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Comment by James on 01134672937
Thursday, 09.21.2017 @ 06:33am
Call from an energy supplier from an old inquiry i made 3 years ago just wanted to offer new rates.
Comment by DelS on 01519470271
Thursday, 09.21.2017 @ 06:26am
This number and numbers 0151 947 ......1322, 1320, 1305, 1308,0271, 0276, 0273, 0206 have called me 12 times in the last 2 days and when I do answer no one speaks, you can hear it is a call centre of some kind with lots of background noise. I keep saying hello but it is silent, it is annoying and probably illegal - who are they and can anyone stop them.
Comment by Lexington on 8039982610
Thursday, 09.21.2017 @ 06:02am
They keep calling and don't say anything, so I called back and they said they wanted to sell my house even though it's not for sale... Something fishy going on when they call AGAIN the very next day.
Comment by Comment on 9054801375
Thursday, 09.21.2017 @ 05:53am
this number is a FAKE collections agency
Comment by Jean on 01316182661
Thursday, 09.21.2017 @ 05:17am
The number 0131 618 566 was used by a computer scammer.

I got an unsolicited phone call prom 'Daniel' saying he was from Microsoft, and when I said I wanted to do some checks as I was suspicious, he gave me this number to call him back. He said my computer was under threat of hacking and was very convincing. He said he was phoning from Microsoft registered office in Reading, but gave me this Edinburgh number to phone him back on. Among other things, I checked on Microsoft's Security page, and they said:

"Remember, Microsoft will never proactively reach out to you to provide unsolicited PC or technical support. Any communication we have with you must be initiated by you."

Note that earlier in the day, I'd had a similar call from a woman, who wasn't nearly as clever. I kept asking her questions, and when I asked who she worked for, a man at her end said quietly "Apple", she retorted, "Shut up!", and the phone went dead. I didn't bother to do 1471, so I don't know if it was the same bunch who then called me from 'Microsoft'.
Comment by CMJ on 07508165582
Thursday, 09.21.2017 @ 04:56am
Say they are Energy care
Help you save money on your energy bills.
Comment by S on 03309957600
Thursday, 09.21.2017 @ 04:33am
They called, I answered but did not speak and they hung up without speaking.

Comment by K. on 003532478198
Thursday, 09.21.2017 @ 03:55am
Thursday, 21 Sep 2017 @ 08:41 am

I missed 2 phone calls from this number. I am not sure what this person want.
Comment by Dilani on 0115880170
Thursday, 09.21.2017 @ 03:32am
I revived to call from 011 5880170 Phone Number.I Need to know who is the caller
Comment by Bata on 12024558888
Thursday, 09.21.2017 @ 03:05am
This always calling but no one answered me
Comment by yo on 6485901645101
Thursday, 09.21.2017 @ 02:49am
from spain, nobody said anything and call was finished
Comment by Anon on 01202979703
Thursday, 09.21.2017 @ 02:38am
Call from them saying theyre from a recruitment company that found my CV online and wanted to find out more about career progression...
Comment by TheWanderer on 01617682105
Thursday, 09.21.2017 @ 02:23am
I received a call from this number, when I answered there was nobody at the other end. Calls like this should be illegal. When I tried to call back the call wouldn't go through for some reason.

I've been trying to find out who it is with not much luck.
Comment by sadie on 0280421821
Thursday, 09.21.2017 @ 01:45am
They called just after dinner. When I answered, the line was obviously open but no one spoke. About 1o seconds into the call, the call dropped out and the engaged signal started, so I hung up.
Comment by Ty on 7242523547
Thursday, 09.21.2017 @ 01:42am
Robo call, for wireless
Comment by Sandra on 02032861239
Thursday, 09.21.2017 @ 01:34am
It's a SCAM don't fall for it people, just been told They want to issue check £5800 today. When I rang on my mobile they asked for the home number they rang on and said right we'll call you back on this to check its you. They never even rang back, NOW THE COUNTY COURT WOULD NEVER BEHAVE IN SUCH A MANNER! I guess they can tell I will not be fooled I was ready for them to ask me for "MY" hard earned cash. PLEASE DONT DO IT!!!!!
Comment by Rosario baluyot on 0085234720001
Thursday, 09.21.2017 @ 01:16am
I just answered it, but I can't hear his voice clearly. Am just wanna know from where country the callers came from.
Comment by Kruger on 0117925943
Thursday, 09.21.2017 @ 00:41am
Called a few minutes ago...saying they are from Microsoft and my computer has "notified" them of irregular files!!
Comment by ian on 02182546722
Thursday, 09.21.2017 @ 00:15am
received "2" calls today ( 3;25pm + 4;23pm ) from above number okay ? Caller only left a ( electronic voice message ) message being only one word > "GOODBYE" . In all honesty, this has happened previously .
Comment by Amy on 01989750472
Wednesday, 09.20.2017 @ 23:49pm
The number you are referring to is Mr & Mrs Windows they are a small family run business who have just opened an office in the Coleford. They are a local business hiring local people, using local suppliers.
Comment by NURSYAZARINA on 0327195545
Wednesday, 09.20.2017 @ 23:17pm
Comment by Lorraine on 0121400009
Wednesday, 09.20.2017 @ 22:47pm
Got a voice message from 012 140 0009 but not coherent does anyone know anything more about this number?

Comment by Andrew on 0423486694
Wednesday, 09.20.2017 @ 22:29pm
When you ring the number back, it says the number is not connected. Weird.
Comment by Aliali on 0385479574
Wednesday, 09.20.2017 @ 21:57pm
Does anyone have any idea about this phone number, they are really harassing me by calling me.
Comment by Jane S on 9165884955
Wednesday, 09.20.2017 @ 21:26pm
Calls. Leaves no message, then calls again a minute later and again leaves no message.AIRPORT
Comment by Snoopy on 8444462514
Wednesday, 09.20.2017 @ 20:26pm
This is a junk fax that comes in soliciting a vacation for 6 days and 5 nights with free bonus. They simply are looking for your credit card information. Calling the removal number leads to a recorded thick accented woman's voice which is difficult to understand. Thus they continue to send you junk.
Comment by AK on 0327729000
Wednesday, 09.20.2017 @ 20:13pm
This is a spam call said you own AEON credit card few thousand. Just shout SCAMMER and hang the call.
Comment by Unknown on 3027521491
Wednesday, 09.20.2017 @ 20:02pm
They called and trying to collect a payment that I paid off 4 years ago.
Comment by Tera Hunter on 8558489056
Wednesday, 09.20.2017 @ 19:43pm
I keep receiving messages from 855-848-9056. They keep saying they delivered information to my residence which I haven't lived at that address in over 5 years. And they say they have called my job which I don't work. They claim that I need to call them by 11:00 tomorrow are they will start proceedings against me without me. They don't say what this is in regards to are anything. They have found out my sons number and left a message on his phone because I have them blocked. I've looked the number up and a lot of people have reported someone from ASI named Ashley.
Comment by Mr Thanh on 0061280144280
Wednesday, 09.20.2017 @ 18:44pm
Dear Sir or madam
good day!
my name is Thanh. im from Viet Nam
yesterday night,do you call phone for me.

Comment by Sam on 8602656096
Wednesday, 09.20.2017 @ 17:32pm
Scam phone number ,call them back it said number is not in service.
Comment by Sandra allwood on 8774942631
Wednesday, 09.20.2017 @ 17:10pm
I just got a call from this number asking me about the same the time I really wasn't thinking and give out my ss
Comment by D on 6134168522
Wednesday, 09.20.2017 @ 17:06pm
Comment by Sandra allwood on 8774942631
Wednesday, 09.20.2017 @ 16:56pm
I just got a call from this number asking me about the same the time I really wasn't thinking and give out my ss
Comment by jeremy on 2565856351
Wednesday, 09.20.2017 @ 16:53pm
I got a couple calls from this area code with this number being the latest.

I started getting calls right after I requested information from the Air Force. The callers never left a message though.

I sent this number a text message asking why I'm getting calls and they replied "Jeremy, Mike here, with Air Force Enlist. You filled out a request on our website. I was calling earlier for a brief (3-4 min) conformation."
I called the guy back immediately. He was very nice and just asked me all the information out to me then ended the call. I guess they just call to confirm you gave valid information.
Comment by Shirley Sue on 8884739978
Wednesday, 09.20.2017 @ 16:50pm
Box came up on Mac screen (August 2, 2017) saying ZEUS virus detected and computer is blocked. Need to call system tech immediately on this number. Never called. No issues with computer after this.
Comment by SAM on 6093535894
Wednesday, 09.20.2017 @ 16:27pm
Comment by Anonymous on 4038792920
Wednesday, 09.20.2017 @ 16:14pm
A robotic telemarketer for lowering our credit card interest. There is no option to be removed from their list. The only option is press 1 to speak to an agent.
Comment by Mike on 5628502142
Wednesday, 09.20.2017 @ 14:48pm
562-850-2142 is a scam phone number. They cold call and pretend to be a 3rd party debt collector and ask you for personal information. when you ask what type of company they are they tell you it is confidential or try to direct you to their fake website. credence resource management is the name of their company (supposedly). do not provide them with any details they ask. If you owe debts, it's always best to contact your institutions / companies directly since you then know who you are giving your information to.
Comment by none on 3024029847
Wednesday, 09.20.2017 @ 14:48pm
When I get a call from this number, as soon as I answer it, they hang up.
Comment by BB on 9713287245
Wednesday, 09.20.2017 @ 14:38pm
Hang up call. I have since blocked it. I don't see how this number has up votes when nobody has left any good comments (or bad for that matter) about it, unless they are votes from the people making the calls themselves in an effort to fool others.
Comment by Mrs Breaux on 9852603036
Wednesday, 09.20.2017 @ 14:31pm
I got a call from this number. Before I could answer, they hung up. I called the number back and got a recording stating that my call was important to them. The recording played 3 times and automatically hung up. I called back and got a recording stating that no one was available to take my call and automatically hung up. I believe that this number is a number used to scam people
Comment by Eric Jenkins on 7033485144
Wednesday, 09.20.2017 @ 14:23pm
I received several calls from this number with no human response when I answered the phone. Today, I received a phone call from this number by a person identifying himself with Capital Bank and they were following up on an Expirian credit card check for a home loan I was attempting to make. I identified that I was not and the representative indicated, "I should contact my bank." I noticed at end of the call that it was this phone number and called back to verify the source. A female, calling herself Jen, answered but I also her my voice echoing which is very indicative of a long distance call from another county. I know this with experiences as a communications technician in the United States Air Force.
Comment by APS on 7705997967
Wednesday, 09.20.2017 @ 14:21pm
Spam call - recorded advertisement
Comment by bob on 9143568066
Wednesday, 09.20.2017 @ 14:08pm
wanting to sell a warranty for my car out of warranty. Did give a real name red auto protection in KS 877 580 7750. BUT I have to sign up now as I can't call them later and then sign up.
Comment by WOB on 3238575511
Wednesday, 09.20.2017 @ 14:07pm
Just received call from that one there.
Comment by Gene on 8563810372
Wednesday, 09.20.2017 @ 13:31pm

This number (856-381-0372) is PORTFOLIO RECOVERY- A DEBT COLLECTOR. They buy debt write-off's for pennies on the dollar and then attempt to collect the debt from from any of us - all of us. They are full of dirty tricks and deceit and are very unethical in their ways of attempting to collect. Bunch of LOW-LIFE'S... JUST DON'T ANSWER YOU PHONE WITH UNKNOWN NUMBERS OR NO CALLER INFO. IF EVERYONE WOULD DO THIS, WE COULD EASILY PUT THEM AND OTHER DEBT COLLECTORS OUT OF BUSINESS. PLEASE DO YOUR PART. "SAVE A DOLLAR, DON'T ANSWER AN UNKNOWN CALLER !!!" GOOD LUCK EVERYONE
Comment by Nick on 7276010842
Wednesday, 09.20.2017 @ 13:27pm
Yup, I have gotten this call several times.
Comment by Vanessa on 5303170915
Wednesday, 09.20.2017 @ 13:19pm
Fake pay day loan they say they are loan me scam scam scam
Comment by Vanessa on 7091925782
Wednesday, 09.20.2017 @ 13:16pm
Constantly calling listed as a scam call so I don't answer but they won't leave a message either