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Comment by G on 90377129
Saturday, 11.18.2017 @ 07:31am
Just received a phone call from this number, FYI it’s 11.25pm now. She indentifies herself as Rachel and claims to know me. Started saying she’s pregnant and it’s gonna be due soon, and cried thereafter. Demanded for videocall too, as I find it suspicious, I decided to end the call and Google her number and found several websites. Just as I was typing this, she WhatsApp to request for videocall again. She even knew my name and the working industry I’m in... I guess people nowadays are just too free.
Comment by Elmo on 6284000067
Saturday, 11.18.2017 @ 06:36am
My chase account suspended.
Glad I don't have one.
Fishing for cell phone numbers
Comment by Pauline ludwick on 6469305868
Saturday, 11.18.2017 @ 06:17am
Here is another scammers number 847-978-2116
Comment by Anonymous on 01158880944
Saturday, 11.18.2017 @ 05:21am
Had a call from this number on Saturday 18 November @ 1 pm and it was a recorded message saying they have been trying to get in touch and it is HMRC.i just put the phone down.
Comment by Anonymous on 01158880944
Saturday, 11.18.2017 @ 05:02am
Had a call from Thi number saying that they have been trying to get in touch and it is HMRC. I just hung up.
Comment by Henrietta Pussycat on 8138150902
Saturday, 11.18.2017 @ 04:17am
A scammer on Tinder used this number to text with. Said his name was Frank, a private investigator
Comment by Claire on 02890772077
Saturday, 11.18.2017 @ 03:20am
I got called on Saturday morning but didn’t get it ! I giggled number and it’s meant to be a design building company? Prob cold calls
Comment by Fiona on 085353985
Saturday, 11.18.2017 @ 02:33am
Trying to get information to get into your account.saying your account might be compromised. Scam
Comment by Feedback on 02070725463
Saturday, 11.18.2017 @ 02:21am
This number has called me a few times but I don't answer numbers I don't recognise.

I decided to withhold my number and call it back, this is what happened:


I have only had this number for 7 months and only my immediate family have it, so I don't understand how and why they have it.
Comment by Steve on 08000150050
Saturday, 11.18.2017 @ 01:45am
Was a member of staff from local lloyds branch. Did give me their full name.
Comment by Teddy Vipperrman on 6146954780
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 23:52pm
Text came from this number with a verification number for Google.. Google does not send verification numbers by text on a dedicated cell phone or landline phone.. Hacker trying to take my Google account over!!!!!
** Warning probable hacker!!
Comment by Felix Bose on 0402870992
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 22:37pm
When I answer they hang up
Comment by Mike on 9055811352
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 22:15pm
Had a call on the 15th of Nov 2017 was in my vm on my cell Officer Robert William said me or my attorney should call “the minute I get this information “ to avoid “ a situation that could unfold on me “ the number was repeated twice very slowly and distinctly. There is an accent but I can’t quite place it. “Fake British accent maybe?
Comment by Skeptic on 7158696046
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 22:04pm
Call back says it is Political Survey call, they will call again later! Why not ID themselbes??
Comment by Sabrina Watson on 9082918666
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 22:03pm
Keep callin & won’t leave mesage & im not answerin
Comment by Wesley on 5402362551
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 20:37pm
My cousin talks to a dude with this number. I think something fishy about him.
Comment by Lynda on 2067366965
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 20:34pm
Called my cell. I don't answer of I don't recognize the number. Didn't leave a message.
Comment by twilah on 5169080276
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 20:20pm
This is a craigslist scammer who wants to send a fake cashiers check and take your item plus have you give him more money as a "mover"
Comment by Jean on 7804820582
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 20:13pm
This number called me today and left no message
Comment by Diane on 3154004877
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 19:56pm
My 12 year old grandson used this number to prank me. He had this number show up on my caller ID, this is not his phone number.
Comment by Grambet on 9283047174
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 19:35pm
IRS scam. Reported to the IRS
Comment by Mitch on 8552906592
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 19:34pm
Robo Called. Wanted to do a short survey. Hung up.
Comment by Rizwan Aslam on 00902166060428
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 19:06pm
i am Rizwan Aslam h r u
Comment by B on 18886704746
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 17:26pm
It's a number used by Volkswagen's TDI Settlement in Canada.
Comment by Julia on 8558315141
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 17:13pm
Someone from this number 855 831 5141 called a relative and stated that if they did not get hold of me immediately and/or show up to a court date that I would be arrested. First, they called a land line, when offered a number to reach me at directly, they refused how to get a hold of me directly. Second, this amusing little call has put me in major hot water with family and we are all dealing with difficult medical situations and no time to deal with this BS. Third, people really, if this was an actual, reputable agency or our local police department, I am a registered voter, registered vehicles in my name. Fourth, I am hiding in plain sight bozos.
Comment by Bill See on 8558422377
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 16:43pm
Calling about a week now, every evening after 7:30 PM. They dont speak and there is no background noise. I called the number it is some financial company that says to call them, give them your full name and telephone number and they will remove you from their call list. Dont do that, report them as spammers.
Comment by Barb. on 8455827328
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 16:42pm
Medical Services Group has 100 numbers beginning with 7300 and ending with 7399. There might be more numbers but not sure.
Comment by D O'C on 9292632388
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 16:35pm
This number responded to my Craig's List ad...wanted to pay by Cashier's Check with extra money to pay shipper. I told way I was falling for that old scam....sent check anyway. I contacted the issuing bank and it was definitely a fake. The check has been sent to the bank for further investigation. They are still texting me telling me this is not a scam.......
Comment by Dawna on 9492451575
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 16:19pm
Called here and left a message to let us know he was going to help us with our online order. We never ordered anything 0nline!!!!!!!
Comment by J on 0435634364
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 15:45pm
I just got a call from this number. Dropped out as soon as i answered. Tried to call back it didn't ring but eventually went to on hold music.
Comment by hatesscammers on 6146121032
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 15:41pm
Caller id was FREEDOM BUILDER. Why would a construction company with an OHIO nubmer call SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA? Well, call was already blocked by NOMOROBO.
Comment by received call on 5105134206
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 15:36pm
calls ....leaves no voice mail. I do not recognize this number. Has called my phone more than once in the past 9 months.
Comment by michael on 8638251295
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 15:15pm
This a me on this.
Comment by Jamie on 8168263351
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 15:13pm
This number has called me a few times. When I called back it was recording asking me to hold. Today I answered it. Several people talking in background but no one responded when I said hello. They waitef about 30 seconds then hung up??? No clue

Comment by Magdiel on 2064011111
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 15:08pm
They call me at 5:30 every day telling me that I have won a price up to 9000 usd.To recieve this price you must go to buy a apple and walmart gift walmart.
Comment by Becky on 4255239322
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 15:03pm
I. Feel its that one that want you to say yes to them.
Comment by Mac on 6776148297
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 14:47pm
These idiots called and were not even considerate enough to leave a message- tells you a great deal about them. I don't know anyone in the Solomon Islands, and never did. BEWARE...this is obviously a SCAM.
Comment by Daniel Richmonc on 3045550181
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 14:37pm
Calls without speaking and hangs up.
Comment by scam victim on 7082706015
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 14:31pm
mobile phone belonging to a criminal, calling himself john

he is a complete fraud

when he calls you, keep him talking, waste his time so he cannot scam anyone else

he is a scammer!!!!!
Comment by D on 8552036080
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 14:25pm
I received a email saying to call this number about my email address saying something about Russia.
Comment by Colorado Resident on 3032197010
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 14:24pm
303-219-7010 calls with ID blocked and leaves no message.
Only a spammer would do this.
Comment by WADE on 8018766866
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 14:10pm
Comment by I block scam callers on 9122169158
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 14:06pm
No one spoke when I answered. Added to call block list. Caller ID says, "Family Benefits."
Comment by Meg on 2532005966
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 14:00pm
This number called my friend looking for me. Apparently it’s Portfolio Recovery. Some shady debt collector
Comment by Mavis on 01684299942
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 13:54pm
Beware off these Scammers!!! Vile
Comment by LKV on 6822058932
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 13:52pm
This number called but there was no one there when i answered.
Comment by anon on 5162568613
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 13:38pm
audi of lynbrook
Comment by Jim on 6523859523
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 13:32pm
SCAM Caller! Said he was from the Computer Department. Wanted access to my Computer. What a freakin' Idiot.
Block Caller - Block Caller - Block Caller
Comment by Anonymous on 4099990085
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 13:27pm
It was a guy I met on a dating site. We spoke on the phone once and texted, but when we tried to meet up he said he had to reschedule, deleted his profile, and didn't return my text. I believe he was catfishing.
Comment by Tammie on 7024755562
Friday, 11.17.2017 @ 13:22pm
They ask for the owner; when told he's unavailable they just hang up. PATHETIC RUDE & COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL....shocker that when you call the # back, you can't get thru.