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Comment by Gabrielfew on 4849533310
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Comment by Angel C. on 5188701623
Friday, 11.27.2020 @ 15:30pm
Came out of Albany, New York, female robocall. Says "encountered a serious issue coming out of your computer. It seems to be someone is trying to hijack your identity and trying to steal your Social Security number and your personal information. If not fixed right away your computer will be obsolete and all of your credential information may got compromised. If you are the only one using Microsoft Windows in your computer then please press one to speak with security team now. Please ignore if we called by mistake. Thanks." That is the whole recording. If you got this kind of call go online and turn it over to the Federal Trade Commission complaints. This person needs to be stopped.
Comment by Obedient Christian Believer on 3018579300
Friday, 11.27.2020 @ 11:11am
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Comment by DAN LASKOWSKI on 5196429107
Thursday, 11.26.2020 @ 10:24am
Calls and never leaves a message.
Comment by zhako on 264833308087
Thursday, 11.26.2020 @ 00:15am
they call you but dont say anything when you answer.
Comment by Emmanuel Patrick Fliede on 06129588
Tuesday, 11.24.2020 @ 04:27am
Hallo i am realy sorry i just missed a call from these number can you please call me again if possible.
Comment by GOPAL BORO on 8399001002
Saturday, 11.21.2020 @ 00:23am
I need this number's details
Comment by Cazoo on 2065969461
Friday, 11.20.2020 @ 08:36am
This number has called me twice now. Never left a message. I called them back and they said they were trying to reach me after listing my first and last name. Before I told them anything, I asked what company they were calling from and they couldn't disclose any information without me first confirming that I was who they were calling for. They said it was a personal matter. So I asked "medical personal? Or financial personal?" and then the guys told me he wouldn't be able to disclose that info to me and then hung up. Who ever this company is, clearly does not operate above board. Especially considering they wouldn't even give me the name of the company they were calling from.
Comment by Allenfam on 3524491304
Thursday, 11.19.2020 @ 02:01am
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Comment by Michelle on 61290991633
Tuesday, 11.17.2020 @ 20:17pm
Who are you calling me coz you have tried ring me so many times for almost every day... I won't pick up because I am deaf ... Please text only thank you
Comment by Mary on 6197296175
Tuesday, 11.17.2020 @ 10:13am
4 years later, but I had the same thing just happen, except it was "Jay's phone?" Still the nice voice and "mystery woman" comment. I snapped a pic of Katie's comment above and then blocked him.
Comment by Who on 02033933069
Tuesday, 11.17.2020 @ 10:04am
2s then shuts down
like grandpas khram
Comment by jeannette on 0279443803
Sunday, 11.15.2020 @ 21:05pm
why u are calling to my no.??
Comment by dimple on 0279173263
Saturday, 11.14.2020 @ 01:31am
i cant believe its not in my phonebook but they mentioned my name when i answered. then uddenly they hang up
Comment by Rochelle on 0419945960
Friday, 11.13.2020 @ 01:09am
Same happend to me when i called back the fone just kept ringing
Comment by Abohiya hassan on 12024558888
Thursday, 11.12.2020 @ 19:43pm

Whay call me
Comment by 03441539396 on 0517080169
Thursday, 11.12.2020 @ 00:12am
Call me
Comment by weqwe on 0376288178
Wednesday, 11.11.2020 @ 18:54pm
Comment by Maz on 01899221948
Wednesday, 11.11.2020 @ 03:08am
I called this number back after being hung up on today and was answered by a very rude and sharp female. I asked what the company was and she asked for my name. I told her that I didn't want to give my name and asked her again what the company was and why they kept calling me. She said it was a digital hearing aid company and that I must have made an enquiry with them!I told her that I hadn't and could they not call me again. She asked for my name again which I refused and said she could see the number that I was calling from. I then said I'll just block their number. To which she replied " well we'll be calling you again". About to report her to whoever is in charge.
Comment by Maz on 01899221948
Wednesday, 11.11.2020 @ 02:53am
This number has called me 11 times in the last 6 weeks. Today I answered and it was hung up.
Comment by Stacie on 6783593515
Tuesday, 11.10.2020 @ 20:40pm
Don't know how this supposed to be company called PMTCLEAR.COM with the number 6783593515 got my credit card number and made several charges that range from $10 to $999 on my card . I never gave anyone my credit card number from a business that I personally have not dealt with in the past! So be careful my info was hacked some way!
Comment by Linda on 6188237278
Tuesday, 11.10.2020 @ 19:02pm
Shady guy...calls and says he has wrong number. Then texts later a d says he wants to talk to me. Weird. Says his name is Kevin.
Comment by Lou on 08007315133
Tuesday, 11.10.2020 @ 09:55am
Comment by TM Gochenouer on 7723804840
Tuesday, 11.10.2020 @ 08:06am
Whoever this number belongs to in the Miami Fl area is very disturbing. I get at least 5 to 6 calls per day as late as 7pm in the evening. I have reported this to the Do Not Call number but this land line continues to call. I answered one time to hear an automated voice and i left a message to remove my number from their listing but to no avail they continue to make a nuisances of themselves. I call the a spam call and it should be stopped. Do not ever say the word "YES" if they ask if they are talking with (insert your own name).
Comment by JH on 7064479067
Monday, 11.9.2020 @ 18:17pm
Scammer: He said he was from ATT, wanted to send me two Visa gift cards, wanted me to call when I received them, and then wanted me to send them back to him!
Comment by ramboUnuff on 5702062446
Sunday, 11.8.2020 @ 22:30pm
What have you been up to? I am fascinated about covid19. Can you talk about it? If the same thread is opened please redirect my post :). Thanks :).
I wrote once again - i cant see answer:)
PS: I don't know any people with covid and you? rambo :D
Comment by Tammy on 8653882163
Saturday, 11.7.2020 @ 17:11pm
Drunk guy keeps calling me and texting me at all hours of the night. His text are very vulgar.
Comment by Carrie on 8642015583
Friday, 11.6.2020 @ 18:36pm
A lady named Julie keeps calling and asking us if we want to buy dryclean services. We keep telling her no. Just when we think she'll stop, the phone will ring and again without fail, it'll be her redneck self again. Make her stop.
Comment by Tin on 09173244616
Friday, 11.6.2020 @ 03:03am
Its spam
Comment by ramboUnuff on 5702062446
Thursday, 11.5.2020 @ 14:55pm
What have you been up to? I am fascinated about covid19. Can you talk about it? If the same thread is opened please redirect my post :). Thanks :).

PS: I don't know any people with covid and you? rambo :D
Comment by anonymous on 9292956115
Thursday, 11.5.2020 @ 07:14am
This is a scam phone call looking for money. Call the local police with this #.
Comment by Isaac on 0116319005
Thursday, 11.5.2020 @ 04:08am
This guys have been deducting R100 from my account for 8 months and when i try to call them no respond,like always the bank won't be assist and my money is gone.Wish there was some sort of client protection against this people. my bank said they do thing its a standard bank bcoz of ref SBIB-Fun
Comment by John rafael florese on 0279443202
Thursday, 11.5.2020 @ 03:09am
I wanted to know what was the intention of these number,, cause i didnot answer it so i was curious..
Comment by O on 8772338522
Tuesday, 11.3.2020 @ 13:36pm
SCAM ALERT!!! They are pretending to be APPLE CARES SUPPORT. They are not! DO NOT ACCEPT 877-233-8552. SCAM.
Comment by O on 8772338522
Tuesday, 11.3.2020 @ 13:35pm
SCAM ALERT!!! They are pretending to be APPLE CARES SUPPORT. They are not!
Comment by ramboUnuff on 5702062446
Sunday, 11.1.2020 @ 22:03pm
What have you been up to? I am fascinated about covid19. Can you talk about it? If the same thread is opened please redirect my post :). Thanks :).

PS: I don't know any people with covid and you? rambo :D
Comment by Jessica on 89885
Sunday, 11.1.2020 @ 06:08am
Text saying I made an appt at Luxe Beauty Salon with a Long Nguyen. Did not. Freaked me out so I froze credit cards until the supposed date of service.
Comment by Melissa on 4155305596
Friday, 10.30.2020 @ 08:29am
this is from Cord Blood Registry they follow up with famlies expecting newborns to store their stem cells. i forgot i had entered a sweepstakes but if you tell them you are not interested they will tak you off you off their list i spoke with Gabriel and he was very nice and sent information i needed but never heard back after asking for no more calls
Comment by Berny on 09095569794
Friday, 10.30.2020 @ 04:28am
The number is a scam number. It's designed to get you to call back or click on a link they message to you.
You will be charged LOTS of money if you do. Please report this number to as many sites as possible.
Comment by ramboUnuff on 5702062446
Thursday, 10.29.2020 @ 23:29pm
What have you been up to? I am fascinated about covid19. Can you talk about it? If the same thread is opened please redirect my post :). Thanks :).

PS: I don't know any people with covid and you? rambo :D
Comment by Danielle Griffith on 7014153176
Thursday, 10.29.2020 @ 14:02pm
This # called and claimed by electronic voice that my social security number was fraudulently used in Texas and if I didn't cooperate a warrant would be issued and now my social security number is suspended. It is a scam.
Comment by Kris on 8778145214
Thursday, 10.29.2020 @ 07:51am
This used to be an AT&T Support number, but instead it's two men with Indian accents that were more interested in my credit card number, address so they could give me a $100 certificate. Obvious scam, therefore I hung up. Watch out!
Comment by Lucretia on 9253105286
Tuesday, 10.27.2020 @ 16:38pm
Debt collectors stalking poor Americans during covid how professional
Comment by Tiffany on 5593970328
Tuesday, 10.27.2020 @ 08:05am
Trying to collect a medical debt. I kept asking for his name and company. He kept answering with "do you want to set up a payment plan today"! Scammer!!!
Comment by Kim on 8009352642
Monday, 10.26.2020 @ 13:39pm
Received a email thanking me for a $1149 pc purchase from Amazon and being sent to a Ellen Oakes at 315 San Pedro San Antonio TX 78232. Neither person or address exist.

Do not open email or call. It is spoofing spam
Comment by Leah on 8883935223
Sunday, 10.25.2020 @ 08:23am
These people are thrives. They take money out of people's checking and savings accounts without authorization in hoops that the account holder doesn't see it. They start with a .01 deposit and then they start removing 44.xx a month.
Watch your accounts it can happen to anyone!
Comment by AJAY yadav on 8528085280
Sunday, 10.25.2020 @ 04:20am
Is number Ko block kar dijiye
Comment by Michael Kemp on 080060010400
Saturday, 10.24.2020 @ 02:36am
TLC 800 600 10400 is taking £16 from my account every month and I do not know why
Comment by Tom on 17806281376
Tuesday, 10.20.2020 @ 20:39pm
Tried to take deceased Dads vehicle
Comment by Not Brandon Miller on 3607311025
Tuesday, 10.20.2020 @ 17:09pm
This is not the phone number for Brandon Miller or Garnet Brookshear and has not been for at least 3 years. This is not a landline and all the information about this phone number that the search sites state is incorrect.