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Comment by Judithnus on 0048600299801
Saturday, 01.21.2017 @ 12:59pm
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Comment by Carol Ann Lessiter on 08448483424
Saturday, 01.21.2017 @ 12:55pm
BBC good food magazine, disgusting that they use premium rate numbers when you are buying a service from them.
Comment by Judithnus on 7604828263
Saturday, 01.21.2017 @ 12:48pm
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Comment by Cheryl on 01138200797
Saturday, 01.21.2017 @ 12:41pm
I have the number blocked and the left a message that I was being served in the next hour with legal documents.... blah blah blah!!!!How do I stop this crap??
Comment by John on 5053102325
Saturday, 01.21.2017 @ 12:14pm
The calls are happening to me. Just like you are explaining the calls are intimidating and crud. I would like to get more information about who is calling. Please contact me soon so tht I may inform the proper people or person.
Comment by Judithnus on 0097623029
Saturday, 01.21.2017 @ 11:33am
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Comment by Chuck on 8005649895
Saturday, 01.21.2017 @ 10:38am
Is a debt scam.
Comment by John on 7056777711
Saturday, 01.21.2017 @ 10:11am
Got a letter in mail form CRA asking for my T4 and SIN, this number given as a fax number for CRA Sudbury office which isn't the same as listed on CRA website ,the mailing address given in letter is correct though. Asking me to mail or fax my T4/SIN to them.

I will be calling CRA on Monday see what they say.
Comment by Judithnus on 8625207356
Saturday, 01.21.2017 @ 10:04am
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Comment by Amanda on 4043682424
Saturday, 01.21.2017 @ 09:23am
This guy is a trick. He calls women for sex. He always pays and he's very hamdsome. My only compmiant is he gave my friend herpes. He says he hates comdoms. Thats not safw or cool
Comment by Judithnus on 6147415256
Saturday, 01.21.2017 @ 08:53am
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Comment by DILSHER AHMAD ANSARI on 9849044786
Saturday, 01.21.2017 @ 08:15am
Comment by Reverend on 6087457112
Saturday, 01.21.2017 @ 08:07am
It was a company selling business telephone services
Comment by BankersDread on 447480357027
Saturday, 01.21.2017 @ 07:29am
My mother had a text from this number stating that their had been fraudulent activity, she had apparently spent £40,00 in Argos this morning which she hadn't. Someone rang from that number claiming to be from Natwest but my mum was sceptical so she rung off and called me. I looked up a real number for Natwest (0800 011 3312) which she rang. It turned out the text and the phone call were from Natwest and someone had used the card to try and buy something in Argos. The card has now been cancelled with a replacement card being sent and the £40,00 being refunded.

The card in question has only been used to book couriers from a site called and we have used it for years with this card. Otherwise, it was never used for online shopping at all and no online or telephone banking has been setup for it.

Just for information and if people who have experienced this fraud are so inclined, it would be useful to know where they have shopped with their cards so maybe we can find the source of the problem.
Comment by JM on 5014783461
Saturday, 01.21.2017 @ 04:36am
This person(s)claims to be Robert Collins. This person hacked a friends Facebook site for the purpose of scamming for money. They claim to be your Facebook friend telling you that they received $300 for free. They claim to be an agency helping retired people, low income people, those on unemployment, etc. They claim your name is on a list making you eligible for this $300. They give you a telephone number to call. Then they require a lot of personal information so that they can deliver the $300 to your home. Once they get your info they will use it to steal your money, take out loans and ruin your credit. tHE TELEPHONE NUMBER IS 501-4478-3471. That is for central Arkansas, including Little Rock.
Comment by john doe on 0858085906
Saturday, 01.21.2017 @ 04:22am
Its digital marketing company
Comment by tiermacgirl on 07449555555
Saturday, 01.21.2017 @ 00:29am
Got a text from it: "your car" (I never ordered one) "is on its way. Pls look for a White Skoda Octavia, EA66 HGE (that isn't an actual registration!). To track your car go to www."
Followed quickly by another text confusingly talking about a car and fares in the same paragraph: "Your car has arrived! Use our app to get cheaper fares! Download Now @Android: pttp:// and iphone: Thank you."

As soon as I read it I thought, who is this? and checked out this site. Gonna save the number AND block it: I want to be able to identify it as the number of a liar if they get through to me on a different phone in the future.
Comment by Mbali on 0100032998
Saturday, 01.21.2017 @ 00:07am
I have been waiting for an sms with details since they called me yesterday to come on Monday on a interview
Comment by anonymous on 6102238700
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 23:52pm
Yes, i recibe a message of this number. why?
Comment by Sherry on 5597543071
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 21:59pm
Wanted to see if selling house within next 12 months. Said she was an agent.
Comment by Sherry on 7148269272
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 21:55pm
Comment by Sherry on 5597543071
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 21:51pm
Caller said it was a survey.
Comment by Ash on 6468447151
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 21:40pm
Said I had a warrant for my arrest from the irs.
Comment by Allan on 8609240452
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 18:05pm
Someone called me from 1-860-924-0452 (Hartford, Connecticut) and said the BGE (we live in Maryland) was going to cut us off at 4:30 (in one hour) for non-payment and to call this number 1-800-434-2040 (National Eye Foundation in Phoenix, AZ). It was a SCAM!

If anyone get a call like that or similar, please think thoroughly first. NEVER GIVE STRANGER OR ANYONE YOUR INFORMATION AND PROTECT YOURSELF.
Comment by reffahsenyaw on 7076364733
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 16:36pm
This is my number, it is being spoofed. The line is incoming only, NO CALLS ARE EVER MADE FROM THIS NUMBER, if it shows on your caller ID it is FAKE. BLOCK IT!
Comment by Richard on 2042897015
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 16:36pm
Tired of this annoying call.... Also find it hard to believe MTS can't stop the annoyance
Comment by Bernard Drage. on 02091880009
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 16:29pm
See above. Apparently this is a UK number. Still tell your ISP/Line rental company, so they can block the call
Comment by Bernard Drage on 02091880009
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 16:13pm
Phishing scam. Claimed to be Talk Talk Technical Department.

Ignore it. Suggest if you are a Talk Talk customer forward the number and date/time details to Talk Talk so they can block it coming into the UK.
Comment by Joe on 8633543920
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 15:53pm
Let me the fuck alone!!!!!!! or I will find you and deal with you
Comment by Missy on 4793108773
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 15:20pm
Yeah, think it's an immature teen.
Comment by Laura Knight on 07441900952
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 14:53pm
I received no less than 3 missed calls from this number. I can't believe they are injury lawyers. I've not had an accident I dont need an injury lawyer, just want them to delete my phone number from their list of people they want to harrass.
Comment by Mary on 6197730658
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 14:52pm
Just got a call from this number, said "National City CA", rang through to voice mail but did not leave a message.
Comment by John on 9718016594
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 14:04pm
They call, but never leave a message, so I blocked the number
Comment by cyd on 9794460823
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 13:25pm
got a call from this number didn't answer tried calling it back it said disconnected
Comment by Cell Gug on 222220000
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 12:43pm
Try this
if you send an email to []
then you will get a text message from 222-220-000.
If not regarding to who send to you but the message is sent from email to your phone number relative email address.
for example:
Your Phone number 667-255-4450 with t-mobile
then somebody email to
after you will got the text message from 222-220-000
Comment by RGG on 7138931053
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 12:34pm
it's a sales call. they left what sounds like a legitimate voice mail, with number and web address for an online job search site focused on contract attorneys. I didn't call back so can't confirm legitimacy.
Comment by Trist on 4156973752
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 12:12pm
They called, I answered, and they didn't say anything. Then I hung up. They wasted my time.
Comment by Miss Vic on 2044541212
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 11:49am
received a call from this number 20jan2017. it wasn't a good connection or the background noise was too loud for me to hear him clearly/ He said he was from Microsoft....somethig about receiving something from my computer. He kept asking me if I was in front of my computer, I kept telling him I was in bed. Then he hung up. I wonder if this has anything to do wth the MICROSOFT CRITICAL ALERTS pop up that freezes your screen and provides a telephone number to call to fix ...for money of course; it's a scam. It always happens when I am streaming Its fixable by turning the laptop off with on / off button and NOT restoring the google pages.
Comment by Amanda on 2044541212
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 11:19am
I just got the same call. I wanted to see what he wanted me to do. Of course I didn't do it. He wanted me to run a program. I would say it is definitely a scam. I questioned him about his contact info and name. He hung up on me.
Comment by Simmo on 01484426088
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 09:49am
Didn't bother answering. Some useless idiot no doubt. Fed up with these people. Sorry to have a phone sometimes.
Comment by Anonymous on 7244480908
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 09:42am
I got a call from this number too. He's a Field Underwriter for Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company. He's been helping families in the Carroll County VA area this week and a pretty nice guy. I hope this helps
Comment by Scott on 3012766707
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 09:31am
It is the Washington Redskins ticket sales
Comment by Karen on 8009859659
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 09:00am
This is merchant services partners with a notification regarding possible pending or outstanding actions needed on your merchant account. Please respond for final chip card validation on your processing Footman and possible rate and fee increases from your sales office, please call 800-985-9659 to speak with an agent for a rate adjustment and to validate your processing equipment cMP status again our number is 800-985-9659 agents are available to assist you Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.. To 5 p.m.. Central standard time. Thank you.
Monday through Friday
SCAMMERS!!! I have confirmed with our actual merchant services that these criminals are NOT connected to us in any way.
Comment by crissy on 447953967967
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 08:59am
this mobile text my 13year old granddaughter and told her her phone allowance has almost run out it was only refreshed on the 13th jan and to make a payment, so I got in touch with her phone contractors and they told me it definitely has not run out so this is a scam call, i am totally disgusted with these callers doing that to a 13 year old child
Comment by kim on 08000903831
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 08:48am
They are a internet scam
Comment by nicole on 5155555555
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 08:08am
Yes I received a call today at 8:30 am he said his name was Andrew with DHS office. Then my phone hung up. Which is weird. And he hasn't call back and it's 10:08am.
Comment by Jenny on 01702567471
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 07:37am
This is Emergency Response Group from Essex.(They run a call centre in Essex but have ads all over pretending to be local to you.) They source plumbers, joiners, sparkies etc. AVOID - AVOID - AVOID they won't take a booking unless they have your credit/debit card details. As soon as they have that they help themselves to extortionate amounts of money from your bank a/c. I had to go to the bank to get the money back. "Laura" - if that is her real name (?) is a nasty bully. Horrible underhand company run by scammers with no conscience - check out all the negative reviews on Google under "Emergency Response Group Westcliffe on Sea - 38 one star negative reviews !!
Comment by Patricia on 2026819837
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 07:24am
I got that call already two times. I'm blocking the number. Free money for paying by bills on time ? Seriously!
Comment by Jessica Moss on 8006710221
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 07:21am
I called them back for free foreclosure prevention help. It's a good assistance group that helps people in South Carolina and North Carolina for free. I'm trying to get some mediation and mitigation with my lender.
Comment by NOT JIM on 3852259632
Friday, 01.20.2017 @ 06:01am
(501) 620 9020