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Comment by John on 0427161886
Sunday, 10.22.2017 @ 17:15pm
Telemarketer. Equity investments.
Comment by Tony on 0283251350
Sunday, 10.22.2017 @ 17:14pm
Called and hung up. Automated message just saying they'll call back but not who they are.
Found similar reports when searching for the number.
Comment by Brian on 3231944216
Sunday, 10.22.2017 @ 15:49pm
They called but left no message & I don't pick up unless I know who it is.
Comment by Zderf on 3048109205
Sunday, 10.22.2017 @ 15:33pm
IRS robot call. The cops are coming to arrest me. Total scam.
Comment by John Holland on 6035132696
Sunday, 10.22.2017 @ 15:06pm
603-513-2696 seend in ATM Phishing scam
email contents
"Hello, your ATM card valued $4.8m USD From IMF compensation program is now ready to be delivered to your address tomorrow morning, the ATM card was issued in your name, to be delivered to your residential address before 48hours, therefore you have to reconfirm your delivery information,your name, address, and direct phone number to avoid wrong delivery me now or Call me.(1) 603-513-2696"
Comment by scott on 8585051240
Sunday, 10.22.2017 @ 14:48pm
hang up call, going through divorce, have fapa, been getting hang ups lately. this one today.
Comment by Rather not say on 8186292677
Sunday, 10.22.2017 @ 14:21pm
This number called me and first appeared to be a telemarketer. When I asked him how he got my number,he threatened to kill me and knew my address. Then he called the next day from a different number.
Comment by Sally on 3469982204
Sunday, 10.22.2017 @ 12:24pm
Calls 5 times a day and I have no idea why. No voice mails. I refuse to answer.
Comment by Nat on 07520619558
Sunday, 10.22.2017 @ 11:06am
This number called us using a Pakistani accent claiming we called him while hes been sleeping and woke him up then threatened to come to our house and rape my other half with a kebab skewer what an idiot
Comment by Barry on 2182491910
Sunday, 10.22.2017 @ 10:23am
Minnesota Police Support Fund
Comment by Steve on 4102317825
Sunday, 10.22.2017 @ 09:25am
Some dick calls @0900 on a Sunday, lets the phone ring twice and hangs up. Left no message.
Comment by rich on 4406838024
Sunday, 10.22.2017 @ 09:19am
Caller ID shows Progressive Insurance but the Moron was asking for donations to Police.
I guess this idiot works at progressive and using the system to scam people !
Comment by Denise on 4092422485
Sunday, 10.22.2017 @ 07:50am
I got this number off Facebook from a guy claiming his name is Erick Jonathan and that he was looking to be in a relationship, but claim in he's in Nigeria on business....I felt like it was a scam. I called the number no one picks up and I message him and said I believe you are a scam ....he didn't respond
Comment by Sam on 03300535843
Sunday, 10.22.2017 @ 07:41am
A message came through saying I have subscribed to a 4.50 a week funny video message service, I did not sign up to this and havn't seen it on my bill yet. They wanted me to call or text the above number for help, yeah right.
Comment by Kate on 07860064263
Sunday, 10.22.2017 @ 07:18am
Rang me Sunday morning no one answered
Comment by Super on 6313154118
Sunday, 10.22.2017 @ 02:04am
I have been getting calls from this number on the pretext of marriage.

Caller is Michael. Is this a fake caller identity ?
Comment by Jdeub on 1902257993
Sunday, 10.22.2017 @ 01:28am
Back in July 13, I got a text message on my mobile, offering to join this competition. Never got promos on my phone before so was not sure if this was a scam. The reward for getting all questions correct in this test, would be a free iPhone latest model. It said to call this number: 1902257993 to play the game.

When making the phone call, a recorded voice said there would be a charge of approx. (if I recall) $3.50 per minute on my phone bill if I wish to play the game. The game started with level 1: 10 questions. Got them all correct and the voice said I have moved on to the next level and was closer to the prize. Another set of 10 questions followed. Answered them all correctly and the voice said I moved on to a higher level and closer to the prize. This cycle continued for the next 3 minutes, so I decided to hang up at that point. Was not worth it anymore. Provider description on my telephone bill is Dial 4 Fun Games.
Comment by varibleBoar262 on 01698631826
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 22:49pm
Comment by varibleBoar262 on 01698631826
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 22:48pm
Comment by Annoymonus on 9179354647
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 21:56pm
Yes this guy keeps calling and texting stupid crap and breathing his names Larry he pranks call people and hangs up it's so annoying so block your number and another one does it. FBI on it.
Comment by Roger on 9165736215
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 20:04pm
A total waste of time rip-off. Beware of this scam. Ugly and bad attitude.... Felt like I was only tolerated..nothing else. Total waste of money. Pictures are not of her at all
Comment by Ataullah on 5559960321
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 18:54pm
Did srk actually number??
Comment by Jessica on 9802307018
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 18:28pm
There’s a guy and he is trying to scam me from this number
Met him and he asked me to work for him collecting bank info for loans sounded great but there were holes in his story I declined and he called me names
Comment by Sandra on 3052501371
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 18:24pm
its a refund scam
Comment by Susan on 5162724170
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 17:34pm
Yes, I got a call from this number inquiring if my property is for sale. I don't own any property. When I asked how he got my number he hurried off the phone.
Comment by J on 9093253826
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 17:22pm
Caller said nothing
Comment by Gilbert on 4802674332
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 16:29pm
Called today and I answered. No response and the line went dead after I said hello the second time.
Comment by Pat on 7733779785
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 16:26pm
Fraudulent call from India Reward Redemption
Comment by SCam buster on 0161359429
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 16:21pm
Report this number 0161359429 it's action direct south Wales ring the claims regulater on 0333 20000110
Comment by Den on 8768863936
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 14:29pm
Just called me. Said they were Jim Brown from the Publishers Clearing House. Came up as Jamaica on my phone. Scam!
Comment by tom on 5124928643
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 14:29pm
smart ass threatening bill collector
Comment by Roger on 6518005426
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 14:11pm
I got a call from Lizzie and quickly called her back using the number she called me at and the call went to the voice mail of an Officer Adams
Comment by Unlisted on 6471218507
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 13:54pm
Received Unwanted Harassing Spoofed Robo-Calls from (647)-121-8507 since July 2017 & continues to call Fri. 10/20/17 @ 6:37pm (16 times so far) until Sat. 10/21/17 @ 1:25pm Hangup - No Name on Caller ID & No Message. Do Not Answer Harassing Scam Calls on Unlisted Phone - Reported to DONOTCALL.GOV & FCC.GOV.
Comment by Unlisted on 6471218507
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 13:52pm
Keeps Calling Harassing Spoofed Robo-Calls from (647)-121-8507 Sat. 10/21/17 @ 2:39pm & Sat. 10/21/17 @ 2:53pm when the phone didn't ring but the Scam Phone Call showed on my Caller ID & Hangup - No Name on Caller ID & No Message. Do Not Answer Harassing Scam Calls on Unlisted Phone - Reported to DONOTCALL.GOV & FCC.GOV.
Comment by Dakota on 8563160250
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 13:44pm
Rings but leaves no msg. Blocked number.
Comment by Randy on 3054004716
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 13:44pm
This number always appears on my CID
Comment by Green gate on 8168970195
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 13:43pm
Who is this they keep calling, leaves no message. I try to call back and it wont even contect.
Comment by Liz on 5714029275
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 13:38pm
Comment by Busy mom on 8033393140
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 13:28pm
Don't know who the caller is. They called but left no message. Since the caller ID shows unavailable, I don't answer. I typically block numbers of those who leave no message.
Comment by James E Myricks on 7183045402
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 13:11pm
Never leaves a message. Tracking!
Comment by Katya Barela on 7376184009
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 12:51pm
This is my phone number
Comment by John on 8552078258
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 12:43pm
Called and said they were spectrum but my phone told me it was scam likely
Comment by Anónimo on 7866053198
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 12:40pm
También recibí una llamada. Me exigen y me precionan que tengo que pagar una deuda que tengo. Debo pagar o seré llevada a la corte en Miami y tengo que pagar una multa de más de $6000. También me dijeron que mandaran a un abogado a mi domicilio. También me dijeron que me an buscado y me an notificado por varias veces atravez de correo, correo electrónico, llamadas. Esto es estafa. Presionan para ver si la persona sede y obtienen dinero. Cuando le pregunte que me dijera o me diera las pruebas la mujer pretendió no haber escuchado lo que le pregunte. ESTAFA! ESTAFA! ESTAFA!
Comment by Kimberly on 6193292369
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 12:39pm
I got a phone call from this number asking my grandparents for their personal information for "a back support" they said they called from Kaiser permanente
Comment by David on 8435071998
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 12:15pm
Got a call wanting me to sell my place. The local government is trying to get us out of here so they can implement AGENDA 21 and build highrise apts. and destroy our private property rights.
Comment by Jake on 2054536265
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 11:10am
Spam. Keeps calling.
Comment by Me on 4044003727
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 10:59am
No voice mail. Unsolicited unwanted call. Auto-Blocked, and reported!
Comment by Ann on 4257489301
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 10:31am
This is a scam! Said I was going to be arrested by IRS. IRS doesn’t call, they send a letter.
Comment by J A on 2672535880
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 09:59am
Received a call saying dad was in a car accident and killed a little girl. The caller said they had my dad held at gun point and were going to kill him if I did not follow their demands.

Dad is sitting on his chair watching a football game....Def a scammer
Comment by Phil K TN on 9012574911
Saturday, 10.21.2017 @ 09:41am
Called a little after 8 AM on a Saturday morning. Claimed to be representing Emergency Workers and started in on a spill on wanting money. We hung up.