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Comment by rtl300 on 01213297879
Tuesday, 10.13.2015 @ 05:44am
Just had a call from this number, a woman asked for me by giving my full name, I refused to acknowledge it was me until she told me who she was, she refused saying that she couldn't say until I confirmed who I was due to data protection. I then hung up
Comment by Jeff on 02659635262
Tuesday, 10.13.2015 @ 05:24am
My phone rang a number of times this morning from this number.

Each time no one replied and the call was disconnected.

I am very uncomfortable with this type of caller.

Searches on google cannot seem to give any location or company information.
Comment by Ellen on 7188783041
Tuesday, 10.13.2015 @ 05:20am
He just called, knew my first name, said he was from something unintelligible and I basically cursed him out for calling at 8:21AM ( Oct. 13) The fact he called you at 4:28, makes me wonder if he is nOT calling from a 718 number but using a cloned number since middle of the night calls are usually beyond them. ( unless it is not middle of the night where he is)
Comment by chiya on 1246690400
Tuesday, 10.13.2015 @ 04:32am
iam getting call from 124 669 0400 from this number ,
who is this , why they where calling me
Comment by Ng on 0323837500
Tuesday, 10.13.2015 @ 04:06am
Sorry, I was the commentator for last 2 comments. I was making a mistake for the calling. This 03-23837500 is confirmed from the Citibank, the case I was referring is actually calling from this number: 017-7012015.

I apologies here for any confusion and inconvenience has made.
Comment by Martin on 08442724273
Tuesday, 10.13.2015 @ 02:40am
Got a call a couple of days ago from this number but missed it. Received call again today from a guy claiming that my phone is due an ugrade and chatted a bit before going onto security questions. Was a bit dubious, still am, but I'll wait and see if I've fallen for something.
Comment by Nigel Prior on 01329734238
Tuesday, 10.13.2015 @ 01:57am
Been called fairly regularly for the past two months from this number about once a week. No message left
Comment by rajendiran on 60377875600
Tuesday, 10.13.2015 @ 01:27am
I would like to know who is calling me from this number?
Comment by Kingo on 07552278230
Tuesday, 10.13.2015 @ 01:17am
Tried to convince me He could get a grant for broadband, for my business. Said I wasn't interested.
Comment by Helmut on 004922059202646
Tuesday, 10.13.2015 @ 00:57am
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Comment by Helmut on 022059202646
Tuesday, 10.13.2015 @ 00:55am
MultiThread-Solutions ist ein Unternehmen, welches sich auf die Entwicklung von individueller Software und Webseiten spezialisiert hat. Hier bekommen Sie kein CMS mit angepassten Template verpasst, sondern eine Webseite/Software, welche alle Funktionen erfüllt, welche Sie für Ihren wirtschaftlichen Erfolg als wichtig erachten.
Comment by Roland on 17772847250
Monday, 10.12.2015 @ 23:54pm
Je viens de recevoir non appel du +1 777-284-7250 D'une personne avec un accent qui me demandais de parler en anglais pour confirmer mon nom ! qu'est ce que je risque ???
Merci pour aide
Comment by peter on 07587218932
Monday, 10.12.2015 @ 22:27pm
Scamer The person also tryed to using this number tried to con me through a dating web site, in order to send money to Malaysia.
there bank details:-

Name of account holder: Miss J J Ojomo

Account number: 31996160
Sort code: 30 64 38
Bank Name: Lloyds
Comment by Pissed off on 7634452311
Monday, 10.12.2015 @ 20:55pm
This numbered called at 12:45 a.m. Thinking it was an emergency, my wife ran to grab the phone and tripped on the stairs and broke her foot which required surgery. I am reporting these bastards to the Federal Trade Commission. These morons should be responsible for my medical bills.
Comment by Ng on 0323837500
Monday, 10.12.2015 @ 20:39pm
Yesterday afternoon, a lady called me from this number and said she is IC for taking care of my account. She asserted herself as Ianda (I may recall wrongly for her name) and from New Venus Travel to offer its VIP card for variety of benefits which to be given ONLY 100 pax/annum. She called me for card details verification, which really shocking me where she knows my first 8-digits! I was hesitating but decided to give her the rest of 8-digits after many talks to see what could be the outcome. Then, she asked my CVV which I totally can't accept it and refused to reveal. The weird thing is she knows my prefix of 4-digits of my CVV number¡­exactly from her! Anyway, I insisted from revealing my CVV...

She really get annoyed after talking to me for the whole set of card details verification over than 30 minutes¡­mostly I refused to gave her my 3-digits of CVV. She was mad and accused me was accusing her for possible involving the fraud which is under conducting on me. I explain to her there is no way for a person who approach for card verification by asking all card details, including CVV. She sworn not is the case and she won't just greed for RM 330 (1 time for whole life benefits). And is no way for her to get involved embezzlement for amount more than 3/4 thousand ringgits (I can't recall her exact mentioned amount). I explained my situation, again and she insist it's not a fraudulent involvement, which in the early she has introduced where she came from (why I've to believe?).

I said I search NEW VENUS TRAVEL and there is no a product of VIP card at Product column. Plus, I never heard from it from anyone around me. Then, she repeat I was kept ignorance because only 100persons/year would be randomly selected and I am not in that circle yet! I asked what's exactly your company is and how does it survives by keeping sponsorship for all these benefits? She stating other, which I am not sure she really heard my meaning?

I insists and refused for CVV revelation for every time after she tried 'her side explanation' which I don't buy her stating after stating. We underwent these 'asking-refuse' process again and again several times, where she turned mad, calmed down. She even re-call me after 1st around 10 minutes of conversation which suffer a sudden unknown phoneline cut down.

No matter what, I refuse for CVV to reveal. She gave a really final decision (she warned before to carry this step whenever in deadlock) to proceed cancellation where my so-called VIP which already in envelope with manual but not sent out yet. And me, was the one who will suffered as threatened by this way (actually she mentioned before so that I to reveal or on her side called verification process for genuine owner/winner) to blacklisted me which she asserted all my credit cards shall be banned from usage¡­ I wonder how powerful she is , that I am not committed a criminal and she is not from Bank Negara rank officer, can banned all my cards from various banks? Maybe she was truly suffer recycle madness with my refute and recline.

Both us have no choice, so she asked a final word from me whether I wish/wish not join them? I recline and turn down her offer.

I still don't know whether she is real, as she know so much of my card details + prefix 4-digits of CVV, how intelligent prank nowadays can be? If it's real, why it could happened as I don't agreed my personal data can be revealed to 3rd parties during my bank card application? I haven't use my card yet after that, but only to say that the world is changing too fast that I almost can't stand with all these card number info can be known by ssomeone beforehand!

After the 2nd conversation, I get some surfing at (for what I can get for 1st when google NEW VENUS TRAVEL), it provides many benefits from holidays, car services, insurance coverage and more...

Is it fraudulent game, prank or what?
Comment by T on 2532528173
Monday, 10.12.2015 @ 20:02pm
What do you know? I have been contacted by this number
Comment by Known on 6122092288
Monday, 10.12.2015 @ 18:04pm
Its a guy that likes to have multiple relationships..Sounds familiar
Comment by Ft Myers on 9416233861
Monday, 10.12.2015 @ 18:00pm
You can tell he is unstable after his first three sentences. Tries to come across as honest, but will go bonko if you question anything he says. A craigslist con artist.
Comment by Not Scammed on 8447338398
Monday, 10.12.2015 @ 17:20pm
The guy said he had a certified letter to deliver and asked for me to verify my address, He never showed up.
Comment by Ginger on 2813105497
Monday, 10.12.2015 @ 17:17pm
This phone number has been calling me. I know it's a scam because I do not owe any debt. HATE SCAMMERS.