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Comment by biff on 4086348624
Friday, 02.5.2016 @ 22:52pm
an escort?
Comment by Jay on 0418103100
Friday, 02.5.2016 @ 19:28pm
Yeah mate. Just voicemail is all i got
Comment by Julie on 7632505006
Friday, 02.5.2016 @ 17:29pm
I got a call from this number half an hour ago. I didn't answer, but I saw on another site that it was someone soliciting people to take a survey for prizes.
Comment by Kat on 9057935106
Friday, 02.5.2016 @ 16:43pm
It's the Bay in Bramalea City Centre
Comment by annoyed1 on 08008021168
Friday, 02.5.2016 @ 15:31pm
It's a scam, I got it on a Browser pop up and did a screenshot
Fake Microsoft Tech. Here is link to screenshot
Comment by The Phantom on 8887332171
Friday, 02.5.2016 @ 14:42pm
Real process servers DO NOT warn you, in advance of serving! They just show up and serve you. There is no place for a telephonic call for process serving, in the American Legal system. If someone calls to serve legal papers and asks to call back, IT’S SCAM. 100% SCAM. Process Servers who would not have any information about the case. It’s their job to serve the paperwork that has been handed over to them. That’s all they can do!

The callers obviously are CRIMINALS posing as process servers and they will use legalese to induce a victim to believe that they are legit.

There is absolutely no need for you to call back. If in doubt, check with the concerned court.

The FTC had recently shut down scam companies which targeted consumers. The scammers call consumers, posing as process servers seeking to deliver legal papers that supposedly related to a lawsuit. The scammers threaten to get consumers arrested if they fail to pay “court costs” or “legal fees.” However, according to the FTC, the debt collectors making calls to consumers were not actually process servers, attorneys, or their employees. In many instances, consumers did not even owe any debt.

File Complaint with FTC:

Death to the Empire!
Comment by Commentor on 4165198165
Friday, 02.5.2016 @ 14:25pm
I recieved a call from this number today fri feb 05 /16 . I did not answer they left no message
Comment by Anon on 4075410804
Friday, 02.5.2016 @ 13:44pm
Same as what happened to Tom. I'm a bit nervous now because these people have my name, address, and phone number.
Comment by Ben on 7033607062
Friday, 02.5.2016 @ 12:54pm
Just received a call from this number on my cell (02/05/16 @ 15:30) Did not answer and no message was left. Tried calling it back and it just rang repeatedly until I hung up.
Comment by KELMO on 8888440880
Friday, 02.5.2016 @ 12:47pm
debt collection agency
Comment by Michelle on 6146011067
Friday, 02.5.2016 @ 12:46pm
This man will rob you once he calls you & visits. Be aware!!
Comment by Annie on 222220000
Friday, 02.5.2016 @ 12:45pm
I received a message from this number. I deleted it without opening it., because, I didn't recognise the number, and it had strange characters and happy faces in the address
Comment by Michelle on 6146011067
Friday, 02.5.2016 @ 12:45pm
This man will rob you once he calls you & visits. Be aware!!
Comment by Damien on 02036342218
Friday, 02.5.2016 @ 11:29am
Two calls from them today. Im on TPS but this doesn't seem to matter to these people. I think these unsolicited calls are infringing on my civil liberties and something should be done about them. Hanged, drawn and quartered comes to mind. bring back the good old days.
Comment by Susan on 8776529675
Friday, 02.5.2016 @ 09:44am
Awakened at 7:34 am by this number. I never answer the phone if caller ID does not identify caller. This number has caller me during the day & Eve. Multiple times. But never this early in my day . If I ever find out who is behind these calls, I will go out of my way to NEVER make a purchase of anything from them. This is out & out harassment !!!
Comment by Edward Silva on 9495354989
Friday, 02.5.2016 @ 09:26am
I have been getting calls at least every month by this number.
Comment by DAB on 7026328000
Friday, 02.5.2016 @ 08:59am
Las Vegas Motor Speedway calling ticket holder for the March Nascar Race to let them know about transportation options to the track on race weekend.
Comment by Erika on 019982061757
Friday, 02.5.2016 @ 08:50am
Es de una empresa que se hace llamar VIAJANDO Y AHORRANDO, tienen los datos de tus ultimas vacaciones y lo toman de referencia para ofrecerte un super paquete vacacional, pero no es real, SON ESTAFADORES, no crean sus mentiras y denuncienlos, el promotor es un tal Carlos y segun la dueña de la agencia es Paulina.
Comment by Jack on 5084184901
Friday, 02.5.2016 @ 07:56am
Scammer from Craigslist texted me from this number.
Comment by Carmeleta on 3362171295
Friday, 02.5.2016 @ 05:57am
Keeps calling not saying anything!! Very annoying especially when I am at work!!