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Comment by Jenny on 02034767710
Tuesday, 12.11.2018 @ 23:25pm
Council Tax Scam by a Company called Tax Recovery Bureau or the Valuation Advice Service. Rogue outfit attempting to obtain bank details from the elderly and vulnerable. Avoid this company and DO NOT disclose any personal information or Bank details.
Comment by Stew on 8374365342
Tuesday, 12.11.2018 @ 22:16pm
Spammer to switch electric companies. Comes up as "unknown name." Called me 14 times over a week's period. I finally figured out how to block the number. It comes up as 837-436-53420, with an extra "0" at the end in my Verizon online call record, but without the extra zero on my phone's Caller ID display.
Comment by Mel on 8007966034
Tuesday, 12.11.2018 @ 16:13pm
Phishing scam
Comment by Randy on 8665819566
Tuesday, 12.11.2018 @ 15:52pm
Spam. Doesn't identify reason for calling
Comment by Al on 8307529086
Tuesday, 12.11.2018 @ 13:48pm
Call from God asking for my credit card as long as it prevail
Comment by Jenn on 8012069253
Tuesday, 12.11.2018 @ 13:34pm
Blue Vacation
Sales Spam
Down Vote
Comment by Dane on 8667328344
Tuesday, 12.11.2018 @ 13:10pm
This is the Sea Veg company. Seaweed Vitamins.
Comment by Amanda on 8036102424
Tuesday, 12.11.2018 @ 08:23am
Constantly calls & leaves no message. If you can't leave a message, then you must not want me to call you back.
Comment by Zoltan Somogyi on 08453003500
Tuesday, 12.11.2018 @ 06:51am
DPD customer service
Comment by John on 7817873910
Tuesday, 12.11.2018 @ 04:39am
Called stating that he was from National Grid, questioning the payment method of our last monthly bill. Sounded like the same dumb ass Arab that keeps on calling stating he was a cop and was going to arrest me if I didn't not pay up immediately for some bill I didn't have. Another time stating he was a police officer with internal revenue and that he was going to arrest me for collecting an over payment. Another time stating that there was an issue with my Social Security and that unless I paid a certain amount immediately my benefits would stop, and yes of course, Window's or my computer would be shut down Oh yea, let's not forget the other low life broad that works with him. They both suck and should be tarred and feathered. Every day and night, any time. It gets tiring listening to these retards. Odd that they harass and attempt to scam thousands of dollars from people and the government can't or won't do anything about it, although I will probably get in trouble for using the word RETARD.
Comment by Danny V on 2173007919
Monday, 12.10.2018 @ 18:52pm
This is University of Illinois Foundation fundraising.
Comment by Alexis on 4125935982
Monday, 12.10.2018 @ 16:28pm
Firefighter Charity Scam. Telemarketing Fraud. Block it!
Comment by A. Noyed on 7036081987
Monday, 12.10.2018 @ 14:44pm
Called a few times but did not leave message.
Comment by Lenwood christ on 9173412213
Monday, 12.10.2018 @ 11:21am
Please stop this intrusion now I am not a robot
Comment by Rickey T Dale on 2153724233
Monday, 12.10.2018 @ 10:22am
How can I find where she is located using this no. I know she's not in gahna. I need her mailing adress.
Comment by Rickey T Dale on 2153724233
Monday, 12.10.2018 @ 10:19am
I get text everyday from this person. Her name is precious Sonja jahnke. She claims to be in Ghana south africa. She wants me to send money for plane ticket.she says she has no mins and the cam doesn't work.
Comment by Peter McGowin on 3239778351
Monday, 12.10.2018 @ 10:11am
That number belongs to a prostitute that is looking for money.
Comment by Charles on 8777519121
Monday, 12.10.2018 @ 09:54am
Sounded like a eastern indian accent. "Hi this is ***** , is this Charles, I am talking to you on a recorded line". That is when I tell them I don't wish to be on a recorded line and I hang up.
Comment by PSB on 01140546239
Monday, 12.10.2018 @ 09:24am
Comment by Robbie Robot on 8772256582
Monday, 12.10.2018 @ 09:11am
They are calling about a mortgage or Refi of an existing mortgage. I told them I would never, ever, engage a mortgage bank that cold called me on the telephone. It is a complete waste of time. Piss on them.
Comment by Eurin Moulin on 3035021839
Monday, 12.10.2018 @ 08:40am
Unknown robo-call. BLOCKED!
Comment by Shaun on 01134575524
Monday, 12.10.2018 @ 08:07am - marketing company
Comment by Omphemetse on 0615897284
Monday, 12.10.2018 @ 04:38am
I need to know which company those numbers belong too am trying to call them back
Comment by Concerned on 2184227611
Sunday, 12.9.2018 @ 23:47pm
Guy name Richard, pretending to be working in South Africa will promise you the world, but want you to send money to South Africa. He puts up fake pictures saying when ask to video call his phone is not working.Very strange to the point he faked being in the hospital.... please beware
Comment by Fck on 8182080450
Sunday, 12.9.2018 @ 17:24pm
Comment by Autumn Bolton on 6024617313
Sunday, 12.9.2018 @ 15:10pm
I called the # back. It says that it is an automated message to call my dentist office to schedule an appointment.
Comment by Lee Muir on 0035312542266
Sunday, 12.9.2018 @ 10:52am
Recorded message advised to ring 0035312542266 for £136,336.00 Irish Lotto Win, after extensive investigation it turns out this is a scam and they want your account number to rinse you out.
Comment by John's Buddy on 9058504378
Saturday, 12.8.2018 @ 17:13pm
This is a company trying to collect on ancient debts that have for the most part been written off and are way past the limitation for anyone in Canada or the US to collect legally. They could be breaking the law to try and collect on debts that have been written off. They are parasites, The rule of thumb: DON'T TALK TO THEM ABOUT ANYTHING AND NEVER RETURN THEIR CALLS. Better still enter their number(s) in "Calls Blacklist" or "Mr Number" ,These are apps you can download to block certain numbers or people from calling you on your phone. They work great. They cannot place these debts in any credit reporting agency and if they try do so you can sue them. Don't worry about them, they will eventually go away and try to find some other sucker to believe their lies and B.S. There are Statutes of Limitation in Canada and the US where the creditor is allowed to collect on bad debts. Beyond that there is nothing they can do. The Statute of Limitations basically allows the debtor to get a fresh start without having to go bankrupt. By the way, there have been many debt collection agencies that have gone bankrupt and stuck others with their bills.
Comment by Janice on 8883731092
Saturday, 12.8.2018 @ 14:35pm
888-373-1092 is the legitimate number for AmeriMark Premier
Comment by I M Dunn on 3035021839
Saturday, 12.8.2018 @ 07:17am
Hang up call. No message.
Comment by Lmao on 5428463849
Saturday, 12.8.2018 @ 02:36am
Cindy get a job looser
Comment by Cindy get a job on 7248035662
Saturday, 12.8.2018 @ 02:35am
Comment by b willie on 7702819433
Friday, 12.7.2018 @ 16:49pm
claims to sell things like remodeling and bathrooms. I doubt it. just wants money and your i d.
Comment by Mike on 5744045153
Friday, 12.7.2018 @ 15:43pm
GALLUP POLL caller. Probably harmless but I don't volunteer any information to cold callers.
Comment by robert on 7248870315
Friday, 12.7.2018 @ 15:13pm
called this morning left no message. called it back none working number
Comment by bk vsoul on 7070204372
Friday, 12.7.2018 @ 13:12pm
Comment by Concerned on 2105758761
Friday, 12.7.2018 @ 10:09am
You're a scumbag for printing that
Comment by D on 7207780856
Friday, 12.7.2018 @ 10:01am
Total Spam caller!
Comment by Terry on 9546579849
Friday, 12.7.2018 @ 08:52am
Call me 5 or 6 times a day for the last several days. I never answer a phone number I don't recognize and usually when it is important people are texting me and at that time I call them back.
Comment by Mike on 8062431802
Friday, 12.7.2018 @ 07:53am
Got a call from "Deidre" out of the blue asking about buying my house. Found out that others got a call from this same number with different names.
Comment by Heidi on 864676230
Friday, 12.7.2018 @ 07:48am
Received a call with a man stating he was in a car accident ,hit a woman 6 mon pregnant and in jail...crying,on the way home from a wedding in jail.Gave fake case # and public defenders name.Calll back in 5 min from someone claiming to be public defender stating I was family ,argumentive requesting bond money. SCAM.well acted ,tag team of thieves.
Comment by Chimichunga on 5144002274
Friday, 12.7.2018 @ 00:25am
Calls repeatedly. No message. Report to do not call list.
Comment by Sop on 016145987455
Thursday, 12.6.2018 @ 21:21pm
Scammers.. beware. They claim they are from a bank and state that a fraudulent transaction has taken place and require a code to access your account.
Comment by chills on 58988
Thursday, 12.6.2018 @ 20:35pm
Same fake text about a message from Social Security, with a link. Very fishy to me.
Comment by Christian Power on 7042197574
Thursday, 12.6.2018 @ 18:02pm
I have a phone number that belongs to my friend Kristen we haven't spoken since last year I've been trying to reach her for months now yet no response even I've been texting her but yet I keep getting random messages saying who is this so I've try my best to contact her but again no response
Comment by Dj on 7023574133
Thursday, 12.6.2018 @ 16:58pm
Calls, leaves no msg! Sick of this!!
Comment by Jeffo on 3234869229
Thursday, 12.6.2018 @ 15:43pm
Answered the phone, was greeted with "Hello Mr. Gof#ckyourself" then hung up...
Comment by Penny Petterson on 7202867547
Thursday, 12.6.2018 @ 12:48pm
these are the contractors for TradePub's free business-to-business magazines. if you EVER sign up to receive a "free" magazine, they will continue to call you periodically, literally forever, even if you ask them to go away. Makes for a good option if you are looking to harass somebody... order a single free TradePub magazine to their address (or any address) and drop their phone number, you ensure that person is going to get phone calls for life. These guys must either have quotas or get a commission when they get people to agree to receive these free, advertising-supported magazines, because these contractors try VERY hard to get you to subscribe, they don;t care at all if the magazines are even relevant to your business, it takes several contacts to ever get them to stop mailing you stuff, and they never stop calling, no matter how many times you tell them point-blank to never call you again, at best they'll lose your number for a year, then start calling again.
Comment by Hernandez Raul on 03331373772
Thursday, 12.6.2018 @ 12:15pm
323 4469807.
Comment by Oiga on 12024558888
Thursday, 12.6.2018 @ 10:53am