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Comment by Kate on 01618208008
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 09:02am
Just got a call from this number on my house phone, from 'James', Manchester area code, said he was from trip advisor guide and it was to do with an all exclusive holiday we had had in the last few years. Couldn't make out why, but he said we were entitled to £2000 each for every person who'd been on the holiday. We have been on a holiday so he got that right but very much doubt we're owed money, so asked for his number, told I'd get the main bill payer to call him back. He was very polite but think it's a scam because can't find any connection between trip advisor and the number, plus who gives away money?
Comment by andyleo on 8449033328
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 08:51am
SCAMMERS ... Do not answer !!!
Comment by Brenda on 8322209344
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 08:47am
I rec'd a call, says they are Dynamic Locators and they have legal documents for me. He couldn't verify my address by had my birth year. I told him to stop calling me or I will sue.
Comment by John T. on 4082129636
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 08:38am
Missed call without message at 10:55 AM Apr 27 2017. It is spam
Comment by Toni on 6305190000
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 08:24am
trying to take over my computer so I hung up o them they called back 7 times in a row.
Comment by Beth Johnson on 5104983232
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 08:11am
Solaredge is harassing me with phone calls, I'm on the do not call list. I have reported to the authorities. What a bunch of low-lifes! If they are so desperate to sell solar panels, do you think they are a good company? Think about it!
Comment by Nay on 02088554166
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 08:11am
It's belmarsh prison
Comment by Scott on 3212218232
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 08:09am
Now cell phones are open to harrassment calls,,, @#$%!!!
Comment by M on 4434514995
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 08:06am
this number called my cell this AM. I didn't answer as I didn't recognize the number. They left no message. Assume it's yet another annoying scammer jerk...
Comment by Min on 5034558212
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 08:02am
Woman from this number called last night. Apparently they are some political group since they are not subject to the do-not-call registry. Asked to be removed from their listings.
Comment by Sue on 5068594051
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 07:59am
I had the same number call just moments ago?
Comment by Tom on 2133424099
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 07:54am
Scammer! Fake ads on Craigslist
Comment by QSC on 7346808667
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 07:45am
This phone number belongs to our company. Our number was hacked/spoofed. If you received a call from this number recently, it wasn't us, since I deactivated that phone number on Monday, 4/24/17. Our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.
Comment by Bill on 8503904668
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 07:39am
Told 'em I was siccing the alphabet (FBI, INS, etc. ) on them. Called YESTERDAY also. I said "hello" and they did NOT ask for anyone here by name nor did they respond immediately.
Comment by Mark on 2014104458
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 07:31am
Called and left no message. When I called back blocking my number, the recording came on saying no longer in service.
Comment by QUEENS RESIDENT on 7183033833
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 07:25am
STOP this phone number. It called me at least 20 times in past few days. GET AFTER THEM!
Comment by Miss glover on 01519094470
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 07:09am
Called me to say I can have a loan not heard from them since and not had a loan
Comment by Robin on 02031373602
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 06:35am
kept saying they were telling me about PPI i was due. This is a total lie. I'd already discussed PPI with my bank years ago. Don't give any details over phone at all.
Comment by Mr O on 32665023
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 06:16am
Keeps texting me about a birthday. Told them repeatedly it's the wrong number, but the texts continue.
Comment by Ale on 932608652
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 06:04am
Hi! They called me today. Did you apply for any jobs?
Comment by Jacqueline on 01618146802
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 04:26am
Started arguing with me! Would not take "I am not interested" for an answer. It's this type of marketing that gives companies like this a bad name.
Comment by Nicola S on 02036348659
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 04:17am
This number has repeatedly called my mobile phone over the last three weeks, up to three times a day - I have picked up once or twice only to hear the other side hanging up.
Clearly a scam! And highly annoying, especially getting so many calls at odd times of the day and evening too.
Comment by Dewald on 0869990035
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 04:02am
It is a courtesy call about a vehicle you had taken in for service or purchased a new vehicle this is not spam
Comment by Zwix on 41435088837
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 03:20am
WTF... BOZ..?
Comment by Alex on 8882014383
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 03:06am
Rent to own* not just rent. But that I'd pay it off just the 400$ monthly. No down payment or deposit
Comment by Alex on 8882014383
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 03:05am
I called once I seen an ad on Craigslist I spoke with a foreign man named "Kevin" where he said they had 2 bedroom 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom places for rent he asked me my first and last name and email address. He told me the prices are 300 for a 2Br and 400 for a 3 bedroom, you rent to own. I got off the phone because he said he would send me pictures of the property to my email but then told me I had to apply for the credit fixing program which FLAGGED me, because I told him I have MINIMAL established credit, but what I do have is good credit since I've done nothing but pay my few bills on time. I told him I would call back at a later day to finish my application because I had work. And he told me they're open from 8-5 Mondays through Fridays
Comment by achepee on 004402080684672
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 02:23am
Is calling me two three times a day. When I answer nothing is said and hung up
Comment by Pete on 0012089418321
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 02:11am
Claimed to be from Microsoft and there was a problem with my pc......yeah right.....!!!! Another scam caller.
Comment by M on 01314538383
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 02:09am
Edinburgh Vauxhall
Comment by Twerp on 02036348443
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 01:59am
Had several calls yesterday and another just now, hangs up when I answer. No idea of caller and not seeing it listed anywhere yet, I presume it's going to be a spam call ... time will tell!
Comment by Chloe on 08761414141
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 01:37am
Just had a call from this number saying they were from sky tv saying that our viewing card was about to expire, asked name and address and details and for sort code, wouldn't give bank details said I didn't have it to hand. Asked his name and what department from sky and he hung up. Contacted sky who 100% they hadn't phoned and that viewing cards didn't expire. Be aware, some vulnerable people may be caught out :(
Comment by Sashen on 12184141141
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 00:26am
Hi, please treat as urgent.

Just received a death threat via this number now and would like to know its source. Please assist as there is also a police investigation going on.
Comment by Jess on 0412471355
Friday, 04.28.2017 @ 00:14am
Had a missed call from this number again, no clue who they are
Comment by someone on 4018309418
Thursday, 04.27.2017 @ 21:36pm
this number 401-830-9418 called saying that its from plan parenthood that i have a positive std test done from a year ago, and they asked personal question about me and my adress .she id herself as marla singer. Don't give you info to this number ! It a SCAM !
Comment by kiven on 027559313
Thursday, 04.27.2017 @ 21:21pm
Guys can you help me to trace the owner of this number she called at me two times but I didn't know her
Comment by C_ment on 4159682084
Thursday, 04.27.2017 @ 21:20pm
It's the generic TaskRabbit number.
Comment by scout on 2836974230
Thursday, 04.27.2017 @ 21:16pm
obvious scammer do not give them your information he already knew my name when I asked who's calling he replied by repeating my name over and over
Comment by Na on 9198808782
Thursday, 04.27.2017 @ 21:04pm
Yeah but it's not good to be a good idea too say what but it's not a bad thing!
Comment by madison on 7812968494
Thursday, 04.27.2017 @ 20:42pm
nigerian scam artist. poses as a dating site person. uses fake FB pictures to con women. tries to get enough of my info to open credit cards or get into my bank account. fbi can't do anything about the person since its a nigerian scam.
Comment by Jo Public on 07785013254
Thursday, 04.27.2017 @ 20:30pm
You get charged for both contact types
do not ring or click on the link
Comment by Jim on 7342452550
Thursday, 04.27.2017 @ 19:55pm
'Unknown Name' 734 345 2550, called me on April 18,19,20,21,24 25,26. (weekdays) telephone solicitor. called the number at midnight and get busy signal.
Comment by Chrissy on 8054090468
Thursday, 04.27.2017 @ 19:53pm
Started calling me since last week. Did they call you?
Comment by Doreen michelle on 37281101114
Thursday, 04.27.2017 @ 19:50pm
Got a call from this number but dont know the detail the number is+372811011114
Comment by Kate on 8883327869
Thursday, 04.27.2017 @ 19:19pm
It's one of the tax centers from the Canada Revenu Agency. It's legit.
Comment by Anonymous on 4102000500
Thursday, 04.27.2017 @ 18:49pm

Received a call with no message. Did a search and found this:
Beware! Do not answer and do not click on any links you may receive.
Comment by Rhonda Robinson on 32665109
Thursday, 04.27.2017 @ 18:29pm
I don't want no more text from this number.
Comment by Julia on 4075452669
Thursday, 04.27.2017 @ 18:07pm
He is texting me now I am a realtor so I do call people who text he requested to be called I called and get a recorded sales pitch requested to be on the dnc list and he texts again asking me to talk in person then I threatened to report him it is after 9pm and he keeps texting. He or she is an idiot.
Comment by Amber on 4804854266
Thursday, 04.27.2017 @ 17:51pm
I got a text message addressing me by first name and it said Richard vouched for me on Instawork and it had a link to "see Richards vouch" I don't know anyone by the name of Richard 😠
Comment by amy on 8883614779
Thursday, 04.27.2017 @ 17:47pm
This is a scam...Same guy called my husband and other family members of mine but not me and said I was in trouble for fraud...I called him and told him I looked up the previous number he called me from which was 855-206-4702. He told me that I would be arrested if I did not give him a certain amount of money and I didn't and said he was a scam, he then proceeded to call me every name in the book and said I was rude. I told I told him I would wait for the police to come and I would take care of it properly with the law. He called me more names and hung up on me...He (Joseph), called me back and continued to harass me. The day came and went when I was supposed to be arrested and nothing happened (I knew it wouldn't). He then called again from this number with the same story. They are a bunch of asses. They answer their phone saying they are with such and such law firm, but say they are integrated services. They are a joke!
Comment by Bhuddle on 7864081537
Thursday, 04.27.2017 @ 17:16pm
786-408-1537 claimed to be an American / Florida native Army person currently deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan. Believe it was a spammer