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Comment by I don't want to put my name on 9055858606
Monday, 10.24.2016 @ 16:51pm
I just received a call from them and they were claiming they were an air duct cleaning service but definitely not true. There was a lot of background noise like they were in a big call center and they asked how i would be paying right off the bat. I hung up and they called back about a half hour later, except this time i said "Hello, for delivery or pickup?" Confuses them and they never call again!
Comment by james on 7025306954
Monday, 10.24.2016 @ 16:33pm
they called offering way more for my car then was listed and they guaranteed it as long as I gave them 200 dollars first of course don't do it
Comment by Sharon on 5177499525
Monday, 10.24.2016 @ 16:12pm
Whoever it is...they are serving some sort of court papers.
Comment by Angry land-line user! on 6363349437
Monday, 10.24.2016 @ 14:28pm
Phone rang 6 times, I picked it up and it took another 5 seconds for a poorly speaking guy named Dante, who was calling on behalf of some fake Firefighters' Benevolent Association. As the father of a firefighter, I started asking questions he could not answer, jumped his ass, and also let him know that the number he was calling from is current assigned to a political candidate's headquarters in Ellisville, MO. The jack-wad hung up at that point. These bastards need to be retroactively aborted if ever caught...
Comment by Louise on 8667702225
Monday, 10.24.2016 @ 12:50pm
Ce sont des vendeurs, installateurs et réparateurs de thermopompe ou de système de chauffage et climatisation. Ils reviennent par la suite tous les 3 mois pour faire des inspections sous garantie et facturent 3000$ ou 4000 $. Ils profitent des personnes âgées
Comment by Ash on 7862240120
Monday, 10.24.2016 @ 12:27pm
THEM: "Hi, I am your resort specialist"
ME: "Please put me on your Do Not Call List"
THEM: "Could you just let me finish my presentation?" (frustrated)
ME: "Actually, I'm at work and besides I'm only 20 years old anyway and usually--"
THEM: *Click*
Comment by Susanna Luong on 7206398582
Monday, 10.24.2016 @ 12:16pm
This number has been incessantly calling me from 5 am , several times a day. When I picked up , it just had a "beep" tone that repeated every second .. ?
Comment by Keith on 01916712160
Monday, 10.24.2016 @ 11:56am
Company called akinika. debt recovery.
Comment by mm on 8195363986
Monday, 10.24.2016 @ 11:25am
I just got a call from this number claiming to be a CRA rep and I was to call them back with my 2015 tax return in hand. I googled elsewhere and it and the 1-866 802 2842 number they gave me to return their call are both listed as bogus numbers. CRA website says to report these calls and numbers to
Comment by JJ on 2014020214
Monday, 10.24.2016 @ 11:17am
a scam group asking credit card info
Comment by Anonymous on 0100039900
Monday, 10.24.2016 @ 09:38am
I've been getting calls from this number ,it really annoys me,they always asking for my husband.
Comment by N on 3034218300
Monday, 10.24.2016 @ 09:33am
Keeps calling and texting me, I blocked the number and they started from a new number. I also get spam mail from state farm
Comment by USMD Patient on 8446497782
Monday, 10.24.2016 @ 09:30am
It is USMD calling about a payment
Comment by Kri on 07749124485
Monday, 10.24.2016 @ 07:55am
A lady called me about a work from home, sending me a text and email with links to a video and website. I am not sure about the safety so I checked on internet, but there no info about the website. I don't know if it is a scam (but I think so).
Comment by JC on 2146123619
Monday, 10.24.2016 @ 06:23am
214-612-3619...,SCAMMER. Was selling something on Internet, Anthony (Texas no.)answered, sent Check for $2300 more than asking and says to pay "movers". Check sent from Anthony Dean, Redding, CA. Check is written on a real estate attorneys trust account - Landmark Bank in Florida. Called the attorney, not their check and they have been receiving numerous calls over past few months. Check is not a valid check, Do Not Deposit. they are trying to steal your money.
Comment by Harold Clewer on 0012123802800
Monday, 10.24.2016 @ 05:36am
An american sounding man, who was very rude
Comment by John on 0656706500
Monday, 10.24.2016 @ 03:54am
It's a number for clean Ireland ... waste collection co ...
Comment by RC on 01174058679
Monday, 10.24.2016 @ 00:20am
I've been receiving calls from this number every day at around 8am every morning for the past 3 days. I picked up this morning thinking in a sleepy state it might be work. All I got was a male singing 'I will always love you', so I THINK it my be a prank one...Think.
Comment by Sarah on 0120226300
Sunday, 10.23.2016 @ 23:48pm
Poole Hospital outward calls number. My call was from outpatients appointment line, but if you call it back it says it doesn't know which department the call was from, so you need to wait for them to try again.
Comment by Ed on 0321710800
Sunday, 10.23.2016 @ 22:29pm
I also got a call from this number today (24 Oct 2016) and my phone screen remark that it is Sales Ads line but I didnt pickup. No need to answer.
Comment by alien on 2405423310
Sunday, 10.23.2016 @ 12:43pm
They called and left message. It's a company working with IKEA on recall of a dresser.
Comment by Melanie on 0861101581
Sunday, 10.23.2016 @ 09:26am
My phone bill is hundreds of rands a month with this exact number being billed to my account. If you know who it belongs to please contact me urgently on 082 4611610
Comment by Jean on 2014196404
Sunday, 10.23.2016 @ 08:12am
Got a text disguised as from my cousin to go to a site I just deleted text and did not click on link.
Comment by tk on 5702984527
Sunday, 10.23.2016 @ 07:52am
JUST A DICKHEAD SPAMMER/SCAMMER!! Just changes names, emails, and phone numbers! Name: mysweetbutt, Phone: 5702984527, Email:, Message: heya... i saved ur email from googl mem search a little bit ago are you still
available? lets meet up 5702 nine eight 4527 txt me!!

JUST A f*****g a*****e SPAMMER/SCAMMER!!
Comment by Frank on 6068874453
Sunday, 10.23.2016 @ 06:57am
Yes, Ghana Scammer

Main message is:

Will like to purchases 300 quantities also want to know the total cost for 300 quantities excluding freight cost,also if you do accept credit card for this order....
S & W (HK) Enterprises Ltd
431 Railroad Ave
Shiremanstown, Pennsylvania 17011
Phone # : +1: 606-887-4453
Comment by Very dangerous number on 8666627001
Saturday, 10.22.2016 @ 21:22pm
This is a scammer's number pretending to be eBay support and it is very dangerous. Do not trust the people behind this phone number. Stay away from this phone number at all cost.

They pretend to sell cars worth about 25k or more and list the car for about 7k or 2k all over Craigslist. 100 car ads could have about 20 scam ads or more. They usually have a picture with no license plate or taken in a way that the plate cannot be showned. They usually only do emails and have fake names in their emails. They will say a ridiculous copy paste story like their husband dying or they're getting ready to deploy soon, but it's all a lie. They only accept gift card payment because they're scammers.
Comment by Unknown on 4412737650
Saturday, 10.22.2016 @ 19:30pm
They called asking do we accept credit cards. they didn't give any information saying they were asking for a friend
Comment by business Owner on 3602160486
Saturday, 10.22.2016 @ 15:41pm
stolen credit card scammer. Please waste his time. :-)
Comment by Alex on 8002140825
Saturday, 10.22.2016 @ 11:52am
They're a phone service and or company that's the most I know
Comment by Kemo on 8664049119
Saturday, 10.22.2016 @ 11:10am
It's Progressive debt relief, it is a ligament company
Comment by Shannon on 6159883239
Saturday, 10.22.2016 @ 11:02am
Calling to collect for comcast
Comment by Munich on 004373290353
Saturday, 10.22.2016 @ 08:58am
Last call 22 Oct 2016. I let it ring to the end (10 seconds)
Comment by Jolo on 9366472619
Saturday, 10.22.2016 @ 05:57am
All good. It is University of Phoenix. Received call to online inquiry. They don't leave a message but they will answer your call.
Comment by farhad ali on 00919163564827
Friday, 10.21.2016 @ 20:04pm
Comment by road on 00919163564827
Friday, 10.21.2016 @ 19:43pm
Comment by Kerry on 6193244431
Friday, 10.21.2016 @ 18:47pm
It is siriusxm
Comment by Ting on 01125291791
Friday, 10.21.2016 @ 18:02pm
This person is CHEAT MONEY ,His used this Hp number start 2015 already send to people and calling ...pls take care !
Comment by DS Bednash on 2152973139
Friday, 10.21.2016 @ 17:54pm
This # continuosly calls my land line 2-4X a day, (of course I am at work ) they dont leave a msg. On the one occassion I did answer this # it was a strong mid eastern accented woman I just hung up but not before telling her repeatedly that "I couldn't understand a thing she was saying.And the calls continue. Every day X2 or 3. Who are these idiots!!!COULSTON
Comment by tk on 7247596453
Friday, 10.21.2016 @ 17:30pm
JUST A DICKHEAD SPAMMER/SCAMMER! Just changes names, emails, and phone numbers!! Name: Sweetbutt, Phone number:7247596453, Email:, Message: Hallo, dear! I cannot believe a sultry Sir like you doesn’t have a girlfriend. Send
me an SMS 724 seven five 96453 and we will change everything tonight!

JUST AN f*****g a*****e SCAMMER/SPAMMER!!!
Comment by It's the Tucson police on 5202540548
Friday, 10.21.2016 @ 16:59pm
Just got a call from that same number he said he was a Tucson police officer bell don't know if it's true cause I asked him for his badge number and he wouldn't give it he just ended the call
Comment by Tim on 6477900072
Friday, 10.21.2016 @ 13:11pm
I received call from this number who claims he is from Credit Bureau of Canada Collections (CBCC). He can spell my name correctly, and he say my street name (not street number). When I asked him what this call is about, he say he need to verify me if he is talking to the right person. So he asked me for my personal information. Of course I didn't give him. I asked him if he knows my address, then send me mail for whatever he wants to talk.
I search this number on CBCC website but doesn't come out any result.
This is scam call, primarily target to collect personal information by asking victim personal info for "verification". This is very typical scam call. Put it in your blacklist is highly recommended.
Comment by Bill on 8554073792
Friday, 10.21.2016 @ 12:54pm
I was called several times. I finally answered. She spoke sloppily and claimed to be from OptumRX. She said, "You have a prescription that needs to be ordered." I knew that was not true so I asked her, "What is the drug that I need to order." She avoided answering and asked, "What is your birth date?" If she knew I was a customer of OptumRx, she should have had my record in front of her and would not need that info. I said, "I do not give that out to unsolicited callers." She then gave a semi-graceful statement about "trying to help me" and then hung up.
Comment by Kdsbjd on 7155983886
Friday, 10.21.2016 @ 12:28pm
SCAM. Calls as bill collector when we owe nothing to that org. PHISHING...DO NOT ANSWER.
Comment by unknown on 18557170015
Friday, 10.21.2016 @ 11:34am
They call and left message stating you owe IRS.
Comment by HateSpam on 2145666911
Friday, 10.21.2016 @ 10:54am
I didn't answer and caller did not leave messages.
Comment by RHEE on 9706706316
Friday, 10.21.2016 @ 10:47am
970-670-6316 is a Landline device operated by MCIMETRO ACCESS TRANSMISSION S. -
This device is registered in Berthoud, Colorado
Type: Landline -
City, State: Berthoud, Colorado -
County/Parish: Larimer -
ZIP Code: 80513 -
Hash: 29f3524448805c4bf26a3418448da868 -
Comment by C on 8772180345
Friday, 10.21.2016 @ 09:07am
The lady said she was with DirecTV
Comment by KD on 3018040152
Friday, 10.21.2016 @ 08:42am
I just called them and told them in a very aggressive way to take my number off their list that they have the wrong person! He put me on hold, came back on very rudely and said "Your number is removed" and hung up on me. These people are scam artist. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY PERSONAL INFO ABOUT YOURSELF! DON'T EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE WHO YOU ARE. BEWARE!!
Comment by Lynne on 08000463054
Friday, 10.21.2016 @ 08:22am
Aviva cold calling - Blocked!
Comment by richard on 3476813352
Friday, 10.21.2016 @ 07:32am
does anyone have information about this phone number? if you got a call or a message from this, can you say what happened. thankyou