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Comment by MV on 025169713
Sunday, 09.22.2019 @ 23:34pm
This number called me
Sept. 23, 2019
Comment by john on 3124145577
Sunday, 09.22.2019 @ 15:13pm
they are scammers...his name is Dino and he says he works for american roofing..he says he does cement work for driveways and chimneys, tuck pointing. he takes cash and says he will be back the next day but never comes back or answers the phone...i was ripped off 500 dollars, be careful, don't answer.
Comment by Dude on 6177874425
Sunday, 09.22.2019 @ 14:02pm
My phone rang and I din't recognize the number (617-787-4425), so I didn't pick up. I called the number back, and the phone number was "out-of-service" . . . but they left did a message.

~ The message seemed pre-recorded and the voice mentioned something about Social Security and if your working you could receive reimbursements up to $ ??,000. and if you were not working, they could help there too. They left a different phone number to call (1-866-968-7842.) as well as a website to visit,

~ Listed on the website is stuff like:
"Step 1, Do you receive disability benefits and have a job that pays at least $880 a month? Congratulations! Please go to Step 2." etc. etc. . . . .
~ They want you to fill out a form, provide pay stubs and talk to someone on the phone.

~ Also on the website was this info:
"Is this a free service? Yes. We are an approved Employment Network funded by the Social Security Administration and Ticket to Work program to help you return to work. To verify our status, feel free to call the Ticket to Work program at 1-866-968-7842.
How much must I earn a month to be eligible for work expense reimbursements?In 2019, you need to earn at least $880 per month (before taxes) to qualify for work expense reimbursements."

~ NOTE: Also Check out:

~ Maybe is's real, maybe not, who knows ?

Caller: Ticket to Work program , Employment Network, Social Security Administration
Call type: Scam suspicion
Comment by Avisha on 0820072381
Sunday, 09.22.2019 @ 02:33am
I receive sms's on a daily basis from this number. Test Call messages at 6:30am and 6:30pm.Also ad hoc messages of emergencies through out the day.
Comment by AZ individual on 4805107974
Sunday, 09.22.2019 @ 00:18am
Warning Eric Lamb is a craigslist loser trying over and over to scam you out of your items. He continually emails me on different items with Low ball offers. Cheapskate wants a $100 new item being sold for $30 for $10... block this guy!!
Comment by steven on 6024321594
Sunday, 09.22.2019 @ 00:13am
wow first guy sounds like a craigslist scammer who probably wanted the item for free. i agree w cheryl... this person is truly a nice person and very helpful. dont let losers who talk $hit influence you
Comment by Marissa on 2818459371
Saturday, 09.21.2019 @ 19:14pm
Mexican massage parlour
Comment by Mari on 9252028559
Saturday, 09.21.2019 @ 12:51pm
Jeff is a pig! He's great as long as you don't like honesty and don't mind being one OF MANY
Comment by Michelle on 2407025975
Saturday, 09.21.2019 @ 12:02pm
We had a few nice talks and texts and looked into the guy and yes everyone the other comments are very true. He is married and has multiple children with no plans to leave.
Comment by Kennybear on 8134465994
Saturday, 09.21.2019 @ 11:34am
Scammers that prey on new home owners.
Comment by cheryl S. on 6024321594
Saturday, 09.21.2019 @ 01:47am
dont believe stupid comments left by disgruntled losers who try to pull scams and get things for free on Crappy craigslist. I met this person, got a great deal on what i was looking to purchase and he actually helped me carry and load it safely into my vehicle. Very grateful as i would have been unable to pick it up by myself. Thanks again.
Comment by Matthew on 8558713551
Friday, 09.20.2019 @ 17:23pm
This number kept coming up in my RBC VISA transactions as reduction outlet; they've happened usually every month roughly, one time it was twice in the same month, even though I don't recall ever authorizing any of these at all.
Comment by Obedient Christian on 3012091621
Friday, 09.20.2019 @ 16:20pm
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Comment by Ajah Oluwatoyin A.J on 02037818035
Friday, 09.20.2019 @ 13:58pm
I studied pharmacy technician and am now practicing it.pls could you mind me being a supplier or distributor of ur product am a Nigerian Base in ibadan precisely?thanks
Comment by pam morris on 02039362554
Friday, 09.20.2019 @ 03:14am
I am constantly receiving calls from this number, when I pick it up there is silence.very annoying.
Comment by Cassy on 7472363696
Thursday, 09.19.2019 @ 14:31pm
This guy claims that he was from the publisher's clearing house and said that everything was Gray and I want to point 7 million dollars but needed to pay $913 for taxes that's not how this works stated that he is working with the IRS Total scam I told him I ran his number already and asked if he thought I was that stupid he hung up on me
Comment by yobagme on 8552670461
Thursday, 09.19.2019 @ 14:04pm
Have received 6 calls from this number in the last 9 days. Always leaves an 11sec VM without audio. Seems like robocall/ spam to me
Comment by S on 8553327344
Thursday, 09.19.2019 @ 08:46am
Caller ID is unknown, calls several times per day but never leaves a message. I'm on the No Call List so it's either spam or a scam!
Comment by Him on 01414835636
Thursday, 09.19.2019 @ 05:56am
"Home Energy Scotland"???? that will send you an advisor to your home and without measuring anything will give you a "quotation" with 10, 20, 30 % discount, repeating their marketing tricks until you will agree buy their windows. Person doing quotation will be from local business, who will tell you anything to talk you into buying windows they don't have as they will be made in the future, but first they will offer you a loan for 5-10 years so you can pay for this "fantastic deal". Do not let them in to your house. Hang up, block the number. They have waisted two hours of my life. Very aggressive marketing will tell you stories, after stories, that you are their last customer this week and will get better deal, that you qualify as your road is busy and will put add in your window, to get another 400£ off and so on so forth. Shocking.
Comment by KSH on 0109490455
Thursday, 09.19.2019 @ 02:14am
Not sure what they wanted but very odd with details.
Comment by Jethro on 8002013113
Wednesday, 09.18.2019 @ 14:45pm
spam fake robo call about SSN compromized and that all social benefits will be cancelled and to offer to connect to the SS office
Comment by Dara on 6015318298
Wednesday, 09.18.2019 @ 14:19pm
I have received calls from this number...the people do not speak clear english...i doubt they are in the united states. They cannot give me a number to call them back. They say they are in new york and in california. This is a scam.
Comment by Lisa on 2105378236
Wednesday, 09.18.2019 @ 09:30am
Scam. Asked for credit card
Comment by Roger on 02035140519
Wednesday, 09.18.2019 @ 06:50am
Foreign ba*tards with a business registered in Cyprus....They charge 4.50 to my sim for no reason....A scam company. I've had a cap on allowances outside of my extras on three now. Someone needs to look into this scam, and hang the bast*rds responsible.
Comment by Bob on 03300248998
Wednesday, 09.18.2019 @ 03:49am
Sales call
Comment by Low on 0109490455
Wednesday, 09.18.2019 @ 03:10am
Comment by construction company on 01474353333
Wednesday, 09.18.2019 @ 01:54am
Venesta Washrooms - The same person calls our office 3 or 4 times a week asking for various people's phone numbers (Quantity Surveyors I understand, but they will ring for Site Managers, Labourers, HR, Accountants etc.) and then calls back the next week asking for the same information - she has asked us for one QS's number 4 times in the last week alone! Do not answer this number, they are a nuisance!
Comment by Fran on 2568601634
Tuesday, 09.17.2019 @ 13:36pm
Asked for another person not at my phone number. Was polite, but a man answered versus Jessica who was suppose to be calling. Local number listed as out of area. Who are these people?
Comment by Kazmi Syed on 0518490140
Tuesday, 09.17.2019 @ 12:29pm
Same here. Just music was heard and disconnected.
Comment by Sha on 02085245508
Tuesday, 09.17.2019 @ 12:27pm
If you are genuine leave a message otherwise don't waste time ringing my number
Comment by Lisa on 8008230195
Tuesday, 09.17.2019 @ 09:57am
These people say they are from publisher clearing house and you won money and a car don't believe them
Comment by Roger Barrett on 9545805957
Tuesday, 09.17.2019 @ 09:50am
Hi. I met a girl on Facebook recently who claims her name is Annie Garcia. She gave me her mobile number to text her on. The number is (954) 580-5957. Well, I ran that through Spokeo. Turns out that's a landline number. And its owner was FDN Communications in Pompano Beach, Florida. She also gave me her email address, I already found out about the phone number. Now I need to get to the bottom of this email address issue.
Comment by Annoyed by Scam Call on 8889976190
Tuesday, 09.17.2019 @ 08:36am
Man was rude claims to have a civil suit to serve or law enforcement will be sent out to employer... He said it is a place of business Prime Capital and and his number only receives inbound calls was irritated I was able to call there and hung up on me...Call came from unknown and were told to call 888-997-6190 which was a scam would not give any information as to what the suit pertained to...
Comment by Nonya on 8432776686
Tuesday, 09.17.2019 @ 06:19am
Called back using *67 and this ended up being the local line for Bridgecrest. They handle loans (like my auto loan via Carvana) and were just calling to inform me that my bill was due soon, so I wouldn't be late on it. :)
Comment by Me on 0429377908
Monday, 09.16.2019 @ 23:59pm
Looking for money. Preys on vulnerable ppl
Comment by Big Vic on 8006954794
Monday, 09.16.2019 @ 23:11pm
Full disclosure: I work for this company. I am speaking soley on my own behalf. There's a lot of misinformation out there about my employer that should be cleared up. I should get equal time. I am being slandered by name in several sites similar to this one . LW Adler Weiner carries out market studies for most the major automakers. They have been in business for over 50 years. Based on the car you drive and your answers to a questionaire, there may or may not be an opening for your segment. The questions are not used for the study. The information, though somewhat personal is written on paper and is destroyed once the study is finished. It is kept completely confidential. It is only used temporarily to determine what category you fall under and kept only for a few weeks in case an opening becomes available later on. If there is still an opening for your segment after you finish the questionaire, you can be scheduled over the phone to participate in a study where you view cars and give your opinion on them before they hit the market. It usually takes about 2 or 3 hours. As a thank you you get between $200 to $300 right after you finish. Adler does studies for other products as well. It's a lot of fun. Before I worked there my daughter must have made $1.000 over a 2 year period talking about products of interest to teens for several market research companies. The money is real, but you don't always get scheduled.
Comment by Anonymous on 8446287646
Monday, 09.16.2019 @ 16:52pm
Received a yellow postcard requesting a call to the number listed. The mortgage # on the card is phony. There is no return address or identification. Has to be a scam.
Comment by Michelle on 3462464214
Monday, 09.16.2019 @ 15:21pm
Scammer calling himself josh Williams only wants your money don't fall for his tactics he is just a low life and can't get a real job so he prays on women. He's just a d*ck
Comment by JODI on 3524142379
Monday, 09.16.2019 @ 14:30pm
This was a nice happy birthday call just want to credit the person who gave it
Comment by Karen on 4145029849
Monday, 09.16.2019 @ 14:14pm
Collector for Spectrum Dispatch
Comment by John on 8002281685
Monday, 09.16.2019 @ 09:21am
scam. fraudulent collection agency
Comment by Rene'e on 6268004194
Monday, 09.16.2019 @ 09:07am
I do not pick up their calls. If they want to leave a message, they can but they are always deleted. Sometimes, I cut them off as soon as it rings. I know it's rude to do that but they are such a nuisance. All they do is lie and lie about payment for student loan, social security breach etc etc. My latest solution is make a fool out of them...I tackle them head on. With Social Security breaches I went along with them, and answer their question with a question and they just gave up. Now I don't get calls anymore.
Comment by Gerald on 12024558888
Monday, 09.16.2019 @ 07:33am
Also call me and comment abaut goggle account
Comment by Roy on 02038969902
Sunday, 09.15.2019 @ 23:15pm
COMPUTERISED VOICE PERTAINING TO BE Annie Davis of HMRC ASKING ME to call her department on 0203 896 9902 or legal action may be taken against me.
Comment by Venmo on 3033517463
Sunday, 09.15.2019 @ 02:50am
Hello My Name Is Michael Pisano From Venmo Fraud Prevention Team,The Reason For This Message Is To Inform You That Somebody Tried To Make A Fraudulent payment In Your Account,For Your Security We Put Your Account Under Verification For 24 Hours Due To The Fact This Person May Have Your Information To Acces To Your Account....To Avoid This Activity Please Call Us Back As Soon As Possible.(888-424-3202).Venmo Fraud Prevention Team
Comment by Keith Millar on 09838481184
Sunday, 09.15.2019 @ 01:29am
this is Amazon, 15mins cost £25
Comment by Dawn on 8886412118
Saturday, 09.14.2019 @ 18:13pm
Complete and utter scam.
Comment by Allyn on 8775230478
Saturday, 09.14.2019 @ 17:26pm
Scammers trying to get more information about your credit card and number. I called my credit card and reported it
Comment by Liz on 3302228110
Friday, 09.13.2019 @ 15:40pm
Fraud making faux claims of missed court dates. If they spent this much energy on a real job they would be a huge success
Comment by Mars on 8778135595
Friday, 09.13.2019 @ 09:11am
This one's from the insurance company Cigna-HealthSpring Pharmacy Department who will seek information regarding the medication requested.