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Comment by Mark on 8443339484
Sunday, 04.23.2017 @ 10:30am
Hang up call, no message.
Comment by Chief on 9189486192
Sunday, 04.23.2017 @ 10:02am
Received a call from this number and figured that I would answer it, could use the laugh. Was addressed By a man named Mr. Beekman claiming to be with the OHPD and doing a fundraiser for various Pledge Kits, a $22 one and a $17 one. Was very well trained in what he had to say for any outcome. Never gave him my name or my information like was asked, but when I asked him how he got hold of my number, he got skittish. And when I said that I was not willing to support, he became flustered and disrespectful and semi-politely wished his regards and left.
Comment by PigletJohn on 6073198015
Sunday, 04.23.2017 @ 08:43am
it is actually an international call from Malaysia (international dial code 60)
+60 7319 801 5
Comment by N on 7059860263
Sunday, 04.23.2017 @ 07:53am
this number came up on cell phone at the same time of facebook code recovery
Comment by Lisa on 8773634521
Sunday, 04.23.2017 @ 07:37am
Harassing and threatening they call me and several family members saying they are looking for me and they have to give my personal info.
Comment by Lorrene on 8888049647
Sunday, 04.23.2017 @ 07:14am
Error message came up on my email saying to call this number from microsoft as I had bad errors on my system that would cause my computer to crash. Technician offered to clean the errors but I needed to purchase Itune cards to pay him when he was done?!
Smelled a rat - finally - and I called Dell Tech and was told to shut the system down immediately to stop the crook from causing any more damage. Dell had me go through a system clean-up, which cost me everything I had stored. HACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CROOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Going to notify the FCC
Comment by PIT BULL BOY on 8452625148
Sunday, 04.23.2017 @ 07:10am
Comment by Scott on 7242021265
Sunday, 04.23.2017 @ 07:04am
I keep getting calls fron this number. If I answer, they hang up. I'm also getting calls from 724-202-1266; probably the same place.

Also, the details given for this number contain a lot of errors:
1. The area code is not Pittsburgh's; that is 412.
2. The city, according to other sites, is New Castle, which is in the 724 area code.
3. The county is Lawrence, not Allegheny.

The rest of the information is correct.
Comment by Kim on 7205263002
Sunday, 04.23.2017 @ 06:38am
It's just a debt collector trying to scare you. They've been calling me since last week. Ask them to send written verification of the supposed money you owe and remind them they have 30 days to do so since first phone contact. Don't worry, they are just trying to collect on what may a valid very old debt or it could be fake. Don't pay anything over the phone and trust me, you aren't getting arrested for anything. If a creditor wants to sue you for a debt that you stopped paying you would be served properly at your front door and even then you can work out a payment plan. When they call back, ask them to send written notice of the supposed debt because by law you have 30 days to validate or dispute the debt.
Comment by jane on 00449298677654
Sunday, 04.23.2017 @ 06:26am
does anyone knows this number? or from which country came from? thnx
Comment by Skip on 9168052000
Sunday, 04.23.2017 @ 04:44am
It's an Airbnb sales call
Comment by avijit mondal on 6145296263
Sunday, 04.23.2017 @ 02:23am
call details
Comment by Louise on 3045214794
Sunday, 04.23.2017 @ 02:08am
Unknown call, didn't answer. No vm left.
Comment by Katie on 5763725759
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 22:07pm
Got a call from this number a couple days agoago, i didn't answer but they left a voicemail, sounded like a youngyoung man, he said hello three or four times like he thought I had answered
Comment by Kelvin on 6035096296
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 21:51pm
Kelvin Quintana
Comment by Kelvin on 6035096296
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 21:50pm
Kelvin Quintana
Comment by Klemmi on 6768489368
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 20:21pm
Got a missed call at 2am, will not call back looks like a scam number where if you call them then you will get ridiculous charges on you phone!
Comment by may on 0179346286
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 19:20pm
Who the f is this guy from tganu. Somebody please check his detail
Comment by Caroline on 9372108397
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 17:38pm
Answered call but no response from other end. A bit of clicking could be heard but no human response.
Comment by Mori on 6477974391
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 17:22pm
I got a call fron that number on 8:30 pm Saturday . The guy said they need to come and check on the furnaces.
I said he needs to talk to my husband but my mistake was telling him that he is away for a week!! Hope nothing happens.
Comment by Jason on 4802498875
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 17:14pm
This is Jason F and all I have to say is, "we all have ex's!"
Comment by J on 8594751133
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 16:41pm
They say their a collection service and I do owe a bill on the place they say their representing but they have yet to send me any written documentation that I have requested. And and it sounds like their calling from India. Very thick accents. Hard to understand.
Comment by bothered on 2762580886
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 15:00pm
man said he was "calling on behalf of American veterans. Sadly, an average of 22 American veterans commit suicide a day. Would I please donate."
Comment by nic on 8558014941
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 14:33pm
Don't know em don't answer don't care.
Must be scammers.
Comment by Phillip on 3473495307
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 14:31pm
Great .
Comment by Jason Ford on 3473495307
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 14:29pm
Actually they charge deposit fee but it was okay atleast they gave the axact amount that they promise to give.I should say its good for someone poor like me.
Comment by Teresa Owens on 3473495307
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 14:26pm
Well done.Very good services from Government .
Comment by rvs9909 on 2032661750
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 13:58pm
Got a strange text from 203-266-1750 # is unknown to me but seemed to be SPAM from a BOT !
Comment by Luis V on 5145721217
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 13:53pm
Yes me too, what he say?!
Comment by millican on 4702506474
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 13:34pm
This is the $10,000 scam perpetrated by
Olen Northern
1811 Crescent Circle
Anchorage, AK 99508
His email address is, and his personal phone number is (907)632-0814.
He works through Inteliquent's VOIP services to conceal his identity and will eventually refer the victim to his website for the scam, which is registered through GoDaddy with his real information.
If he has called you illegally, you can go through your Attorney General's Office to have the scammer fined $500 to $1500 per call made to you. That's why he hides his identity with the help of Inteliquent.
Comment by ScamFighter on 6266182090
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 13:32pm
"Microsoft" support SCAM!
Comment by John Doe on 8132171440
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 13:25pm
Scammer saying that a relative was in a car accident.
Comment by Jim on 5123516962
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 13:09pm
I got a message from this number today.
"I saw you yesterday and I really liked you. Jim gave me your number.. I'm the blond girl who was looking at you and smiling! Feel free to text me back :) -Jenna-"
Funny, my name is Jim and I wasn't with anyone else named Jim.
Comment by Bland on 6822232010
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 12:16pm
Got a call from 469.646.4178 (Hannah)and the person stated they were from Medicare and my doctor contacted them about my back pain. She knew my Social Security number and "condition" & my doctor. She went over braces she could provide me and wanted to transfer a department for verification. I asked where he were he was located & what company she was from and she said The Pain Center in Dallas, TX. I said why is your phone number blocked? for security, so I said I would call my doctor and call them back. She said,no you need to call another number 682.223.2010 it was scary...
Comment by Shea on 3238289069
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 11:47am
Can anyone tell me who is person calling and hanging up. When I call back I hear a weird voicemail greeting.
Comment by Joyfulgma on 5135765760
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 11:42am
From what I understand it is United Healthcare.

Comment by Stephanie on 8447387904
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 11:39am
I just got samr message as above
Comment by AJ on 01302388700
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 11:07am
This is the phone number for Palram UK's after sales team.
Comment by Sandy on 01722330957
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 10:46am
Comment by John on 3472465751
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 10:06am
This number is being used by a scammer offering a job as a personal assistant. Somehow they get your number from either indeed and career builder and say the position you applied for has been filled but the personal assistant position they have is available. They will send a fake check in the mail for you to deposit and then send via moneygram elsewhere.
Comment by Dennis Hoppe on 8446600157
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 09:35am
The phone number is Microsoft Computer Repair. It is one of the few legitimate Microsoft computer repair companies.
Comment by An on 4045856518
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 09:02am
Someone trying to get money from my anying..i just cut off
Comment by Linda holland on 7134700027
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 08:52am
Thanks for report I don't need someone calling all the time I know it is there job but they can mail info
Comment by Patricia Johnson on 8162058676
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 08:36am
They threaten collection court action offer settlement amount have A lot of information about you will provide no documentation. They want MoneyGram . I sucked into it sent $ did not get Eric's as they stated to satisfy debt and will not answer calls. I threw $ away to a scam
Comment by Thresa on 6165244166
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 08:18am
Called and I'm not familiar with the number. Caller From Grattan, MI
Comment by Den se Plirono on 8444964647
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 07:51am
Comment by Linda on 2153304051
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 07:47am
Enjoys calling often and saying nothing just to annoy us with the ring, ring, ring of the telephone.
Comment by Joe on 9177929074
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 07:24am
spam number
Comment by Brooke on 8598982378
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 06:34am
They called me acting like the state police saying I needed tit send money to avoid a court date!!!!
Comment by Jackie on 9787756293
Saturday, 04.22.2017 @ 05:22am
I keep getting calls from this number also. They're asking for my daughter and wanting information about a prescription. My daughter has no prescription. They keep leaving messages to call them back. I have not called them. Caller ID says its coming from Catamaran.