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Comment by Ray on 4242694580
Sunday, 08.20.2017 @ 04:17am
I was told they have a check waiting for me. True?
Comment by Ruth on 042975552
Sunday, 08.20.2017 @ 00:01am
Someone called from this number 042975552 asking for the owner of the company saying that he is mohammad from publishing i don't know where, as the receptionist it is my duty to filter calls first according to appointments and concern's before forwarding the owners personal contact number. I was asking for his mobile so I can let my boss contact him since my boss is on a meeting and can not accept calls without prior notice. He just hanged up, I just need him to observe how educated people act.
Comment by Yeah on 2158747626
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 22:36pm
my phone froze, so I was texting #s back from an texting app, sorry if I didnt respond back
Comment by Brittanypatterson868@yahoo on 9493921434
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 21:44pm
Just got a text saying washer and dryer $150 (which is what I am asking ) Athens what is the condition are you firm on the price sgt Joe?
Comment by Marina Townsend on 6468593391
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 18:51pm
Check this out! It's a freaking SCAM! Iwent to the IRS in person...this is fake!!! The IRS said, We'll NEVER call you!
Comment by Katie on 5017256461
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 18:32pm
We never answer a call that has no identification-UNKNOWN NAME- but we get daily calls from this number
Comment by Gayle Mann on 5167187154
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 17:07pm
This man tried to make my husband believe he was calling about a prescription for me - kept fishing for info - he didn't get any.. JUST ANOTHER CHEAP SCAM ARTIST
Comment by Al on 3857071301
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 15:13pm
I finally picked it up as I have gotten numerous calls thru out the day. When I said hello, you could hear the click in the background as the call was being transferred to a different place.
Comment by Bethel UM Church on 8622146087
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 15:13pm
This number calls multiple times a day, and is just a fax. Can't seem to get information on what to do to stop the calls. We've received 7 calls leaving short "fax buzz" voicemail. Tried doing the call rejecting that comes with our service, and it does not work to block this number.
Comment by McClain on 7062298321
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 15:07pm
SCAM ALERT!! Global EOC Tech if that's really the name. A complete SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM!!! They tell you that your computer is infected and they will fix it. They mention Microsoft so you believe that's who your talking to. Then once they have control of your computer they tell you they want $300 to release it. They change your password so you can't access your hard drive unless you pay them. My friend told them she didn't want to pay and they told her she wouldn't be able use her computer at all and hung up on her. Now she has to take the computer to be reformatted.
Comment by Sue on 2027983016
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 14:21pm
They said my computer was damaged
and I shouldn't Do online banking.
Comment by john broadbent on 00535
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 13:20pm
persistent caller over 6 months-i never answer
Comment by eleanor hodgson on 9043026596
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 13:03pm
several calls - never answered - last one a man with southern accent called me by name - i said nothing & hung up
Comment by MM on 8129544366
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 13:00pm
Signed up for contest to win 4 wheeler at Greenwood Mall in Indiana. Now these scammers are bothering me saying I was chosen for some sort of a trip package. What a gimmick!
Comment by Durty Sinechez on 4108260364
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 12:39pm
Very nice Indian sounding person said hello and offered good good good service if I would just give her 15 minutes of my time. I said sure if she did not mind that I was distracted cooking my cow meat. I heard others in the background crack up laughing as she screamed hysterically into the phone. Don't call me back Transworld Systems. My cow steak was outrageously good!
Comment by Me on 7176141053
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 12:36pm
I have numerous calls from this number - as many as 3 per hour. I don't answer calls from unknown numbers and there is never a message left on answering machine. Caught me in wrong mode today and called the number back only to get an answering machine. Left a message that will report them as harassment if any more calls come to my number.
Comment by kerry on 015398467
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 12:33pm
Rang me this morning. Said they were calling from crumlin hospital selling tickets for a sick girl. Really hope it's not a scam
Comment by Sandy on 3035559524
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 12:20pm
They left a message saying if I no longer need insurance to let them know
Comment by B on 5053403944
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 11:32am
They only asked me if the head of the household was home, which I replied that they were busy, and they said they would call back. But why call my cell for the head of the household?
Comment by Ken on 2816035168
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 10:14am
281-603-5168 texted in response to a used car I have for sale in the local newspaper. His phone identified him as David. I texted David, in accordance with ND law, I need his complete legal name, age, complete address and a copy of his driver's license to sell him a car. David texted his name is David Phillip. But, I have NOT received any other information. I have been in the sales business for 50 years and I would bet money this is an attempted scam.
Comment by Lisa Thompson on 3364212075
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 10:06am
This number called my phone and ask for my husband. When I stated that this was his wife she hung up. When I tried calling the number back it just gives a busy signal.
Comment by Dwight on 5134383672
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 09:56am
Duke energy, formerly Cincinnati Gas & Electric, calling peddling new rate plan.
Comment by Whoopee on 8008411971
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 09:17am
This appears to be a collection agency for Sprint.
Comment by Alison on 233263426618
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 09:05am
Do u yr self have contact with this number
Comment by Raghunath on 5200028099
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 08:09am
I am fed up with receiving msg from 5200028099
Comment by Julie on 2064587268
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 07:50am
Called twice, several days apart, left no message so I blocked the number.
Comment by ewa on 02030100156
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 07:11am
I got a call from this number. They claim that someone claimed that someone told them, I had an accident, that was not mine fault. Do not pick it up!!!
Comment by Jon on 01274833005
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 06:40am
Microsoft Scam!
Comment by Dana on 3144499662
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 06:15am
Called asking about a form that was filed out regarding body pain. Wanted to know where my pain was at. Refused to give them Amy information.
Comment by Dana on 2028005564
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 06:08am
I've received two voicemails telling me that I need to call them back or they're going to take legal action. I just ignored it
Comment by Kayleigh on 015398467
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 05:59am
They just rang me. They are trying to get people to sell tickets for Crumlin children's hospital. They post out the tickets and u just sell them and post back. I just hope it's not something sort of scam now
Comment by Pedro on 662090145
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 05:49am
Hello. Does anyone know about who is behind this number?
Comment by Jax on 8328044955
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 05:25am
Scammer. Sent me fake email from PayPal stating that I received money from him & that I should send an item I advertised on Craigslist. I logged in to my PayPal account & nothing was there. The emails were a scam!
Comment by Sean on 9786519170
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 04:47am
I can not understand the solicitor this may not be the right number if it's a scam there is a n
Comment by charmbrights on 02088888888
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 03:21am
They rang me today claiming to be TalkTalk and to be my ISP. I have not had TalkTalk supplying my phone for some ten years and never broadband. I played along with them, telling a few porkies on the way, for 15 minutes until I got bored and then rang off. I did not let them connect me to

The number appears to belong to Double8Tickets (source Thomson Directory).
Comment by cahrmbrights on 002088888888
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 02:57am
They rang me today claiming to be TalkTalk and to be my ISP. I have not had TalkTalk supplying my phone for some ten years and never broadband. I played along with them, telling a few porkies on the way, for 15 minutes until I got bored and then rang off. I did not let them connect me to
Comment by Teresa on 224660009206
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 02:05am
I got a call from +224660009206. It only give 2 rings. Checking the area code it is from Guinea, Africa. I checked it out and other people received calls and were transferred to an automated service. Do not answer. It could be unsafe.
Comment by anon on 02088888888
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 01:30am
Odd looking number. Phoned me Saturday morning on my landline, before 9 am.
London area code. Didn't leave a message. I am ex directory, and also with TPS.
Comment by Grahame on 0005354990512
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 01:08am
Phones me 3 or 4 times a day. I never answer it.
Obviously a scam . Think its based in Cuba
Comment by chathura on 0114313100
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 00:27am
Inform intavew company
Comment by Mark Chern on 0327191786
Friday, 08.18.2017 @ 22:01pm
AEON insurance
Comment by hantu on 0134340304
Friday, 08.18.2017 @ 21:23pm
Debt collector
Comment by Jackie on 32665035
Friday, 08.18.2017 @ 20:43pm
I've replied back to this number to please stop sending me links I can't find on FB, plus I don't know who it is, and they don't know me, but the proper authorities will handle it.
Comment by Karen on 7023593286
Friday, 08.18.2017 @ 20:27pm
For two days I have received many calls from this number and ones close to it. Never answered, so finally picked up and sounds like selling insurance over phone. Yeah right.
Comment by jo on 2082847718
Friday, 08.18.2017 @ 20:02pm
Comment by BJudson on 7784522507
Friday, 08.18.2017 @ 19:34pm
CBV Collections
Comment by Fluffy on 2673771254
Friday, 08.18.2017 @ 19:17pm
Always wait for them to leave a message. If they do not leave a message, then I block the number. My phone rang about 4 rings, and when I saw it was from the State of Pennsylvania, which only HURTS people, then I let them hang UP.
Comment by Mae on 2148594975
Friday, 08.18.2017 @ 19:02pm
said something about accessing credit report
Comment by Im on 4159491070
Friday, 08.18.2017 @ 18:53pm
This number called pretending to be my bank and tried to get my private info by posing as security.
Comment by Anonymous on 6028458656
Friday, 08.18.2017 @ 18:10pm
Just received call from this number. No caller ID and didnt leave message.