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Comment by Christina on 3304168757
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 19:46pm
Call says it's some staffing agency name was on a message board for availability of different jobs in the area like Walmart handing out samples for like 12 bucks an hour
Comment by KKR on 5169861135
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 19:13pm
Asked for $205 to stop hackers. Later called saying the software isn't working and planned to refund the money. Customer gave bank account information over the telephone. Caller told customer they accidentally refunded $1250 and wanted customer to buy gift cards in the amount of $1000. Then asked customer to provide the PIN numbers of the gift cards. But no refund was ever deposited in the customer bank account.
Comment by WellWisher on 4158185353
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 18:41pm
Fraud and perverted guy. met him on a dating website. did some investigation on him. he furnished false information including his name, profession etc. does not identify himself through pictures. beware of any calls from this number
Comment by jose on 2137886250
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 18:38pm
its a phone in this web
i buy some products over seas and send me a web page and i dondt know but i looks like a scam
Comment by Buyer on 0168723545
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 18:27pm
Mana nya ip aku?bagi duit aku balik
Comment by Annoyed in Kalispell on 4062571877
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 18:18pm
I don't know, they have called me for 3 strait weeks, 3 days in a row at the same time about 6pm. I haven't answered either.
Comment by Eljay on 5039255058
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 17:36pm
Who the crap is this?? I've tried to call them back but the phone hangs up on you, doesn't even ring??
Comment by Julieta on 4073082278
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 17:22pm
He call me that he its renting apparament and he want to get deposit 6300 without knowing him
Comment by Too polite on 6198413660
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 17:18pm
A man asked if this was Mr. (My last name)? When I answered Yes, he hung up and immediately knew I messed up. My new name will be Mr. No.
Comment by Tired of Scammers on 2097409757
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 17:00pm
I received a text from this number and all it said was "hey girl".
I messaged this number back to ask who it was and all they answered back with was "sorry about that" twice.
I'd still like to know who it was and what they really wanted seeing as how I've owned the number they texted me at for about 3 years.
Comment by Dorothy on 2106723386
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 16:54pm
I received a call from this number & they said they were a Lending Club out of New York. They were going to lend me $10,000 , but I had to show that I was actually going to make the payments & I suppose to go to a WalMart & send them the first $300 dollar payment. I thought that sounded fishy to me. They called back the next day from a different phone number & told me I was going to get the loan & I didn't have to make that $300 payment. I looked up the number & it said that number was from in the United States, but the number could be from anywhere in the united States. That is all I found out.
Comment by EM on 8442717585
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 16:33pm
I got a call.. it claims to be from insurance company and is an automated message saying call back we have important information reguarding coverage and its for my son... idk why only 1 child im getting calls for when i have THREE???!!!

I almost start to wonder if legit
Comment by MauriceBark on 9543803821
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 16:23pm
Called today at 5:44 pm. 3 rings then hung up.
Comment by Barry on 07810193009
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 16:13pm
Thomas price roofer from swansea. All line roofing company
Comment by Rizzo on 3234021454
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 16:10pm
They called selling something but english was so bad u could not understand what the product was. Blocked them off the record.
Comment by Richard on 9544867675
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 15:57pm
Latino voice stated my Meester Richard then hung up
Comment by Erin Sikes on 2021285866
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 15:50pm
They've called me 3 times today. Since I didn't recognize the number, I answered but didn't speak. A heavily accented man spoke asking if this was Erin Sikes? I asked who wanted to know? From what I could gather the US Government wanted to give me 9,000.00 non-repayable! I replied ' why because I'm so pretty?' He said again I was to get 9,000. Free. I replied so the government is getting so rich they are giving random people 9,000.? He said yes! I asked him where he was, name. He said Alan, I asked his nationality because that name sounds really American. He replied to someome in background' "nationality., what's nationality? , then hung up. He called back about 20 min ago. I told hm he'd done called me 3 times today, he hung up. First call was from a woman, I couldn't understand her at all and I hung up
Comment by Nunya on 5403694082
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 15:45pm
Left a voice mail looking for me. Nothing else - called back - no answer
Comment by . . . on 7028050192
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 15:40pm
Picked up and it was dead air, not even static, just nothing.
Comment by annoyed on 8891
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 15:40pm
called twice yesterday an hour apart, It was on answering machine, no message left. They try everything to try to get U to answer by blocking part of their phone numbers. They just need to get a honest job.
Comment by Margaret McCledkey on 8773344872
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 15:34pm
I keep getting notices of this sort. My dealer has it's own service plan. I truly there were a way to stop this kind of company from contacting me and I wonder how they got my information. The last time I fell for a scam like this, none of my problems were covered.
Comment by Janice Paczkowski on 8884757930
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 15:32pm
Received a call about my credit card bill. Just wanted to check
Comment by Pub on 8669784522
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 15:29pm
SCAMMERS - do not listen to a thing they say!!
Comment by Pub on 8669784522
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 15:29pm
SCAMMERS - do not listen to a thing they say!!
Comment by James on 8183924703
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 15:26pm
I was told this was the number of a law firm but I have never been directly contacted by them or know anything about them.
Comment by Margaret McCleskey on 8773344872
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 15:22pm
I wish companies of this sort would not waste their time, money and effort contacting me. The last time I bought such a plan, none of my issues were covered. The dealer what I purchased my vehicle has it's own maintenance plan.
Comment by Jinnylype on 4849533310
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 15:21pm
Thanks a lot for the post.Really thank you! Want more. - Alaimo
Comment by Lisa on 2184050807
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 15:21pm
I know Jeff Banken. He's just a creep. Slept with my sister. Then he had sex with my underage cousin. While my sister his wife slept. He tried to sleep with me yo. Its wierd cause he has a real small dick.
Comment by Mr. Anderson on 2566913134
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 15:19pm
I received a call from this number at 5:12PM CST . They asked for me by my name. When I told the lady that she may or may not be speaking to that particular person, she said she would call back.
Comment by Margaret McCledkey on 8773344872
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 15:17pm
I keep getting notices of this sort. My dealer has it's own service plan. I truly there were a way to stop this kind of company from contacting me and I wonder how they got my information. The last time I fell for a scam like this, none of my problems were covered.
Comment by JRich on 9165826259
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 15:11pm
Received a call from a female asking to speak with my card processor...I said for what, she said for your business. I asked her what business, she said yours, dont you know your business. I said yes, I know my business and anyone needing to do business with me would know. I asked to be removed from her call list, she said she cant do that. SCAM Alert!! It is apparent they are making random calls because I do not use any type of merchant services.
Comment by Melody on 7175850597
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 15:10pm
It was a grandparent scam. Grandson supposedly in jail needing bail.
Comment by Anonymous on 9108134057
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 15:04pm
This is a prostitutes number
Comment by MICHELLE on 18669239072
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 15:00pm
It's virgin mobile lol....
They want their money.
Comment by Margaret McCledkey on 8773344872
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 14:57pm
I keep getting notices of this sort. My dealer has it's own service plan. I truly there were a way to stop this kind of company from contacting me and I wonder how they got my information. The last time I fell for a scam like this, none of my problems were covered.
Comment by anonymous on 9859003031
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 14:42pm
This number called me. Caller Id said "Best Benefits."
Comment by Brian on 7193968215
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 14:40pm
Keeps calling leaves no message. I think they change numbers I blocked them all
Comment by Sally on 01202878160
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 14:35pm
Yes they are a telephone proctection company my mother recently joined up been sent the welcome pack.... all above board
Comment by Ann Krtiska on 2604406896
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 14:35pm
I'm sure it's a robo call. I blocked it on my phone although there are more robo calls out there than we can shake a stick at.
Comment by Melissa on 2024702373
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 14:34pm
I got a Call from Chris Anthony , Asking about IVC filter which is in my system , i thought i would be a prank or scam call , But it was legal ...I signed the Documents which he Send ..The Guy was very Helpful and Polite
Comment by joyce on 2892515241
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 14:05pm
This number appears on phone all the time,3/4 times a week. No name and never leaves a message.
Comment by TechAdmin on 8443470545
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 13:51pm
They're scammers called "Azure Support" claiming to be from Microsoft. Don't give them access to your system ... just hang up on them.
Comment by mike on 8443351180
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 13:43pm
Called but left no message. I think I have had calls from this number before. Unsure of that because I have new phone. Number was blocked on old phone. Now blocked on new phone. If this is from whom I suspect = scam and phishing....
Comment by consuelo on 2028999022
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 13:06pm
this is a scam number 202 899-9022 that I was granted 9.000 I didn't fall for it....
Comment by D on 7738285007
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 12:59pm
Keep getting calls. Daily and random times. today a lady said hello who is this. I replied who is this... she asked if I spoke Spanish. ... which I do. I said I didn't and she was like... ok aND hung up.
Comment by John on 7472822166
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 12:57pm
hang up call busy signal when I call back
Comment by Irritated on 5022870734
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 12:47pm
They call and ask me to verify my birthyear. When I ask them who they are, they give me a name. This time it was "Christine". When I say, but that does not tell me who you are, she says, but I just told you, to which my response is that there are thousands of Christines in the US. I told her that she needs to tell me why she is calling, and she said "an important business matter", to which I said, but I don't know what company you are with, and she said what sounded like Fraud Star Net, which I told her I had never heard of. She told me that she was hanging up if I wasn't going to verify my information. GOOD RIDDENS! Unfortunately, they WILL call back, because they have called me many times, and it is always the same story!
Comment by Lamelama on 07511917053
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 12:45pm
I got the text via my as on gumtree. Someone trying to publicise their service.
Comment by AM on 8569421370
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 12:39pm
Second call I got telling me to call this number about the 'supply charges' on my electric account. They don't mention a name, address, anything, just a reference number that I should call them back with. Probably spam since I'm located in another state but my cell phone is an area code in Jersey.
Comment by Diana K on 2602074450
Thursday, 07.27.2017 @ 12:35pm
Called my house 2 times. First time did not speak English then hung up on me. Second time I answered "What", "What"? He say let me speak to "P(**", this is my mentally challenged sister who visits me from time to time. She doesn't even live here. I said "Why"? He said F*** you. I laughed and said I guess you can speak English now, can't you.