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Comment by rajendar on 5550123158
Thursday, 08.27.2015 @ 21:23pm
i got a call from this no....she said hhello hello hello
and cutted the call,,,
when i call her she lifted and not not talking simply,,,silence
plz tel me what is yhis nuber
Comment by Jacky on 7187914164
Thursday, 08.27.2015 @ 17:40pm
They called today. Says "Health Management Group" on the caller ID. Left a message about some medical bill I didnt pay
Comment by Anonymous on 6125941399
Thursday, 08.27.2015 @ 16:50pm
Comment by Marco Polo on 8148715508
Thursday, 08.27.2015 @ 16:43pm
It's Gannon Univ begging alumni for money.
They must get numbers from Whitepages or something.
They just called my sister in law ...
Comment by Jess on 3025771130
Thursday, 08.27.2015 @ 16:38pm
I got a call today from this number today too but didn't answer I googled it and a forum from 2014 said the caller claimed to be from new castle county police another site deemed it an unsafe number I wouldn't answer it most likely a spam.
Comment by winston on 8452950161
Thursday, 08.27.2015 @ 16:19pm
scammer... Male with heavy accent called to enquire about a computer I'm selling on craigslist. Talked to my voice mail thinking it was me. I called number back through voice mail and from my cell phone list and it's a bad number
Comment by P on 3032141355
Thursday, 08.27.2015 @ 16:08pm
He said something about Jackie Chan adventures
Comment by Someone on 6107095552
Thursday, 08.27.2015 @ 16:00pm
Keeps calling leaves no message.
Comment by Kristina on 441133503310
Thursday, 08.27.2015 @ 15:30pm
I got a call from this number, but noticing it didn't look like a fimiliar American number I didn't answer. I'm very curious as to who this number belongs to as I've seen a bunch of others wondering the same.
Comment by Jason on 2242200096
Thursday, 08.27.2015 @ 15:25pm
They said was united health care
Comment by Paty on 9841336169
Thursday, 08.27.2015 @ 15:12pm
yo llegue comprar en diciembre un boleto a ese número Preventa para dj MAKJ EN Palazzo Night Clúb ULTIMAS HORAS 9841336169
Comment by Nobody on 9284201231
Thursday, 08.27.2015 @ 14:39pm
Yeah this number belongs to a stupid tweaker
Comment by Cc on 18015451800
Thursday, 08.27.2015 @ 13:21pm
I answered and it was a representative from
Comment by Jean 27.08.15 on 0019805550180
Thursday, 08.27.2015 @ 13:09pm
Man(sounded Asian), but not easy to understand. Said he was from Windows and that my computer was being targeted by viruses and malware. I said I did not trust him and put down the 'phone. He rang back in two minutes and said he would tell me how to fix the computer to stop it becoming very slow. Told me to press three separate keys on bottom line. I told him I would not do it and slammed down the telephone. I may be 85 but still have a few marbles left. I was amazed to hear on 1471 that there was a telephone number - the same one as above. I was shaking for hours!
Comment by Xs on 2717403946
Thursday, 08.27.2015 @ 12:10pm
Que paso ????
Comment by reply on 094040651
Thursday, 08.27.2015 @ 11:57am
Got a call at 5:30 this morning but didn't answer. Was curious so called back an hour later. Lady called Margaret had no idea why I was called and said there were multiple phones in the house and a few people living there. Peter, Michael and someone else.
All a bit strange
Comment by Garnjo on 5137950714
Thursday, 08.27.2015 @ 11:47am
We received a phone call from this # saying he worked for an attorny claiming we owed $900 on a credit card machine that we wasn't even in a contract for. He wants bank statements and a letter of disclosure.
Comment by 82715 on 4349938840
Thursday, 08.27.2015 @ 11:29am
Comment by Jay on 4087404026
Thursday, 08.27.2015 @ 11:00am
does not respond when I answer, calls frequently
Comment by Fede on 4032926571
Thursday, 08.27.2015 @ 10:55am
I got a call from them. No idea what is for but they are calling me from Canada and I live in NY.
They left a voicemail, that I should called them back or their will be legal repercussions.