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Comment by Jagtar on 6477187667
Friday, 04.19.2019 @ 14:19pm
My young daughter was scammed by this man a month ago. If anyone has any information about this man please tell me. My daughter is heartbroken
Comment by Anna on 8338580555
Friday, 04.19.2019 @ 14:08pm
LOWLIFE SCAMMERS! Using PayPal as where they are calling from. Like Dillon said asking for GooglePlay cards. Please do not engage with them
Comment by Thom on 4073498603
Friday, 04.19.2019 @ 13:10pm
Robo call
Comment by SW on 2817320819
Friday, 04.19.2019 @ 11:52am
called left msg saying my social security no was cancelled due to suspiciaous actions
Comment by Liz on 4052542011
Friday, 04.19.2019 @ 09:07am
This is people trying to sell health insurance but in a scammy way. Even after asking to be removed from the call list 5 days in a row (I have insurance) They called me twice a day. I asked to be removed every time and was assured i was or was just hung up on. I had enough yesterday and called them repeatedly to be asked to be removed. Any time i asked i was hung up on. Eventually they were just picking up the phone and hanging it up without asking.
Comment by Wisconsin resident on 4146880951
Thursday, 04.18.2019 @ 18:52pm
Insurance Scam Robocaller
left messages.

Comment by Mike on 4045766224
Thursday, 04.18.2019 @ 16:24pm
Number owned by Jennifer S Na, 1517 Cove Creek Cir, Norcross, GA, 30093-8221
Landline 770-931-2588
Born 1962
Comment by mitias on 8102179118
Thursday, 04.18.2019 @ 11:27am
Hard to believe this dude hasnt od'd yet. toatal flake user, prolly wil soon enuf ne way. l8tr
Comment by fantastic floor on 2408337133
Thursday, 04.18.2019 @ 11:13am
Beware this guy is a scammer -- goes by name of Linwood Allen. purchased $3600 in flooring online with fraudulent card. Is a total con artist called and asked educated questions. Do not sell him anything!
Comment by Paul Barnett on 7167917429
Thursday, 04.18.2019 @ 10:12am
I can tell you for a fact,first of all I have a long list of legal experiences ,and second I represent a client ,whom they scammed over $1000.00,in a Medical Marijuana Scam,and they made him get in an awful car accident ,while they were harassing him on there phone .And they still keep calling him ,because they want you to think there in Ransonville New York ,but the actual location of 716-791-7429,and I can't say exactly ,for security reason ,but it 's somewhere in California .And I do have exact Long and Lat. .And 3 other numbers that are all connected to this one.And for starters I will be filing a Breach of Contract on behalf of my client.
Comment by Carol on 0035391552306
Thursday, 04.18.2019 @ 08:43am
A man rang asking for someone called J Smith, and hung up when told no one here by that name
Comment by a bloke on 02033322629
Thursday, 04.18.2019 @ 08:07am
this is a scam. it informs you that your BT internet connection has been compromised and urges you to press a number to speak to somebody
Comment by Hannetjie Dicks on 0418145299
Thursday, 04.18.2019 @ 02:43am
Good day please phone me 0829774841 I got a miss call from 0418145299
Comment by John on 01612734055
Thursday, 04.18.2019 @ 01:39am
The company is a scam. They have several people who keep calling despite being told not to contact us. Ofcom needs to take action on this matter.
Comment by abdul hamid on 046051414
Thursday, 04.18.2019 @ 00:10am
i mis your call waht u wanted
Comment by abdul hamid on 046051414
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 23:51pm
i mis your call
Comment by Ed on 8018990084
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 19:54pm
Questionable "federal credit union" soliciting loan. Shows "Pleasant Grove Ut" on phone. Told to gather materials and that email information would be sent...never happened. Only additional phone calls. Some indications online indicate a Bronx, N.Y. origin. Be careful
Comment by LB on 8044333260
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 17:39pm
Not safe. Bill collector
Comment by Andrea on 4029997279
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 17:13pm
The woman began with asking me to give personal information to her to confirm my identity and would not tell me what business she worked for or what the business did until I gave out my personal information. Do not fall for this!
Comment by Beth on 6477187667
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 16:32pm
He has scammed someone I know recently. We have also contacted Peel Police
Comment by Julie on 8884553444
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 11:07am
I have an unauthorized charge from Facebook & this # was in an answer as a good number for Facebook. I searched it to see if it really is a number for them and I don't think it is.
Comment by Julie on 8884553444
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 11:05am
I have an unauthorized charge from Facebook & this # was in an answer as a good number for Facebook. I searched it to see if it really is a number for them and I do2 think it is.
Comment by Jasper on 7037758897
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 08:02am
Have received many calls from this number this month. Each time they leave a message with a different voice. Always in regards to my car's alleged Extended Warranty which is about to expire. This is utterly absurd, my car is 16 years old with over 180K miles. It couldn't possibly have any Warranty, extended or otherwise!
Comment by Nancy on 3014855152
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 07:56am
Called twice. No answer, no message. Spam!
Comment by Nazreen on 88233710532
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 05:32am
Comment by Jmk on 02080893587
Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 02:37am
Asked for me by name. Wanted to sell online financial trading. Blocked number. Called back immediately but number blocker intervened.
Comment by Steve Rogers on 4402079460722
Tuesday, 04.16.2019 @ 17:53pm
I was talkin to my buddy Tony, and this number randomly started texting me that my ex-lover died. Still don't know who this is though...
Comment by Donna on 42561235872
Tuesday, 04.16.2019 @ 16:26pm
Has anyone gotten a call from a Verizon rep from this phone number
Comment by nunya on 6120357789
Tuesday, 04.16.2019 @ 12:37pm
arabs pretending to be from medicare.
Comment by Ana on 7027205902
Tuesday, 04.16.2019 @ 11:51am
Answered the call to a man who didn’t say hello just immediately said, “is this Ana?” That told me it was either a sales call or scam. Looked here and on other sites and found several reports that’s it’s a Realestate scam call
Comment by Kate on 6195764404
Tuesday, 04.16.2019 @ 11:16am
Legit number. Oasis Medical Transportation- a company contracted through Medi-Cal to transport members to/from medical appointments.
Comment by Kate on 6368124000
Tuesday, 04.16.2019 @ 11:14am
VERY suspicious "Rose International" has been calling multiple times a day. When I answer it's a real person, a "Representative" with a very foreign name & accent that claims to be calling about a job opportunity in my area. The "positions" are with reputable companies (ie Union Bank) and -in my experience- financial institutions specifically. "Union Bank in San Diego has an opening for a Loan Processor, would you be interested?" I gave them NO information and hung up within minutes, yet received an email later that day (!!??) requesting personal info- my last 4, mailing address, etc. --I didn't reply.
It seems they're collecting info from was there a recent hack??
I haven't found the company flagged anywhere so far. Very disconcerting.
Comment by Chuck on 8764936114
Tuesday, 04.16.2019 @ 10:55am
Scammer. CLAIMing to be ceo of publishers clearinghouse. TRYS TO SET YOU UP WITH THE OLD BANK TRANSFER SCAM.
Comment by AG on 3602959014
Tuesday, 04.16.2019 @ 05:50am
caller asked for someone else, then asked for money for some police association... at 05:12 AM!!!!!
Comment by Sick of cold callers on 07908522132
Tuesday, 04.16.2019 @ 01:45am
Very odd sounding man who spoke like he has no teeth asking for a miss knight weirdo!
Comment by Jushua Suan on 13055394583
Tuesday, 04.16.2019 @ 01:31am
Good Day This is Jushua Suan from the philippines. I received a call from this number (+13055394583). However i wasn't able to answer it. Is there any possible way where i can call back to this number or he/she could call again because i think it concerns an important matter. Thank you very much and godbless.
Comment by Scaz on 04016
Monday, 04.15.2019 @ 23:00pm
They called me, that’s all I know lol
Comment by bongani on 0873520664
Monday, 04.15.2019 @ 20:54pm
be alert with number i suspect is being used to scam,the guy is calling asking which company is this?not interested to give his details who he is ,where he is calling from,he just says i'm calling from my office
Comment by Scott on 9096103393
Monday, 04.15.2019 @ 19:49pm
Timeshare spam, repetitive caller.
Comment by lokman kamal on 0193940375
Monday, 04.15.2019 @ 18:55pm
this number is listed in sms that deduct my telco credit today 16-4-19 ..the sender number is 20000
Comment by Wisconsin resident on 4144776279
Monday, 04.15.2019 @ 16:50pm
Senior Benefits Agency.
Hearing aid scam!! search information:
Spam/Fraud Potential:High.
Spam Reports ~ 30.
Calls Detected ~ 6,818.
Whitepages Searches ~ 288.
Comment by Quick Brown Fox on 3239917004
Monday, 04.15.2019 @ 10:51am
This Los Angeles VOIP number attempted an unlawful contact, but left no message. According to others, this is a scam charity, one of many who defraud unsuspecting donors. DON'T BECOME A VICTIM.
Comment by Lone Wolf on 5124889580
Monday, 04.15.2019 @ 10:34am
I use 2 tools on my Cell phone: Trend Micro's Call Blocking & I also decided to pay approx. $24.00/yr. for the "RoboKiller" app. These actually do help to keep live calls from coming through, too bad I need 2 different tools to get that kind of protection. (These anonymous type calls are not getting into me, nor my V-Mail so I feel it's money well spent. ) Trend Micro's Call Blocking shows that the #: (512)-488-9580 has tried to come in not less than 4 times since 04/12/2019, but it doesn't show if it comes through more than once per day, so that count, might actually be slightly higher.
Comment by Frank on 7863226432
Monday, 04.15.2019 @ 10:04am
Another A-hole spam caller.
Comment by Stacy barnes on 8662065790
Monday, 04.15.2019 @ 09:48am
Hes a scam and a coward!! Sets on the phone all day calling people and threatening them with no basis at all!!
Comment by JB on 18002167071
Monday, 04.15.2019 @ 09:38am
Computer generated voice about a "last warning" for Visa and Mastercard users , saying to press 1 for info. Hanged up.
Comment by Velho Chico on 1921681201
Monday, 04.15.2019 @ 05:05am
Comment by mm on 0327262490
Monday, 04.15.2019 @ 01:27am
Comment by Erika on 3522161964
Sunday, 04.14.2019 @ 16:28pm
Comment by Allan on 03442410515
Sunday, 04.14.2019 @ 13:54pm
This number was customer services at Sky TV. The arseholes charged me £1 for 4 minutes !!!............but they never tell you do they !!