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Comment by Shar on 9283993688
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 15:29pm
Calls that don't come up on my caller ID I don't answer. If it's important they will leave a message. This caller did not leave a message.
Comment by Jos on 8667509185
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 15:21pm
When you get any kind of unsolicited calls (robo generated or not) and you get a live person from the caller, when they greet you or ask you a question you just respond "What do you lying cork soakers want to scam me out of today?" If they respond or not just keep repeating your opening phrase over and over and over whatever they say or try to respond with. Do this until THEY hang up. If we all respond like this to all unsolicited and illegal calls they will soon get the message. I do this with all unsolicited illegal calls whether if is from Microsoft about computer errors, the IRS or someone wanting to sell back braces or "Rachel" from credit card services. I am on the DO NOT CALL list so that makes them fair game Try it!
Comment by Tina on 2163502495
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 14:21pm
They just called me and hung up after 2 rings.
Comment by Skeptical 3 on 8474522242
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 13:52pm
He's an insurance agent this is the second time he has done this I think he's a weirdo
Comment by Mary on 4120702288
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 13:34pm
They call my cell phone constantly. I wish they would stop!
Comment by LG on 29266
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 13:18pm
Getting texts from “Amazon” for purchases I did not make
Comment by ali on 07543839448
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 13:16pm
phoneed up but wouldnt state.the name or why what a sussage giveingabuse
Comment by Janet on 6465696903
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 12:22pm
Yes, for the past three days, I have been receiving a computer call that resembled a live person but the delay was so bad, it kept asking me if I was still there and to tell me my credit card was compromised! I hung up but that number still calls me. I am in Ontario Canada and I do not know anyone in New York.
Comment by Terri on 8623082085
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 12:21pm
wanted to buy my hepa shop vacuum with a cashiers check and wanted to send extra money for me to write a check for his guys to pick it up... sounded like a scam to me.
Comment by Tatiana on 7605650615
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 12:07pm
WTF? I'm a stay @ home mom just trying to raise my kids properly. My life is hard we enough & numerous health issues. I don't need this crap trying to scare me. We need a way for them to be in jail bc of fraudulent messages!!!
Comment by Peter154 on 8663101023
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 12:06pm
This is customer support for 7-11 Speakout cell phone service.
= prepaid phone you get $25, $35, $50, $100 or value plans no contract and you get 365 day of service. YOU PICK the $ on their SIM cards.

I have a new phone that uses a different size SIM card. How can I keep my number and account balance?

If you already have an active SpeakOut account, and need to move your number and account balance to a new SIM, DO NOT ACTIVATE YOUR NEW SIM CARD. Please contact Customer Care at 1-866-310-1023 to initiate a SIM swap. Be sure to make this call from a phone other than the SpeakOut phone you are wanting to swap.
Comment by Rita on 0448300246
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 11:25am
An obsessive stalker. Has my number, now he won't stop calling.
Comment by J.l on 7578142314
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 11:09am
This person is a pet not send them money
Comment by LV on 4804268313
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 09:51am
Sirrus radio Sales call. Call but wont speak and when you call back they dont answer. Not good business practice.. BLOCK THEM!
Comment by Victor on 8884161260
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 09:00am

This company makes 11 million dollars a year harassing consumers like you and I. Quite a profit they are making from it.

They hired low paid bums to harass people and break the law a lot. Just don't talk to them. Blocked.
Comment by Sophy on 07937947775
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 08:44am
I have daily messages all using this number to STOP - This is a scam I have been charged for every stop text and I'm still getting them. DONT REPLY!
Comment by Gisele on 8884161260
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 08:35am
This company is a total joke. Now they're employing homeless people to call you for collections?

A new low. These unprofessional clowns are blocked.

Credit Adjustments a Defiance-Ohio based company with offices in Georgia, will employ 50 workers who will come from Toledo’s homeless population.
Caller: Credit Adjustments

This company also has a ton of complaints against them and is now being investigated. Don't answer and don't talk to them.
Comment by Paul on 0469077300
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 08:31am
VHI nursleline or midwife services.
Comment by Don on 7179371002
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 08:27am
This number calls me every day. I have it blocked but it still calls.DROVE DRIVE
Comment by Sept. 23 on 6143359306
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 07:04am
They called a google phone number, left a message but nothing there.
Comment by Ginny on 51449713014
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 06:57am
Hi, I had this caller Friday Sept 22, I was absent.
I will block it. No idea what it is; they are freaking assholes to call you Sunday early morning
Comment by holcombe on 4048007865
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 06:36am
Losers, no message left, simple as that. not legitimate.
Comment by Edward on 2893094303
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 05:43am
Jail threat from Revenu Canada,
I think it's a scam
Comment by Edward on 4184781342
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 05:42am
Jail threat from Revenu Canada,
I think it's a scam
Comment by Edward on 6137145228
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 05:41am
Jail threat from Revenu Canada,
I think it's a scam
Comment by Edward on 5145588867
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 05:40am
Jail threat from Revenu Canada,
I think it's a scam
Comment by Bud on 8442430666
Sunday, 09.24.2017 @ 03:46am
Same thing happened to me. They intercepted a call I made to Amazon and put me thru the same "you have been hacked story" convince me to allow them to look at my computer. A guy named Austin proceeded to make changes on my computer and the only thing I can see that he did was put a Ad Blocker on the system. They charged me $999.97 to fix the computer and that included a 5 year protection plan. After all this happened I called Amazon and asked if my account was OK to use. Needless to say they knew nothing about it.

The company name this guy Austin gave me is Deuce Support located at 1968 S, Coast Highway #346, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Comment by Brenda on 4084097217
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 21:30pm
I also got the call from this number, I called back and is a survey center.
Comment by Jennifer on 8884075720
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 21:15pm
Fake tech support robo caller from India saying Microsoft has gone out of business and wanted bank account info. for a refund. Does anyone fall for this BS? Great to see that the US DNC list is working when they don't bother to enforce anything!
Comment by Unknown on 2512818339
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 20:57pm
Scammer. Will ask you to send them money using Amazon gift cards purchased with cash. Stay away or safe, but be cautious.
Comment by Bre on 7738979997
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 20:06pm
Calls and never leaves a message,calls late at night.
Comment by Sig on 8175879506
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 18:48pm
Creepy people....say you've been on their website recently so need to call them & complete an order. PolyteckWingertstr
Comment by Linda on 8883394308
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 16:11pm
Microsoft key is running out and your computer is about to shut down..6:00 PM CST
Comment by Michael on 0429771435
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 15:46pm
Keith Pitt
Comment by RGradeless on 02036178228
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 15:41pm
Caller said he was from 'House and Home'. He addressed me by a bogus name I gave to a cold-caller some time ago. He wanted me to answer some questions (life-style I suspect). He said his name was Patrick. I said I did not believe that was his real name. He told me that I wouldn't be able to pronounce his real name (as least he was honest about admitting Patrick wasn't his real name). He then finished the call.
Comment by Muvhuso on 865231458
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 14:39pm
This number called me 3 months back and it was binary broker called Spot2trade they are scammer they scammed me $100 and pretend to open account for me were I can login and see my balance and do everything but I can't withdraw back invested amount that's where we started fighting and I find out that is a scam.
Comment by Annie on 07816264710
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 14:39pm
Yes I know this number. I have chatted to this person.
Comment by marion hatcher on 1646740053
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 14:23pm
caimed they could save me money on att and charter and spectrum, sound like he was from India said his name was James , said he could get my service as low as $89 a mo , sounds like a fraud , i refused ti give out any info
Comment by Tom on 2676033984
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 13:57pm
I got one today....about some software and i need to verify my details! That's what the voicemail said.
How about you?
Comment by Aria on 7055309525
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 13:53pm
They called saying I had committed tax fraud and I was going to be arrested if I didn't pay them
Comment by Annoymous on 3176171300
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 13:48pm
Received a call today around 1:30 today. Called did not leave a message. I turned the “Show My Caller ID” off and called the number and it went straight to voicemail, so the phone must’ve been turned off. The voicemail greeting was generic, ie it only gave the phone number and was not personalized.
Comment by Ken on 8442430666
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 12:43pm
I meant to call support from Amazon I was connected to this phone number by mistake. The guy Peter William asked to log in to my PC to check. I was stupid enough to allow him to log in my PC. I am calling my friend to check my PC.. Don't trust this number. It's a scam.
Comment by Ally on 2267762501
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 12:12pm
Same thing happened to me today at 1! Who is it. Im worried to call bacl :s
Comment by James Wilson on 08008101100
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 11:48am
Dodgy insurance company that preys on the elderly & people with dementia. The company needs shutting down and the directors Dan, Joshua & Samuel put in prison for fraud & taking money by deception. The company also trades under various other front companies including Protect Direct , Appliance Care , Appliance Guard & Appliance Group. The only place for these criminals are prison. The companies trading address is 10 Matform Business Centre, Terminus Rd, Chichester PO19 8UL Email: telephone number 0800 8101100 everyone who has been ripped of by this outfit i advise you to contact the police and the trading standards.
Comment by Mcr on 6469211093
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 11:40am
I would say yes, this is a scam as I received the same call this norning!
Comment by cat1092 on 8666433334
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 11:21am
Answered & whomever hung up. I presume another out of the list of many scammers calling, lots of negative feedback on this phone number. If my carrier allowed blocking of phone numbers, would do so, the only issue would be I'd run out of blocks fast!

If this number calls, don't bother to answer.

By chance, if the caller is legit, then why not answer, or at a minimum, make the business number available to be seen, in the case of a missed call, leave a message. That's why my rating is as a potential scammer, other sites listed (this number) as callers seeking romance, therefore I believe something's just not right.
Comment by Winifred Tillman on 8054701944
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 10:25am
I was to contact them in reference to submitting eBay gift cards in the amount of $2,000. Now I cannot get an answer on the number.
Comment by Marilyn on 6469211093
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 10:16am
I got a call this morning that the US government was filing a lawsuit against me and my family for fraud. Is this a scam like the IRS scams?
Comment by janet brown on 01416383909
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 10:11am
most days i get 2 oe3 calls from this number and i am so fed up getting them wish they would stop it.
Comment by angela on 6466934014
Saturday, 09.23.2017 @ 10:05am
this person try to get my Dads personal info on phone ,my dads is 84 years old ,i dont think its a legit