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Comment by John Smith on 02081332796
Wednesday, 04.26.2017 @ 02:16am
My wife took the call from a very persistent man who wanted to talak about her "accident". She eventually put the phone down.
Comment by Australian man on 442037696405
Wednesday, 04.26.2017 @ 01:22am
Tried to phone me four times since 26/04/2017. I don't know number... suspect a I do not answer the call. They do not leave a message. Anyone legit would leave a message. No message, no interest from me. I now have it marked as "dodgy" in my phone. May his ears turn to arseholes.
Comment by mike on 0726139244
Wednesday, 04.26.2017 @ 00:38am
they want to blackmail me
send me your number
Comment by carrie on 2068830833
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 23:06pm
Its a washington number. Belongs to a law firm .
Comment by Brenda on 6017148873
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 21:41pm
Person calls asking for Julie. When you say that you don't know a Julie, they say that maybe you can help them. Then comes the sob story. I've heard two. It's all the same; they start begging for money for some actual good cause, but they have nothing to do with the good cause. In my humble opinion, its a shameless scam trying to bilk people out of their money. I've been called a total of 4 times, but never from the same number. When they ask for Julie now, I just hang up.
Comment by Diek on 0415007617
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 21:30pm
Probable scam
Comment by ray on 2027489961
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 21:11pm
just pain in ass caller
Comment by revenge on 8186612456
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 20:34pm
5200 Kanan Rd
Agoura Hills, CA 91301
Phone: 818-661-2456
Comment by john on 18667594646
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 20:19pm
skylink receivables. I had calls from them that was a debt that wasn't mine. simply dealing with that was almost impossible. hard to reach. abusive or non helpful when you do. I suggest waiting and dealing with someone else if you have an issue. Took me 3 months of aggro to prove they weren't looking for me.
Comment by Andrew Mgile on 9179939125
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 19:43pm
I got a call from someone named Jonathan, they offer small business loans. They previously funded me $40,000 at a low rate. Great service.
Comment by ridiculous on 7202597169
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 19:26pm
pre-recorded obnoxious telemarketing. What good is it to be on the do not call registry????
Comment by B. Pat on 8662515988
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 19:02pm
The caller, who sounded like a pre recorded message, said "this was the office of ARG. Your negligence in the matter was noted and was used as proof to that it was your intent to defraud our client. You have had ample time to discuss and negotiate some sort of resolve. At this point we will seek full restitution. This will lead to your last know employer being contacted and will affect any current deposit account you wmay be using. Our number here 855-875-8631 (repeated).

I have not tried to call either the caller ID number (861-251-5988) or the number they gave in the message. I firmly believe this is a scam, scare tactic, and will block the incoming number.
Comment by Bothered on 4028181360
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 18:53pm

I keep getting calls from this number. I answered today and say "hello" and the lady responds, "hello"? I said it again and she responded the same. I asked what can help you with? She hung up. I called the number back and recording says its a gallup option to be on a no call list. Blocked number instead. So annoying
Comment by kyle on 8032519618
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 18:47pm
National Rifle Association
Comment by annoyed on 5855639827
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 18:27pm
Calls from this number numerous times every day for many weeks. NO ONE EVER says anything. I avoid answering, but that does not stop the calls. UGH!
Comment by Lucy on 8665271294
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 18:24pm
Same comment as Danielle Thompson. Except the name is Richard Greco.
left a message saying I will be served legal paper with the sheriffs department. If they can't find me they will basically search me down. But to call this number 866-527-1294 to talk to someone. No other information was given to me like a reference number or what company is "serving" me with papers. Not even Paul himself told me what office he was with. SCAM!
Comment by TEXAS on 2085455520
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 18:14pm
Comment by millican on 2135501513
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 17:39pm
This is the $10,000 scam perpetrated by
Olen Northern
1811 Crescent Circle
Anchorage, AK 99508.
His email address is, and his personal phone number is (907)632-0814. He hides behind VOIP services but doesn't understand how the web works, which is where his personal information is publicly available.
He'll eventually refer you to his website, 10k in 10days, which is not only registered to him, but has his name at the bottom of the page it re-directs to.
Comment by Judi on 2026211358
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 17:37pm
IRS Scammers
Comment by CT on 9173911320
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 17:24pm
Yup I got a text from this person asking me for my e-mail address to send me wedding anniversary details. I am a florist and he insist on sending me details. I asked how he got my personal cell number and his response was from a colleage of his name Andrew Scott. I tried calling the number and its a google number.
Comment by JB on 8327757483
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 17:20pm
I have been searching this number and haven't really found anything, except yesterday when I did another search, a review said it was Shellpoint Mortgage. Can anyone confirm this?
Comment by Rhonda on 02030007815
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 17:19pm
I'm sick and tired of all the texts and calls from these morons. They keep sending me my "new authorization code" but never say what the new code is for. They are trying to scam a poor woman here. I ain't got a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. Leave me alone!
Comment by Joe on 2026558730
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 17:13pm
They called me and said I was receiving a grant from the government for over $5000
Comment by jeyda on 118103
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 17:10pm
Do not call this number. Not even to check. 100 pound for bill for a 8 minute phone call. Which i do not even remember calling.
Comment by daniel c adams on 5612474396
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 17:09pm
he has his business information posted online at
Comment by Anon on 3605509373
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 17:04pm
Scammers. Told us we would get 9,000$ from being good citizens and paying bills on time and not having a record. Block them they are scam artists.
Comment by Christine on 7408797172
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 16:59pm
I just got the same text. Identical. Word for word.
Comment by arun on 910000144
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 16:51pm
Kah ka no h ye
Comment by sherri McIntosh on 8448214878
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 16:45pm
these people call every 10 days threaten me saying that I have a file with them and that I am not in compliance with something. I can't understand the name of the company other than Bronson or Brunson. Automated voice says the file number starting with the letter M then the live female voice comes on threating to send the supposed information to the nearest jurisdiction. My caller ID shows a local area code in a town about 20 miles south of where I actually live but this 844-821-4878 number keeps saying they can't reach because I am call during closing hours. I've called at different times of day....HUM!!!!
Comment by John on 6502621045
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 16:36pm
Person called from what sounds like from india, very bad sounding reception threatening to take me to court on multiple counts. They called with a local number as you can see so these people are using numbers other than their 800 to call people. It is a scam. Someone else told me that they gave them the info and they scammed them big time. Be careful!
Comment by larry on 18555613603
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 16:18pm
I had a call from the above phone number I did not answer it, if it is important they will leave a message there is a lot of fraud going around
Comment by Leo on 4325529113
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 16:14pm
Scam plumber.
Please stay away from this scumbag.
Comment by John Adamson on 4083407288
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 15:53pm
Suspect caller trying to scam saying national disability SSI but hangs up as soon as being asked any clarifying questions
Comment by Do not call on 8889068319
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 15:50pm
The said there trying to serve a summons with an officer going to the residence on file

Comment by Hannah on 9082198849
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 15:49pm
"This is Officer Catherine Richardson agent number 002570 from the Federal Bureau of investigation. This message has been sent to you as your final notification against your case with the department of tax and crime. Right now your physical adress is under investigation and an arrest warrant has been issued under your name. For further inquiries and resolving of this case contact the number of the tax and crime department . 908-219-8849"

Scammy Scam Scam
Comment by mike on 7603028534
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 15:31pm
they texted me and said my student loan is being flagged with the department of education call 209-266-8520
Comment by CatWoman on 08448612612
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 15:13pm
This is an access number for cheap overseas calls to certain countries through The access code changes depending on what country you are phoning.
Comment by Karen on 7205717142
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 15:09pm
Claim to be selling debt consolidation but probably a scam. I requested to be added to their do not call list but also blocked the number for future calls.
Comment by Kathy on 4699879999
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 15:08pm
I called it back and it went to my voice mail. Strange I'm going to ask t mobile
Comment by E S Allen on 8126522327
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 15:05pm
They call often and from different numbers have tried blocking but they continue to call...want them to STOP !!
Comment by John Asskicker on 7328986236
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 14:59pm
Yes, they are F****** scumbags and scam artists.
Comment by Mercia on 2109619089
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 14:51pm
This number keeps calling. They don 't leave a message. It's listed as "Umknown Name".
Comment by Ned on 9163124074
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 14:29pm
Sears Appliance Repair
Comment by Boom boom on 2192408044
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 14:27pm
Hot a call asking about my social security# they will try to say it real fast. I just hung up
Comment by Guy on 8445772719
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 14:20pm
Yep, same, warrent and better call us back now!
Comment by juan on 2027500000
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 14:17pm
That you need and who you are I will call the police that you are bothering me and you are calling my cell phone and I have given you my number stops bothering.
Comment by juan on 2027500000
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 14:14pm
That you need and who you are I will call the police that you are bothering me and you are calling my cell phone and I have given you my number stops bothering.
Comment by Mark on 3035696290
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 14:14pm
This is a complete scam. They called me today about a payday loan, threatening to sue. Not only have I never had a payday loan, they are illegal in my state! I blocked them....
Comment by anonymous on 5044053204
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 14:06pm
They call. My answering machine picks up. They hang up and leave no message.
Comment by Bill Howard on 5853353240
Tuesday, 04.25.2017 @ 14:03pm
This guy Lev has serious mental problems. He did the same thing to me a few years back but I took him to court and the judge ordered him to remove all of his slanderous remarks about my company. Lev liked to take advantage of others. I'm sure there is no truth to his words. He makes stuff up all the time.