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Comment by Mohdsaupe on 0148240562
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 23:58pm
honda is Good for all
Comment by Mohdsaupe on 0148240562
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 23:54pm New.. One only
Comment by Mohdsaupe on 0148240562
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 23:52pm New.. One only
Comment by Mohdsaupe Zakaria on 0148240562
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 23:46pm New.. One only
Comment by Mohdsaupe Zakaria on 0327166333
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 23:44pm
Comment by Mohdsaupe on 0327166333
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 23:40pm
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Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 23:38pm
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Comment by Mohdsaupe on 0327166333
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 23:38pm
Comment by Mohdsaupe on 0327166333
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 23:35pm
urgent.. Today.. Menang menang honda.. Are you sure
Comment by Khalil Ahmed on 02138696032
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 23:13pm
Unfortunately I was unable to attend call of this number 021 38696032.
Can you confirm who is calling me.
I have a lot to dial this number but no one is picking up the phone.
Comment by Lolwethu on 0214924324
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 22:56pm
I receive a call from this number,but i could not answer the phone because i was in the middle of the test, i try to call it back no luck
Comment by Mary on 6147436101
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 22:31pm
I got a call at 1:09 am on 11/21/17. It said "Hey" but I did not reply. Especially when someone is texting you at that hour. I was sound asleep. What kind of a experience did you have with this number if you don't mind letting me know as well. I had an ad on Craigslist for a vehicle which is how I figure he got my number or she. Thank you.
Comment by HM on 8883155237
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 21:59pm
Claims to be debt collection company trying to collect money for magazine company. I have never subscribed to any magazine company and most definitely would not pay $50 a month for magazines.
Comment by M on 6692715545
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 20:38pm
Texted YouTube link. Marked as spam and deleted.
Comment by Jeff on 60377180200
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 19:47pm
Is the direct marketing from Prudential. Very annoying.
Comment by Anon on 3126819540
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 19:14pm
He plays on lonely people for years and asks them for money. He claims he has a lot of money and flies on private jets... But somehow has no time to ever meet someone.
Comment by Leo on 3109062868
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 18:49pm
Criminal enterprise. Fake home repairs attempt to get personal information.
Comment by Jane on 3134262155
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 18:46pm
I receive a message from this number today!!
Comment by Curious wife on 0000776836
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 18:39pm
Please let me know if you find more info on this number. Showed up on my phone bill under my husbands text @ 5:30am on sat 11/18
Comment by just a guy on 6145548457
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 18:25pm
number is for a girl that will try to get you rolled over in reynoldsburg. takes you to an abandonned house behind the church of later day saints. then another abandoned house on refugee rd
Comment by jozef koski on 7024785793
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 18:18pm
702-478-5793: (is a) nuisance callers to put it very mildly. People will call you without ANY type of contact from you. Some are dregs of our society.
Comment by Katie on 7788311040
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 18:15pm
called at 2:39 pm (11.20.17) didn't recognize the number so did not answer says it is the Central Heating from Port Coquitlam, advertising furnace check up for $69.99 ......if that's true, it is about half the fee from other companies trustworthy are they?
Comment by MMI on 8882192237
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 18:13pm
Wells Fargo, call came in from # 800-944-4601, yet left this message on voice mail "this is wells fargo. In an emergency the last thing you want to do is worry about your finances. We are here to help you with your immediate financial needs, if you have questions or are in need of assistance, please call us at 888-219-2237"

Not sure why they are soliciting me.
Comment by ceteris on 0122051500
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 18:01pm
kudrat partners.
provoking & harassing calls.
Comment by Tony on 07910916474
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 17:51pm
Hi. This is my number.

It has been suggested that my number is being used by someone else to call people with a caller ID spoof. If you do receive an unexpected phone call claiming to be from me then please contact me immediately. Thank you.

Additional Information

If you receive messages and calls from people who believe they received a call from your number when you know you did not call them, it's likely that your number is being used as a 'caller ID spoof.' Fraudsters can fake the number that appears on Caller ID, making it appear as though you called when in reality the call came from another number entirely. This is against the law but can be difficult to track down.
Comment by Annoyed on 4804773201
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 16:55pm
Friday I received 3 calls within 2 minutes for this number 4804773211. I blocked it. Today I received 3 calls within 2 minutes from this number 4804773201. None of the calls left messages. I blocked this number too.
Comment by Anonymous on 8765841254
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 16:54pm
Scam Artists from Jamaica. Said I won 5 million and a white Mercedes Benz, what a joke!
Comment by Puppy palace on 8556861431
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 16:51pm
Claimed to be bail bond company with name never heard of...(we are business)

Hung up on me too!
Comment by Awais Sheikh on 0308405015
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 16:50pm
i need it
Comment by WebRunner on 4076838406
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 16:49pm
Received call from 407-683-8406 from spanish speaking woman that we don't know. Beware.
Comment by Anon AU on 01983266503
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 16:25pm
phishing text message claiming to be from facebook but not - using real people names possibly stolen from linkedin.
Comment by Lora on 8182928211
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 16:19pm
I also received a call from this number 818-292-8211. The very rude lady Marie claims to be a USDOT employee and asks for your credit card to help complete motor carrier application. Don't fall for it. She should be reported to Inspector General. I did more research on the web and she uses other aliases like Autumn, Sheila and Mary. She also has another number 818-292-8200. One of her numbers is linked to a company by the name of Interstate commerce authority, Inc. out of Agoura Hills. Very shady because they never answer their phone.
Comment by KWhite on 4804811833
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 16:17pm
I have been getting calls for several days from this number - finally I got sick of the call annoyance and answered it - it was a young woman with absolutely no sense of respect, pretending to ask for "Noah". I am sick of this. I fixed her, good. I told her maybe she needs to go back to college and get a real job, instead of working for a shady telemarketer. I think she got the point, and hung up.
Comment by Ki Kyo on 8164562778
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 16:16pm
Called 6 p.m. Caller ID had this number. No message left.
Comment by Phillip arambula on 9167358021
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 16:05pm
Who is this?
Comment by jlo on 7132777573
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 16:04pm Debt collections.
Comment by Ann Marie on 9705143994
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 16:02pm
Caller from this number claims he is an investigator for the IRS. It's a scam Always remember if IRS wants you they will contact you by letter in the mail This is a warning for all involved
Comment by Kaia on 8622278309
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 15:39pm
numerous threatening calls from this #
Comment by 12345 on 6323019015
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 15:30pm
i response. i called back and heard static.
Comment by Me on 8448289644
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 15:18pm
How can these robocallskeep this up?
I won't answer any more of their recorded calls.
Can't they be stopped? Fined?
Comment by Tim on 6092489840
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 15:05pm
Breast cancer
Comment by matt finke on 8168538641
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 15:01pm
This number is an unsafe number. He is a KNOWN AND CONVICTED REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER IN MISSOURI! look him up. He was in his 20's and she was 15! He still tries to have sex with underage females!
Comment by Comment on 18332680997
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 14:55pm
I got a call from that number today too. Didn't pick up. Probably spam.
Comment by kristin denzine on 7155608009
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 14:55pm
Not a safe caller! Harassment caller!
Comment by Joy on 6319544453
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 14:51pm
Did not leave a message.
Comment by Lisa on 8774826064
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 14:50pm
SCAM! Do not buy gift cards.

It is a scam!
Comment by Donna on 3252680809
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 14:41pm
Hi I've received several messages from this number claiming to be an engineer from England working in Texas. Have spoke twice with guy and he is neither English or American. Is a scammer looking for invested please ignore or block on all online sites.
Comment by Connie on 5059197992
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 14:26pm
It says that your google account has not been active and to push 1 to make sure your account is still active. Or press 2 to be removed from this calling list.
Comment by PJDSR on 8108553316
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 13:58pm
Tried returning the call; number is not in service...scammer I bet.
Comment by Windy on 7195059079
Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 13:56pm
Reported to IRS via email to "", subject IRS Phone Scam. Female robo caller with bad grammar. Report them!