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Comment by jun on 09481100107
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 22:04pm
pldt billing, just ignor
Comment by Christopher on 8448494158
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 18:10pm
Kroger Human Resources calling about an application
Comment by ANJ on 0282882294
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 17:41pm
It's Citi Bank's Call Centre
Comment by James on 07535644632
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 16:44pm
This guy is a car dealer, a very rude and aggressive bloke that sells junk that shouldnt be on the road. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM HIM.
Comment by Bob on 6465587104
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 16:43pm
Hi, I got a call from this number today regarding a job opportunity. Recruiter asked for last 4 digits of social and month/day of birthdate. I asked why his number said he was calling from NYC when his email signature said Texas. He hung up on me. When I tried to call back, his number did not work. I immediately put a fraud alert on my credit card. Not sure if this is legit or not. I'm seeing conflicting information.
Comment by Roseann Carter on 2054717631
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 15:52pm
Been calling my cell phone looking for Jennifer Pennington. I have told them repeatedly I am not her and they refuse to listen. No answer when you call them back. Today I told him to fuck off and hung up on him. He called me back and said he would be over in 20 minutes. I said good luck since I am not the person he is looking for.
Comment by Diane on 9727462786
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 15:36pm
First claimed to be doing a survey which changed to asking if our last name was ???? and if Suddenlink was our carrier. They then tried to sound as if from Sudden link and was offering an upgrade to internet speed. Left conversation when she said that since I was a long time customer--this upgrade would normally---. I hung up.
Comment by Him b on 6466308240
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 14:42pm
This person has called me and tried to say I won, a $250 Wal-Mart or Sam's club gift card and she asked me to pick with one would I like to receive and I said Wal-Mart. Then she rudely asked For my credit card info. I kinda figured it was a scam but I just went along with her. To see what she would say. How can I won something if she doesn't know My name. 😂
Comment by stef on 5595499326
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 14:37pm
got a call from this number too. A female answered. I asked what company she is calling from. She stated "have a good day" SCAM!!
Comment by NotTelling on 9787837063
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 12:50pm
He was asking if I was dealing with SQL databases and told him no. I'm a network admin so he said all right and said good bye. A couple of minutes later he called back saying it was a miscall and apologized...
Comment by Chem on 4151234567
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 11:40am
They call you. When you call back the phone says this number has been disconnected or is no longer in service. must be a scam
Comment by Chela on 5092250077
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 11:38am
Not Spam. You get a real person
Comment by Reinaldo sanchez on 551132256000
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 10:17am
Dedo de llamaron
Comment by Sara on 2899823417
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 09:50am
I got a call and message saying it was Alice from Service Canada. I called back and the voicemail asked me to leave my name number and SIN. I did not leave my SIN and think it's weird they would ask you to.
Comment by Laura on 8762814119
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 09:39am
THIS IS A SCAM!!! A Jamaican man with a heavy accent called claiming to be Michael Fester from American Cash Awards Company on behalf of Publishers Clearing House called me and asked if I received the 2 award notifications by mail that were sent to me. I told him no. He said I won $8.5 million and a 2016 Mercedes Benz E Class car. (Exactly what he said.) Asked me if I was home or at work. I asked how that is relevant. He said he has to ask these questions and to just answer the questions. I told him i was skeptical because i was looking up the company and there are reports of a scam with the BBB. He said that is nit correct information and i shouldn't believe it. (Seriously?) He said to write this info down. His badge number 01362 and my package delivery number EL020-836-7791-US. He made me repeat it back to him correctly. He said they would send a certified check from PCH. He asked if i wanted to receive my prize publicly on TV and the internet or privately so no one knows my business. I told him publicly. Then he told me he had to ask some questions to fill out the paperwork. He asked me if I was in debt. I asked why does he need to know he said the IRS requires he ask these questions and I just need to answer them if I want my prize. He asked my marital status, am I a citizen of the US, if i had an account with a bank and if I have dependents. He asked how far from Franklin, LA do we live. I gave him approximate miles. He asked if I was close to a Walmart and how far. Told him about a mile. He asked if we were familiar with Western Union or Moneygram. By this time I had my husband on the call with me and he said Western Union. He said that we had to send a registration fee of $825.16 to a licensed banker for PCH and obtain a registration receipt that the State Marshall has to sign off on for me to receive money over $10,000. He asked how long it would take us to get the money sent. My husband said we could get it done ASAP (we were trying to get as much info at this point because we knew this was a scam). He said we had to put exactly this on the form: Eddie Miller / Lanett, AL 36863. I asked for the street number. He said to just put exactly what he told me because this is what PCH has requested and this is the bankers information. He asked again how long it would be before we sent the money. My husband asked how long will it take the crews to get to our home. He said an hour and forty-five minutes. My husband said we will have it done before they get here so send them out. He said we have to send the money and obtain the receipt before they will send them out. My husband said just go ahead and send them and we will have it done by the time they get here. He hung up on us. My husband called back from his phone and the man answered and said he was with PCH and not American Cash Awards Company. My husband told him we got disconnected. He asked did we win a prize. My husband said we were just talking to you. You called my wife. Then the man asked when we would send the money again. My husband then told him he needed to stop this bulls**t and stop f**king with people. He told him not to contact us again and that he knows where he is and will come and f**k him up and he has none idea whof hes f**king with. The man asked what he was talking about. My husband hung up. I called PCH fraud department and spoke with Eugene. I gave him all the information. He said to just know that PCH never contacts winners by, phone, mail, email or social media. It is always in person. He said it is always free and never ever send money. PCH takes this very seriously and will be sharing this information with the Federal Trade Commission, the FBI and law enforcement all over the country. I told him that was excellent and I don't want anyone to fall for this crazy persons bull. He thanked me for my help. I hope no one gets caught in this man's trap and I hope he is apprehended for this insanity.
Comment by Spot On on 2548489572
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 08:59am
254-848-9572 Cold hearted criminal nurse named Maura Burgard. This nurse stole money and medicine from my family and lied about it. Do not trust this person or you and your family will be sorry. Does not belong in nursing.
Comment by Casey on 9044764779
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 08:57am
Great person
Comment by Sally on 6098298358
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 07:50am
They said "we're calling about your recent inquiry for Social Security benefits" and I said I did not inquire and they hung up.
Comment by Ali on 0517080170
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 07:29am
I think it was security clearance call for job in sensitive department
I someone refer you for evaluation.
reply here
Comment by - a russell on 01656330590
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 01:31am
5 calls today lasting less than 20 seconds
Comment by Liz on 4128379192
Tuesday, 12.6.2016 @ 20:25pm
Also met on line in the spring, first claimed to be living in Philadelphia and then transferred to China. Alex is from Germany but first moved to Alabama, then to PA. Story never made any sense.
Comment by Feluce on 8012303366
Tuesday, 12.6.2016 @ 17:09pm
Recueved inquiry whether I coukd come to his home or not. Googled address and only Commercial buildungs ..most under construction at that adreess. Said it was a home. Googled number and one site guves 5 safe vites and 134 unsafe. Reviews on number almost daiky
Comment by CWest on 77089
Tuesday, 12.6.2016 @ 16:06pm
message only said "n/a". tried reply but it was invalid.It's taking time away from my valuable minutes as I have a pay-as-you-go plan.
Comment by Just block the number on 6015091274
Tuesday, 12.6.2016 @ 15:57pm
They get your number from social media sites, job boards and such. Just another scam, block the number.
Comment by V. Barnard on 2393599089
Tuesday, 12.6.2016 @ 14:02pm

Call and hangs up quickly if someone answers the phone.
Caller is a pain.
Comment by Mark Lis on 7798889492
Tuesday, 12.6.2016 @ 13:49pm
It's Stan the Spam Man, with a can of what you
do not want.
Comment by Jay on 3176623993
Tuesday, 12.6.2016 @ 13:01pm
This number has been calling me for the past few months now. They always seem to leave a voicemail, but it's just complete silence for a couple of minutes.
Comment by Amy on 3474109555
Tuesday, 12.6.2016 @ 12:07pm
I purchased a customer NHL jersey from a website call (should've know from the name it was bad) and this is the number given on their website. I have called twice and its just an answering machine. No one answers and they aren't returning my emails either!
Comment by Jen on 8652235589
Tuesday, 12.6.2016 @ 11:49am
Called left no message. This number has been reported online on several sites to be scammers (CC fraud, threatening messages, etc)
Comment by CD on 02380206414
Tuesday, 12.6.2016 @ 11:43am
Charles Derby Financial Services
Comment by Anonymous on 2815017584
Tuesday, 12.6.2016 @ 11:11am
I just received a call from this number- they wanted me to verify my name and address- I would not do either because I wanted to know what this was in reference to, the lady on the phone said I need to verify your information first. I gave her nothing, so she said she would have to hang up.........So I ung up. Not sure who these people are or what tehy represent. She said she was with Either Avante USA to collect a dety or Devante USA to collect a debt.
Comment by Rachel on 0860808616
Tuesday, 12.6.2016 @ 10:33am
It was a man who rang me asking did I want a job and to earn extra cash, when I asked what for he said "fun/entertainment" I was really freaked out, he seemed young enough aswell
Comment by Kev on 08006816038
Tuesday, 12.6.2016 @ 10:25am
I received a this text at 12:27 today;

Place your order today and weΦll offer you an extra discount. Your order will be made in time for Christmas. Call us on 08006816038. Reply STOP to remove

I have a couple of orders from various on the go from, Amazon and eBay but I don't quite understand why they would be sending that type of message.

So basically I would like to know who it is to please!
Comment by Ganny on 8442968486
Tuesday, 12.6.2016 @ 10:22am
Had a message on my answering machine from this number...called back asked the name of the company they said NAM Group I then asked why are they calling...guy was a jerk..I hung up....there should be something the attorney general or some entity to stop these calls.
Comment by Rather not say on 4016482689
Tuesday, 12.6.2016 @ 09:46am
This person claims to be in Africa. Fas a daughter, is widow. Wife was in car accident and died. Looking for love. He is a scammer. Beware.
Comment by Tropavil on 447860015062
Tuesday, 12.6.2016 @ 08:51am
If you have iphone ur IOS is sending Facetime msgs
Comment by Robert Raskey on 7204039491
Tuesday, 12.6.2016 @ 08:28am
We asked them to stop calling and they still continue to call almost daily.
Comment by John on 01794527411
Tuesday, 12.6.2016 @ 04:54am
Has been trying to contact me 4 times in the last week, despite my number being TPS-registered.
Comment by amir on 0361842443
Tuesday, 12.6.2016 @ 00:00am
I got call from girl name ms riya, she said she from government lawyer and ask me to pay money if not, they will ask for warrant for capture me.
Comment by Seattle on 2064587211
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 20:51pm
A male called wanting to speak to the head of household. He wanted a donation for veterans nothing but a scam. He got annoyed when I refused just a another jack ass.
Comment by The Susie Q on 4128722496
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 17:17pm
Typical: no message. I am on the Do Not Call List since 2005.
Comment by Michael Voight on 7145102169
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 16:12pm
Called ex-wife and on voicemail clearly violated state and federal collection law by revealing a debt to a 3rd party. Voice message also indicate they were instructed to locate me by the court in Orange County because a lawsuit was being filed. I called the number they left on the voice message and found out it was an old loan, well pass the statute of limitations for a lawsuit. Additionally, the loan contract has an arbitration clause. The guy on the phone tried to tell me the clause only applied to me and not the lender. Yeah, right.
Comment by Jack Jennings on 6612493080
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 14:32pm
I have told these people 4 times to take me off their call list. Cold calling and trying to make sales.
Comment by John on 18447437032
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 12:27pm
Got a call from a so called MJR captial inc from Mississauga Ontario. It was an auto bot message and whenever I called back no one would ever answer and it would always go to a machine. I looked up the company and this 844 area code number does not match their company number on the website and I never got anything in the mail saying I owed money so I can only assume its a phone scam. I was going to call them and bait them to see who I could get info from but no one ever answers.
Comment by Rob on 5054589676
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 11:18am
Received two calls from this number on 12/5/16 with no one on the other end.. Don't know what it is about.
Comment by Liz on 7046706700
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 10:29am
What Is the home address that bears the telephone number 704-670-6700
Comment by Andy on 4698034500
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 08:37am
Got a hang up call. I wasn't able to get to the phone, but they didn't leave a message.
Comment by Sienna on 07872818234
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 07:54am
Currently messaging the above number but no idea who it is! Has given me a name but unsure if it or not
Comment by Jeff on 2129203934
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 07:00am
Spam Phone call. repeated calls with very vague information trying to get a hold of a particular employee. turns out it is a publication company sales call.
Comment by Jenny Dee on 07497744449
Monday, 12.5.2016 @ 06:41am
Recruiter - IT & Engineering
Company called Obscurant