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Comment by Merlincog on 4849533310
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 22:13pm
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Comment by Seraphim on 0862144407
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 21:54pm
They are debt collectors with a lot of options and payment plans to pay off your debts, genuinely there to help you and get rid of the debt monkey of your back. you need to speak to them and negotiate with them to get a good deal.
Comment by Paul on 4402793830
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 21:41pm
Number belongs to a Robert Kelly. He is a scammer. And will defraud you and rob of your money. Watch out for this guy if he calls you.
Comment by Brad on 4048925689
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 21:17pm
This is a scam call. Do not answer any calls from this number.
Comment by Buds on 4086880164
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 20:45pm
Advanced Health Center called 20 times a day for the past 2 days.
Comment by A on 03448003986
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 20:42pm
Its secom alarm company
Comment by Phil on 0439575594
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 19:35pm
Unsolicited call from this number. Would not cooperate with the removal of my private number from their mailing list.
Comment by QuentinShaws on 4849533310
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 19:32pm
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Comment by jane on 6122481539
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 19:23pm
Fraud call regarding a phony business investment. Do not answer.
Comment by Spent on 009054819094
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 19:15pm
This number has called my place of business through the course of today. Lady says her name is Joanna from Multimedia and to please speak to the owner. POOR POOR English. When I advised this was a multinational company and to speak to the owner would be IMPOSSIBLE, they hang up, we have automatic call back facilities so called back and this number is not listed.
Comment by BP on 8553661176
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 19:07pm
Received a message saying to call immediatly regarding multiple allegations of a family member (wrong first name but correct last name) otherwise they will send a letter to legal dept. Ignored message.
Comment by Jessica on 9094361457
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 18:34pm
Scam call for CA energy. Block the number.
Comment by Jo on 0863132954
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 18:28pm
I've missed 2 calls I ring back get put on hold it says their from Soith Australia government and leave my name and number bit the phone number is a western Australian number does anyone know who it is
Comment by Ms Smith on 7073026256
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 17:40pm
Ok... received call. Called back, auto voice mail box. DARN....ADDING THIS NUMBER TO MY BLOCK LIST
Comment by . on 03445719205
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 16:52pm
This is an accident management company called Auxillis.
They would only call if your insurer has asked them to.
Provided great service to me and sorted everything out.
Comment by Shelly on 8324304506
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 16:24pm
It a student loan relief threw helping hands they said when I answered
Comment by Marie on 2065960593
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 16:17pm
I keep getting call from them to saying there some kind department of investcation
Comment by L on 5194712263
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 16:16pm
No answer upon pickup for me.
Comment by alicia kiechle on 6125681107
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 16:15pm
asked if i would contribute to law enforcement political something or the other. at first sounded legit then i didnt feel comfortable.just hung up
Comment by Terri Johnson on 7735996329
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 16:14pm
The message stated I was approved for a loan, it stated the amount of the loan, how much I would have to pay back monthly, and how long it would take to pay ti back.
Comment by SM on 2026709337
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 15:58pm
He ask for me, using MY NAME!!! and than, they just said "ok", and hang off. Sounds like foreign accent
Comment by TINA OWINGS on 5123336643
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 15:55pm
I got a call from this number and person saying I git approved for 15,000 loan and take my account out of negative by putting 800 in take me out b of account out of negative and then 19 to 12 hours pay back and they will put 14,000 back in my account minus what my account was in negative asked for my username and password online said he will call me in morning
Comment by Remy Martin on 9792004302
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 15:48pm
Received a call from this # and no idea who it is. No message left.
Comment by Dee on 5043233256
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 15:46pm
When i answered they hung up
Comment by Joe on 6513622283
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 15:25pm
Unwanted call.
Comment by Kitty on 2532992741
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 15:16pm
Calls everyday. Long blank voice mails. When I answer there is a loud beep and nothing.
Comment by vvenkovNut on 4849533310
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 15:16pm
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Comment by Deung on 4084125532
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 15:04pm
On July26,2017
Call@2:52pm.I never saw this# before. Left no mssg
I tried to call back, I was greeted by a recording sayin that this call is monitored/recorded... Then a woman comes on, no identification of the company name/Person name , asking me for my case ref#.
I said you called me, you tell me why? She said that she had to get my # so she could help me.
Comment by zzzzz on 5712007253
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 14:53pm
called on today, did not pick up.
Comment by adrian on 6465850243
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 14:51pm
The representatives at this number identified themselves as "The Federal Government" and told me I qualified for $9,000 in GRANTS!!! Woohoo. When I called back twice and asked to have my phone number removed from their calling list, they disconnected me both times. You can hear a BUSY call center in the background and all of the operators sound like they have foreign accents. SCAM, SCAM, SCAMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!
Comment by Karen Alicea on 5123779782
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 14:50pm
Telling me I owe some money to a company I never purshed any Item
Comment by CARRIE on 8776767388
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 14:47pm
Yes I got a call from them. It is about a medication reminder for Prolia
Comment by Kenny Powers on 4075490713
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 14:31pm
Caller was from National Debt Service. asked for a odd name Paula "Something" could hear a busy call center in the background, no idea how they got number
Comment by krystal on 2026709337
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 14:30pm
when I told him he had the wrong number screamed fuck you suck my dick....and repeatly called me a whore
Comment by Carrie on 9187709283
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 14:28pm
I have had calls every hour never leaves a msg.
Comment by J.R. on 2052866015
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 14:00pm
Woamn (supposedly) texting me that she loves me...won't call me, though...
Comment by wp on 5188887604
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 14:00pm
this number calls often, never leaves a msg, annoying - either spam, scam, or rob
make it stop!!!
Comment by Jhona on 6128506085
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 13:53pm
I love you zendaya I'm a big fan.
Comment by Angela on 5182824508
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 13:48pm
He said his name was Adam bleeker and it was a personal matter. I told him he had the wrong number and hung up. I blocked the number.
Comment by Gretchen on 8503042213
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 13:48pm
ID came up as "No Caller ID". Who but a spammer would do that????
Comment by grayson on 3867428827
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 13:41pm
It is a scammer. They were trying to buy my item on Craigslist, offered me the full price + 3 times the amount the cost for shipping. Sent a fake email that actually looked very real, but PayPal identified it as a scam very quickly. The payment never showed up on my PayPal account, that's when I knew something was up. They wanted me to send my item to 'Flat 3, Hugh Estate, Festac Town Lagos, +23401 Nigeria' BEFORE I received any payment from them.
Comment by Raj on 2028999022
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 13:40pm
They just calling and saying you got selected for $9k in government site
Comment by WHO IS THIS? on 8884918245
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 13:26pm
Comment by Robyn on 3202075909
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 13:10pm
Had a missed call from this number, they did not leave a message.
Comment by Dameon on 2897891104
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 13:04pm
The company is ARROW or ARO. They are debt collectors. They buy unsatisfied debt for far less than owed and harrass the schizzle out of people for full amount. In short...bottom feeding scum!
They called me on a Bell mobility account. I havent and wont use Bell for anything!
So, call block is the answer. These people are VERY rude!
Comment by myholeishurtin on 7025456980
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 13:00pm
These Ah's call 20 times a day. I'm sick of it - block the btards!!
Comment by alicia on 8664058128
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 12:58pm
This number continues to call me and references on my list
Comment by Kenny on 7152738045
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 12:55pm
This number called and was very rude to my staff, wanted to talk about credit card processing and then hung up
Comment by brenda on 8647743232
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 12:52pm
Caller id tracked phone to BUS TELECOM Inc. sc. From Williamston SC. Guy spoke in a different language and laughed all through the conversation. All I said was Hello. Hung up and blocked the caller.
Comment by UN KNOWN on 5198049384
Wednesday, 07.26.2017 @ 12:49pm
They call my cell at once a week and if I don't know the number why call me and my number they call is a company phone number. The number of 5198049384 should be shut down!