Obedient Christian Believer on 3018394037
Wednesday, 01.20.2021 @ 15:48pm
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Comment by PS on 2623874734
Wednesday, 01.20.2021 @ 14:49pm
Calls repeatedly, but does not leave a message.
Comment by magalie on 4389310046
Wednesday, 01.20.2021 @ 14:43pm
Comment by magalie on 2896245766
Wednesday, 01.20.2021 @ 14:40pm
289-624-5766 scam , fraud sexual pedophil .
Comment by anne on 2896245766
Wednesday, 01.20.2021 @ 14:17pm
scam , fraud sexual pedophil .
Comment by BennyUncen on 7728345033
Wednesday, 01.20.2021 @ 12:26pm
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Comment by Jo on 8008634717
Wednesday, 01.20.2021 @ 11:28am
Bullshit scam
Comment by Chrissmems on 7728345033
Wednesday, 01.20.2021 @ 09:57am
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Comment by Fbdhwoxia on 2132260227
Wednesday, 01.20.2021 @ 08:46am
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Comment by AaronJaink on 7728345033
Wednesday, 01.20.2021 @ 07:25am
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Comment by LeonardSorne on 7728345033
Wednesday, 01.20.2021 @ 04:32am
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Comment by Skeptical Larry on 8434868235
Tuesday, 01.19.2021 @ 13:15pm
Suspicious call... Sounded like one of those call centers like you see on the TV.
Comment by BRITNEY on 4389310046
Tuesday, 01.19.2021 @ 10:33am
Comment by katie on 2022501409
Tuesday, 01.19.2021 @ 07:54am
Jefe Unk is what they called themselves. texted me all day.
Comment by Jose on 410100014
Monday, 01.18.2021 @ 13:00pm
I've received 3 text from this number saying something about have an offensive post on Facebook, they spell Facebook wrong everytime. I also have no Facebook account. They leave a link, I just reply back offensive things, to them.
Comment by Bill on 7208350027
Monday, 01.18.2021 @ 12:14pm
Scam caller targeting seniors. Trying to sell new roofs. Hard sell technique.
Comment by Wayne on 01134166865
Monday, 01.18.2021 @ 07:33am
The lady stated in relation to Health & Safety requesting company contact details. When I asked "Health & Safety in relation to what exactly" she continued asking for details, I then reiterated the question she was very rude and hung up as I hadn't given her what she wanted. Extremely rude.
Comment by Gary on 2264555845
Monday, 01.18.2021 @ 07:15am
I have a great timen
Comment by Rebe on 0272019645
Monday, 01.18.2021 @ 04:46am
Male and female caller pretending to be from the ATO. Asking personal questions and wanting information about our finances. ID theft.
Comment by chrid on 08700400443
Monday, 01.18.2021 @ 01:59am
it rings me twice every morning,twice every afternoon, i answer and nobody ever just instantly hangs up, does it 5 days a week
Comment by Jimmy on 8008634717
Saturday, 01.16.2021 @ 18:35pm
It's a scam/phish, it's designed to get your social and credit/debit info. They will steal your identity and take your money, and you'll never talk to a person for it to happen.

Banks will always verify the info with you, and not take your full social. They will also never call you unless it's for collections. Do not give this number your info.
Comment by dac di on 8008634717
Saturday, 01.16.2021 @ 15:58pm
Text Call 800-863-4717 now A75S Restricted Access
Comment by Yuriy on 8008634717
Saturday, 01.16.2021 @ 14:19pm
/ Contact 800-863-4717 Now 9IQ9 / Dear YURIY--Restricted Access! probably a scam
Comment by Joseph on 8008634717
Saturday, 01.16.2021 @ 12:39pm
Texting me with my name that my chase account suspended
Comment by bernard on 6474919414
Friday, 01.15.2021 @ 19:36pm
647-491-9414 scammer pirated software seller
Comment by Noah on 8008634717
Friday, 01.15.2021 @ 14:53pm
Texting me that my bank account is restricted
Comment by cindy on 01618747455
Friday, 01.15.2021 @ 13:53pm
Ok, so this morning I saw that a friend sent me a secret conversation, however when I click to see it there is nothing there. And when I open the app a blue dot is beside his name like I have a new secret conversation message from him. Why is this happening? Is it possible he said nothing and tried to start a secret conversation with me? He's not blocked on messenger or Facebook so how can I ...
Comment by Fred Jeffries Jr on 8304335271
Friday, 01.15.2021 @ 12:27pm
life-threatening calls from this number
Comment by HARRY on 5145690000
Thursday, 01.14.2021 @ 20:45pm
Comment by Joey on 9544194473
Thursday, 01.14.2021 @ 08:52am
U dont love me you lafet me did u have plans
Comment by Becky Anderson on 8886652986
Wednesday, 01.13.2021 @ 17:42pm
This place has been automatically deducting from my checking account for $18.35 for several months...still not resolved.
Comment by Rose on 02039662288
Wednesday, 01.13.2021 @ 05:15am
The lady said she was from national lottery
Comment by Dan on 07808855647
Wednesday, 01.13.2021 @ 00:43am
hello there sir/ seem to have my phone number that is completely wrong, the phone number is - 07835 384 352

Comment by Mohammad on 90000001
Sunday, 01.10.2021 @ 23:28pm
I received call from this Number today.. No voice from other side.

I hung up the call after few seconds...
Is this a scam? or is this going to affect my balance?
Comment by Akash on 8953003068
Sunday, 01.10.2021 @ 00:57am
Bar bar call kar rha ha
Comment by Najeeb on 90000001
Saturday, 01.9.2021 @ 22:56pm
I received a call from this number but no voice on picking up
Comment by Nicole on 01162631108
Saturday, 01.9.2021 @ 16:05pm
It's Leicestershire police thar contacts you on 0116 263 1108
Comment by A McCarthy on 03445439009
Saturday, 01.9.2021 @ 04:23am
Scottish power definitely
Comment by Kristy M on 8772335089
Friday, 01.8.2021 @ 16:13pm
This "company" stole money from my checking account. Called New Total Profit. Crooks. Beware!!!!
Comment by Jenn on 5202101404
Friday, 01.8.2021 @ 13:57pm
After asking several times, they only wanted to meet at a nearby market and didn't have vet records for the recent batch of heelers. I am glad I looked up this number!
Comment by Anonymous on 8472690594
Thursday, 01.7.2021 @ 18:11pm
Unsolicited call and text reading simply: "Hello." They left no voicemail
Comment by Cynthia on 14142572339
Thursday, 01.7.2021 @ 14:23pm
Your bounced check
Comment by Al on 091482957
Thursday, 01.7.2021 @ 08:12am
DCI Fuel Card based in Galway
Comment by Anon on 07808506242
Wednesday, 01.6.2021 @ 16:08pm
Comment by Bernadette Naperi on 0279443202
Tuesday, 01.5.2021 @ 18:02pm
I want to know who's number is this cause I wasn't able to answer the call earlier today.
Comment by Sven on 8882185502
Tuesday, 01.5.2021 @ 14:34pm
This number is used by a con artist. The call comes from a Private Number with no details. Leaves a voicemail asking for a call back to 888-218-5502 and they leave a name and extension number claiming to be Miniature Insurance - no such Insurance company exists. Report this number to the FTC and block both the private number and this number. This is a Fraud.
Comment by Leon on 8007299164
Friday, 01.1.2021 @ 02:20am
I was contact 03-02 -2017 about get money back from binary scammers they told me to pay a fee to get my money back I lost lots of money though binary they told me the money set up in escrow account the money l pay to them when into the escrow account that I will recives back I pay lots of money to them they are no better binary scammers
Comment by MG on 8014471501
Thursday, 12.31.2020 @ 12:40pm
Nobody is interested in selling anything...Mr Sticky note.
Comment by Jonathan Stark on 2406249346
Tuesday, 12.29.2020 @ 16:10pm
He's a prison inmate who hacked into my sister's and mother's whatsapp. He sent a "ransom message" to one of my mother's contactacts, asking for cash.