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Comment by Mm on 6464395269
Sunday, 02.7.2016 @ 10:56am
I got a text today so he (steven was name given) could try and buy a very expensive item off Craigslist. He wanted to overnight a cashiers check and wanted me to immediately send the item (pretty much ensuring he'd have it before I realized the check was a fake). This is a very well known Facebook scam. He wanted me to ship something that with shipping alone would put me out several hundred dollars because it weighs a few hundred pounds. As soon as I told him it would be a 2-3 week waiting time before I would ship because I wanted to ensure that the check would clear and not be returned. As soon as I said that he stopped responding. Do not do anything with this person.
Comment by Elizabeth on 3233318629
Sunday, 02.7.2016 @ 10:16am
This number was calling and texting my daughter telling her he likes her but since my daughter dont know him she block the number
Comment by oli on 02033285996
Sunday, 02.7.2016 @ 08:47am
just didn't speak never seen number before.noone 1 answered so I hung up
Comment by Sam on 02476100740
Sunday, 02.7.2016 @ 06:39am
Hello I receieved a message regarding a property I advertised for to move in n I recieved a text asking to contact his wife hope this helps x
Comment by KathyL on 08435092421
Sunday, 02.7.2016 @ 05:22am
This number IS EE/ORANGE MOBILE Upgrade number! I was charged £16 for a 23 minute call but have just complained and had the charges removed.
If you are an EE/Orange mobile customer call 150 from your handset for free and get refunded..
Comment by thabiso on 0111004321
Sunday, 02.7.2016 @ 01:58am
They said if I wanna apply I should put in my Id number and I don't know where it is from
Comment by LM on 8763903817
Saturday, 02.6.2016 @ 20:32pm
A man with a Jamaican accent calls from this number. He claims he is with Publishers Clearinghouse and you won a million dollars and a new car. He wants green dot money pak to take care of the tax. It is obvious it is a scam.
Comment by mott on 8502501981
Saturday, 02.6.2016 @ 19:37pm
they call and hang up
Comment by ABC on 8557315141
Saturday, 02.6.2016 @ 17:36pm
They are from Identity theft group. If you are getting calls from this number, that means they have a little bit of information about you and looking for more information to commit fraud like applying a new credit card and don't pay bills. Please don't give any kind of information about you. They may have your name, address and little bit of information like health insurance or last 4 numbers of credit card orany other information. For ex: If they have your health insurance information, they talk as if like your Health insurance customer care member and say that they called about your health assessment. They will try to pull your information.

If you try to call back in off business hours, you will hear a message like "The "BEEP" office is closed. Please call us back in business hours...." Where you cant understand the comany name.

Please don't give any kind of information if you get calls from below 3.
855 384 1870
888 510 1003
855 731 5141
Comment by fishing on 222220000
Saturday, 02.6.2016 @ 11:46am
SMS message from Revenue Canada advising to submit my refund
form to XXXXX etc........ Message isn't even bilingual. STUPIT ASSHOLES!!!
Comment by Anon 3 on 202281716
Saturday, 02.6.2016 @ 09:14am
Called many times ...2:16am...11pm...9am. I have not answered. I plan on blocking the number if they wake me up in the middle of the night again.
Comment by Siggy on 07463105544
Saturday, 02.6.2016 @ 08:39am
Cold called to bring down car price. Would say some kind of canvasser or "anything cheap" dealer.
Comment by Fatimah on 8765526559
Saturday, 02.6.2016 @ 05:58am
They said that I win a 2.5 million dollars and a car
Comment by Orianna on 01772482262
Saturday, 02.6.2016 @ 05:55am
This number it's calling me every day,5-6 times per day...
Comment by Gun on 0165445777
Saturday, 02.6.2016 @ 04:52am
Have been called today from this number, call back but no answer....confused...
Comment by leighton james westburu on 01158800075
Saturday, 02.6.2016 @ 04:48am
The company name belonging to this number is, Amber Windows and Doors the reason for the call (although not admitted) was a telesales call he said he didn't know why I was called but was I interested in a upvc windows or doors !!!!
Comment by Lff on 21359064
Saturday, 02.6.2016 @ 04:26am
Hello, got a missed call from this number as well, if you happen to know some information from this number,please inform us. Thank you.
Comment by shraon on 0127441300
Saturday, 02.6.2016 @ 01:24am
this numbers tried callin me around 5 pm,2x n i ddnt pick whn i try callin it bck says opposit hung up please help
Comment by biff on 4086348624
Friday, 02.5.2016 @ 22:52pm
an escort?
Comment by Jay on 0418103100
Friday, 02.5.2016 @ 19:28pm
Yeah mate. Just voicemail is all i got