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Comment by martirian Ventura Ramos on 8667037913
Monday, 01.27.2020 @ 11:50am
a mi tambien me han usado mi tarjerta y sacaron 41 euros como se les puede denunciar y qu nos devuelvan el envie a spam
Comment by Me on 7134725381
Monday, 01.27.2020 @ 11:47am
Called at 7:00 AM about SSI said not qualified. Called back and got recording of number not in use.
Comment by Obedient on 301868672
Monday, 01.27.2020 @ 08:32am
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Comment by IDK who these ppl are on 3053637008
Monday, 01.27.2020 @ 08:24am
Rcvd a text message as follows: " I didn't want you to miss on the Bridal Pampering Experience that you won from the bridal show! Please text back the word BRIDE for some details".-sounds like a scam
Comment by Zoos on 2392142365
Monday, 01.27.2020 @ 06:56am
Anyone who never gives there name and company along with anonymous on your phone, don’t answer and block the call.
Comment by John on 08001615163
Monday, 01.27.2020 @ 04:58am
this number was given to me by Bitcoin to contact my own bank.
F-X leader.
Comment by Peter on 3057960485
Sunday, 01.26.2020 @ 16:04pm
Comment by KRISHNA CHOUDHARY on 9123042646
Sunday, 01.26.2020 @ 09:50am
Comment by Aroo on 7860000786
Sunday, 01.26.2020 @ 08:56am
Need the number 7860000786

Comment by Bhikadiya Dinesh Kalubhai on 24225155
Saturday, 01.25.2020 @ 21:01pm
Comment by A on 5105863498
Saturday, 01.25.2020 @ 19:59pm
Texts at ridiculous times. Just says "hello beautiful. " wont ID himself.
Comment by sue on 77089
Saturday, 01.25.2020 @ 16:26pm
From 770-89 message said n/a. No idea what this is about
Comment by JS on 9492983395
Saturday, 01.25.2020 @ 14:51pm
9 robocalls over two days. Wakeup calls not appreciated.
Comment by Dee on 6304226292
Saturday, 01.25.2020 @ 13:02pm
called me 9x'x in less than 5 minutes, had to call the police and they are going to contact them...I'm done with this sh*t...rude and crude....tired of the scam callers
Comment by Cynthia on 1110484003
Saturday, 01.25.2020 @ 09:44am
Reading about this number on other sites it seems to be a text to an email address/addresses.
Some of which are spoof sites, sex sites, telemarketing etc.

Proceed with caution.
Comment by Senior on 3153520781
Saturday, 01.25.2020 @ 04:44am
This is a scam. They told me if I give them my credit card number they would deposit $9,000 dollars into my account.
Comment by Ana on 5104173094
Friday, 01.24.2020 @ 20:59pm
Receive many massages from that phone number
Comment by Hunter B on 8666345689
Friday, 01.24.2020 @ 15:17pm
Amazon called stating there was a fraudulent transaction for a $300 phone on my account. I don't have an Amazon account.
Comment by kib on 5204007626
Friday, 01.24.2020 @ 10:11am
I use tracfone. When I called equifax using my phone, they said, "the number you are calling from is 520-400-7626." Definitely not my number. When I google this number I get two different bits of info - that it is owned by an individual and it's a verizon number, or that it's the number for Chantilly Tea Room. When I try to call this number it says it's non working.
Comment by Vera on 01618648074
Friday, 01.24.2020 @ 07:20am
I keep receiving obscene texts from them!! My friend's grandma as well! How tf stop this besides call?
Comment by Lois on 2243180332
Thursday, 01.23.2020 @ 16:25pm
Blocked call because my phone said it was a Robo call. Did not answer.
Comment by Pc on 8159180044
Thursday, 01.23.2020 @ 15:45pm
They keep calling don't know who it is. I don't know the phone number as any who has this number. I just wish they would stop calling and get a real job instead of bothering me.
Comment by Sam T on 8004979319
Thursday, 01.23.2020 @ 15:11pm
Number was from Allina Home Health Oxygen. Wanted participation in a survey.
Comment by Sherry on 7342246918
Thursday, 01.23.2020 @ 13:08pm
Possible scam
Comment by E R on 6362990195
Thursday, 01.23.2020 @ 07:40am
Scammer! Do NOT take a credit card from anyone using this number
Comment by Emily on 02081947970
Wednesday, 01.22.2020 @ 21:25pm
Ive just checked - i called them back and checked the area code. Im 100% sure this is a scammer- block their number. They have obviously upvoted their own number.
Comment by Emily on 02081947970
Wednesday, 01.22.2020 @ 21:15pm
Im assuming this is a scammer, im using a temporary number that ive had for a couple of days and i live in england. I havent given my number to anyone and this call is from america. Dont call them back they will probably charge you and you will be put onto a call list.

**Safe to say it is a scammer.
Comment by Megan on 8882440258
Wednesday, 01.22.2020 @ 13:10pm
This is not a spam number if you have missed a call from this number they are likely calling you about a job position you applied to on Zip Recruiter.
Comment by Amanda on 18056377243
Wednesday, 01.22.2020 @ 09:58am
I received a recorded message on my voicemail saying that my SS# was being compromised and if I didn't get back to them by tomorrow that the IRS was going to press charges. I've heard of these scams so much recently and I'm going to have to block this number that says it's from California
Comment by Tammy on 5305542394
Wednesday, 01.22.2020 @ 09:39am
197636. Is using my details????
Comment by Tm on 5305542394
Wednesday, 01.22.2020 @ 09:39am
Sending to fraud squad at FBI
Comment by Mystique on 8003491802
Tuesday, 01.21.2020 @ 21:37pm
Blocked this number and have still seen 2 more missed calls (because I blocked it) no one answers but my phone is showing that it's a potential fraud . It'll be better
If you also block it
Comment by Stacy on 8002333558
Tuesday, 01.21.2020 @ 17:20pm
This is the welcoming committee for Fingerhut.
Comment by Tamzin Cross on 07588257805
Tuesday, 01.21.2020 @ 03:52am
Grey lezzer
Comment by Lizzie manson on 08006446228
Tuesday, 01.21.2020 @ 01:07am
I have an insurance for white goods for this number which is appliance &domestic...i have phoned them every day and one rind then it rings off , Iv tried to email them and address is not recognised
Comment by Clinton vega on 2672780746
Monday, 01.20.2020 @ 14:30pm
greg Washington aka the court doctor from everything from jacking up folks cars to not wanting to pay child support to restraining orders on other men a real lame
Comment by Nathalie on 0019198540070
Monday, 01.20.2020 @ 11:37am
Gebeld door dit nr en bij opname kost het je 1.27 per minuut
Comment by SG on 18663102355
Monday, 01.20.2020 @ 08:30am
I keep getting calls supposedly from Bell about my TV and told to call 1-866-310-2355 to find out what it's about. Sometimes 3 per day.
Comment by Kalyanasundaram on 12024558888
Monday, 01.20.2020 @ 03:37am
She had spoken to me and she has given code to me and told her that not to share any one.
Comment by BAtman on 9088583366
Monday, 01.20.2020 @ 02:42am
This phone is connected to a Craigslist scam.
Comment by Trisha on 2527224364
Sunday, 01.19.2020 @ 12:14pm
I've done reported this person to the police for harassing me. I told her she has the wrong number. This Marabelle Cartwright is after money for sumthing and people need to know what she's doing.
Comment by Jason Ramirez on 18005433562
Saturday, 01.18.2020 @ 19:35pm
It not I'm, typo.
Comment by Jason Ramirez on 18005433562
Saturday, 01.18.2020 @ 19:34pm
I received a call from them. I don't subscribe to their service. So I called back and the lady flat out asked me for my date of birth and full social security number. I feel if they were legit, they would only ask for your last 4. I'm was a foreigner on the call to boot. I say big scam because who does that, and if it is them that's a sloppy ass company. They have there lowest level phone workers having access to that info, the data beech starts internally right there. Don't use them
Comment by Leonard Tapa on 18082150432
Friday, 01.17.2020 @ 21:16pm
why do they call me on this number?
Comment by guy on 5613369698
Friday, 01.17.2020 @ 11:27am
criminal and thief with an american accent left some message wherein he pretended to follow up on my attempt to sign up for a student loan forgiveness program. However I have made no such attempt and have no student loans. SCAM!
Comment by bob on 01612105910
Friday, 01.17.2020 @ 07:54am
This is not unicom I am with unicom and after receiving a phone call from these cretins trying to get information off me offering cheap deals on mobile phones I phoned the real unicom and they confirmed this is not their number. Please beware there is a lot of this going on at the moment so NEVER give any information to a cold caller no matter who they say they are, especially bank details
Comment by Mrs Steele on 07581231231
Friday, 01.17.2020 @ 04:16am
This number keeps calling me each morning and there is nobody on the other end
Comment by Debbie on 6194199816
Friday, 01.17.2020 @ 00:13am
Regular average guy. Helped me get a pre-owned vehicle no money down
Comment by Steven Camm on 03301235390
Thursday, 01.16.2020 @ 12:02pm
I would like to know who called this number on the following dates 07/12/99 12/12/99 27/01/20 & 28/01/20 as I have never personally made these calls!
Comment by Michael on 3177219973
Thursday, 01.16.2020 @ 10:28am
Number 317-721-9973 is associated with an inspection entity (AutoVin) for leased vehicles for Subaru Motors. This entity inspects the vehicle prior to returning a leased vehicle.

All they are requesting is to call them back at different telephone number (not sure why not this same number) to confirm a scheduled inspection appointment.

This is a legitimate number.