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Comment by Tim on 4703390324
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 12:14pm
Called twice. Left no messages.
Comment by cindy on 6303814622
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 12:04pm
Comment by Maxine on 7787691991
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 12:02pm
Goy one too Jan22 .I think it's a scam.
Comment by Anonymous in Northern NJ on 9175128316
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 11:59am
I just don't ever answer it. I dont give a crap who she or he is. I just don't answer because I don't know them and don't want to know them.
Comment by K on 2402307064
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 11:52am
texted about a car advertised on craigslist. really sounded sketchy with a weird deal for the car.
Comment by Billy on 5512228829
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 11:42am
After googling this appears to be a fake IRS scam. I just received a call from it as well. The IRS doesn’t call. They mail notices.
Comment by cowdie on 7148315084
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 11:34am
called 2x today 1/22/18. left no message. returned call and a lady said "helping hands"???
Comment by KJ on 2095996454
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 11:02am
Lots of calls.Never leaves a message.Blocked # time wasters!
Comment by carol on 6106106552
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 11:01am
Calls received every day from Jan. 18,2018 through today Jan. 22, 2018.
Comment by Pp on 4155494995
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 10:32am
I have 2-3 calls a day. I do not answer. How can I block this on my home phone.?
Comment by brown on 8642109301
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 10:16am
Lady name Sharon called and was very rude and unprofessional. How the hell she say i owe 11,000 dollars but can settle for 3,000 over phone seems like a scam to me
Comment by Justice Shall Prevail on 9177278195
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 10:15am
Today, Monday, January, 22, 2018, I Received A Text From This 1-917-727-8195. Text Message: "hello, i believe this is Rita bryant" At 9:41 AM. I called the number and left a voicemail stating: "Who are you? Why did you text my cell phone? How do you know me?" He did not respond back. I do not know this phone number:1-917-727-8195. Today, Monday, January, 22, 2018, I called 1-917-727-8195 At 9:48 AM but in his voicemail message to me he said this is Bryan Baker is in his voicemail message he knew my first and last name. I do not know him. I will have to change my number.
Comment by Sara on 6022938111
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 10:09am
They have called multiple times in one day over a weeks time. No message. I don't answer calls from people who don't leave messages. They are scams or robots. after looking on line, others report same thing. Just blocked them.
Comment by Maritza Sanchez on 3238920638
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 10:04am
This number is from a person named steven Parker he took all my money stole it from my bank account hacked into it. He needs to pay for this
Comment by Curt on 6124928369
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 10:03am
Fraud detection contractor hired by my bank to detect suspicious card activity. Saved me from attempted fraudulent card charges from France online attempt.
Comment by Richard Cannon on 00177364916
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 10:01am
Offering to buy my Nexus penny shares stock for a client who wants a controlling interest
Comment by Phil on 5146985474
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 10:00am
Well, I mistakenly upvoted here because I wanted to see the comments, but I can't change my vote. I suspect that may be the case with most or all of the upvotes as no one would upvote this scam. Guy who comes on has an Indian accent and yet gives an American name. I get these calls all the time although they may not all be from this number. Sometimes he/she says they are from Microsoft, Windows or just am unnamed computer technical support company. Sometimes they say they are from a company that seels prescription drugs and they ask me how I like that Viagra or Cialis that I am taking according to their records and yet they don't know my name. One time one of them admitted that he was in India and using a pseudonym. This number is a Pointe Claire Quebec Canada number near Montreal. Their carrier is Fido Solutions Inc in Montreal. Their parent company is Rogers Communications out of Toronto. They also own the Toronto Blue Jays. These are media/communications companies, so they may just get their phone service through them.
Comment by D Davis on 5025824000
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 09:45am
I get called from this number frequently. It belongs to a Dr. Husam in Louisville Kentucky. If I answer, they hang up. No idea why they call me.
Comment by Tracy Shepherd on 03303035291
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 09:42am
O2 cold call
Comment by Texx on 8884666433
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 09:33am
Fake Microsoft tech support. Number popped up on a browser saying the machine had been hijacked and had viruses. Immediately knew it was a fake.
Comment by Kat23 on 6095824015
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 09:24am
It’s Allentown NJ not Allentown PA
Comment by Stephanie on 9142683656
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 09:07am
Got a call from this number at 8:30 am and they left a voicemail saying “Your name and your identity so before the war submitted to your state of varieties kindly get back to us on 914-268-3656 I repeat it's 914-268-3656 thank you…” not sure what it’s about. Probably a scam.
Comment by Pete on 4235321373
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 09:07am
Other sites say it is irs scam call, do not respond, do spread the word
Comment by gonzo on 6095824015
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 09:05am
Received a call from this number, it shows as from Allentown PA, even though the area code is for the Jersey shore / south Jersey. No voicemail was left. I've marked it as spam and blocked it.
Comment by kg on 3153330826
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 08:52am
I got a call and the message said the Call was from the IRS.
Comment by person1 on 01333204573
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 08:51am
I also got a call from this number today. assume spam
Comment by Julianne on 6175311068
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 08:47am
I wish I had! They called me three times this morning one after another
Comment by james on 6095824015
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 08:43am
Called number back, message came on that the maximum number of test calls had been reached. If i wanted any more calls i have to purchase the number.
Comment by karen on 0113817960
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 08:41am
I received a call say to call back its about a payout from one of the places I work before an also give a let me know if this side is for real
Comment by Kara on 5619322638
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 08:23am
This person is a creepy! A pervert.
Comment by comment on 2163504593
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 08:09am
same here. said they're calling from NCR and after multiple failed attempts to reach me and she just got my case and i have until monday for me or my attorney to contact her
Comment by Dutch on 5714581218
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 08:02am
These people are listed as spammers, also listed as debt collectors.
Comment by Jkelly on 7136941032
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 08:01am
I was unable to accept the call, and tried to call them back. I was told my call could not be completed, even though I dialed it correctly. The number is 1-713-694-1032.
Comment by Becca on 2622081302
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 07:37am
I just received a phone call from this number at work. I gave my opening greeting twice, heard no one on the other end, and
Comment by Roland on 08009949444
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 07:36am
Washing machine repair - was completed to a satisfactory standard.
Comment by A Cobb on 8322256733
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 07:35am
Comment by Wendy on 8283651128
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 07:31am
Didn't answer...but they call over and over and never leave a message. Blocked this number.
Comment by Chris Ryan on 02031435999
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 07:24am
Phoned me just now. No idea who they are, just declined.
Comment by Becks on 6014299210
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 07:13am
They also use the number 601-429-9212 call but never leave voice mail way to many scammers out there so if I do not know the number I do not answer.
Comment by George on 7863226456
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 07:12am
Called, but did not leave a message.
Comment by Tina on 4102204279
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 06:59am
I get several calls a day from this number. I haven't answered and put on my block list. They never leave a message.
Comment by Suzie on 01283347072
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 06:33am
Had a missed call from this number with no message, also had a landline call but deu to fault on line could not answer
Comment by Anonymous on 02038236366
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 06:31am
On Friday 19th January at 15:08pm I received a missed call on my mobile. The number was 0203 823 6366 and I didn’t recognise it. When I checked my voicemails a message had been left for me from this number. It was a recorded message purporting to be from HMRC. It said that if I didn’t call HMRC immediately on the number provided I would be prosecuted. A number was left but it was distorted and I couldn’t make it out. Instead, I check my call records and called back the number that had called me (0203 823 6366).

A man answered and gave his name as David Smith. He did not give out the name of his company. I told him I had received a missed call from this number. He asked me what my phone number was (oddly) and I recited it to him. He then asked me if my name was Rachel June Puckett. I told him it was. He then told me to take a seat as he had some very bad news. He told me to prepare myself. I became extremely worried. He then told me that HMRC suspected me of committing tax fraud and that City of London Police had a warrant out for my arrest! I was gobsmacked. It seemed bizarre however I had just submitted my tax return so was slightly concerned. He said he worked for a firm of solicitors who could help me with the situation. I stopped him right there. Something felt wrong.

I told him I was going to call HMRC and check with them myself and then I hung up.

I telephoned the HMRC Self-Assessment helpline number I found on the internet but I was holding for 20 minutes before I gave up. Instead, I located the number for City of London Police and I called them directly. After explaining what had happened, the officer I spoke to said she would look into the matter and call me back. She did a few minutes later: there was no warrant out for my arrest – City of London police don’t operate like that and these things take time. She had also Googled the number of the ‘firm of solicitors’ I had been called by and found a post on an online forum that said they were HMRC scammers.

Thankfully I got to the bottom of this without incurring any financial loss however the experience was deeply stressful and traumatic. It really frightened me. Whoever these people were, they had my mobile number, full name and knew I had submitted a tax return recently – how I don’t know.

Passing this information on in the hope that it can help eradicate this nonsense.
Comment by SUSAN STOKES on 01613549791
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 06:11am
They call nearly every day. Asking if I’ve been in an accident. I’m sick of them calling snd have bought a phone that can block calls as was stressed to see this nimber
Comment by Nancy on 3124575214
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 06:00am
Just that they called at 6:44am,and we signed up for norobo last week.
Comment by sipho on 0110850660
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 05:58am
0110850660 who does the number belongs to mybe it might be jobs
Comment by Natasha on 02077635113
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 05:49am
Hello Fresh
Comment by also puzzled on 03445714038
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 05:27am
I too have received an unsolicited text message from these people.

My message read "We have urgent information for MR ***MY NAME***. Please visit secure link***ID No.*** or call 03445714038 quoting ***Another ID no*** Text STOP 60070"
Comment by Charles on 6467079031
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 05:26am
Posts fake ads on Craigslist claiming he has work available.
Comment by Lisa on 9183931550
Monday, 01.22.2018 @ 05:13am
Scammers is my opinion. You can read all about calls to other people from this number by clicking this link: