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Comment by Surprised on 5142450693
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 21:55pm
I bought a used phone on ebay from the US. This phone number 514 245 0693 was in the settings of the phone as a number to forward calls to when my phone is busy. I don't know this phone #, I did not put it in my settings and it is not in my contacts. I DELETED it!!
Comment by outfiptDilt on 0313111000
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 20:24pm
Comment by Odain on 19052334063
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 19:39pm
They told me my name and said it is the Canadian visa expert and i may be qualified to immigrate to canada and they ask a few more questions related to my occupation and family plus they ask why i want to immigrate to canada then they ask for 500 USD and if i could pay it the same day i said no....then the guy said ok he's going to send me an email and wherever I've finish read and understand it, i should call back because i may qualified.
Comment by J on 7044485968
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 19:34pm
Got a text. Said they were someone I knew in college. Had lots of personal info
Comment by ghettocomp on 8442130004
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 19:09pm
windows technical support scam
Comment by DD on 7028477941
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 19:08pm
Called, didn't leave message...
Comment by outfiptDilt on 0313111000
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 18:05pm
Comment by Juju on 099678636
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 17:58pm
Iv been getting harassed by them the past 2 weeks if u answer the phone they hang up straight away and if u call back it goes to an automated message saying it's mercury energy
Comment by Anonymous on 4022087183
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 17:50pm
Inappropriate text one day, inappropriate picture the next day.
Comment by Danny on 7028477941
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 17:44pm
Same this number is getting annoying, going to block it
Comment by gail on 8883877218
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 16:11pm
call from 888-387-7218, they left the following message "its strongly advised that i get in touch with a network advisory asap by calling 888-387-7218. they have called several time a day for the pass week.
Comment by Britt on 8446697809
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 15:47pm
Call from this number left a vm for "something something Hogan" or it was from "something something Hogan." That part of msg was unintelligible. Was a robe voice. Said they were calling about a case or claim. Gave the number of case as 10743869. Instructions to call 8007451933, So I called 8007451933. This is Memorial day at almost 4 pm PST... and these guys are answering their scam phone? Seriously? I opted to be on hold. Then a voice message gets played saying I have reached Michael Battaglia, account manager, leave name, account number, number where I can be reached... but of course, I do not leave any info and I hung up. I have talked with Michael Battaglia a couple times in the past when he was involved in phone scams that were slightly different. The accent is, I am sorry, laughable - like a caricature of some one from the Bronx or Brooklyn. Sorry I can't name it specifically, but you get the gist. I am an attorney. These cammers called my law office. Total scam.

Comment by Jay on 7028477941
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 15:43pm
Same thing as the above comments
Comment by outfiptDilt on 0313111000
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 15:40pm
Comment by Waldof Astoria on 7736724015
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 15:31pm
Black Market Baby Selling Ring. They need to be arrested and put in jail where they belong!
Comment by Kat on 3035172861
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 15:02pm
I didnt get a call from the number but i cam tell you who it is. That number belongs to my parents, im not in contact with them they are aweful Ppl. Please contact me at and let me know what happened, they may be looking for my family by calling other ppl. I neednto stop them ASAP THANK YOU
Comment by outfiptDilt on 0313111000
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 14:27pm
Comment by Unwanted on 6028834000
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 14:01pm
“Our records indicate that your loans may be eligible for consolidation with the US Department of Education benefits include no credit check interest rate reduction regardless of balance or pay history lower monthly payments based on income and family size and ultimately loan forgiveness at the end of your term no further calls or notices will be sent to assist you begin your application with your counselor today by calling 855-821-2963…”
Comment by outfiptDilt on 0313111000
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 13:11pm
Comment by Lora on 4234028086
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 12:51pm
Mine came up as Toby Keith saying he wanted help and would give 20% of his money... Why can't they quit with the celebrity wantabees
Comment by spottydog on 0016046752729
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 12:27pm
bloody set up payment from father inlaws account as delivered co
00160446752729 gb
Comment by spottydog on 0016046752729
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 12:25pm
taking card transaction £26.00 every couple of weeks
Comment by Donna on 8445253888
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 11:25am
Just received a call from this number. The man sounded like he was from India & told me he was calling about my Windows 10 & that I had malicious software downloading on my computer that "needed to get fixed right now!" I figured it was a scam of some sort, so I told him I didn't care & if that's the case and my computer crashes, I'll just go buy a new one. I hung up & then added the number to my block list.
Comment by Gary on 8443074454
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 11:12am
Fraudster claiming to be Canada Revenue Agency
Comment by j on 8438068033
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 10:59am
underage girl scam, i believe
Comment by Alex on 118602104
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 10:57am
i just got a call from this number asking me for my credit card information, the person claim to be a bank employee, this happened in Mexico
Comment by . on 2813464188
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 10:52am
These people are forever calling me and I just chewed some lady out for doing it! She said my number is listed as having health ins with, and she listed several well known ins co's. (chances are someone they call will have one of these ins's, duh) She also said she is not trying to sell me something, she is only trying to help me!HA!

BTW, I do NOT have ins with any co she listed!! This is BS and I am heading over to and renew my request! It really helps a lot. I suggest others do the same.
Comment by Anonymous on 4157547222
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 10:39am
I too am getting text messages from this person.
I am now believing that this person if someone who plays with women's hearts.
Comment by Uncle Joe; on 5182820007
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 10:23am
That number 518 282 0007, Calls al of the time; Day & night! Who in the hell are they? I have a NO CALL block on my phone !
I want to know who they are !

Find out who this party is so I can sue them for harassment!
Mr. Joseph Salomon, 518 827 5903.

Comment by anonymous on 8188569442
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 10:14am
"RSVP for 5 free tickets to Invitation Only Comedy...Reply STOP to end future invites."
Comment by Deb on 01441211044301
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 09:55am
Rings daily no one on other end
Comment by James on 07944299545
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 09:50am
Got a message from it. Why what happened with you?
Comment by PatrickRuith on 4849533310
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 09:19am
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Comment by Kathy on 9722177107
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 08:57am
Received phone call from this number but no message was left. The ID said it was from Desoto, TX.
Comment by Trixie on 4014097040
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 08:55am
Who on earth is giving this up-votes? It's definitely a scammer. Jerkwad called on Memorial Day.
Comment by SCAM on 6139279824
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 08:49am
SCAM calling from India. They got your name, number, address and computer info. from a Dell breach that Dell refuses to acknowledge. Do not give them any info. If you are brave, try to get a call back number or website associated with their scam.
Comment by Bianca on 0116319005
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 08:38am
These scammers debited R 395 from my fnb account on friday. Its been stop and reversed but the lady that helped me said it can happen again ??! The number is engage and does not work.
Why cant these people be stopped??
Comment by MANI on 6177065717
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 08:11am
Comment by akfredo on 937493212
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 08:08am
5560064211 este numero es peligroso, intentan extosionar
Comment by Diane on 2153833376
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 08:07am
They call multiple xs a day. I answered once & said Hello-Hello. Silence. I'm sick & tired of this.
Comment by Ryan on 3309313868
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 08:05am
It said their name was melody Moore with a law firm and my name had come up in a civil action and I needed to contact them immediately and that I was now legally notified and accountable in a court of law
Comment by Jim Boyes on 00390245901069
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 06:34am
It is Giordano wines
Comment by Vinay Kumar on 1409322175
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 06:21am
I got a call from this number saying that they are calling from Axis Bank regarding credit card payment. To convert the credit card bill to EMI's
Comment by Prem on 9033950238
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 05:08am
I have received a call from this no
Comment by Jess on 03331373772
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 03:28am
We buy any car wanting to know if I wanted to follow up my internet quotation with an appointment at a local branch
Comment by None on 6472443106
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 01:16am
Waste of time. Books fake appointment, no show.
Comment by Khat on 046051414
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 00:46am
Are you from UAE or Dubai? Because I am. And I got a call from that number and when I answer it, it says it's an RTA customer service satisfaction survey.
Comment by Faizul Nizam Osman on 0379797878
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 00:34am
What and who's number is this?
Comment by Natasha on 0628058249
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 00:27am
Hi tere.
I got the exact same messages this morning. Funny thing is, they using my maiden surname, which has'nt been anywhere since i got married.
Scary to say the least.
Comment by Kelly on 0628058249
Monday, 05.29.2017 @ 00:25am
a friend of mine got whats app messages from this same number threating her to explct her asking her if she wants a job for some spa asking for pics of her when she said no they threatened her. what happened with you.