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Comment by 617-234-1791 on 6172341791
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 19:06pm
617-234-1791 Don't trust this caller it's a scam call to kill all these nonsense scammers calling all times of the day sometimes 6-7-8 to 15 times a days try this site
Comment by Terilyn on 2048172515
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 18:35pm
Does anyone know how to reach this person? We did a photoshoot with him and his wife and we did not receive the photos and now they are off the grid.
Comment by Ron on 7064004756
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 18:24pm
Six times today! Tired of it! No one on line. Reported it to state attorney general. This is harassment!
Comment by <><><><> on 1123581321
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 17:55pm
we're close aren't we?
Comment by Chamber inhabitant on 1123581321
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 17:43pm
That wasn't Serena btw, it was one of us.
Comment by Serena on 1123581321
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 17:41pm
Yeah I found this number... He wants to tell you this:
Comment by Entrepreneurs Parts Service on 5737493397
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 17:30pm
Entrepreneurs Parts Services
Bradley Phillips
P.O. BOX 771723

A professional 3 generations business in new starters, Alternators, Electrical Components products of the finest and highest quality!
Thank you for your business!
Comment by Ccc on 2028548983
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 17:04pm
Today 10-16-2017, I got a call from 202-854-8983. This guy claimed that I've been awarded a 7000 dollar grant from the US government because I pay my taxes and bills on time, do you want money, I'll bring $3000 to you when you stay with me tonight... I'll walk to your door tonight ... I'll look for you, I'll find you... I'll be your home... It is so horrible!!! I hung up the phone. This is a crazy guy, a high risk crime!!!
Comment by Mikie on 8772101000
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 16:51pm
Robo call
Comment by Andre on 2048000165
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 15:49pm
I redial, it does not work.
Comment by Me on 6024912770
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 15:23pm
Same problem. Just received a call. Tried calling back and automated number hung up on me.
Comment by Quick Brown Fox on 3237431408
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 15:23pm
Another unwanted call from this Los Angeles VOIP number arrived today, just 1 month since the last unwanted call on Sept. 9. When the answering machine picked up, the caller responded with dead silence. Robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) do this all the time while continuously trolling the phone lines, desperately seeking gullible schmucks to victimize.

The caller is a reported scam contractor (probably unlicensed). This is another reason why you should LET YOUR ANSWERING MACHINE TAKE THEIR PATHETIC CALLS.
Comment by Linzie on 3129151276
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 15:14pm
Ive been getting a lot of calls recently from this number. Not sure why but wish it'd stop.
Comment by Joe on 6026589632
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 14:58pm
Keeps calling. Leaves no messages
Comment by Wendy on 3606858077
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 14:49pm
I got a postcard in the mail blaring THIRD NOTICE and claiming that the sender, Alex, has tried for hours to find my phone number online without success (it's very easy to find online) and it's important to talk with me about my property.

I called the number. It's a boiler room. A woman answered claiming to be "Alex" and I could hear others in the background, probably fielding other calls. I told "Alex" that when someone starts out by lying to me we're going nowhere, and asked her to take my name (which I had given her) off their list.

She then wanted my address. I said if she had spent hours looking for me, I was sure she had it close by.

Comment by AR MOTORSPORTS on 4708919743
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 14:26pm
Homewrecker - BEWARE!
Comment by Kent on 5019044526
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 14:04pm
Received call from this number. It is the Arkansas Blood Institute regarding needing blood donors.
Comment by Anony Mouse on 7607609002
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 14:01pm
Missed call, no message. This is a VOIP number registered to Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC in Kelso California 92309. They are a subsidiary of the PRA Group, Inc. Since there are many reports of harassment and spam calls from this group, I have blocked the number.
Comment by Beloved on 4066793078
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 14:01pm
Rang and no on answered.
Comment by Mik on 8324790054
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 13:58pm
The caller from law office. Bill collection.
Comment by H on 9162967335
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 13:50pm
He's calling about wanting to advertise on local grocery carts, I just received a call from him. It's a scam though.
Comment by Kasley on 6312124392
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 13:45pm
Received the exact same call as Linda. Foreign accent, wouldnt tell me who the subpoena was from, was very condescending after I asked who the notice was from saying "since you think you're smart Im going to let you ask questions". I proceeded to let him know this was unacceptable and that this call was over.
Comment by Rachel on 7027790464
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 13:41pm
I got a couple calls from this number regarding janitorial services at my place of business last month (September 2017). It's been a while since I heard from them, until tonight (October 11, 2017) when "Jack" called for the sole purpose of hitting on me. He asked increasingly personal questions about what I did last weekend, what my plans were this weekend, what social media sites I was on (this is when I caught onto the fact that he wasn't just a very friendly salesman) and what time I was getting off of work (which I refused to answer). I told him that if this wasn't a call about work then I needed to go, and hung up. Got another call from this number/Jack on October 12th, 2017. I told him right away that this was a business line and I was at work, so if he wasn't calling about business I could not talk to him. He then proceeded to ask for my cell phone number. I told him I was not interested. I am having this number blocked from calling our business again.
Comment by Addy on 9014104434
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 13:40pm
This is a scam. Spoke with the NC State Attorney General's Office and he said not to engage but to simply let them know I knew it was a scam then block them. They called back today and I told them, very politely, that I knew it was a scam and not to call me back. Went through Verizon and blocked that number from ALL phones in our name and on our account. These people are scammers and just want to take advantage of people. They can no issue arrest warrants as only DAs can do that and they aren't going to send info to the county of whatever the heck they are saying. Just block them.
Comment by JRG on 7072267632
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 13:39pm
Caller ID showed Napa, CA, and although I didn’t recognize the phone number, I answered anyway since I have friends in the area who may have called from another number due to the wildfire situation in Napa Sonoma region. Just silence on the other end, followed by a click. Screw you, caller!
Comment by Mmc on 22992290579
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 13:32pm
Same messages as above but they hang up before I could
Comment by Deshawn on 5104312127
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 13:29pm
Escort. Kolton Ready. East Bay, California. You pay. You get fucked.
Comment by slosada on 22992290579
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 13:24pm
Automated message "please wait for our financial.." and I hung up
Comment by C on 6308230454
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 13:09pm
Left msg about donating our car.
Comment by sofy on 2064011040
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 13:07pm
they called me too for personal federal grant
Comment by Kk on 8572438451
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 13:04pm
This is SPAM don't answer!!!!!!!!
Comment by no one on 8632234681
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 13:00pm
missed call - no idea who
Comment by Comment on 6367070236
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 12:59pm
I get calls from this number all the time. I don't know anyone from Cedar Hill, MO so I never answer it. I am sure it is someone trying to hack people or something evil like that.
Comment by KpQ on 8557614314
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 12:59pm
Left message, said it was Crystal Bradley from "Department of Verification"
She said to call the legal department immediately with questions and left reference # 105962-PA02. Then said something about taking action on this 'case' then ended with "YOU HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED"
Scram you spammers!!
Comment by Debi on 5302008927
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 12:50pm
I received a call from this number. No one was on the line
Comment by GIGI on 8554700778
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 12:46pm
got same call just now and wanting to find out, I don't have student loans.
Comment by kyle jackson on 5624754763
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 12:40pm
I just received a call from this number as well, but did not answer as I did not recognize it and it did not leave a voicemail either
Comment by ... on 07507334134
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 12:32pm
Got a message today about some iteams im selling and they wanted to share them with more people around where I live, I havent replied I just searched the number online and found this.
Comment by Tonya on 4843504419
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 12:29pm
484-350-4419 they would call and wait a few minutes then hang up with out saying anything
Comment by Sarah on 6193739966
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 12:22pm
Called 4 times in less than a minutes and never left a message
Comment by Joseph on 7722470220
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 12:12pm
They said they were Vanguard Legal Services.
Comment by karen on 7323052134
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 12:06pm
I was trying to call NetGear and saw this number on google.
I called and someone with broken English acted like he was with Netgear and they needed into my computer and I allowed.
He was showing me all kind of things that were wrong with my computer because I kept loosing my internet and I wanted to change my password. After 30 minutes of showing me all kind of things wrong, he wanted me to purchase a security plan and I said no and hopefully got him out of my computer. I has purchased a new phone and was trying to connect to my wifi but did not know my password. After 30 minutes or so I has a pop up on my phone that I had been hacked. I swiped it away. With knowing very little about technology I am afraid I let these people into everything of mine. Please if anyone knows more about this number please let me know.
Comment by FOR SURE on 9517550506
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 12:04pm
Comment by Mekka on 1247896979
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 12:03pm
They never say nothing call every 5 minutes
Comment by SB on 5615302576
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 11:57am
They are offering me and my business a loan ... they keep calling even after you opt out by pressing '9'
Comment by Wendy Coulson on 2268843559
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 11:55am
if you do not have the manners to publish yourself than leave people alone
Comment by Csr on 4129528041
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 11:52am
Got a call just now. Didn't answer. No message.
Comment by j on 01633744536
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 11:47am
I missed the call and they did not leave a message. I have a non dep who has recently left education so could be enquiries about that as Liz has noted. I will ignore - none of their business!
Comment by K Morin on 8338252513
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 11:35am
Lincoln Capital. an Arbitration Company. At least that is what the guy said. When he told me that i owed for a credit card debt and that he was gonna sue me and wanted to set up something so i could get served
Comment by PD on 8166546452
Monday, 10.16.2017 @ 11:19am
Multiple calls claiming I qualify for free Obamacare. I don't qualify for such and a legitimate call would use the proper name for the program not a nickname. Problem scam number.