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Comment by Phil Austin on 01617111477
Tuesday, 09.18.2018 @ 09:10am
It is a con PPI, law suits. Threaten them with plastering their company all over the internet, it works sometimes.
Comment by DP on 0061293658974
Tuesday, 09.18.2018 @ 07:32am
Fishing for Bank details
Comment by DP on 0061293658974
Tuesday, 09.18.2018 @ 07:31am
Fishing for Bank details
Comment by Constance on 8008838599
Monday, 09.17.2018 @ 18:59pm
Hes still up to his real estate scam, except he changed his name..AGAIN

Ed Reed scam.
Edward Reed scam.
Comment by JW on 6167458927
Monday, 09.17.2018 @ 18:02pm
Comment by HH on 6043601912
Monday, 09.17.2018 @ 17:51pm
I received a TEXT MESSAGE stating that THEY RECEIVED of 276.50 $ CAD
Comment by nutmeg on 2078354078
Monday, 09.17.2018 @ 16:39pm
207 835 4078 is a scam spoofing number.
Comment by Kathy on 952290786
Monday, 09.17.2018 @ 10:39am
I received 6 calls between 11:40 to 1:20. Some were back to back. I do not answer calls from numbers I don't recognize. Blocked it after reading other posts.
Comment by Gary on 8709120023
Monday, 09.17.2018 @ 08:21am
Telemarketer wanting to sell an emergency device in case of falls for older citizens
Comment by PEte on 008080000133
Monday, 09.17.2018 @ 05:20am
Someone claiming to be vodafone requesting personal information.
Comment by Caroline on 02476684391
Monday, 09.17.2018 @ 05:18am
Asian guy. Said he was from the computer IT dept and wanted the main computer person. Told him we were with TPS and he he started laughing and saying oooohh tps. Insert expletive from me and I hung up.
Comment by Meg Crane on 00572172198
Monday, 09.17.2018 @ 03:48am
Someone with very limited English rang me from this number. After several silences and false starts he began to tell me that he was from some firm (couldn't make out the name) and that my computer was compromised. The risk of cutting him off seemed less than the risk of letting him go on! Deeply suspicious, I think..
Comment by Michael on 0126655750
Sunday, 09.16.2018 @ 23:19pm
I dont know how they do access my money and i want it to be reversed. I mean each and every sent sent to them.

Comment by Becki on 4025414295
Sunday, 09.16.2018 @ 16:38pm
Married , still a liar and still manipulating men and women
Comment by Not fooled on 9292658311
Sunday, 09.16.2018 @ 13:11pm
Romance scammer Gavin Paul alias
Comment by Cheryl on 58988
Sunday, 09.16.2018 @ 10:35am
Got a text that said "Geoff Eiten added you to Pop. It's a walkie-talkie messenger."

I've never heard of this person and have not "tap[ped] to Load Preview." Nor am I planning to.
Comment by unknown on 0000786411
Saturday, 09.15.2018 @ 20:16pm
wish this number would stop texting my son
Comment by jiji on 7273169320
Saturday, 09.15.2018 @ 14:59pm
hangups are harassment
Comment by Scott on 5052264171
Saturday, 09.15.2018 @ 11:21am
I was suspicious when I got two separate scams at same time tried on me. SMe sort of language in both. Unfortunately both checks got held up or lost in mail. Both came from Texas even though the numbers and language implied Canadian or New York students. Dumb scammers. Then when they purportedly had the parcel sent with new tracking number the check had a date after the post date. Then they stupidly put the scam cell number 5052264171 on a note which I back tracked to here.

I destroyed check obviously and told them I knew it wAs crap.
Comment by Dick on 4014415921
Saturday, 09.15.2018 @ 08:50am
We kave received over 15 calls from this number asking for Robert we tell them there is no Robert here. All they is I will call back.
Comment by Jack Jones on 0190800600
Saturday, 09.15.2018 @ 02:47am
Scam BT call blocker renewal
Comment by Linda on 3122573296
Friday, 09.14.2018 @ 16:15pm
Call showed from Department of Defense. A survey about my stay at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington DC.
Comment by Dennis on 6087316666
Friday, 09.14.2018 @ 13:15pm
Comment by Jose on 3232650083
Friday, 09.14.2018 @ 11:40am
Scam artist speaking spanish. Do Not Answer this call. They will offer you jewelry.
Comment by Barbara on 3232875597
Friday, 09.14.2018 @ 11:13am
Recording said my social security card has been suspended. OKaaay...
Comment by Daisy on 02082693444
Friday, 09.14.2018 @ 08:10am
NHS Bexley Referral Services - Phoning to arrange an appointment with local hospital
Comment by azazael on 7738690646
Friday, 09.14.2018 @ 06:03am
Appears to be a Cash Advance scam. Robocaller left an automated/simulated voice message with the number 773-869-0646. Called back from an unrelated phone and a woman with a heavy Indian accent answered "Cash Advance, how can I help you?" I could hear numerous other operators in the background, so i assume this is a call center using VOIP spoofing US numbers from southern Asia
Comment by Kendra on 9202721214
Thursday, 09.13.2018 @ 20:08pm
A survey company that works with Prevea Surgery Center
Comment by James on 2403074799
Thursday, 09.13.2018 @ 15:53pm
This is a robocall. They are stating that your name is up for charges and there's a warrant out for your arrest and to please call them back
Comment by sam on 8176068256
Thursday, 09.13.2018 @ 13:43pm
this number keeps calling they do not say who they are other than a first name. I think they are spam
Comment by Mike on 2404448479
Thursday, 09.13.2018 @ 11:52am
Kept saying hello and computer said my name each time
Comment by Matthew L on 03301227996
Thursday, 09.13.2018 @ 05:03am
This is a school books SCAM. These bloodsucking lowlifes have no morality at all. Block!!!!!
Comment by mika· fuchs on 7274934046
Wednesday, 09.12.2018 @ 13:53pm

Call all the time. Do not leave messages. Very annoying!
Comment by DALA/Sussex on 8776255251
Wednesday, 09.12.2018 @ 13:15pm
Obvious sales call, asking for owner. We never pass these calls to an owner. Selling insurance. Gave a address for return contact. Suspicious.
Comment by GEL on 8334445271
Wednesday, 09.12.2018 @ 11:14am
Threatening call, not stating the company name. Telling me he needs to fax me some papers and he needs my current address. Any moron with a membership in a detective site can find that. He threatened to come to my house (why does he need my address then?) or my work to serve papers to find out my personal information. He had a very stern tone the whole time. I was so scared....not. Finally he said in a tough voice "I will be expecting your call." These calls come and go with no results or carried out threats.
Comment by Ms kaur on 0017274675458
Wednesday, 09.12.2018 @ 10:35am
This number belongs to sciencetology and they called my elderly parents asking for me. I want to know is How did get my parents number? My parents are elderly and not well. This is Def breaking data protection and then they had the nerve to confirm my address
Comment by David on 07889745318
Wednesday, 09.12.2018 @ 09:13am
unexpected text to say that I Have won £488,000 GBP for some mobile phone company. I havee not entered any competition and so this must be a scam.
Comment by Adrian Chrismas on 02032257827
Wednesday, 09.12.2018 @ 09:03am
Had call from above number today. As soon as I answered caller hung-up.
Comment by Marie on 01204589314
Wednesday, 09.12.2018 @ 03:14am
Money Reclaim Experts !
Comment by Jim Portner Cloudvirga on 01483718429
Tuesday, 09.11.2018 @ 09:03am
Greedy IRS tax scammers like this fat crook larry lacerte is what ruined America. 866-612-3200 this bloated IRS tax scammer should be in prison. If these greedy IRS tax fraud scammers like larry and joyce lacerte are determined to extract the last drop of blood, expect the victims to put up a fuss. And don't expect that fuss to be pretty. I'm not arguing for social war; I'm arguing for eating the greedy rich in this new civil war 866-612-3200 tax scammer larry lacerte.
Comment by Mary Glau on 0164387198
Tuesday, 09.11.2018 @ 05:59am
Telah menipu banyak orang termasuk saya
Comment by Dot on 5733093149
Monday, 09.10.2018 @ 18:11pm
(At times I had difficulty understanding through his acsent)

A man called. He said his name was Jack.

He said it is time for me to get genetic cancer screening and I have been pre-approved for the test throught medicare.

I asked Jack the name of the company and what state he was calling from.

He told me he was calling from Genetic Laboratory in AZ.

He said I simply needed to verify who in my family had cancer and at what age.
And to verify my information.
Jack told me my name, address, phone number and original medicare # and asked for the name of my primary care physician.

I told Jack he had a wrong medicare # and I do not know where my medicare number is or who the new primary care physician is.

I asked him if he could please call me back in an hour.
I reverse searched the telephone #5733093149 is a landline registered to Todd Smith in Missouri

Phone Number Data For 573-309-3xxx Numbers Calls are routed via OCN 023B on a switch located in the Bell city, Missouri area
When he called back I asked to spk to a supervisor. The supervisor sd they were calling frm CA.


(I clld Medicare, they sd they did not order genetic testing).
Comment by Chinga on 6146954748
Monday, 09.10.2018 @ 16:08pm
Sending google codes it is a hacker
Comment by M L W on 2245096152
Monday, 09.10.2018 @ 12:11pm
Don't recognize number, and did not pick up.

Comment by NG on 8003835717
Monday, 09.10.2018 @ 11:10am
Got two calls, the first time, they knew my full name, but I told them I knew that this was a fraud phone call. I then called Wells Fargo (WF) to report it. WF said assured me that there is nothing wrong with the account and that this 800-383-5717 number was not legit. Meanwhile they called back and left a message: "Hello my name is zzzzz, i am calling from Wells Fargo and this message is for xxxxx. Please give me a call back at 800-383-5717 again that's 800-383-5717 with reference number yyyy again that's yyyy. It is regarding a deposit made to a Wells Farge custom's account that we believe may have been deposited fraudulently. If you could please give us a call, we'll be more that happy to assist you going forward. We are open Monday thru Friday, from 9AM to 7PM eastern standard time and 9AM to 8PM Saturdays. Thank you and have a great day."
Comment by Nikki on 4128814446
Monday, 09.10.2018 @ 11:02am
Rite Aid Pharmacy - automated call for medication refills
Comment by ella on 8186516292
Monday, 09.10.2018 @ 10:38am
Calls repeatedly, asked for me by name on my unlisted phone number; when asked who is calling-'Police Officer Fund' who is able to get my identity from voter registration information.. Today asked why he keeps calling me-he hung up.
Very concerning scam, very bold!
Comment by Gerry on 01131209900
Monday, 09.10.2018 @ 09:51am
Spamming scum of the earth.
Comment by Susan on 08430143200
Monday, 09.10.2018 @ 07:05am
I got charged £7.21 for a 51 minute call abroad that was supposed to be 1p per minute! Don't use this number! It's a scam!
Comment by ChrisE on 02070114000
Monday, 09.10.2018 @ 03:57am

F&C Asset Management /BMO (Bank of Montreal) Global Asset Management.

Missed call, 1 second blank voicemail left so assume ping call/not important/testing number to find out info etc.