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Comment by Reola on 4155494994
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 18:23pm
This number identifies as "Medical Services". The also use other numbers in the 415 area. Nuisance calls, possibly fishing.
Comment by Jess on 01619342800
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 16:57pm
NHS call back from 111
Comment by Bill on 4247818687
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 15:26pm
Its a business phone Number., Its safe one.
Comment by Spammers suck on 48507276
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 15:24pm
‭(485) 072-76‬ Text messages received .. So SO SICK OF THIS!!!
Comment by Huda on 3142795686
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 15:15pm
Wondering like u Lola
Comment by Bob on 4694586115
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 15:14pm
Comment by NA on 6107171441
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 15:14pm
Hang up caller calls constantly
Comment by Keith on 6193292352
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 15:00pm
these people called me twice hanging up. Spammed number?
Comment by Renee on 8572643308
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 14:59pm
I also just received a call from this number and they didn't leave a message, so I looked them up.

Apparently, the number is a company called "Omnipoint Miami E License, Llc."

I searched Google and came up with info about them. There are a lot of negative comments about this number you might want to read. They're also sneaky because if you block their number, they'll still call you using a different number. Jerks. Anyway, I hope this helps!
Comment by boat add on 3093401561
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 14:35pm
same kinda thing wanting to send a cashiers check with no questions asked about the boat wanted my name and address..... scammers watch out.... Said his name was Kenneth Wagner at 411 N elm street Danville IL
Comment by P on 7124854120
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 14:20pm
Received an instant message through messenger, showing it was from a friend, about Endowment for the Humanities financial assistant to help retired, semi-retired, disable, unemployed with a grant. Knew immediately that they would never send me anything like that so played along with it. Said they had gotten theirs and asked if I had gotten mine that they saw my name on a list. Asked where they saw the list and said it was when UPS delivered their money. Told me to send a text the "agent" and see if my name was on the list. Asked if I had the number and told them no so this is the number they told me to text. At that point I replied that I thought they should go crawl under a rock with the rest of the scum of the earth and stop scamming people. At that point they changed the options setting where I could not report them.
Comment by Charlie on 3035021669
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 14:17pm
They have called twice today and no one is there and they don't leave a message. Scammers?
Comment by Dave on 5083353306
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 14:11pm
Christopher J Chointanna
Comment by Boo on 7707524254
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 13:57pm
It’s a debt collector
Comment by Kel on 8053806496
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 13:41pm
I did.. what happened to you?
Comment by Joe S on 8558667690
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 13:34pm
It’s a tech Support scam company pretending to be APPLE. They tried to make me pay them $500-$1100 to unlock my iPad safari and they told me if I didn’t pay them, hackers would take over my network and steal all of my personal information. They called me back from 582-518-7587 when I hung up on them to keep trying to convince me.
Comment by eric on 5873202332
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 12:49pm
cra scam
Comment by B on 7124854120
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 12:49pm
Claimed to be "the Grant Office" from Houston Texas and that they would deliver $100,000 in award money if I paid $800 in delivery fees. Fat chance.
Comment by Janet on 4012850379
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 12:45pm
I was contacted by a friend (whom I found out later was hacked on FB) who wanted me to text this number for a grant from AARP It is a scam.
Comment by Gary on 4102376235
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 12:05pm
This number calls me everyday. I refuse to answer. It calls my smartwatch number.
Comment by Sally Cavanagh on 6128439183
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 11:13am
Josie, they are scammers. Been there, done that. Don't txt them anymore. I told them I would report them if they didn't stop. They did.
Comment by Valerie on 6518298237
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 11:06am
It's a scam number. Just block it :)
Comment by me on 7152031965
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 10:51am
spamming scammer
Comment by Sharon on 7738409289
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 10:47am
Just don't answer number you don't recognize. They are wasting their time.
Comment by Fred on 9197415204
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 10:31am
did not leave a message
Comment by Susan on 7472125913
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 10:19am
This is a phishing attempt. They will ask you to go to a website (they provide the URL/IP Address) and tell you to log in with your Apple account info.

It is NOT Apple. It is the SCAMMER'S website. Do NOT go to the website they give you. Do NOT enter your information. ANY of your information. Do not TELL them anything.

I received 5 calls within 6 hours one day. I messed with the caller and wasted a good part of his day by pretending to go along with his requests. At the end, he called me some pretty nasty names!

Apple will NOT call you to tell you that you have been hacked. They will first email you and (usually) add a notice that you will see when you log in to their official site.
Comment by Liz on 6304398867
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 10:11am
Called twice. I didn't answer. No message left.
Comment by me on 2142142004
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 09:30am
scammer!!!!!!!!! calls everyday
Comment by Docc on 8707181697
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 09:30am
This # called and I called it back they clammed to be a Bail bonds does any one have any information on this #???
Comment by Allen on 4012161728
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 09:10am
I continue to receive telemarketers calls, unsolicited calls, spam SMS message and robo calls from this and other phone numbers.
Comment by Ted Bailey on 02086190129
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 08:56am
Called at 4.30pm ... no message so obviously a harassment call
Comment by (512)-400-7124 on 5124007124
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 07:55am


I am Mr Godwin Emefiele. The Executive Governor, Central Bank Of Nigeria. I have come to make so many things right from the way the corrupt government officials has made it to be in the past. Your awarded payment of inheritance fund, overdue payments and compensations of scam victims without causing heart break to beneficiaries is my priority. I am well pleased to inform you that your deliveryman has arrived with your cash trunk box value $8.3 million dollars being your inheritance payment. He is currently in AUSTIN-BERGSTROM INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, IN TEXAS UNITED STATES on transit.

Contact your delivery man on this Email: Phone Number: (512)-400-7124 then speak with the diplomatic deliveryman for directives, his name is Mr. Donald Osso. As he has been waiting to hear from you to enable him get to your home address without missing his way. Most importantly you are advised to send your full data to him, which include your Full Name, Current Residential Address, Direct Cell Number, closest airport to you and A copy of any identity card to verify that you are the right receiver to avoid mistakes.

Note that you must call Mr. Donald Osso as soon as you receive this email for more discussion; direct line is (512)-400-7124. Also reconfirm your full current address and valid phone number to the Delivery officer via his above email address once you receive this email to enable him deliver your cash consignment box to your house without any further delay.

You are not expected to waste his time because he will make delivery to other beneficiary appointees. Please once you receive your consignment make sure you sign the receive document to proof your satisfaction.

Comment by Tee on 4102376235
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 07:55am
Who is calling from this number?
Comment by Liz on 8552550465
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 07:36am
No message just a call.
Comment by Mike on 6173777420
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 07:32am
Yes I got a call from this number at 8:18 A.M. this morning just like you. I missed the call and no message was left. I just called the number back from my house phone and a man answered. I asked who I was talking to and that I received a call from this number, guy said what is your number and I refused to give him that info, I asked again what was the reason for the call and he answered that we work with matters of personal and business ordeals.. I think bullshit or some type telemarketing maybe even bill collector.. can’t be sure but dude was asking what my name was I didn’t answer. I wouldn’t give any personal info to anyone over the phone. If I was you and u have a smart phone just highlight number in recent call log and block it like I did. Hope this was helpful.. have a great day
Comment by Queen of NY on 3475866660
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 07:32am
This is a catfish! Using stolen photos to lure women online. Stalker as well! Say your prayers and stay far away ladies! He talks a good game, makes himself out to be the perfect man! He crops stolen pics to use and doesn't want to talk on the phone or send pics at a moment's time. I just came from NY police department and he is being investigated. Nice try "James".
Comment by Elliott on 4072022191
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 07:31am
Visit their store at 9439 Lake Lotta Circle Gotha FL 34734
Comment by Bob on 16475301439
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 07:04am
It's voice mail for chatr mobile number
Comment by ihsan on 0259200404
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 06:34am
yes i have received also call from this number they told me FIA, is it right ?
Comment by Mr. O on 6052315982
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 06:32am
It's a scam
Comment by Anonymous on 8003480819
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 06:26am
'Candy' called me and offered $200 cash for a 4 hr session on a mock jury trial.
CASH ? Why ?
Though I looked up American Jury Research - and it seems legit - I don't think I will do this.
The CASH part is what troubles me.
Comment by Robert on 18005855867
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 05:35am
I am the customer of online geek squad from past 2 years and whenever I have any problem I just call them. Very good and polite technicians.
Comment by Sarah on 2468490240
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 05:15am
I have had a missed call. Can't seem to find any info on it. I am in the UK and think this is a US number
Comment by Sandi on 8447880657
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 04:39am
I wish America had a real government with power and knowledge to halt scammers' intrusive plots beforehand
Comment by anonymous on 8446999129
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 04:32am
843-885-1527 called me four times. It was a Mr. Williams asking for James Smith. The number to call back was 844-699-9129. It was so weird it was obvious it was a scam.
Comment by Knighmich on 01479658352
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 03:53am
Silent call
Comment by Sue on 01613540804
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 03:47am
I was curious hence, I called the number back, but was put on hold with no introduction of the company name. So I hang up after 90 seconds.
Comment by anon on 9179579781
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 01:21am
i received a text message from this number, immediately got a response saying "wrong number"... still very fishy.
Comment by Randy wyhatt on 2403179702
Saturday, 02.17.2018 @ 00:47am
Yes i couldn't really understand it.the machine said that i was to get in touch with them before a case was filed on me or something to that effect
Comment by Ruby on 7189387625
Friday, 02.16.2018 @ 22:50pm
This posting is totally false and should be completely disregarded. If there is any doubt, please call the number to confirm. This website has been contacted to remove these slanderous posts but have not responded.