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Comment by K on 9785259189
Saturday, 12.10.2016 @ 17:35pm
Called looking for mark
Comment by Erica on 88807
Saturday, 12.10.2016 @ 16:54pm
They have been calling my grandpa it's a scam!
Comment by Annie on 7747763301
Saturday, 12.10.2016 @ 12:46pm
this is a craigslist scam. first off they always want to send you more money then it's worth.
you end up cashing their (counterfeit) check. you send them the item, then a few days later you receive a notice from your bank, that the check is counterfeit. and you owe the money back.
normally people fall for this, they are out of their money and the item too.
these people never will call you, they text all thru the same text app.
they have ever excuse.i'm in the armed forces, or i'am on a cruise ship, blah blah blah.
don't fall for this scam. they are all overseas, their English is and spelling is always off.
Comment by Chuck on 8666380157
Saturday, 12.10.2016 @ 11:25am
Called and asked for me by name and left his name as Elijah McCoy and asked for me to call him back at 866-638-0157
Comment by dude on 4088444828
Saturday, 12.10.2016 @ 09:02am
phone number included in fraudulent phony ebay sale. First a "too good to be true" add was placed in fb local sales. then the car was out of state to be shipped at no charge. This phone number was provided as the ebay "buyer protection" center number. An early call was not answered, no voicemail made it suspect, then I found this site. FRAUD
Comment by Barry on 02083281247
Saturday, 12.10.2016 @ 09:00am
They named the British Gas account holder then hung up.
Comment by LM on 16788885247
Friday, 12.9.2016 @ 18:29pm
Comment by LM on 16788885247
Friday, 12.9.2016 @ 18:28pm
Comment by LM on 16788885247
Friday, 12.9.2016 @ 18:27pm
Comment by Quick Brown Fox on 5032761450
Friday, 12.9.2016 @ 13:31pm
VALIC has a terrible habit of cold calling clients from this Portland-area number and leaving poor-quality voice messages to set up appointments with VALIC salesmen (disguised as "financial planners") to woo the clients into purchasing high-commission, unnecessary products. The best defense against these unwanted calls is letting your answering machine take them, then deleting the messages.
Comment by jj on 5045348996
Friday, 12.9.2016 @ 13:21pm
when answered, "This is Amy an account executive on a recorded line. Can you hear me ok?" As if I am going to talk to a stranger on a recorded line. I hung up.
Comment by sussy on 9093198487
Friday, 12.9.2016 @ 12:05pm
Did you give me this phone?
Comment by DC on 3236428549
Friday, 12.9.2016 @ 10:24am
I got a weird text message saying that I received their check for $5,500 and to stop keeping them in the dark. No clue what this is referencing but now Im thinking I have been spamed or I hope not worse
Comment by Raleigh on 02085043058
Friday, 12.9.2016 @ 10:13am
The caller that calls from this number is a company called one bill telecom and they are trying to get you to change to their service. They call from either India or Pakistan and remarkably all the callers have English names like David, James, John etc.
I am sure this is a Scam to get your details so be very careful.
Comment by ** on 5594710757
Friday, 12.9.2016 @ 10:05am
It's First Assembly of God.
Comment by stephen on 8067527974
Friday, 12.9.2016 @ 10:03am
I recieved a email from a lady on a dating site 2 weeks ago was emailing me with all these amazing words it was to good to be true she claimed to be 51 years old yet in the 3 photos she sent looked only 30 years old. but this morning i recieved a request to send her $1,270 dollars to help with tax on goods bought in Cario the lady was called Rebecca Taylor but i was very supious because i put this above number on 2 different usa tracing websites and it seems its a scam because when i wrote back to were can i send the money to they gave me a African Nigerian name only and yesterday i was asked for my itunes card number iam from northern ireland it just shows you its hard to trust anyone even on a dating site for seniors over 50. i hope this is helpful i did write back and told them i was a police man no reply came back
Comment by xyz on 4192283271
Friday, 12.9.2016 @ 09:31am
called, did not leave message. Tried to call back, got a recording saying call could not be completed.
Comment by Olivier on 910830532
Friday, 12.9.2016 @ 02:38am
Just recieved a call from this number.
Picked it up and nothing happened.
Comment by Christina on 5413913070
Thursday, 12.8.2016 @ 17:59pm
Keeps calling and says wants to come home. Sandy looked like she was sitting well financially but not so. She's got the goldmine and he's getting the shaft. Says he's been treated for an STD. Thought it was a urinary tract infection and can't keep doing cocaine with her. Can he pls come back and he'll be a good man this time
Comment by rOBERT on 4072427687
Thursday, 12.8.2016 @ 15:11pm
Who are they?
Comment by Theresa on 8563355067
Thursday, 12.8.2016 @ 15:02pm
A woman just called me from this number, she said she was from some medical service
company and wanted to know what areas of my body I experience pain, she knew my knew my name address and email, I told her I have enough medications and hung up
Comment by Mandy on 01134192372
Thursday, 12.8.2016 @ 13:18pm
Called the number back, it's spam. Company called trusted futures to do with life insurance.
Comment by Tre on 4133385005
Thursday, 12.8.2016 @ 11:54am
They hung up
Comment by CD on 08451304160
Thursday, 12.8.2016 @ 11:47am
This number belongs to the SAM Online Learning site that many schools and colleges use for online classes.
Comment by got a scam on 4404209777
Thursday, 12.8.2016 @ 11:21am
This is a scam number. It copies and pastes an old pandahi add for a sales postion.
Comment by John on 3137586711
Thursday, 12.8.2016 @ 10:17am
Just got two calls from this number, left no voicemail.
Comment by swu zu on 4252455109
Thursday, 12.8.2016 @ 08:35am
i just received a call from [206.......], a US Grants Dept and they telling I've a grant with the amount of $7800.00 that I don't have to pay it back. I was instructed to call the manager on 4252455109 to get more details. I called them and they told me I haven't got any registry with the govt. So, in order for me to have the money I've to register my name with the govt. To complete the registration, I need to buy a iTunes card worth $250 from cvs. I go to cvs but not found for $250. So they want me to get 3 different card ..$100 two card and $50 one card. After i read them off the number and expecting the money hopefully, I was asked to pay another 780.00 for tax or something whatever. I had spent all my christmass money. I'm broke. They are bullshit. Plis somebody can help us!!! anything can help!!
Comment by Stella holmes on 4806528422
Thursday, 12.8.2016 @ 05:20am
This man is a stalker he just don't know how to let me go . he hounds me l
Comment by Asda on 09175068236
Thursday, 12.8.2016 @ 03:26am
It called me also. Probably a company i applied for. Did u pass any resume into banks?
Comment by jun on 09481100107
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 22:04pm
pldt billing, just ignor
Comment by Christopher on 8448494158
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 18:10pm
Kroger Human Resources calling about an application
Comment by ANJ on 0282882294
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 17:41pm
It's Citi Bank's Call Centre
Comment by James on 07535644632
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 16:44pm
This guy is a car dealer, a very rude and aggressive bloke that sells junk that shouldnt be on the road. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM HIM.
Comment by Bob on 6465587104
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 16:43pm
Hi, I got a call from this number today regarding a job opportunity. Recruiter asked for last 4 digits of social and month/day of birthdate. I asked why his number said he was calling from NYC when his email signature said Texas. He hung up on me. When I tried to call back, his number did not work. I immediately put a fraud alert on my credit card. Not sure if this is legit or not. I'm seeing conflicting information.
Comment by Roseann Carter on 2054717631
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 15:52pm
Been calling my cell phone looking for Jennifer Pennington. I have told them repeatedly I am not her and they refuse to listen. No answer when you call them back. Today I told him to fuck off and hung up on him. He called me back and said he would be over in 20 minutes. I said good luck since I am not the person he is looking for.
Comment by Diane on 9727462786
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 15:36pm
First claimed to be doing a survey which changed to asking if our last name was ???? and if Suddenlink was our carrier. They then tried to sound as if from Sudden link and was offering an upgrade to internet speed. Left conversation when she said that since I was a long time customer--this upgrade would normally---. I hung up.
Comment by Him b on 6466308240
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 14:42pm
This person has called me and tried to say I won, a $250 Wal-Mart or Sam's club gift card and she asked me to pick with one would I like to receive and I said Wal-Mart. Then she rudely asked For my credit card info. I kinda figured it was a scam but I just went along with her. To see what she would say. How can I won something if she doesn't know My name. 😂
Comment by stef on 5595499326
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 14:37pm
got a call from this number too. A female answered. I asked what company she is calling from. She stated "have a good day" SCAM!!
Comment by NotTelling on 9787837063
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 12:50pm
He was asking if I was dealing with SQL databases and told him no. I'm a network admin so he said all right and said good bye. A couple of minutes later he called back saying it was a miscall and apologized...
Comment by Chem on 4151234567
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 11:40am
They call you. When you call back the phone says this number has been disconnected or is no longer in service. must be a scam
Comment by Chela on 5092250077
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 11:38am
Not Spam. You get a real person
Comment by Reinaldo sanchez on 551132256000
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 10:17am
Dedo de llamaron
Comment by Sara on 2899823417
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 09:50am
I got a call and message saying it was Alice from Service Canada. I called back and the voicemail asked me to leave my name number and SIN. I did not leave my SIN and think it's weird they would ask you to.
Comment by Laura on 8762814119
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 09:39am
THIS IS A SCAM!!! A Jamaican man with a heavy accent called claiming to be Michael Fester from American Cash Awards Company on behalf of Publishers Clearing House called me and asked if I received the 2 award notifications by mail that were sent to me. I told him no. He said I won $8.5 million and a 2016 Mercedes Benz E Class car. (Exactly what he said.) Asked me if I was home or at work. I asked how that is relevant. He said he has to ask these questions and to just answer the questions. I told him i was skeptical because i was looking up the company and there are reports of a scam with the BBB. He said that is nit correct information and i shouldn't believe it. (Seriously?) He said to write this info down. His badge number 01362 and my package delivery number EL020-836-7791-US. He made me repeat it back to him correctly. He said they would send a certified check from PCH. He asked if i wanted to receive my prize publicly on TV and the internet or privately so no one knows my business. I told him publicly. Then he told me he had to ask some questions to fill out the paperwork. He asked me if I was in debt. I asked why does he need to know he said the IRS requires he ask these questions and I just need to answer them if I want my prize. He asked my marital status, am I a citizen of the US, if i had an account with a bank and if I have dependents. He asked how far from Franklin, LA do we live. I gave him approximate miles. He asked if I was close to a Walmart and how far. Told him about a mile. He asked if we were familiar with Western Union or Moneygram. By this time I had my husband on the call with me and he said Western Union. He said that we had to send a registration fee of $825.16 to a licensed banker for PCH and obtain a registration receipt that the State Marshall has to sign off on for me to receive money over $10,000. He asked how long it would take us to get the money sent. My husband said we could get it done ASAP (we were trying to get as much info at this point because we knew this was a scam). He said we had to put exactly this on the form: Eddie Miller / Lanett, AL 36863. I asked for the street number. He said to just put exactly what he told me because this is what PCH has requested and this is the bankers information. He asked again how long it would be before we sent the money. My husband asked how long will it take the crews to get to our home. He said an hour and forty-five minutes. My husband said we will have it done before they get here so send them out. He said we have to send the money and obtain the receipt before they will send them out. My husband said just go ahead and send them and we will have it done by the time they get here. He hung up on us. My husband called back from his phone and the man answered and said he was with PCH and not American Cash Awards Company. My husband told him we got disconnected. He asked did we win a prize. My husband said we were just talking to you. You called my wife. Then the man asked when we would send the money again. My husband then told him he needed to stop this bulls**t and stop f**king with people. He told him not to contact us again and that he knows where he is and will come and f**k him up and he has none idea whof hes f**king with. The man asked what he was talking about. My husband hung up. I called PCH fraud department and spoke with Eugene. I gave him all the information. He said to just know that PCH never contacts winners by, phone, mail, email or social media. It is always in person. He said it is always free and never ever send money. PCH takes this very seriously and will be sharing this information with the Federal Trade Commission, the FBI and law enforcement all over the country. I told him that was excellent and I don't want anyone to fall for this crazy persons bull. He thanked me for my help. I hope no one gets caught in this man's trap and I hope he is apprehended for this insanity.
Comment by Spot On on 2548489572
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 08:59am
254-848-9572 Cold hearted criminal nurse named Maura Burgard. This nurse stole money and medicine from my family and lied about it. Do not trust this person or you and your family will be sorry. Does not belong in nursing.
Comment by Casey on 9044764779
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 08:57am
Great person
Comment by Sally on 6098298358
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 07:50am
They said "we're calling about your recent inquiry for Social Security benefits" and I said I did not inquire and they hung up.
Comment by Ali on 0517080170
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 07:29am
I think it was security clearance call for job in sensitive department
I someone refer you for evaluation.
reply here
Comment by - a russell on 01656330590
Wednesday, 12.7.2016 @ 01:31am
5 calls today lasting less than 20 seconds
Comment by Liz on 4128379192
Tuesday, 12.6.2016 @ 20:25pm
Also met on line in the spring, first claimed to be living in Philadelphia and then transferred to China. Alex is from Germany but first moved to Alabama, then to PA. Story never made any sense.