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Comment by Maxine on 3363472227
Friday, 07.1.2016 @ 16:59pm
They've called more than once. Won't leave a message. Won't say anything if I answer. Very annoying and most likely up to no good.
Comment by Re Comment on 5122169620
Friday, 07.1.2016 @ 16:10pm
I'm wondering why you are asking. I got this number with a note on my windshield.
Comment by marcus on 7864087945
Friday, 07.1.2016 @ 15:51pm
this is a frud ljne they said to try to collect debt which never exist like a lawyer name maria salazar.
Comment by Rob on 3305267491
Friday, 07.1.2016 @ 14:32pm
Not sure
Comment by Ruby on 4692707018
Friday, 07.1.2016 @ 14:06pm
I got a call they hung up and I called back and got more of Tue same..nothing
Comment by Rachael on 7854938837
Friday, 07.1.2016 @ 13:51pm
Sunflower Bank's customer service number out of their main office in Salina, KS
Comment by Touring21 on 01292853060
Friday, 07.1.2016 @ 13:45pm
Silent nuisance caller
Comment by CR on 2702385558
Friday, 07.1.2016 @ 13:41pm
Left no message.
Comment by pissed on 5198042578
Friday, 07.1.2016 @ 13:31pm
I receive four calls a day and they never leave a message. This is harassment.
Comment by Careful on 7577248194
Friday, 07.1.2016 @ 13:17pm
This number appeared on my caller ID. No message left.
Comment by Lk on 8666800277
Friday, 07.1.2016 @ 13:17pm
Msg left, said they were calling about my new insurance and needed an update. I don't have any new insurance. Blocked the number.
Comment by Sheila on 2313318602
Friday, 07.1.2016 @ 13:09pm
Answered and a recording said "you are the only one in this conference"!
Comment by Marvin on 2027700857
Friday, 07.1.2016 @ 12:59pm
This phone number is a federal free grant scam. Supposedly, you need to call this number in order to receive their free grant. Just go ahead ignore or block this number from your telephone service or cellphone provider.
Comment by Gotacall on 4092920161
Friday, 07.1.2016 @ 12:12pm
Didn't answer and no one left a message. But when I called the number back it says it's no longer in service??? Strange because returned the call within the hour that I received it.
Comment by Carolyn on 8183092045
Friday, 07.1.2016 @ 11:38am
I get called from them constantly. no messages.
Comment by B on 07572648650
Friday, 07.1.2016 @ 10:46am
Yes, I know this person... I knew this person for many months- I don't feel comfortable discussing here for privacy reasons-
Please email me here if you wish to discuss this person- many thanks:
Kind regards
Comment by JOHN ANDREWS on 3129128316
Friday, 07.1.2016 @ 09:51am
Comment by Patches on 8889108111
Friday, 07.1.2016 @ 09:07am
Currently I only get calls but my "Call Director" blocks the call.
By the way, the text message is as obnoxious. Because I get a huge amount on a daily basis.
Comment by ramazo khorrami on 2092336209
Friday, 07.1.2016 @ 08:57am
i am making prank call which will lead to fraud. Thank you for including your name
Comment by Trevor van Zijl on 0116319005
Friday, 07.1.2016 @ 08:14am
Got an sms -R70 debit order for Club Mcc. Check my account. Went of yesterday. Phone bank and they gave me this number. No answer...EVER! Scam Alert! Hope they die a slow and agonizing death the effing bastards. Requesting reverse transaction from FNB
Comment by ChocolateThunda on 2082748180
Friday, 07.1.2016 @ 07:41am
Didnt answer wish i did know who it was
Comment by Anonymous on 3233477775
Friday, 07.1.2016 @ 07:25am
He's a guy that goes by Sanjay Kumar. He's part of a network of cat fishers, identity thieves and money launderers. He'll track you and hack into your phone, then access your whereabouts, calendar, emails, bank accounts, etc. Block him and report to the FBI.
Comment by sam on 18663878751
Friday, 07.1.2016 @ 06:39am
this number is from CBV collections -- they have about 100 differant numbers they use --if they get your number they say they are from telus or any other company that you might deal with saying you owe money even if you do not --they will say anything -- ask for your name --birthday --THEY NEVER STOP -- it does not matter how old the account is --THEY NEVER STOP -- --- change your number
Comment by Kenneth on 5127179023
Friday, 07.1.2016 @ 06:36am
Yeah. Got a call from them. They had my name. Said I had a claim filed against and gave me a claim number.
Comment by Rich on 4076505464
Friday, 07.1.2016 @ 06:20am
This is an employment scam. They cruise sites like careerbuilder, indeed, etc for victims. Stay far away.
Comment by Terry on 6032945392
Friday, 07.1.2016 @ 06:19am
Rings 2- times then they hang up.
Comment by Paul on 7135144123
Friday, 07.1.2016 @ 06:09am
Comment by Pierre on 5147881464
Friday, 07.1.2016 @ 04:28am
Received reversed charge call from 5147881464 $3.99 for a call that is local to me. A scam no doubt!
Comment by Linda on 01423229706
Friday, 07.1.2016 @ 04:16am
Thanks. I will block them.
Comment by хх on 35924119970
Friday, 07.1.2016 @ 03:59am