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Comment by mbali on 0873583161
Monday, 11.30.2015 @ 06:29am
this lady phone me and asked me 2 confirm my ID claiming there were calling from Mr Price!im worried coz I confirmed my ID!please assisist in stopping dis woman from doing scam with my ID No
Comment by Annonymous on 01276538303
Monday, 11.30.2015 @ 05:47am
Clarity Wills
Comment by Delia on 0218013955
Monday, 11.30.2015 @ 05:31am
They say they from a company called Nortrex Couriers on behalf of Starlight Promotions????
Comment by sam on 003001231813
Monday, 11.30.2015 @ 05:20am
i need to know where this number comes from
Comment by lom on 08000588249
Monday, 11.30.2015 @ 05:03am
The alarm went of on my computer stating Virgin media customers immediate threat to bank details passwords etc and gave this number. I tried to shut down the page but it was frozen so I I phoned 08000588249 a Indian voice answered stating that they were windows technical support. He told me he would help me but I couldn't understand what he was saying and I felt uncomfortable so I hung up and phoned virgin, they told me they never sent out messages like that and to take the computer to an engineer. I rebooted the computer and it is now working fine, but I will admit I am worried about my details..
Comment by cheryl harrison on 07989019105
Monday, 11.30.2015 @ 03:32am
I got this text saying.
hi its sarah Its sarah. Please dont panic but im at the hospital. Had a fall & broke my fibula & my left wrist.Can you text me once you get this? Need a favour if possible x
Comment by Md shahbaz on 02261097600
Monday, 11.30.2015 @ 03:15am
Why are u calling me
Comment by S Zetter on 07989019105
Monday, 11.30.2015 @ 02:06am
Scam email sent,

hi it's Sarah, don't panic but have had a fall and broken my fibula and wrist! Need a favour, text me back on this number!!

Vodafone said ignore!
Comment by neeraja on 04471110100
Monday, 11.30.2015 @ 00:05am
unsolicited calls
Comment by Marie Phoenix on 4802324423
Sunday, 11.29.2015 @ 21:10pm
Psycho with a foot fetish and drug problem. Angry at women. Be careful! Not safe
Comment by Jennifer on 1101005079
Sunday, 11.29.2015 @ 19:57pm
This number texted me and left another phone number. They didn't reply when I asked who they are.
Comment by catsmeow on 8013491702
Sunday, 11.29.2015 @ 16:32pm
call me regularly and 2-4x/day on weekends. they have been calling for months and never leave a message.pain in the but
Comment by Drc on 5852572849
Sunday, 11.29.2015 @ 15:58pm
They did not respond when I said hello
Comment by Anon on 07989019105
Sunday, 11.29.2015 @ 15:35pm
Scam email: Its sarah. Please dont panic but im at the hospital. Had a fall & broke my fibula & my left wrist.Can you text me once you get this? Need a favour if possible x
Want u to send over mobile phone top up voucher codes!!
Comment by Melissa Ritacco on 2392879105
Sunday, 11.29.2015 @ 14:43pm
This is my husbands phone number. It is registered to me. If there are any issues, please comment.
Thank you
Comment by Lex on 07971734091
Sunday, 11.29.2015 @ 13:35pm
Scam - asking for money for phone top up, pretending to be your friend in hospital.
Comment by Sheri on 8179182277
Sunday, 11.29.2015 @ 11:35am
Answered the call,they hung up,attempted to call back,it didn't ring at all.
Comment by Jean Jones on 00089430020260
Sunday, 11.29.2015 @ 03:09am
Ive had 4 texts on mobile this month at £4.50 per text.
ignored & deleted them didnt realise till Id checked my Tesco Acct I'd been charged & scammed.
Tesco advised me to contact annoyed.
Hope this helps others.
Comment by Shane on 07971734091
Sunday, 11.29.2015 @ 02:43am
We got a few messages from this number asking for us to send money. Scam, do not fall for it
Comment by John on 0431215316
Saturday, 11.28.2015 @ 18:33pm
I had an ad on CL as a stright guy, coffee boy kept sending detialed messages after i politly declined..Then he got quite twisted...Bizarre for a coffe shop owner.