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Comment by Jay on 7405318075
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 09:32am
No answer from the other end.
Comment by Skippit on 6094693269
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 09:29am
Yeah.....I can tell you....SPAM SPAMITTY SPAM SPAM, SPAM SPAM!!!
Comment by Katie on 8022313864
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 09:27am
A male introduced himself as 'Joe' and said something about a job.
Being that I recently had my resume on several websites I decided to inquire further. I asked what organization he was with, and he repeated that he is Joe. So I asked again, and he said "Apply to College". Confused, I said "The name of your organization is 'Apply to College'?", at which point he confirmed this. Being that this is clearly a scammer, I told him to remove my number from his list, and no thank you.
Comment by Dennis on 3475234355
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 09:12am
Says I won 1.2 million dollars and for 12000.00 they will send it to me😡
Comment by No on 3476207930
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 08:54am
No voice on the line
Comment by Gloria on 2028999015
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 08:41am
call from this number, said goverment had chosen me for a grant of 9,700.00, go to Western Union pay them 250.00 and would receive all 9700.00, on't to pay it back and will pay the 250.00 back to me
Comment by Juan Rodriguez on 2025039771
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 08:38am
I just simply blocked this number
Comment by Alexandra on 7738395388
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 08:38am
I get calls every day from this number...verizon marking it as potential spam on CID. If I do get to pick up, they just hang up theres nobody there. They dont leave messages. Who tf is this?
Comment by Lora on 7652014415
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 08:33am
call came in person speaking was very faint. called the number back to get a woman that was very nasty stating I was being charged for fraud from bank for year 2011. explained to woman wasn't me and wanted the name and address of company and she put me on hold and hung up.
Comment by jp on 9705286334
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 08:31am
Call, call, call 3-4 times a day..........never leave a message. I'm tired of them
constantly calling. Don't they realize after people like me get pizzed off at them
there's no way we'd ever buy anything from them? Especially fools who never
leave a message. We NEVER return any calls that refuse to leave message.
Comment by Renee on 2163502607
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 08:30am
It's a scam company claiming you will receive a $100 rebate voucher.
Comment by Jason on 2143068135
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 08:25am
This number is for a company called Diversified Consultant. Looking up the company, they seem to be a debt collector.
Comment by Annonymous on 4242886922
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 08:22am
This guy is a scammer. He calls claiming he has an issue with someone at your company demanding to be compensated. He is not above literally screaming at the top of his lungs.
Comment by Hunny on 0327123263
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 08:21am
I also get call from this number today.
someone from the company call after i key in my details. Also ask about product,and say no need to pay first. Payment will be made after receive product.

It's anything happen after that? Who still got receive call from them?
Comment by sherry on 8643011437
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 08:16am
Comment by mk on 3392018184
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 07:54am
Called, hung up, no message
Comment by Concerned Citizen on 3132933088
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 07:48am
This number is from Healthy Michigan Plan, and they would be calling for someone to make a payment. The payment is for co-pays or premiums owed.
Comment by Shelly on 7182801162
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 07:46am
I am having the same experience that Debbie described.This male keeps calling and today he became very abusive. I tried calling the number back to report him to his boss, but the number is out of order.
Comment by ARB on 2142814691
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 07:45am
They called them selves Cypress and also called me from 214 281 4649 and then called themselves Impulse. They won't stop calling our business and are rude and insist on stopping by our location. When I say no they say we're coming anyway. It only takes 15 mins then hang up. Then they keep missing their times they demand to arrive and It's a big annoying hassle.
Comment by desy on 3472591515
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 07:41am
3472591515 TRUFFA ONLINE

Questa persona mi ha venduto un materasso del valore di 70Euro a 155eURO.
NON HA FORNITO RICEVUTA FISCALE NONOSTATE ESPRESSAMENTE CHIESTA, perchè il materasso consegnato non è uscito dal suo negozietto virtuale, ma dal negozio di Baldiflex (Quarrata), il quale del tutto estraneo ha diffidato questa persona.
Comment by Concerned Citizen on 2126302007
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 07:37am
Got a call from some woman who claimed to calling from Verizon from (212) 630-2007. She claimed my computer was sending out error messages and that I needed to log into my computer and enter some information to a specific website. I told her I needed to get my daughter to help since she is my IT, but the woman insisted that it's easy and she would talk me through it. She then told me that we would need a credit card to cover the extra charges that I was going to incur for this problem. She was very persistent, even though I kept telling her NO. I ended up hanging up on her.
Comment by SAURO on 3472591515
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 07:36am
Comment by LHOPO on 3472591515
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 07:34am
Comment by MK on 5143962733
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 07:32am
Called today, had my name, then hung up
Comment by issed off on 020366554
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 07:30am
hangs up when you answer
Comment by D on 9178103056
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 07:08am
I have received a call from this number saying something about a job. But when they call and I don't answer they call back 2 more times right after that then again later on. I've been receiving calls for a few months now from this number but still believe it is a scam. When I did answer the phone they couldn't even tell me what specific job they are calling about or where they gotten my information from. And then they start asking a lot of background information as far as school income and more. It's really weird because they sound like a computer as well and I never knew if it was a real person. And When I asked the lady just asked why and gave a really weird laugh. So on that note I'm gonna say determine scammer.
Comment by Bill on 9293363928
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 07:03am
On dating site this was a guy posing as a woman asking for money
Comment by Jo on 8135850552
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 06:50am
He called and was very rude, sounded drunk or on drugs. Kept asking if we accept wrongful death cases than asked if we sue other attorneys. Must be a prank caller.
Comment by Sarbjit Gill on 6132484835
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 06:45am
Same here, very painfull.
Comment by Kim on 8888797580
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 06:44am
GM financial. About late car payments.
Comment by Andy on 0466918172
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 06:27am
Yep I got one today, done some digging it's a monster scam they offer tax breaks apparently 10 % of AUS can get free chat no money up front. Stay the hell away from it
Comment by . on 02089572557
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 06:14am
Just had a call from this number, it was a company called BPL in Elstree, discussing a job application.
Comment by Emma on 7192492461
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 06:09am
Scammer. Don't answer. The Mr. Number app has this number listed as a high scammer.
Comment by Ben on 6282289449
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 05:09am
Texted me saying they needed work done. I texted answer. From California, probably a scam.
Comment by Arturus on 01618144853
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 04:46am
This number belongs to UDM Solutions who are trying to sell you Life Insurance. Why anyone would buy such products from a company that tries to do business by nuisance calling is beyond me.
Block them on your phone.
Or request your number is removed by calling them back or emailing them is their advice. - Not a good idea as that will then give them your email address.

What company has an email account as its main business point of contact!
Comment by Chris on 4044550044
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 04:23am
Its a app your spouse has that recordes the conversation
Comment by julie on 01728468401
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 03:55am
this is a number from moneysupermarket, its a broker that followed up my health insurance enquiry. think his name's aaron, really nice guy.
Comment by Tom on 01344780613
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 03:50am
OneComms Telecom, Spammy sales call about phone line and broadband from Indian call centre
Comment by Kay Dixon on 118068
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 03:43am
I never made a call to this number and have been billed 6.23 .. Will take it further I am with EE
Comment by Zweli Tshabalala on 0210034416
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 03:42am
I just had a call too what's up with this number?
When I call back it doesn't go through.
Comment by Mrs ann walsh on 01273525108
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 03:29am
They knew I had a indiset washing machine they said my breakdown cover was due for renewal I knew it was NOT they offered me a 3yr deal to renew right now for £150 and wanted my bank details I said no send the offer in writing he said REALLY why can't we do it over the phone I replied you could be anybody
Comment by Zee on 08435697018
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 03:12am
Answered call, silence then a robotic voice saying Goodbye. Bit odd.
Comment by Magda on 01413326795
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 03:06am
They're caled home fundraising, called me with regards to a door to door fundraising job aplication, I havent applied for that role and had to decline. They explained that their system matches people's profiles who register for job allerts on various websites and they just contact them directly. Thanked me for my time and removed me from their website.
No harm done but a but it was a strange call....
Comment by Helen on 01254588284
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 02:51am
Renew flooring... from my insurance claim.
Comment by A.Rowell on 02516392446
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 02:38am
Got a call this morning lady said she was from Sky television and asked if l still had a sky tv, l told her l have never had one and she just rang off!!!
Comment by A.Rowell on 02516392446
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 02:37am
Got a call this morning lady said she was from Sky television and asked if l still had a sky tv, l told her l have never had one and she just rang off!!!
Comment by claire on 08450041258
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 02:11am
I rung it back but it disconnects straight away
got to be duff
Comment by Steve on 0731503025
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 02:08am
A number not known to me at all, very strange and found it to be very suspicious
Comment by Goutamlv on 9177769704
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 01:35am
Best friends
Comment by Molapi on 0127436730
Tuesday, 07.25.2017 @ 01:23am
Department of Rural Development and Land Reform, requesting quotation for a tender by a