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Comment by Lucy Lou on 4252140800
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 08:22am
yes I received a call from 425-214-0800 claim they are with IRS and for me to contact them asap!!! well I called IRS and they donot make those calls and thanked me for the information.
Comment by KS on 5055456822
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 08:17am
This phone number calls my young son's phone number every day. My number is on the do not call list. This is a scammer or robo-call telemarketer and the phone number should be blocked.
Comment by Jude on 3602260240
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 08:16am
It is a robot that waits for you to say Hello twice and then goes into some spiel about your vehicle warranty being up then asks you if this is true and waits for you to say yes or no - I generally just hang up. We keep getting this phone call to our business line so no vehicle is even registered to our address as we have no official business vehicles.
Comment by anon on 2067354167
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 08:13am

Quinn Publishing, think they used to be trade pubs.

Call, never leave message. Call daily.

Comment by cc on 6102689177
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 08:01am
received call with no message
Comment by Cheryl on 087127000036
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 07:57am
slence then line went dead - 2nd time today!!
Comment by Gary on 8552064702
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 07:52am
Claims he is calling on behalf of a client and he is using illegal debt collection practices.

I have been threatened and he obviously digs through social media to find out information on you; however, know your state laws and what they can actually do.

I had blocked his number and reported him to my state's attorney general for his practices.
Comment by Wade Moore on 3048102401
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 07:50am
This phone number has cLled 2x in past 2 days. When I answer they are silent and then hang up.
Comment by Maine Sm Business on 7182103696
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 07:44am
We received a call from this number today. Woman (with a terrible put-on Southern accent) was rambling on about Trump and how after suffering for 8 years under Obama, funds were now available for small business loans. When I finally got connected to a real person and explained that the whole Trump/Obama thing was objectionable,she slammed the phone down in my ear.

Loan sharking at it's finest
Comment by Maine Sm Business on 7182103696
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 07:44am
We received a call from this number today. Woman (with a terrible put-on Southern accent) was rambling on about Trump and how after suffering for 8 years under Obama, funds were not available for small business loans. When I finally got connected to a real person and explained that the whole Trump/Obama thing was objectionable,she slammed the phone down in my ear.

Loan sharking at it's finest
Comment by HL on 4343811079
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 07:42am
Some AH trying to warn me that this was my final call or my extended warranty was going to expire. I never had such a thing. He told me it was my fault why he called and I shouldn't use a business number to be contacted at. I did nothing of the sort.
Comment by Lisa on 6105632695
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 07:32am
I also got a call this morning. I called the number back and it went right to a message saying an agent would be with you shortly, followed by music. I stayed on the line for a few minutes and never got a live person to talk to. They didn't identify who this person or company was while I was waiting.

Unknown caller?
Comment by Stephanie on 2548701225
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 07:11am
The call pertains to the Cash Store. Specifically if you've had a vehicle title loan or a cash advance, collections.
Comment by Shauna on 8662346652
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 07:07am
I get ton of calls, rude Indian guy. Told him to stop call still is. I pay to much money for phones to be harassed. Needs to stop.
Comment by Bailey on 2546932105
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 07:06am
This number KEEPS calling me about an expired vehicle warranty for a vehicle that I no longer own. I have told them time and time again that I NO LONGER OWN said vehicle and they hang up on me.
Comment by Lilly on 6058363122
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 07:05am
Its some company that wants businesses to switch their credit card processing company to them after wanting to see sensitive information of current rates.
Comment by Shauna on 4022044019
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 07:04am
This number keeps calling, let's vm pick up then hangs up. They've also hung up on me. If i block a number a new number starts calling. This is harassment. Why can't I put a stop to this?
Comment by GMP on 8448704517
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 07:00am
They told me they were from Apple and said someone was trying to access my Icloud .
Comment by Glen da Silva on 0710695394
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 06:54am
Why do you need information on this number. ??
Comment by Emi on 4033035897
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 06:47am
It's world health bill collector?
Comment by Ethan on 4074328543
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 06:37am
This number just tried to do a kidnapping scam on me...
Comment by Irene on 5598887154
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 06:32am
They call and hang up when you answer. Soooo annoying.
Comment by robin on 0565398584
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 06:21am
i also got a call from the same number 0565398584
who is this?
Comment by Sammy on 02034754787
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 05:56am
It's a company that says they will find you accommodation if you are a benefit claimant.You have to pay £60 before you get to move in.
Comment by debs.silks on 4124651159
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 05:41am
I received a call saying they would close my google listing if I did not call. This is not something Google does as a company. SO I guess they want me to buy some type of advertisement.
Comment by GT on 003093
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 05:30am
claimed to be from telephone preference service or rather call prevention service and asked me to confirm expiry date on my bank card. Kept telling me to trust him!
Comment by Tracey on 9024534725
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 05:02am
One of many numbers Canadian Tire calls from
Comment by Giles on 01606604994
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 04:43am
I had a call from them stating I had been in an accident and someone had made a claim against me, I asked for the details etc.... they gave me a reg plate of a car that I own but it wasn't in an accident. I asked for where they got my details and they told me they could reveal that information due to data protection regulations.

If you call the number back it puts you on hold and then hangs up after 5 mins
Comment by Ray on 01159427690
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 04:38am
The number,01159427690, has called our ex directory number on 4 occasions in the past two days. Even though I blocked the number after the second call it has still got through, somehow. So they had a blast of my fairly loud voice, without any swearing I might add, and they hung up without speaking. Number blocked again, fingers crossed this time!!
A general comment, this really is becoming incessant now, almost every day unsolicited numbers are calling. I have reported it via T.P.S. etc. but still it occurs, a frail, elderly person could soon become really worried about these calls!
Comment by S Jones on 02476939796
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 04:15am
Got a call. Unable to answer as in a meeting but no message left
Comment by jd on 8032955201
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 03:50am
phone call received from this number asking if we have called for a double agent.

Comment by Babsy on 001442618819090
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 03:18am
Several times recently my Facebook account was hacked until my friend placed a complaint to customer services help centre and now believe it has been resolved. Now unfortunately am receiving these anonymous calls during early hours born from this number 001442618819090. Do not pick up your phone at any cost.
Comment by Paul Tracey on 01689885033
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 03:11am
It's Rc. A recruitment agency based in the south.
Comment by ACE on 8779107459
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 03:10am
Three rivers credit union. Calling you about a past debt.
Comment by Not Happy on 8556774339
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 03:01am
phone number for business that sends you free samples (you pay for shipping) then they secretly debit your credit card repeatedly
Comment by edana on 05642318965
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 02:35am
this number called me saying that i needed more internet security. i put the phone down promptly.
Comment by Zamir on 00922199232662
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 02:04am
Its PIA confirming your booking and payment details or calling to let you know of change of schedule of your flight
Comment by Annoyed on 02154781134
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 01:46am
They will say they are from computer maintenance department or similar, and will try to convince you that they are receiving errors from their end, after which they will ask you to turn on your computer......... what they want, is to get you to follow a link to install some remote access software on your computer with the aim of stealing your bank details / login passwords etc once they gain access.

No one from anywhere should be phoning you for this ... not your ISP or any computer maintenance company... NO ONE!

Ignore them and put the phone down immediately.

One of them just phoned me you see (asian female voice), and I told them exactly what they are - an Asian scammer halfwit!

Number blocked
Comment by Matt on 02036409834
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 01:30am
It is from Gravitas Recruitment:

the number is used by a lady recruiter.
Comment by Georgina Reid on 01512295565
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 01:27am
Architectural Technologist - Search Consultancy
Comment by Shad on 76278503
Thursday, 03.23.2017 @ 00:17am
0376278503 spammer
Comment by Brian on 087085030003683
Wednesday, 03.22.2017 @ 23:52pm
I have had two sms's from this number regarding a TV Licence. I do not know if it is genuine. Anyone else had these messages?
Comment by Brian on 0215578522
Wednesday, 03.22.2017 @ 23:48pm
Called trying to sell me a funeral plan. Shortly after this call I started receiving messages regarding my TV Licence?
Comment by Pearl on 0104928440
Wednesday, 03.22.2017 @ 23:27pm
I got 15 missed calls from this number last week all in one day. They were trying to get me into a Vodacom contract knowing my current contract had expired when and what. So it they were not Vodacom then I'd like question Vodacom how on earth these people had all my information which only Vodacom should have??!!
Comment by Beware on 8056968153
Wednesday, 03.22.2017 @ 22:00pm
Sketchy weirdo! He's the set up, Don't see him!
Comment by Mike on 3479830445
Wednesday, 03.22.2017 @ 21:09pm
This is a scam
Comment by Koolir on 8432137806
Wednesday, 03.22.2017 @ 20:30pm
It was a sext scam
Comment by Kegf on 8005492121
Wednesday, 03.22.2017 @ 19:58pm
Got a call at 10:45 at night. All the caller said was hello, hello then hung up
Comment by NA on 3858951022
Wednesday, 03.22.2017 @ 18:47pm
Comment by Natalie on 9493921434
Wednesday, 03.22.2017 @ 18:16pm
Same as other comment, scammer wants to send check for craigs list item.
Told him to send it to the scammer dept at the police station :)