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Comment by Berny on 09095569794
Friday, 10.30.2020 @ 04:28am
The number is a scam number. It's designed to get you to call back or click on a link they message to you.
You will be charged LOTS of money if you do. Please report this number to as many sites as possible.
Comment by ramboUnuff on 5702062446
Thursday, 10.29.2020 @ 23:29pm
What have you been up to? I am fascinated about covid19. Can you talk about it? If the same thread is opened please redirect my post :). Thanks :).

PS: I don't know any people with covid and you? rambo :D
Comment by Danielle Griffith on 7014153176
Thursday, 10.29.2020 @ 14:02pm
This # called and claimed by electronic voice that my social security number was fraudulently used in Texas and if I didn't cooperate a warrant would be issued and now my social security number is suspended. It is a scam.
Comment by Kris on 8778145214
Thursday, 10.29.2020 @ 07:51am
This used to be an AT&T Support number, but instead it's two men with Indian accents that were more interested in my credit card number, address so they could give me a $100 certificate. Obvious scam, therefore I hung up. Watch out!
Comment by Lucretia on 9253105286
Tuesday, 10.27.2020 @ 16:38pm
Debt collectors stalking poor Americans during covid how professional
Comment by Tiffany on 5593970328
Tuesday, 10.27.2020 @ 08:05am
Trying to collect a medical debt. I kept asking for his name and company. He kept answering with "do you want to set up a payment plan today"! Scammer!!!
Comment by Kim on 8009352642
Monday, 10.26.2020 @ 13:39pm
Received a email thanking me for a $1149 pc purchase from Amazon and being sent to a Ellen Oakes at 315 San Pedro San Antonio TX 78232. Neither person or address exist.

Do not open email or call. It is spoofing spam
Comment by Leah on 8883935223
Sunday, 10.25.2020 @ 08:23am
These people are thrives. They take money out of people's checking and savings accounts without authorization in hoops that the account holder doesn't see it. They start with a .01 deposit and then they start removing 44.xx a month.
Watch your accounts it can happen to anyone!
Comment by AJAY yadav on 8528085280
Sunday, 10.25.2020 @ 04:20am
Is number Ko block kar dijiye
Comment by Michael Kemp on 080060010400
Saturday, 10.24.2020 @ 02:36am
TLC 800 600 10400 is taking £16 from my account every month and I do not know why
Comment by Tom on 17806281376
Tuesday, 10.20.2020 @ 20:39pm
Tried to take deceased Dads vehicle
Comment by Not Brandon Miller on 3607311025
Tuesday, 10.20.2020 @ 17:09pm
This is not the phone number for Brandon Miller or Garnet Brookshear and has not been for at least 3 years. This is not a landline and all the information about this phone number that the search sites state is incorrect.
Comment by Bob on 07312819339
Tuesday, 10.20.2020 @ 12:20pm
Supposed ee billing message from 07312819339, put url in
And flagged as phishing site so dangerous avoid and don't click on any links, just delete message
Comment by Paul Boreham on 03454506431
Tuesday, 10.20.2020 @ 05:20am
Recieived a text purportedly from AXA and asking to call urgently on this number to validate a claim.
Comment by Cleotasha on 18557648843
Monday, 10.19.2020 @ 10:08am
They keep calling me
Comment by Kramer on 9088603950
Saturday, 10.17.2020 @ 23:26pm
Do not answer a call from this number, they pretend to be affinity federal credit union but are just thieves
Comment by Alice on 9088603950
Saturday, 10.17.2020 @ 23:24pm
Comment by Jeanne on 7278882811
Saturday, 10.17.2020 @ 06:27am
Calls endlessly. I never message is ever left
Comment by Guess who? on 8649828012
Friday, 10.16.2020 @ 21:30pm
If you are looking up this guy, it's because he gives you bad vibes. Trust your intuition because he is a freak. Document everything! Don't go to HR, go to your lawyer. Better to form a class action against this pervert. The more people that step forward, the better.
Comment by Akash kumar on 556785
Friday, 10.16.2020 @ 00:47am
Kahan ka no hai
Comment by Richard on 08444627575
Thursday, 10.15.2020 @ 07:36am
On my most recent phone bill I was charged £3.91 for a 22 minute call to this number, which as it doesn't appear to exist seems very strange. Has anyone else had this same experience?
Comment by Giles Hudson on 01143034826
Thursday, 10.15.2020 @ 03:47am
Rang, I answered and they hung up straight away without saying a word
Comment by Giles Hudson on 01143034826
Thursday, 10.15.2020 @ 03:47am
Rang, I answered and they hung up straight away without saying a word
Comment by Cass on 006476673759
Wednesday, 10.14.2020 @ 05:19am
Replied once to an appointment from the nhs it cost me £7.50 for the one reply. Omg what a rip off
Comment by Yen on 0284643600
Tuesday, 10.13.2020 @ 23:37pm
Who are you?
Comment by Linda on 6139294001
Tuesday, 10.13.2020 @ 12:12pm
Hello, I had the above number call me 613-929-4669
Called 2x never left a message.svammer
Comment by Rachel P on 03448712300
Saturday, 10.10.2020 @ 03:24am
This number was given against a fraudulent charge on my credit card for Sun Life insurance, which I do not have.
Comment by ANKIT KUMAR on 9434099997
Friday, 10.9.2020 @ 23:56pm
Comment by Suzanne on 8592536123
Thursday, 10.8.2020 @ 09:04am
Central Bank
Comment by D. Tattam on 448445731818
Thursday, 10.8.2020 @ 07:34am
Turned up pn mobile which I have been charged for and I don't know who it is
Comment by L.Morrison on 01934413535
Thursday, 10.8.2020 @ 06:32am
Silent 2 min voicemail message.
Comment by Charlie on 03457404040
Thursday, 10.8.2020 @ 05:59am
Don't let them get your money too!
Comment by P. Schwinn on 6613102107
Tuesday, 10.6.2020 @ 16:36pm
Number registered for - POS company that is a spammer with bogus address registered in Panama to avoid law enforcement. CA address is also probably bogus. They host their own POS domains so the more you complain to them about their POS spams, the more they will bombard you with all kinds of POS products. They don't care because they think they can get away with it and have been doing so for the last 20 years. Complaining to any registering company is useless and waste of time because they will simply claim they cannot do any thing and this POS spammer has the right to register domains and spam !!!!
Comment by Charlotte on 07926920033
Tuesday, 10.6.2020 @ 03:56am
Sent photo of feet as a reply, said sorry wrong number then they continued. said they were playing with themselves. Said they were called Jay from Hastings - I am 14.
Comment by Nicky on 08453561048
Monday, 10.5.2020 @ 02:37am
Fraud call: Request your bank card details as well as your expiry date. The caller made some serious slip-ups upon request of this information which presses all red alarm bells.
Phoned the number back...."This number does not exist"
PLEASE be careful
Comment by Annoyed on 5878851405
Friday, 10.2.2020 @ 07:33am
This number has called everyday this week around 9am. Today I picked up and got dead air. So annoying. Tried calling back and received message, 'this call cannot be completed as dialed...' Obvious scammers
Comment by Mrs. L on 03448712300
Thursday, 10.1.2020 @ 04:05am
This number was given with a fraudulent theft of £709 from my bank account, supposedly for RAC insurance, which I do not have.
Comment by Maria on 0286727890
Wednesday, 09.30.2020 @ 19:37pm
Called up, rang twice, when I picked up, it hung up
Comment by D on 8008374968
Wednesday, 09.30.2020 @ 11:25am
Female caller says shes from Verizon and makes claim you haven't paid your bill. Looking to strong arm payment over the phone.
Comment by Alabama on 8883738935
Wednesday, 09.30.2020 @ 06:52am
soliciting, telemarketing
Comment by Ace on 01274586340
Tuesday, 09.29.2020 @ 07:31am
Fraud attempt - pretended to be from HMRC and suggested I would be arrested unless I "pressed 1" to speak with an agent.
Comment by merytle on 02077563600
Monday, 09.28.2020 @ 06:05am
scammers pretending to be the inland revenue with a case against you
Comment by Jackerlean Goodwill on 8667037913
Sunday, 09.27.2020 @ 05:37am
I am sick of being charged at least$63-71 for something, I know nothing about or gave authority to remove this amount from my account.
Comment by Nicky on 36367236368
Friday, 09.25.2020 @ 02:36am
I received the same message from the same number as above
Comment by Jake on 6132949190
Friday, 09.25.2020 @ 00:11am
Old creepy dude Who looks like Freddy Krueger
Comment by Steven Noonan on 03452660281
Thursday, 09.24.2020 @ 05:21am
Tried to put google pay on my wife's phone this tel nyumber came up with the message call your bank. African guy answered no introduction and wanted card details, that was enough just hung up !
Comment by NOYB on 6165145891
Wednesday, 09.23.2020 @ 13:06pm
Self-proclaimed to be a USPS officer.
Comment by DC on 08009882832
Wednesday, 09.23.2020 @ 08:54am
No call. Letter sent from "Negotiations Dept" to settle my account. No company name or address on letter. No company name or return address on envelope. Smells like "spam" to me.
Comment by Phyl on 00311
Monday, 09.21.2020 @ 05:36am
We have had five calls today 21.9.20 from numbers that begin with 00311 - no one at other end, they were different numbers but all started with 00311.
Comment by Jk on 01413415005
Friday, 09.18.2020 @ 06:26am
Claiming to be Halifax, not sure if genuine, asking if they could help me financially with anything I said no thanks if I do I would contact them myself and just hung up. Seems a bit suspicious for them to phone me, don't trust them.