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Comment by Magnum 44 on 4844164090
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 15:14pm
Phone rang I picked up they hung up
Comment by Kelly on 5095635054
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 15:04pm
Whoever this person is they just like to call a couple of times a day. But they never leave a message. What a coward.
Comment by Steve on 07514937685
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 14:53pm
Possible Gumtree Scammer, offering iPhones at low prices... be VERY careful!
Comment by Paula Jean Marie on 9493656656
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 14:42pm
I received a call from this number 949-365-6656, and it appeared to be an automated voice that said "credit card", right after I said "hello". Since it only said credit card, I hung up immediately. I called the number back, and a voice recording said: "At the subscribers request this number does not accept incoming calls, subscriber detail 165.658

Personally, to me it is suspicious. I am blocking the number. Apparently it is a landline in Southern California. I have no other details.
Comment by Reese on 4809648754
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 14:42pm
Got a call. Just a very faint buzzing on the line. It hung up after about 10 seconds
Comment by elise on 2062573860
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 14:40pm
There was a partial message left on our office voice mail from one of those awful robotic voices "please respond so charges are not brought against you"

Our caller ID rad Mike Brown.

I just deleted it.
Comment by J on 922336360
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 14:38pm
This number rang my home phone line two or three days ago, called three times, one straight after another. I didn't recognise it so didn't answer. No message was left.
Comment by Sam on 02837998607
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 14:38pm
Ditto this is a scam call, hate these type of people trying to steal other people's hard earned savings- ignore it everyone
Comment by big ter on 01924623011
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 14:34pm
got a call today inviting me to a very special event. l declined and put the phone down.
l then blocked it
Comment by BCLION on 5179406483
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 14:30pm
Telemarketer stopped by Hiya call blocker
Comment by MP on 5128619941
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 14:08pm
Just got a call. Didn't answer. No message left.
Comment by TW on 5623178741
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 14:05pm
Transworld Systems Collection Agency. Have no idea who they represent, but upon research, it seems like they may be fraudulent.
Comment by pw on 8445304407
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 14:04pm
I just got a call from this # with a recorded message that said...
"you have been kicked from this conference."

Please comment.
Comment by M. R. on 5757627639
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 14:03pm
I just got a call from this number. When I tried calling back, it said the line was busy. I don't know who it is!
Comment by Anonymous on 2262325621
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 14:02pm
They sent me a link to accept over $100k. Obviously fake. I did not click the link.
Comment by hiram segura on 6317608208
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 13:51pm
******CROOKS CROOKS CROOKS******************
Comment by tom on 8857782918
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 13:48pm
This is the infamous STATE COLLECTIONS!!

It puzzles me that the Upvoting outweighs the Downvote by such a margin.
Comment by Jessica on 2352525256
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 13:43pm
This number keeps calling me stating they are from the IRS. When I ask for a return number they hang up. 6/23/17
Comment by Lex on 8850540800
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 13:30pm
Scammer tried to access my computer saying I have a virus.
Comment by Jason on 6192107045
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 13:27pm
Called about possible overbilling of VA loan and wants to help me get those fees refunded. Pronounced my city name incorrectly, which is a suburb of San Diego. If you were from the area that the caller ID indicated, you would know how to pronounce the city name correctly. Most likely a scam.
Comment by Bob Geller on 18772630851
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 13:21pm
when call the number, it is a customer number line that you say on hold, and no one ever picks up
Comment by KB on 4693338421
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 13:07pm
I got very strange texts yesterday from this number. They knew my name and pretended to be my stepbrother's ex wife. I was in contact with her and knew it wasn't really her. They were very weird, harassing texts.
Comment by jodi kuba on 7246181050
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 12:59pm
Today they said childhood cancer. Is this one of the scams they have u say yes and record it to use at another time?
Comment by Sue on 202750000
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 12:56pm
Offered 9000 dollars in grant money and call 2028130056
Comment by Jonathan on 00494022618897
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 12:39pm
Quisiera saber a nombre de quién está este número gracias
Comment by Tom on 4692706497
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 12:36pm
Left a voicemail inviting family, friends, and I for free ice cream? He says he is a sales guy from " Auto Center".
Comment by L Blanchard on 6478250785
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 12:32pm
It says RBC, I contacted RBC and they said they would never text or email someone asking them to go to a link to update your information, it's a scam! Never, ever pay attention to emails or texts as banks do not handle things that way! Block the number and delete it!
Comment by steph on 2104044742
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 12:28pm
Just got a call, said they were verifying my address and I would served today?!?

Would give NO information what the call/ complaint was regarding
Comment by xad on 2107148855
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 12:23pm
They've been calling me for weeks. I don't owe any money to anyone so I wish they'd stop. I have them blocked but it shows up along with a couple other san antonio numbers. It's just a recording.
Comment by BC resident on 8006975117
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 12:19pm
Scammer with falsified Caller-ID information spoofing PGE.COM depending payment of overdue amount.
Comment by Paul on 02033711126
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 12:16pm
0203-371-1126 Is used by Binary Options Scammers Namely
see this number here
Comment by OnlyMe on 4402190310
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 11:52am
This number calls with an ID of Service Call. It is a computerized call so it takes a while for the man to answer. Trying to sell maintenance package for your call. If you call number back you can press 1 to get taken off their call list. Does not work, as they called me today after I requested to be taken off their list 2 months ago.
Comment by Lisa on 6084734461
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 11:49am
She is a who're. A husband stealer.
Comment by Barbara on 8285486759
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 11:48am
Showed up
Invalid number
2:30 pm

Comment by Bill on 5123617144
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 11:34am
Dude calls and asks to speak with an owner who is no longer with the company. Will never take me up on my offer to assist him, and i've never told him the former owner left, so he is playing himself. oh well. i got a sting set up for him next time, when he calls, the "owner" he is looking for will most definitely be in the office that time.
Comment by AdamKY on 8597775871
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 11:29am
Received three calls from this number to date. Caller left no messages. In my scheme of things I rank this caller as questionable.
Comment by Patrick on 7049410116
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 11:21am
Comment by Hank on 6267549201
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 11:20am
I was half asleep when I received a call and the ask my name and I said yes can I help you and then they hung up. I tried calling back but number was not working. I need to know what was this.
Comment by Anti-Victim on 9024060163
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 11:19am
I had the same experience with these thieves. They will ask that you allow them to research you computer remotely for viruses. They will tell you that your computer has a large number of viruses. They will tell you that if you purchase (2) $100.00 I-Tune cards, but don't tell anyone about this. They will ask you to remove the material on the back of the cards, give them the numbers.They will cash in on the cards and lock up your computer.

THIS IS WHAT IS CALLED "RANSOM WARE" Don't fall for this scam.
Comment by Chris on 3037311487
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 11:12am
Rude person calling from or representing business called "Better Roofing". Told the guy we already have our roofing taken care of. Wanted to know if I already signed a contract. I said "yes" and he abruptly hung up on me without a thank you or goodbye.
Comment by Diaz on 5595158189
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 11:03am
The person calling from this number is a criminal. They are using stolen credit cards to book airline tickets. BEWARE
Comment by Gretel on 7163153392
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 11:02am
The person that calls from this number makes bogus travel arrangements and pays for them with stolen credit cards. Do not try and book travel with anyone that calls from this number
Comment by Dawn on 7194706707
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 10:59am
This is a bill collector for hospital bills last summer when I was in a coma. They might leave you alone for a couple months. They don't understand when you live on 300 dollars a month sometimes there is no money for food or rent and utilities. Would not reveal name of company they are collecting for. If they pick your name out of the hat you will get up to 10 calls in 1 day. HARASSMENT.
Comment by brad on 08439939285
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 10:59am
rang me today 23/6 @ 16.47 I rang back (mistake !) it was call telling me I had won £1000, hung up straight away.
Comment by jm on 6613804002
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 10:59am
The person that calls from this number makes bogus travel arrangements and pays for them with stolen credit cards. Do not try and book travel with anyone that calls from this number
Comment by Xavier on 7182159818
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 10:55am
It is annoying, this is the 4th time they call but never leave a message.
Comment by Richard on 3179431187
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 10:51am
I called it back its supposedly a company helping you find a job
Comment by Alex on 01172949995
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 10:49am
Appliance and Domestic english spoken,told me the insurance on my Zanussi washing machine had expired.well I know why as I did a survey and said I had a Zanussi washing machine but never said how long, he sold this info on. I told this to the caller and said these eastern gentlemen that supposedly do surveys are really annoying as when you do a survey the phone calls never stop after.
I have only had the washing machine 4 weeks.
Comment by Richard on 3179431187
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 10:48am
I got a call no voicemail and i texted it and no reply,kind of scared to call it back
Comment by Anon on 5108547545
Friday, 06.23.2017 @ 10:43am
Very strange individual. Called and said nothing, alls I could hear was music.