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Comment by MD on 5622659097
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 21:20pm
Called twice, no message left.
Comment by Cs on 6512949400
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 20:51pm
A recording saying to call back by 6pm about allegations made against me and thats all he says
Comment by Jaan on 99450069955
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 20:30pm
99450069955 i got call from this number pls if u have deadlier pls tell me
Comment by coco on 046461289
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 20:11pm
its from bahagian farmasi.i bought some cosmetics from us and a girl called me to inform that i should not import without permission
Comment by M on 8008581531
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 20:07pm
when they called me, they asked for someone that I do know by their full name. I told them I know this person but they don't live with me. I asked if they were a debt collection business and he only would tell me that it was a private matter. So when I asked how he has my number and why is he calling me? All he stated is that he will remove my number from their list and apologized for calling me. I left it at that. They Called At 5:36PM 2-27-2017
Comment by Lucia Ramatladi on 0862292762
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 20:04pm
I received an email that I should send my CV,proof of education and a recent photo for job application,fax is expensive,its abot R115.00,can you people send me your email so that I can drop you my documents.

Kind regards!!!
Comment by BeAware on 70000023
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 19:52pm
I just recieved a call from 70000023. A male with an India accent stated that he was with Windows & that my computer is & has been sending messages about being infected with maleware. He wanted me to turn it on so he could walk me through fixing the issues. I stated that was impossible. He asked me if I thought he was lying. I replied; Yes,I do. He then hung up without a cordial end to the call. My computer is new with protection & has never been linked to the Internet outside of the initial set-up that was done in store. This is a SCAM. ...
Comment by john on 3606271144
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 19:50pm
this man goes by two names. Tony and buddy. he is a snitch. he also has another number which is 253-273-2158
Comment by Zaezae on 3189002024
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 19:41pm
I tell you who he is-
Some jerk online named Deon who gets numbas and gives his numba to any female with a vag. Now ya know!
Comment by agr on 8327706601
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 19:26pm
Comment by Me on 7073244483
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 18:40pm
Number called didn't leave a message
Comment by aaron edwards on 0401440159
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 17:55pm
Number is safe. I made an order from this company and they where calling me to tell me my order had been sent.
Synergy Packaging Melbourne
Comment by Vanessa on 08009234851
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 17:39pm
Got a leaflet saying final notice for a 7 days hotel accommodation vouchers and to call that number with a claim number.
Comment by Cat on 2105680463
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 17:35pm
ASSHOLE trying to convince he has a "legal case" against you. HARRASSMENT by lying and intimidation. Threatens to visit place of employment to enforce. Basically a lying shitbag who wants to scare people probably for financial gain. This MF should fry!!!
Comment by angela on 05423456822
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 17:18pm

Comment by James on 9256278894
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 17:17pm
Keep calling my wife answered said needed to talk to husband. This isn't a good deal. SPAM
Comment by Investigator on 8888248655
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 17:02pm
CAUTION: Do not call 888-824-8655. Please do not respond to this number. They state the number is listed with FDOT (State of Florida Department of Transportation). It is a Scam! Do not call the number, in so doing, you pass on YOUR active phone number. Your number is then used to gather more information about you and may be used for marketing purposes or even nefarious activities. I am a retired Law Enforcement Official and will send this information onto the proper authorities .
Comment by Ron on 0281032078
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 16:55pm
When I answered the call I got a recorded message saying a warrant had been issued for my arrest, and telling me to call them back. Just a bunch of scamming a...holes.
Comment by James MacInntosh on 2014645170
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 16:43pm
I keep getting calls from the Peerless Network but they don't answer when I do and they don't leave a message
Comment by C.L. on 9371657824
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 16:33pm
Called when I wasn't home. No message left.
Comment by S. on 8589099016
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 16:18pm
I have been getting calls 2x daily. Says it's a courtesy call, County of San Diego. It's always automated, gives option to say person can be reached at this #, person cannot be reached, if person has different #. Can't find info on who it is. I'm thinking maybe courts for unpaid tickets?
Comment by on 8003614146
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 16:07pm
Scammers want you to do a "fake" purchase from Target....
Comment by BEWARE Of This SCAM Caller !! on 4422391008
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 15:49pm
BEWARE Of This SCAM Caller !!
Comment by Esme on 2026819837
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 15:38pm
My sister received the same call and was told to purchase $1700 in iTunes cards and she did just that. Now she's fucked.
Comment by Felipe on 0488863255
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 15:35pm

SMS from "Hotel Megastore". Spam scam.

Thank for this crap.
Comment by keeper on 8888227136
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 15:20pm
these people are scamming others, they got access to ssn's or other information please REPORT THEM.
Comment by keeper on 8888227136
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 15:20pm
these people are scamming others, they got access to ssn's or other information please REPORT THEM.
Comment by Jessica on 356981516
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 15:19pm
Made a beep sound and then a recorded voice said "goodbye".
Comment by David Sand on 2408808064
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 15:17pm
They are scammers. They claim to be IRS agents. They are thieves.
Comment by RIP on 9095391288
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 15:10pm
Comment by Tax payer on 2065960734
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 14:52pm
These are scammers, last years were IRS with warrant for my arrest, this year 2017, just a law suit against me.
South Asian / Indian accent scums!
Comment by roger on 6783699917
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 14:46pm
its vonage business
Comment by Susanne on 02034751758
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 14:23pm
This number has called 5 times so far and won't take "NO" for an answer. Told them I'm not interested in them finding the best energy deal for me (I can do that myself!). Told them to stop calling and then hung up on them.
Comment by Anonymous on 2028434697
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 14:23pm
Got a call yesterday and the number wasn't anyone I knew, so didn't answer. They did not leave a message. Today they called again, so I answered and said hello twice and only heard clicks in the background. They just called for the second time today, I didn't answer and no message. Clearly either a scam or a sales call.
Comment by Jan on 9723703616
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 13:53pm
Egg roll house the colony tx

Blocked caller
Comment by joyce on 6513378693
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 13:50pm
the caller was inquiring about employment search. seemed to be an automated voice, strange.
Comment by Des on 9802423677
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 13:46pm
This number called me phone and when I answered they hung up on me
Comment by cell phone user on 9083685024
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 13:36pm
908-368-5024 called my cell 2/21/17; left no message. I called back from a safe landline and it went straight to voice mail. Long spiel without specific name of business about how the call is important, etc.
Comment by Mike on 9378716016
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 13:24pm
Telemarketer selling alternative to local power supplier.
Comment by dave on 7748493417
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 13:05pm
Sirius radio trying to make a sale
Comment by T A on 7024202667
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 13:05pm
Said he was calling on behalf of medicare & wanted to know the specifics for me taking pain meds, what part of body, name, DOB address. That's like me inviting them to break in. So I told him to F Off & remove my number. Called it back and all calls are forwarded leave a massage
Comment by Dave on 6072355546
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 12:59pm
collection agency - nationwide credit
Comment by Office on 5134341842
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 12:57pm
When I answered, heard a noise. But then there was nothing. Caller I.D. said, Biz Matters.
Comment by jane on 18663799004
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 12:49pm
I ave been receiving calls from this number for two months now, each time I answered no one is on the line.... very annoying.
Comment by Renegade on 8057387149
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 12:40pm
They have called here a few times and my computer software blocks them. I decided to call the number back to see who was so anxious to talk to me. They answer the phone with "Please press 9 to be put on the Do Not Call List". If you get tired of calls like this check out software called PhoneTray Pro. Very good investment. I've been using it for years.
Comment by Puzzled on 2134887963
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 12:38pm
got a call from this number saying that they wanted to confirm that I ordered a Apple Laptop and they gave the last 4 digits of a credit card number that was not mine. They had my name and number to call me.
Comment by Nettie on 2092155333
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 12:26pm
They keep calling my business at least 3-4 times a day. I have instructed all employees not too answer. I wish we could do a blacklist for these numbers, its ridiculous. The number is showing Gustine, CA which is outside of Modesto California. Bad thing is I have clients in that area, and now their calls will not be answered. PS the calls NEVER leave messages. One employee said it was just dead air.
Comment by Mark on 8765788612
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 12:20pm
Total scam artists! Sounded like Steven Hawking!Told me I had to go to WalMart and pay $1200 in taxes BEFORE receiving the $2,500,000 prize! As soon as I told him we just looked up his "Publishing Clearing House" scam he immediately hung up.
Comment by Tampa, FL Cell Phone User on 8137934924
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 12:02pm
Caller ID Name: Brandon, FL Phone Number: (813) 793-4924
Called my cell phone, after a pause, a friendly woman said "Oh! I thought I missed you" which faked me into listening to what I thought was a live person. She continued with "Because you stayed at one of our resorts (I haven't been anywhere in 10 years) you qualify for an all expense paid vacation....." When I tried to interrupt her several times, I found out it was a recorded message that tricked me into listening.
Comment by z on 8886274521
Monday, 02.27.2017 @ 11:09am
Called once from an UNKNOWN number, call was NOT picked up. Called again within a minute from behind an UNKNOWN number and left voice message. Claimed she is from kenwood associates using vague language and with a strong sense of urge about an implied legal matter. asking to be called back at 888-627-4521 before some other vague legal action would happen. Again, vague language used, nothing concrete - everything implied, message spoken with tone of urgency, mentions about lawyers... typical BS.