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Comment by petra on 02034767168
Friday, 01.19.2018 @ 03:05am

Comment by John on 07564275294
Friday, 01.19.2018 @ 01:42am
Yes well I have been receiving calls and tex's from this number which I have blocked. However it still shows in my blocked mobile ICON this person has been calling. Furthermore that number has also been calling my ex at my old family home which I left many years ago leaving messages as "Chloe here form work can you get (me) to call her back, do you know (me) etc?????????
Rather concerning if you ask me?
Comment by Minh Hoang on 02032390195
Friday, 01.19.2018 @ 01:26am
Cold call, apparently they heard i had been in a car accident that wasn't my fault (I have never been in one). Block this number.
Comment by Adam on 0730626106
Friday, 01.19.2018 @ 00:06am
it's a telemarketing company but it is not a scam. works by represents the paper from your region. gives discount deals.
Comment by Adam on 0730626106
Friday, 01.19.2018 @ 00:05am
it's a telemarketing company but it is not a scam. works by represents the paper from your region. gives discount deals.
Comment by B on 5306313010
Friday, 01.19.2018 @ 00:02am
Caller ID says Rewards Dept. Never leaves a message, unknown phone number to me & I do not pick up phone from unknown people and/or numbers.
Comment by Breytenbach Angelrina on 0861020866
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 23:14pm
I received a call from thedrivenfly regarding the holiday package in jan 2018.Bought 12 holiday vouchers .From the initial enquiry and all through the booking process to receiving documents thedrivenfly were fantastic.
Comment by Soy yissel de barahona República Dominicana on 9549449054
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 22:50pm
Soy mujer me gustan los hombre pero quisiera saber que se siente estar con una mujer, no tengo tarjeta como puedo pagar, necesito una chica por favor responden me a mi pregunta
Comment by Alan milne on 07426998999
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 22:26pm
07426998999 safe number and is a gardener in Lichfield dc gardening services
Comment by Pete on 9072028824
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 21:50pm
Got a call from this number and when I tried to call it back, its not working.
Comment by Don on 4036156199
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 21:29pm
This is Scam number
Comment by SuperFly on 5413469027
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 21:02pm
University of Oregon (Donations)
Comment by Theresa on 8055742231
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 20:58pm
They call Every night at 9:00 pm and as soon as the answer machine picks up they hang up...robo caller
Comment by Cris on 8082785057
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 20:23pm
He called and he is saying he is from police department. I asked again where is he from then he hanged up
Comment by Akkad on 7074157836
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 19:53pm
Comment by Fr33th1nk3r on 8442326582
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 19:50pm
The company that has been making these unsolicited robo-survey calls using 8442326582 is EMC Research.
Comment by Fortune on 0839308000
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 19:45pm
This number belongs to an MTN Store in umhlanga Gateway mall.
Comment by ScamBuster on 9727153237
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 19:42pm
A caller called me twice stating that he had a complaint by a person of an unknown name against me. The caller told me that I was required to call (972) 715-3237. Bull shit!
Comment by Phone number owner on 6192344859
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 19:27pm
POSSIBLE FRAUD/SCAM -- Olivia Robertson, Oliva Robertson, Oliver Anthony Robertson, Oliver A. Robertson, Oliver Robertson, Anthony Robertson, HAS NEVER HAD THIS telephone number (619) 234-4859, Has never lived in my home on Bancroft -- is not known to us so be very careful, check picture ID, get finger prints POSSIBLE SCAM
Comment by Phone number owner on 6192344859
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 19:26pm
POSSIBLE FRAUD/SCAM -- Olivia Robertson, Oliva Robertson, Oliver Anthony Robertson, Oliver A. Robertson, Oliver Robertson, Anthony Robertson, HAS NEVER HAD THIS telephone number (619) 234-4859, Has never lived in my home on Bancroft -- is not known to us so be very careful, check picture ID, get finger prints POSSIBLE SCAM
Comment by Me on 9344511989
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 19:25pm
Just got a call from this number. No message left.
Comment by Hefner on 6165220289
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 19:18pm
A**hole. Don't bother. total user
Comment by 808 on 8765545959
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 18:52pm
Called today, caller is says Jamaica. Did not leave vm
Comment by C Sams on 7407722641
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 18:32pm
Caller ID said Probation Dept. but i have a site that tells me the number is a scammer, as i suspected. They hung up on me & my attitude lol & said disconnected when i called back then 5 mins later my aunt called saying a probation person w/ ruff voice called & she just hung up. So must just be going thru phonebook. I'm guessing, as 1000's in Ross County are on some type of probation (Chilli's gotta get that revenue!),...its some type of scam to get a persons vitals in order to file n income tax return fraudulently but just my guess.
Comment by Tony on 4252415778
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 18:32pm
Callers name is apparently Srgt. Benson, he went to the Marine Corps and is calling through college lists looking for interested kids willing to join the Marines.
Comment by M on 2015799277
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 18:14pm
Received a voicemail asking to have Comed utility bill in hand. Knew it was a scam because I don't pay for any sort of utility bills.
Comment by Munsteb Collines on 9416660362
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 18:04pm
do not go there at alll
Comment by Irritated on 6502504157
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 17:33pm
Reverse mortgage telemarketer about new rules for reverse mortgage they want to send me. Also wanted to put me on a list for future rev mtg news.
Comment by Tracy on 6786821260
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 17:25pm
Really??? U that desperate to get other inquiries about the number? Silly you. It’s a man pretending to be a chic.
Comment by STEW on 4053109756
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 16:47pm
Calls several times a day. Leaves no message on answering machine or when the phone is picked up. Other sites show this number is calling about loan rate reduction or reducing student loan debt.
Comment by sum1 on 8176187003
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 16:46pm
they called me today also around 2:45p. ignored the call and they didn’t leave a message. BLOCKED.
Comment by Reply To Above on 4125677482
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 16:33pm
Didn't answer but found out it is Mary Scripps who passed away in 2013. So it is probably spam.
Comment by sonu Singh on 7827457856
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 16:31pm
Comment by Meaghan on 8602002803
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 16:30pm
They called me 5 times today but left no message, I'm trying to figure out who it is as well so please let me know if you find out
Comment by Kay on 7575000106
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 16:28pm
Every evening after 5pm, it's really annoyed and didn't leave any message.
Comment by Jim on 8506320641
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 16:25pm
This number calls almost every day, multiple times. Never leaves a message.
Comment by Marilynn on 6787343161
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 16:23pm
These folks are legit. I have been donated to them for several years and they are who they say they are. Hope this helps they are a good charity.
Comment by Maiden on 7178624044
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 16:17pm
A telemarketer who calls us frequently. When I get to pick it up in the evening, my kids get to bark into the phone or sing their versions of Elvis Presley songs.
Comment by NatR on 3138885234
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 16:08pm
Received this a call from this number on my cell phone. The male caller (with Indian accent) said he was from my technical support department and that there was a problem with my computer. I told him that this was a scam and if he called again, I'd report him (no idea to whom, but it felt good to say it). Anyway, he got beligerent and said, "How do you know this is a scam - what makes you say that." After a bit more back and forth between us, I hung up. He hasn't called back.
Comment by Anonymous on 01332224102
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 15:58pm
cold caller from Derbyshire regarding home security, a very unpleasant experience and he hung up on me after I started to ask him some questions about security systems of which I am somewhat knowledgeable. I am in my mid 70's a retired chartered electrical engineer and disabled.... I would not like this man working on security in my house at all.

Comment by Kelly on 2092264953
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 15:50pm
weird recording yelling about god, asked me to press 1, asked me to say something. I pressed 1, but hung up after it asked me to say something, I didn't want them getting a recording of my voice
Comment by Anonymous on 6194800375
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 15:44pm
Missed their call. But did not leave a message.
Comment by Kelly on 8559025424
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 15:19pm
It's DirecTV
Comment by 779-235-0857 on 7792350857
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 15:12pm
Scammers! do not provide any info about yourself to them.
Comment by Rob on 8448044298
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 15:08pm
They called my wife trying to contact me but would not say why. I called them back but they started talking yo me without saying who they are and what they do. They started asking me for my information to “verify” it was me but i told them that they were the ones calling me so i wasnt going to verify shit. I told them that if it was that important they could have told me what was going on and that they should send a letter since they have my information. That was before i goigled the 844-804-4298 number
Comment by Denver, Colorado on 5312014199
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 15:01pm
Comes up as "PLUSCAREMED" in Caller ID. Never any answer, even after I have said hello and waited for the system to connect me to someone. I have noticed with other numbers that if you say something to the effect of "Put me on your Do Not Call list" that they hang up, but they never call back. Probably some kind of speech recognition. This one, however, does not. It has called me back at least once now. Second time, said, "I have said, put me on your do-not-call list--I am logging these calls." Another hang-up. We'll see if they get the message.
Comment by Not Amused on 8663518795
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 14:59pm
Have received two calls from this number, caller ID shows 'unavailable'. He left a voicemail tonight claiming to be Detective Lawson. When I called him, he asks if I am ______(my mother's name)...then, he hangs up on me; refuses to provide any information about himself or the purpose of his call. Reported to the FCC via online complaint form. LOL...I called him back to let him know I was reporting him too!
Comment by Michelle on 8997801981
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 14:55pm
They continue to call today they asked for Ben and when informed no Ben lived here they hung up. They call 3-5 times a week and don’t leave messages. You also can not call the number back to ask to be removed from their call list.
Comment by bernard josol on 042467200
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 14:52pm
one time this number called but i didn't notice my phone was ringing then i tried to call back but the line was always busy,someone can trace this number please.thank you
Comment by --- on 6124558665
Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 14:43pm
Associated Clinic of psychology-west metro location.